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  • America is 66% idiot
    > 34%? I'm on it ... time for Cheney to shoot someone else and divert attention ....
    > Ach! Ah am prrrrrrrrrrroud to be amongst der righteous and forvard t'inking peoples of dis grrrrrreat nayshun! Big Shmile! Big Shmile! Big Shmile!
    > and what percentage of Amurrians wouldn't mind a bit if reichsminister wants to tap their phones? I mean, I'm just calling to vote for American Idol, anyhoo. Assholes.
    > I thought the libruls always claimed they were the elite. But see, if they are the majority, then they can't be the elite. We must be the elite.

    I like bein a elite.
    > Blue gal,

    Ziss "American Idoll"...it shounds vaguely French. Perhaps you'd be so kind as to explain your fascination mit zis cho?
    > I'm afraid we'll see another big dip in approval ratings if that other Bush deal succeeds -- you know, the one to farm out the USPS to the Taliban Letter-Carriers Union.
    > DPM,

    Do zey not shpell it "A. N. T. H. R. A. X." in Afghani? Jah?
    > ps I'm having a little trouble sending comments so if I do it twice please excuse me and I apologize.
  • Fine With Us ...
    > Jah! And perhapps ze trains vill now run on time????
    > It makes no nevermind to me...as long as someone can do something about the "types" that one is forced to sit in and around, if you know what I mean.
    > I know what you mean, Manimal. I's sick and tired of gettin on the bus only to have some stinky hippie sit next to me or worse, a foriner.
  • Us grrls have to stick together
    > Double Plus, you are double double good good. Defending Ann Coulter without stooping can be difficult. See you in church!
    > Smells like NeoCon Victory! Yeow!
    > Wow! Thanks, guys. Ann's such a trooper, I knew she wouldn't want to waste her precious ink on a fool like Macuno. But if we let him get away with a diatribe against Ann, who would be next? Someone might even accuse Bill O'Reilly of sexual harassment!
    > That picture is disturbing on so many levels ...
    > One vould hope you did NOT enjoy fistink zis untermenschen? Zat you merely pummeled his exterior and zen put vun up hizz pooperchuter for good measure?
    > Ja, Carl, ja.

    Ooo ja ja . . .
    > I find that pitcher oddly alluring. And oh yeah disturbin too. Where was Ann when she pulled that there cart? Can I get a ride?
  • Little More Than Their Bumper Stickers
    > Oh, at first I thought it said "democrats fail to find a massage," and I thought geez them people is obcessed with they personal comfert.

    They all into massage and free love an sex and stuff. Why cain't they wize up and learn theyselves thet they is stupid and evil? Geez.
    > Napoleon once said in that gay French accent of his, "When your eneemy is making a mistake, don't interrupt."

    Or something like that. Hard to say.

    May God continue to bless America!
    > Ze Demokkkrats might try going to ze red light district, vere massages can be purchased from good unterfrauleins, at discounted prices...
    > That's the Democratic Party, not "the democrat party".
    > Same thing squirrl. Democrats is democrats, and they all evil selfish and stupid. Thet's about all their is to it!
    > The Demonrat party is little more than a collection of limp-wristed Jihadi lovers bent on the destruction of all that is good in this world.

    Here's MY bumpersticker:

    I *Heart* Subhuman Islamofascists So I Must Be A Demonrat.

    Heather Belitsky
  • Budget Traitor Bruce Bartlett
    > It ees all part of zu mashtair plan! Eradicate ze budget and you eradicate der undermenschen!

    Big Shmile! Big Shmile! Big Shmile!
    > Ve call et ze Fiscal Solooshun, by ze vay...
    > Keep at it. The way they win the war is by telling folks about the wonderful tax breaks they are getting. They never tell them about the economic mismanagement, the loss of jobs and what that means in terms of the loss of a middle class and the impacts on the poor ....sorry, I'll take a pill now.
    > I cain't read what all you say, carl. What is you, Danish or sumpin? Hmmmm...

    I definitely won't be buyin that book. If'n it don't speak the Lord's work, it's blasfeemus to read it yawl.
    > You got to spend money to make money. You make more money if you spend someone else's money.
    > Jah, Betty Jo, I sprechen ze Cherman...I try fit in America, jah?
    > Aw shit. Now I'm gone hafta go git a translator book so I kin unnerstand carl's sprechun.
  • Another Religion of Peace
    > I learned that they don't care to much about hands over there because they sometimes have a lot of arms that they wave around. Just look at those statues and Flase Idols and you will see them with like 8 arms.
    > Ach! Hullo? Vere do you t'ink de vord "assassin" come frrrrrrrrom?
    > Whut thehell. I dint unnerstand they story a-tall. I dint see nuthin bout choppin no ones hand. I did see some weird numbers interpursed with some goofy indian whatnot.

    I drank some rum sure but usally I kin still figger stuff out but I dont git what this post is about mister karl. Want some possum stew I gots extra.
    > no they, don't - not by a long shot actually. and it was a hindu nationalist who assassinated gandhi-ji.
    > Jah, Betty Cho, Possum shtew zounds like just der teecket...
    > I am so,so enthused at seeing this site done in such a creative,"mirror-in-a-mirror-in-a..."way .It's so "slippery"that way,how its done to make like it is extreme leftys pretending to be rightys exagerrating the screwy leftist agenda of spoofing the conservatives.See,because,when you just remove each pair of opposites which cancel each other out and just get in the way,well the single view you have remaining is the origional view---the straight,no-spoof,direct,intent of the Little Green Fascists site.
    THIS is simply the BEST,ONLY,MOST up-to-date expression of the liberals and Democrats.
    This is what they think.Just read it and see.No role playing or double entendre's,just straight poop.
    Here ya go.The subconcious at it slickest yet simplest best.In pretend satire is the unadulterated TRUTH!!!
  • Guns Don't Kill People, Pictures of People With Guns Kill People
    > This is so stupid I cant beleive it! This is why I am glad I have homeschool. I have good pictures of me and my guns (actuly my Dads guns mostly) and my cute brother Randall and my idiot sister Terry with guns too. But we disgise ourselves so the ACLU and ATF and the fags can't get us.

    Guns are cool and so is the Lord God!
    > Ve must shtart a defense fund for dis poor oppressed Aryan, jah?
  • A Lapsed Neoconservative
    > Opviously, zer hermaphrodite Fuckyamama vuz not really uf der ubermenschen to begin wizz, vut mit der funny surname and der ambiguous first name...does zer Fuckyamama shleep mit zer fleet ven et es in town???
    > Ever since I was a little boy, I had a thing for bright and colorfullights. It is funny, as you get older, so do your toys.

    Thanks for the info.

    glow sticks in newjersey
    > A few dead bodies and the pansies run away.
    > best regards, nice info » »
  • Jewish conspiracy overruns Oylmpics
    > Mongrel Race Traitor Leftist Demoturds just don't get it. Isreal deserves our love, our unwavering, and no-questions-asked, support in thier valient struggle against the Brown.

    Hamas on Rye Libertards want to destroy Isreal by having "dialogues" and want to hold hands and sing with bus bombers!

    And I too was disgusted by the "JAPS on Ice Show" last night! Can that girl even speak English! Did they test her for blood (of Christian Babies)doping?

    What's wrong with you, America?
    > Oy.
    > Ve ought to alzo bring that "George M. Cohan" to bear scrutiny upon, mein herr...a true Jew if I've ever heard a Jewish name.
    > Hamas on Rye. How droll, jesuslamb.
    > Some patchooli-smellin mofo young folk tried to git me to sign up to the ACLU when I was at the Trader's Joe today. So, now I'm even madder about this traitor Jew takin over white skaters spots. Shame on Sasha. What the hell she think she's doin? A good whuppin'd straighten her out.
    > How did some darkie win a gold medal? I thought the winter games were for white people only, or for those that can pass.
    > Betty jo,

    Vas is dassen "Trader Choe's"? It zounds vaguely...juden...to me...
    > Awwww hell. The Traders Joe is a store out here in southern californiers. I know I sound like I lives in Tenisee or Kentukky, but I aint. My fambly moved here from some swamp and I aint been the same since.

    Sorry my spellin aint up to par. I's sorta drunk on rum and mad dog.
    > Pretty Sasha Cohen is a Jewish godess. Drool subhumans...DROOL.

    Heather Belitsky
  • At least she ain't no lesbian
    > Man! She's hot! I wouldn't kick her out of bed for spilling her Ensure!

    The White Man needs Babies! Get Busy!
    > She looks like Grace Slick about 40 years from now ...
    > Notice her righteous Aryan name, too! Janise with an "S" and Wulf with a "U." I smell a master race incubator! And it smells like Aspercreme!
    > Ve musht inzist on more of zis type of breedink! Ach du lieber, ze lesbians are getting junger vile our prime breeding shtock ist getting älter!!!!!! Ve need frash bludt!
    > That lady must got a uteris made out o steel! Jesus sure done smiled upon that baby maker! If all white Christian women would do there duty and babymakin was there main focus, likes it should be, then we wood outnumber them islam bastards.

    I only got cats, though, cause my man can't get it up.
  • Daily Kos is Wrong and We are Right
    > L G F,

    The daily Kos is actually not daily!! If you look closely its more like minutes or Hourly kos. Its a liberal tactic to pretend one is daily when they are really hourly. Its an old liberal techinique which was used back in the days when they fought for the childrens rights, claiming they should not have to work for days... but rather for only 12 or 14 hours at a time! Its that un fascist kind of deception that crumbles empires and makes men sweaty and pant like a wildebeast and grow mustaches and then shave their private parts and wear leather police uniforms to impose tough forced labor laws. Nothing is more beautiful than when slave labor can be imposed for the good of the over weight men!!
    Daily... my Christian behind!! It really is more like Every 30 minutes Kos!! We fascists and we right to lifers and we righty tough guys....We all must cum together! We must!! We must stop this deception!! When some liberal bull dyke says rasie up the minimum wage, what they really mean is destroy patriarchal fascist control of our manly economic power supply stations!!!
    What we LGFers should do is impose a shut down and have a state sanctioned Daily Kosco shopping compound with forced membership! Nothing says freedom like gimormous family style supply of toilet paper, napkins artifitial sweetners andhuge boxes of tinfoil! And those places have economy boxes of twinkies also.... now thats freedom!!!
    I mean Fascism!!!

    Zieg Freed HIEL and Roy!!

    SportsManly Yours,

    > They will never take Ohio ... as long as Diebold stays out of bankruptcy.
    > What kind of name is Kos? Sounds subhuman.
  • How Can They Function
    > Ach du lieber!

    Itz not like der cartoons zhow anyone beink totured! Ze lieberals ought to grow a ticker skeen
    > A ticker skeeeeen? Harumph.
    > Them muzlims are just pissed because they hate our freedoms. Don't them libruls learn themselfs nothin?
    > Jah, Leely, a ticker skeen...a gal mit a gud name like "Lily" ought to know vut I'm talkink aboud!
    > Hey, if they can't take a joke, nuke 'em.
  • World on fire
    > Oh Mal, you have such a way with words!
    > Isn't software amazing ...
    > I'm so disgusted, I can't even...well, do anything. Seriously, I'm sitting here in a puddle of my own vomit.

    I mean, are the protests THAT widespread?
    > Either the protests are that widespread, rex, or I have that many anal admirers. I prefer to think the latter.
    > Double Plus, you gone get lotsa boyfriends with two dollar whore talk like that there! ha ha!
  • And the Winners Are ...
  • Friday Evening Tire Fire
    > Wal, now, Ah kin see settin' 'round that, fryin' up some possum with grits...
    > Betty Jo has some good recipes, I'm sure.
    > Mmmmm, lessee. There's roasted possum. You just pick em up by the tail and flung 'em on the fire. Then, you gotta run in & git 'im when he's done. Theys all crispy that way and they taste sort of like chicken.

    Thet there fire looks real cozy-like. Makes me long for my childhood days, roastin squirrel and the like.
    > Ah, the smell of burning rubber in the morning. It smells like Amerika.
    > Crap. I coulda used some of them tires on the pickup.
    > Smells like Robot Buddha, what is he, the Michelin man?
  • Proof that Hamas is Gay
    > See, the Lord God done hit them with a rainbow to make sure we all see it. I'm glad someone took that there pitcher and got proof, cause I'm sick to death of tryin to axplain this to folks who call me homofobe and stuff. Great pitcher!
    > Finally, someone agrees that a man wearing a checkered veil is extremely gay!

    Oh, yeah, and that rainbow? Kinda pretty, now that I think about it.

    HETEROSEXUALLY think about it!
    > No photoshopped image of bush below a rainbow? :)
    > These organisms that pose under G-d's pretty rainbow are sub-human trash. Hamas is 'Not Worthy' of being considered as equal in any respect that matters to civilized or even uncivilized human beings. The sub-human organisms that make-up Hamas, support Hamas, encourage Hamas, teach Hamas to hate, supply Hamas with weapons, direct Hamas actions, laud and celebrate Hamas murders, either openly or in secret, excuse or attempt to justify Hamas atrocities and otherwise attempt to make it possible for subhuman organisms like Hamas to exist in today's world must be eliminated from this earth, either by the destruction of their loathesome Muslim ideologies or the destruction of the worthless, hateful, putrid wastes of skin and organs that carry and spread the Islamic ideology of murder and hatred like a disease. If Y'srael is ever to be G_d's land it will only be after every last remnant of the Palestinian culture of death that this picture is representative of is erradicated totally.
    > Mother Nature speaks.
  • The Free Republic?
    > Leftist Twats! I heard they were getting soft over there.
    > Zer Free Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepubelick banned zu, Mein Herr?
    > Love it or leave it!
    > I've known for some time that they've been infiltered.
    > I kin still post up there, they like me. Tell me what you wanna say and I'll post it, K?
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  • WMDs After All
    > Yeah, another Iraqi ex-pat that hasn't been in the country for years has become the latest darling of the right-wing. I am reminded of their last poster boy, the guy who wrote a book called "Saddam's Bomb Maker."

    I have little doubt that Georges will eventually end up in the memoryhole.
  • > Just wait...John Wayne is coming back from the dead to "straighten" out this mess with cowboys liking each other in non-traditional ways.
    > Awwww, Jesus ain't gone like this none. I cain't believe Ol' Willie's gone and sung about cowboys bein gay. Well that just chaps my hide!

    See, all this sinnin with gay songs and such are begging for the rath of Our Dear Lord to come crashin down. Shit.
    > Only a matter of time before that pot-addled old tax criminal would stoop to something so UnAmerican.

    I don't even want to talk about that cascade of moss he calls "hair."
    > eseranto, you go girlfriend, that hair of Willie's is so 60's
    > Fred, I think your bowler hat is on too tight...you called me "girlfriend."

    Desist or be punished.
    > These gay cowboys could all be cured by the Church and get paired up with women who used to be similarly confused.
    > Tax dodgers are almost as bad as draft dodgers.

    I'm sick of bareback mountain.

    How could you mistake the sexy-handed Banderescent Fictional-Guevarian Gel-Coiffed Esperanto for a chick?
    > And...Betty Jo's right. Willie's just playing with smite.
    > Willie's gay?!! Aha! So that's what he uses all that soybean oil for, huh?
  • Islamofascists Threaten Malkin
    > Thanks for defending me, Karl. It shows you can learn from your mistakes. You got the spelling wrong on my name, though. Malkin? Gimme a break. Who would have a name like Malkin?
    > That Michelle is my kind of girl! Mall don't needs defending since she is scary looking enough to scare off anyone. That Michelle is just a little thing and needs help with them islamofacsists damn strait
    > I hope these Islamofascists git caught by Mr. Gonzalez and sent strait to Gitmo. Tha's where they belong, believe you me.

    Double Plus Mal, you a hole hell of a lot purtier than Mishell Malkin so don't you fuss none.
    > Why, thank you Betty Jo. You're quite a looker yourself, despite that unfortunate jaw condition. Violent ex-husband?
    > I say let all these brown people fight it out amongst themselves and then all us righty-whities put the winner in a concentration camp.
    > These organisms that threaten pretty Michelle Malkin are sub-human trash. I call for the destruction of their loathesome Islamofascist ideologies and the destruction of the worthless, hateful, putrid wastes of skin and organs that carry and spread their Islamic ideology of murder and hatred like a disease.

    > Ah haff always beliefed that Frau, Ah mean, Mrs. Malkin vuz a secret front for der Islamofascist Sixth Column, attemptink to ressurackt Herr Stalin!

  • Liberal Media Attacks Coulter Again
    > Do we know if they are leeving her alone about ths wrong date on her lisence? Such a patriotic gal shouldn't have to be fighting them all th time
    > They can spew all the crap they want about Annie. She ain't gone let no one haul her fine ass into jail for voter frawd.

    This is ridiculus. I bet some liberul moonbat did it and not Anne, nohow.
    > They still have elections in Florida? Who decided that was OK?
    > These liberal media organisms that slander pretty Ann Coulter are sub-human trash. The liberal media is unworthy of being considered as equal in any respect that matters to the REAL media like pajamasmedia or even FOX News. The sub-human organisms that make-up liberal media support Islamofascism, encourage pornography and perversion, teach little children to hate G_d, support our enemies in the WOT, laud and celebrate the homosexual agenda, either openly or in secret, excuse and attempt to justify liberal crimes and treason, and attack true patriots like Ann Coulter for daring to expose them for the putrid wastes of skin and flesh they are. Liberal media must be destroyed.

  • Chivalry is dead
    > My most sincere apologies, Mal. I suppose I did forget that beneath the rectitude and brilliance of your honed-weapon persona lies a vunerable lady. I hate it that Glenn Greenballs tried to hurt you. I can assure you that he will feel the sting of my scorn soon enough.

    Stay true to yourself and your beliefs. Free Ann Coulter!
    > Thanks, manimal. You manimal you.
    > Mal if you just got married and settle down to some good man you woulnt be having these problems damn strait
    > Maurice Chivalry is dead? He was French, wasn't he? Serves him right, then.
    > If I was a guy, I woulda helped come to your aid, Mal, I really woulda.

    Esperto, you quit flirting with Mal. I just put a link to yawls site on my blog, aint' that earn ME a little flirtin time? Shit.
    > I was sick.
  • Talking Points for Responding to Cheney Hunting Accident
    > http://www.weddingcrashersmovie.com/index_quail.htm

    Seriously, you HAVE to go play this game. I only, moments ago, stopped wetting myself.
    > All very good points "Pepper" hee. hee.
    > Kramer - thanks for that ... now I understand how difficult it was for the Vice President to judge ...
    > At least now, the liberals won't be so quick to point to Cheney's absent combat record!
    > LGFerz,

    Please add this link to the "talking points" you will be uhmmm speaking. This comes directly from the white house to the GOP headquarters in Bakersfield.

    Dear menz,

    Pleaze refer to the foullowing link for informationz on how Dick huntz.


    Also pleaze change from no one was killed to
    "Fowl massacre! Many many birds killed on Armstrong ranch."
    The recent poll on Fox news shows that the American people prefer lots of dead birds to make this hunting story appear to be more patriotic.

    Sportsmanly yourz,

    > Dear Reichsminster Karl,
    Your thinly veiled threat to send me via Amtrak to a Virginia based Idiot Internment camp will be made public!!!

    You cannot silence the hippie demographic!!

    Don't make me punch Brunnhilde.
    > And remember: The Wartime Vice-President did a manly American thing...killing stuff and drawing blood.

    Not like that Clinton feller who did a nasty with a Jewish girl...in the Oval Office.
    > How can you not love dead birds?
    > Biblical voice - who said anything about Amtrak? Cattle cars ...
    > Cheney was huntin and killed hisself 70 birds, and all they gotta obcess about is that some senile coot got in the way?

    A course, this isn't a big story. I got peppered in the face plenty by shot. You don't see me makin no headlines. Sheeeit.
    > Looks like they might actually need that Chappaquiddick line. That guy is not doing so well. It will be interesting to see if there are any repercussions at all if the man dies.
    > Two words: VINCE FOSTER!

    That should silence all those attacking Dick.
    > Vicne Foster and Vicne Foster was killed by hillary!
    > I heard from Esperto that Al Gore held down Vince Froster so's Hillary could shoot his head clean off.

    Why ain't they in jail, them murderin bunch? Sex with a Jewish girl and shootin a guy in the haid. I tell you, we sure put up with a lot in them Clinton years.
    > These organisms that attack handsome Dick Cheney are subhuman trash. They are not worthy of being considered as equal in any respect that matters to civilized human beings like our brave quail shooting Vice-President. The subhuman organisms that slander and attack Mr. Cheney support communistic gun control laws and encourage the seizure of lawfully owned hunting weapons needed to hunt quail and other wild game for food. The subhuman organisms that attack Cheney must be eliminated from this earth and their worthless, hateful, putrid wastes of skin and organs that carry and spread their ideology of gun control and weapon confiscation must be shot down.

  • Plame Flame
    > Plame Flame Blame Game... no more Plame.
    Damned liberal blogs.
    > I fer one am sick of them libruls makin a big ol' deal 'bout some glorified sexertary bein outed. They need to shut the hell up and read they bible.

    Damn gay folk, always makin trouble.
  • So, I've been thinkin'
    > The camps need to be at railheads ... wait - I've got some old plans around here somewheres ...
    > Daly is an excellent golfer. His tecnique is not at the Woods level, but then again, no one else's' is.
    > Richie goddam. You always think up stuff just right. I dreamed of a world many times where there aint any slanty-eye folks and this here's the way.

    I gotta hand it to you, mister. You really read yer Bible!
  • What will they think of next?
    > Mean muslim ladies makin' a little white girl cry. Now that breaks my heart yawl.

    Someone needs to go to Cashmere and kick some serious Hallmark card-burnin' ass, before more little white girls hafta cry when they don't get there Valentine's.

    Merkin soldjers ought to grab them cranky muslim womens and put 'em in line where they belong. Looks like the men in that country let the women run things or somethin.
    > I don't like girls. they are stupid like my sister Terry. But the Islamfacists should not burn Valantines cards. In home school we make Valentines day cards for our Teacher Mommy.
    > Does Bill O'Reilly know about this??? He could organize a campaign.
    > Horst Wessel Lied is my favorite!! It's a real boot tapper!!
    > The War on St. Valentines Day ... I'll call O'Reilly as soon as I'm done digging out my Hummer H3 from this damn blizzard.
    > That blizzard was sent down because of the islamo-loving homo abortion-doers. I'm sorry you have to suffer because of them, Reichminister. The Good Lord needs to develop natural weapons that are as precise as our technoweapons. In His White Goodness he made a good start with AIDS, but that takes so long. I'm gonna be praying for a three-day leprosy; three days from the time they get it until everything falls off and the godless die.
    > ha! we know karl is a fake becuase the real Rove wouldn't be digging out his own car.

    Who are you relly, "reichministre karl"?
    > Love is for suckers.

    Love me, Daddy!
    > Sporty - bite me. The people who'd normally be shoveling were hard at work on the Cheney shooting spin ... do you know how hard it is to stage a "hunting accident"?
  • Anti-Idiotarian of the Week
    > I don't know what I love about Ann more. Sure, "she got game," as they would say on BET. Her emasculation of the Left and her acid wit is proof of that. "Indoor plumbing:" classic!

    But Ann is a radiant beauty as well. Her haircare regimen is obviously as well planned and executed as her observations. A NATURAL blonde, of course.
    > Apparently, Ann does her writing vile she is vearing her leasurre SS uniform!
    > This is what we Schlossfalafelians call "Truth to Power!"

    And you're right -- Ann is a beauty. I only wish I had her thin waist, and her big package, too.
    > Andy Coulter's got an "Indoor Plumbing" problem of her own.
    > What the hell does she mean that the Constitution is "a living document"? How'm I going to be buying my share of darkies if we don't get back to that original strictly-constructed document? Was she just being sarcastic or what?
    > Wot I like about Ann is that she is the only FOX contributor with both an apple AND a banana.

    She's more of a man than Chris will ever be...

    Regards, Strap-On Veterans For Truth
    > Like, what is the porblem here with you all? Ann Coulter is a tool of the White Oppressor! She is all that is wrong with AmeriKa, dude. You should have voted for Nader or Gore or Pat Paulson.
    > Oh, I loves me that Annie Coulter. She's what I aspired to 'cept I didn't graduate highschool, so them so-and-so's at Fox News say I cain't be a pundit like she is.

    Them muslims really make me mad, and Annie is right on targit when she says so. And them young mens at colleges need to stop throwin pies at her. That ain't no how of a way to treat a real Lady.
    > Sometimes, late at night, I pretend I'm Ann Coulter. Is this idoltry, or merely wishful thinking?

    Wishing I Were Pretty,

    > Support Denmark! Pray in Latin!
    > Making the rash assumption for purposes of discussion that Islam is a religion . . .

    This is the problem with Ann: that she would entertain this "assumption," even for the purposes of argument, suggests her unwillingness to deny her judeosecularist roots. Watch out for Ann, people.

    Karl, honey: I can't figure out why my font got all screwy in my post (above). Do you have ubercontrol of our posts, by chance?
    > Hello just stopped by to view your blog and to let all interested know I am offering free plumbing repair information and safety tips for California residents and all others interested. If you are not interested then please excuse us and please disregard this comment.

    For Plumbing Press Release and Free Plumbing Repair Information please feel free and stop by and read and take advantage of our blog info or viist **A-Affordableplumbing.Com** Thank you and have a great day.
  • Finally
    > Yeah, what do we need forests for anyhow? They end up being full of feroshus beasts with big teeth and don't git me started on the huge bugs.

    I say, cut down them trees and bug spray all them forest areas. Then we can see the sky real clear and nice like Jesus intended without interfearance from nosy nature.
  • See? Torture and illegal wiretaps pay off!
    > Our white Merkin God's a powerful God. He'll smite yellow heathens as fast as he will brown ones.
    > There were a few minutes there where we just thought of letting 'em destroy it ... if it'd been the Coit Tower, sayonara motherfuckers!
    > Wonderful. Yet another subset of subhumans that we have to keep our eyes on.

    Never trust anyone that parts his hair thusly. And Brillcream? A sure sign of evil intentions, idiocy, or poor breeding.

    Karl, I must say that the condition of your scalp is robust. Good job!
    > Like Manimal Banderas, Karl also receives Dead Sea Exfoliation.

    Looking Sexy, Reichsminister.

    I wish I had a bouncing fascists screensaver... Flash, maybe? What better way to infuse a bunker with the proper atmosphere...
    > Oh yeah- are mutha effers a subset of subhumans????
    > Yep. Might makes right and if one more librul a-hole aks why it took nigh on four year for our Dear President to talk about this, I'm gone just explode like a smashed up watermelon. When will people learn that the President rules us and keeps us safe, and to question that is a traitor?

    Stop bein a traitor, you librals! Hear?
    > I dunno, tho. Them pansied Asians look a little girlish to me.
  • I just love Glenn Beck!
    > Glenn's expecially sexy when he critasizes gays and stuff.

    I think I'm gone download that pic and photoshop out that lil' woman. She looks sorta pinko commie to me. Glenn should have married me. Damn you, Glenn. My own man's been missing for a week now, as I keep sayin. And the chastity belt is gettin really annoying. I'm gonna have to rethink my last post...
    > Oh yeah. Jimmie Carter is a peanut haid!! HA HA!
    > That's a good looking white family, not like that race traitor Carter and his family.
    > I totally agree. Beck is some sort of savant. I am always in awe of his insight and the blunt delivery of his wisdom. Matters of race, class, culture; he covers it all with aplomb.

    Unless I'm mistaken, and I so rarely am about these things, Glenn uses Pantene shampoo and conditioner.

    His wife could use a hot oil treatment in the worst way.
    > I agree, Esperanto. Her dye job prolly made it all hay-like. She could use a hot oil, all right.
    > Betty Jo, don't start getting me thinking about you and Mrs. Beck rasslin' in hot oil.
    > They appear to be of suitable Aryan breeding stock. They have selected each other well. Their offspring appears not to possess unsuitable characteristics.

    Maybe a rinse cut and a blowdry might embolden her hair.
    > On second glance, the child's ears might be indicative of a tainted bloodline. Or perhaps they use him as an FM receiver.
    > Aw, you is just playin with me again, ain't you, Richie?

    Damm, you are so funny. I nearly blew my Schlitz out my durn nose. Ha ha!

    I think Casper ghost might be right. That there kid's lookin sorta forren.
    > Hello

    What you thinking about it?

    Vicodin shop

  • What Part of 'Pajamas Media' Don't You Understand, Durbin?
    > Careful, Pepper. East-coast liberal like Durbin took advanced courses in "snippiness" at leftist Ivy League bastions.
    > Little wonder he never heard of Pajamas Media: if it doesn't have pictures of cowboys sodomizing each other or articles praising that fat old drunk Ted (Lady Drowner) Kennedy, then the typical Leftist Fuckface ignores it.
    > Never mind Durbin, he's a pinko liberal hasbeen. Uncle Karl will just blackmail him into shutting up like he did the two Joes.

    Can we have a post about how the liberal scum are undermining the troops morale by paying for their body armor bills? It's just the nanny state by extension. If the soldiers don't learn that they will have to pay for their body armor when they get shot or blown up then how will they learn fiscal responsibility (like our beloved GOP practises) at all?

    Regards, Instahoglet

    PS Great work. Keep it up :-)
    > Hear, hear! In medieval times, which were the best of times war-wise, everyone knows that knights paid for their own armor and they were fine. They were better than fine in fact. They lived in castles.

    We need to get some perspective and remember the new American creed: If you can't afford, you don't deserve it.
    > Yah, what's wrong with buyin yer own damn armor? Shit, I'm tired apayin for everything in my taxes and stuff what I don't want, like paying for school when I got cats 'stead of kids.

    What the hell is Durbin thinking, not givin pajamas the street cred it variously has worked so hard for. Oh yah he dozent think, 'cause he's a democrat 'n all. Ha ha!

    And I love you instahoglet. Even more than instapundit but don't tell it I said so.
    > Next he'll be saying he's never heard of Lucianne. As if!
  • No Wonder They're Always Losing
    > What's this Abramoff program?
    > Spies are always traitors, unless its the president. Then it's OK.
    > I think they should have used that Alaska Fish plane that Stevens had painted to look like a fish at taxpayer expense to the tune of $ 175,000. I mean, a 747 painted like a fish...flying over the desert...? They couldn't have passed up on shooting down something like that. Especially if Stevens was in it. Which I also think is a good idea...
    > Hey, I thought this was a satire site!
    > What? I don't like satire. That's folks makin fun of the president, ain't it? I better not find out you all is satires!
  • Boo hoo
    > Listen here you, I'm a god fearing patriotic Christian outdoorsman who believes that we have the moral and biblical duty to gun down White Tail Buck with 50 Caliber 260gr Jacketed Pyrodex coated tactical bullets.
    Although you were only using a hypothetical situation like Mr William Bennet,
    "[Y]ou could abort every black baby in this country, and the crime rate would go down"
    Let me say sir, just like big Willie B you is, as the kids today would say "true dat."
    Butt I must say that I'm surprised at you. You know as well as any right-wing Republican fascist talking points officers that you could have chosen any number of hypotheticals to prove to your point. To prove to your angry, scared, insecure white male/dyke audience that the black Americans here in the united states are the main reason the crime rates here abroad are so high at the top of the crime charts. Not white babies!!!
    Let me tell you, even though it was a hypothetical and it was only black fetuses Bill was talking about you were talking about aborting white babies!! Its all wrong in the eyes of your target Bush/Rove/Green fascists supporting audience and..... most importantly in the eyes of the Lord.

    Lord knows we can't go back to slavery the way the bible recommends that we do. And we can't advocate killing unarmed fetuses no matter what color their umbilical cords are.
    The key to this webblog giga site becoming popular among the Hannity, Limbaugh, O Reilly and Cheney lovers is to maintain your white audiences deep fear of the black folks, and make it clear that you also want to free our land of their dark ways. But, oh, sweet Jesus never ever suggest killing fetuses. That would be against everything we might hypothetically be against.
    What about killing some stray dogs or cats as a patriotic statement?

    Hypothetically yours,

    Philbert Suggs
    > Constitution said it was OK to own black people. Those strict constuctionists going to be bringing that back. Hell, if I can afford a Lincoln I should be able to afford some black people. Why are people talking about aborting my future property?
    > Hail Charles!
    > No abortions, ever! We have to have some way to fill the ranks of the military.
    > Selective breeding stations! There are large sparsely populated tracts of land in my area that could be used to set up a program like this. If my services as a Ultra Conservative cosmetologist/model are needed, please don't hesitate to ask.
    > I had fourteen abortions afore I were saved, and I regret ever damm day that those babies din't get to grow up to fight the war in Iraq. I don't agree about no killing cats and dogs, though. I got 17 kitties and if someone tries to hurt them, I'm gone bust their haids clean off with my late daddy's shotgun.
    > But I would like a nice dark man helpin me around the house, since my own man ain't been home for about a week now.
  • A Modest Proposal ...
    > Amen. As always we got to put our mouths where our words are.
    > If it don't taste like velveeta, I'd be a bit afraid to eat it. After all, that's forrin cheese yawl are talking about. I don't go for no forrin cheese. Why you wanta give the Danes money anyways? Hmmm... have you been into the Jaegermeister again, Karl?
    > Jagermeister ain't Danish, it's German. And I'm drinking Coors Light right now ... Jager shots comes later.
    > I think a good idea would be to call McDonalds and ask them to put Great Danes in their hamburgers. It's bound to be cheaper than that mad cow Canadian beef. Everybody wins!
    > Richie, again, you proove to be the smartest one in the group. That's prollem solving at it's best.
    > We are starting our own Fondue Night now at the Enigma Cafe...Every Sunday we are going to have Fondue Sunday and dip Something or Someone in heated cheese.....Nominations for this sunday now being accepted....( come over to http://watergatesummer.blogspot.com/ , and nominate Someone for the dipping)
  • Does this mean Henry Rollins is a commie?
    > Even now, Halliburton is coming up with a magic flag-dissolving spray. God Bless America!
    > 138 represents 3400? What kind of crazy commie math is that? I got your black flag right here, you innumerate commie pukes.
    > That flag dissolving spray better not dissolve American flags!
  • In Memoriam: Grandpa Munster
    > And he wasn't no homersexual neither!
    > I ain't gonna miss that guy. He was the head of a fambly of FREAKS (they was differnt then the whole neighberhood, just like most artists and marxist weird-os). I think he was a homersexural, myself. Wearing a silk cape and galavanting around with all that makeup on. But he's still better than that betty dyke.
    > Al Lewis was not only a liberal, but a way out liberal pinko commiee. He was on the Sancho and Vanzetta defense committee (these were early Islamo-fascists) and endorsed Democrat Party candidates. With that kind of pettygreed, I'm not sure you can rule out man-on-dog love at all.
    > Well now that you mention it...vampires is kinda suspect. Lookee them vampires in "Interview with the Vampire" - they was homersexurals...there is no reason on earth a real man would ever bite another man's neck even in Spartan wrestling.
    > Christ Pepper, what the fuck is wrong with you? That old commie piece of shit was down in Havana during most of the 90s praising Fidel! Grandpa said socialism was great, there were no hookers down there ... shit, even I know THAT's not true! What the fuck?
    > Vampires, like taxes and the UN, suck the life out of honest, hard-working Americans. With Grandpa Munster's demise, I think I think I speak for all patriots when I say, "one down, two to go."
    > He wore a cape. He's got to be a nancy boy.
    > A cape AND makeup ... double Nancy.
    > What about Eddie Munster? Whatever became of him? Is he Hilary Clinton's love slave or does he dress hair for a living?
    > betty did her best to keep lezzies out of feminism -- she freaked when they wanted a "voice," and tried to get 'm to go away...but they didn't and subsequently ruined NOW, and the rest is pussy-eatin' HIStory. 'Muf said!
    > You people make me puke!
    > Cape. . . makeup. . . commies. . . Islamo-fascism. . . this guy is almost as big a fairy as John Kerry.
    > He made it possible for vampires to come out of the closet and actually serve in public office, like Paul Wolfowitz.
    > And sorta like that zombie, Chertoff, huh?
  • There oughta be a law.
    > She's probably a dyke too.
    > Yeah, but do the cuffs match the collar? Har-har...nudge-nudge...wink-wink.
    > I see you nasty boys are at it again. For shame. What WUZ you gonna say, Mal?

    Now I'm gone wonder all damn day.

    > The "Red" part of her "name" tells you all you need to know.
    > I agree. Anonymous bloggers suck.
  • Poor bastard ...
    > How can anyone be expected to work under those ridiculous conditions. The Liberal Cabal not only hates America, but it hates the World.

    N.B. I apologize for some of my previous comments. I've had a chance to look around and it seems that you guys are on the up and up. I just hate it when I find some like minded souls who later turn out to be Left Wing Hillary Humping Fag Marrying School Prayer Haters.
    > What retards. Their time would be better used watching their neighbors for commieislamofascistsymp tendencies.
    > This dude just loves America so much that he made a bride from American dirt. When he attempted to consummate the marriage, she disintegrated, and Kofi Annan laughed at him. Well, who's laughing now, Kofi? Who's laughing now?
    > What a letdown...I thought it would be a site to purchase a Timex with a patriotic Merican's face on it. Instead it's one them viewyours sites with liberals thinking all their preverted thoughts.

    I would be proud to have John Bolton on my wrist, in strictly a manly, hetero manner of course.
    > I like his mustatch. I hear he yells a lot, but that don't mean the libruls should be making up mean sites about him. That really chaps my hide. I'm gonna hafta go over their and kick some marxist ass, I guess.
  • Where's the USA when our allies need them?
    > What's the ticker symbol on that stock? I want to short it ...
    > It's in the Egyptian exchange as SUNK.
    > Good thing the captain got off the ship as quickly as he did. Now he can report to the insurance claims people so a settlement can be issued for the shareholders' loss as soon as possible. Smart lad!
  • OK Terrific ...
    > This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    > European Superman has simple solution for problem of the caricatures.
    > Who would of figured them terrorists has such sensitive feelings? I say it's just a ploy so they have an excuse to riot. Enlarge those cartoons and put them on billboards and show those ragheads who's really in charge. Them Danes have had it to easy for too long; time they offend somebody, even though the umbrage those ragheads are taking is all just fake anyway.
    > I say we put these cartoons in all biology textbooks, right after the intelligent design section.
  • Raghead Revenge
    > Dunb-Ass. Its Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who does not believe in holocast.
    > who you callin' a dunb-ass?
    > I, for one, have been preparing for the real holocaust for decades. I short-sightedly built my first bomb shelter under the parking garage of WTC tower #2, but Bill Clinton's failure to take seriously the islamo-fascist threat doomed that endeavor. I then erected (hehehe...I said "erected") my second in New Orleans' 9th Ward, ignorant as I was at the time that, 1) God was itching to smite the city, and, b) Clinton had failed to make the city smite-proof.

    Where, I ask you, should I hole-up now? I'd hate to be a dunb-ass yet again.
    > Kramer, I think you hold up in Salt Lake City. It's nice and elevated, and it's the reddest state in the "Union" ... you'll be fine.
    > Um, Karl . . . excuse me, but you're forgetting. We don't believe in the Holocaust.
    > Well, I'm not ascared. To carry off one these alleged holocausts would take discipline, good technology, and strict record-keeping. These tinted people just don't have the skills, and we know that Aryans don't do that sort of stuff.
    > Holy shit! The Muslims have recruited Ceylons! We are screwed!
    > Anonymous is obviously a dunb-ass.
    Who is Mahoud Ahmedinejad? Ain't he that Iranian presidint I wrote about a few days back? I got a bad memory for them peoples names. Whats wrong with 'em thet they can't have normal names like Bob or Steve. How we supposed to say them mouthsful of names? I can't say they damn names. How do you say "Mahmoud" in American?

  • WTF?
    > No, no!!! They got to be tortured first in case they got important information. Then behead them. And lock up their wives.
    > Thet sign looks a little bit ironical to me. Are they saying they ain't violent, but then they say they want to cut off our heads? That's violent in my book, call me crazy.
    > Nuke the bastards!
    > Hmmm. I just learned the word "ironical".
    > I won't be satisfied until I see em' in a naked dog pile...that'll learn em.
    > Glow sticks, anyone?
    > Louima them, I say ...
    > Ever since I was a little boy, I had a thing for bright and colorfullights. It is funny, as you get older, so do your toys.

    Thanks for the info.

    how to make your own glow sticks
  • Frenchmen are known for their whines
    > Like I said, why cain't folk just lissen to the damn goverment and be done with it? Why they gotta go aksin questions? The world will be a better place when libruls shut the fuck up and let us run things since they dont know what the hell theys doing. Just my advice, is all.
    > Plus I hate the French. I renamed their toast "freedom toast." So there, french. I don't much like that accent anyway. Sounds like they windpipe is clogged some.
    > God's gonna send a hurricane to destroy this baguette-eating douchebag.
    > Betty jo, I think he must have changed his name to the pseudo-Aryan Greenwald to give him street cred with us white people. His whole site reeks of pate du fois gras.

    Richie, why wait for God when our President clearly enjoys the power to strike him down?
    > Double plus, thanks for gettin' my back. I was drunk on malt liquor when I wrote that, but I stand behind it anyways.
    > i think the greenwald/weinberg guy lives in Brazil which is now run by a certifiable communist (Lula)

    some workers paradise there - the poor people steal electricity and squat on private property all in the name of Marx - no wonder "greenberg" loves it there

    plus brazil is selling their stuff to the Chicoms.....
  • Amen, Mr. President. Amen.
    > Amen! Who's the fruity lookin' guy with the moostache?
    > I geuss it twernt a moostache, just a shadow cast fron his blond, feathered hair...
    > Hmmm freedom looks like white phosphorous and testing vaccinations, too... but best not question the directives of the lord.

    So nice to see my dear robot in these parts!
    > I'm suspicious of Lily. Do you see that image she's using? That's Our President, scratching his nose!

    Only a Frenchwoman would use such an undignified image as her avatar.

    Reichsminister, please send a clean-up crew around to Lily's place.
    > Oh Christy-Lord you is so brilliant you make me wanna go piss on a cactus!
    > Bush will implement that plan they've got to take over before the next election. Iranian emergency or something. Fuck Hillary.
  • Abortionists, lissen up!
    > Shit BJ, are you a dyke? How can we fucking use rooofies if the chicks are all tied dup in them belst?
    > Um, does this belt yer talkin' about cover the butt? Cuz butt pleasures ain't real sex.

    Just sayin' is all.
    > Hmm. Interesting points. I don't know y'all well enough to join this discussion...
    > Wrong-headed, Betty Jo. We want more white babies, remember? Give these away for free to non-Aryans only, and I'll be your number one cheerleader.
    > zackly mal, gotsta make lotsa babies to carry on the race. ~jenny jolene hatfield
    > Them rich welfare queens should be forced to wear one of them belts so they don't try and load up on more benefits.
    > Aw, shit, yawl. I did think it was a good idear. Now everbody gettin all nasty on me. WEll, go ahead on. I got MY chastity belt on, and only my man got the key.

    I ain't no dyke, Karl. I bet you wish you had my man's key!
  • Lookit this Garbage!
    > On the left - who's the dyke?
    > Alright, Rangel! Of course he was just pointing out the obvious but...
    > I SO agree with you.
    > Shakespeare, what the fuck are you doing here? You and your libermal blog ciriticizing Bush all the time! Ctiticizer! That's all you do ... critizics! You are a Defeaetist and Sadddamist! Fucktard!
    > Damn, we gots us a troll. Quick, let's mount our bicycles and squish the troll.
    > Oh, HELLS yes, honey. You said it. I hates it when folks just won't unnerstand thet white folks is superior. And straight folks. I think Karl's got some gender identifyin prollems, by the way. I didn't see no dyke.

    Ennyhew (that's a joke word), that's some good post what you writ!
    > BJ, Rangel looks like a woman in a suit! I've seen him ... fuckin' makeup and everythang!
    > My Grand Daddy once told me while we were skinnin coons (Raccoons) one night down at his townhouse near Laguna beach CA that it was the apparatus of segregation which allowed the important continuation of the idea-concept of White superiority to be upheld. Because, he screamed at the top of his lungs..
    " that once the segregation was dismantled by the liberal atheist do gooders our great white myth would coal lapse like the body of a White tail Buck hit dead on with a steel tip military issue bullet."
    My Grand Daddy was so right cuz once our society started allowing normal day to day contact of the races it started to reveal not only equality in ability but the black fellas started showin off in all the most manly activities which made the white man look well, infear reher.
    Its a good thing (and God must of been watchin) that they asked that Rangel fella about what he thought of GWB's speech and that they didn'tgo an ask Laura's Bush who she'd rather sleep with.
    That Baraka O'Bam Mama guy or our- sleep at 9pm stallion milking, pretzel eating leader. I'd hate that answer of hers to be leaked, in the presses!
    That's the one thing the fascists did real right like, was the segregation thing. I mean they really knew how to keep the races seperated...

    God Bless Our Amazing Race!

    Superiorily (sp?) yours,

    > I love the Amazing Race! I'm glad they don't let the blacks on that show.
    > Clara, keep your powder dry, darlin'. Charles serves our cause well by galvanizing the wishy-washy White Supremacist wannabe crowd. Let him talk all he likes. Give him plenty of rope.
    > That Rangel needs to be taken for one of them Texas pickup rides. He's gettin way too uppity.
  • But . . . he says it like it's a bad thing!
    > Chavez is a commie. He's actually screwed Hilary.

    It's our damn oil so he should get a fertilizer bomb up the ass
    > Hmmm. Rummy comparing Bush to Hitler. Excellent!
    > Saddle up, Rev. Robertson, and lets go kick some Commie Fucktard Ass!!!!

    And I heard that he gave Hillary a "filthy Chavez;" whatever that is.
    > That Morales is a goddamned cokehead! When he stops being president of whatever mudhut he lives in, he oughtta run for mayor of Washington, DC. har har!

    A great Christian leader like President Bush would never go near something so satanic and evil as cocaine or alcohol.
    > WTF?? I don't want some brown Spanish speaking guy compared to Der Fuehrer!! If he wants to compare him to Idi Amin, that's OK. But Hitler is out of bounds. What was Rumsfeld thinking?
    > Chavez is probably a dyke.
  • Islamo-Jew Judges still making war on Christmas
    > Deer L G Frs,

    I too am growing. I am growing angry. I am growing angry man.
    I am tired of being oppressed like a door bell over and over by the secular, non killing liberal types. I'm sick of being purse cuted. I'm so tired of being ridi schooled by the anti Jesus is Lord society. We Christians are like the new Gays and colored brown folks. And we Christian hunters are the real endangered species of our times losing our rights to commit armed violence against animals.
    I'm getting sick. I'm getting sicker. I'm getting sickerer and more tirederer of the anti Christmas armies who seem to stop at nothing! And then start again after stopping and set out to destroy the bedding of the baby Jesus as he sleeps in the man-ger.

    A Creche is a Goth native scene. The Gothic native scene of baby Jesus of Visigoth in the barnyard sleeping with angels.
    It comes from the Ger-manic root word of CREC. CREC was the great Visigoth hunter of bear, boar and eater of Roman children. The word later became adopted by the Third Reich's
    Church of Racial Engineering Corporation of Hamburger. CRECH

    Goth Bless America,

    > Hey Karl, how about you do a spoof site that deals with liberal's two faced stances on free speech? You could call it "Little Blue Hypocrites".

    Or, how about a site that deals with the left's inability to stand up for freedom and democracy around the world? Call it "Little Blue Cowards".

    Awesome. Make you sure you bring that same obtuse and muddled thinking to bear on those new sites that you use on LGF.
    > Who's the gay boy with the come hither stare? Is that Antonio Banderas?
    > I don't think you should allow homo posters here. They've got too many privileges already.
    > Don't mind espella, we wont go into what his preacher showed him as a child.
    > Oh, you boys stop pickin' on that greasy haired youth. He just tryin to fit in with us. I thought he wuz Eddie Munster with longer hair and 30 years tacked on!

    Philbert, you shure are smart when it comes to history and the Christ child. I'm sorry you are feelin' so oppressed. Well, it aint' easy these days bein a Christian in America. THem secular folks keep tryin' to take the religion outa everthing. It's just sad, if'n you ask me.
    > what is spoof, is that an elite way to say spooge? this is a clean site! no more talk like that. that boy needs a hair cut and a gramer lessin. and humanzee, is that like one of them half man half monkey evolutionary derwin thingys? i ain't come from no monkey. jenny jolene hatfield
    > be nice to espella...he claims to be Horst Wessel's great, great grandson...the Wessel got lost as a result of some dicelexer that makes people spel funni.
    > Once again ... I look at Espella and I ask, who's the dyke?
    > And Chimpanzee, you cleft-chinned fucktard, how about Malkin on Toles (free speech about Rumsfeld BAD!) and the Muhammad cartoons (free speech mocking Islam GOOD!).

    Crawl back into your blastocyst-picture-mailing hole. And stay there.
    > You done tole that guy real good, Blogenfreude! I think he got a weird defect under them bangs hanging over his face, I tell you what.
    > I had espella humanzee once. The itching was terrible and the antibiotics made my piss smell real funny.
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  • Happy Birthday Ayn Rand!
    > Who's the dyke?
    > Isn't that Nelson Rockefeller in drag?
    > Ayn sure had her head on right. Quit callin' her a dyke, youse guys!
    > "[T]here is a psychological immorality at the root of homosexuality" because "it involves psychological flaws, corruptions, errors, or unfortunate premises".

    ...says the obviously flannel-shirted, Subaru-drivin' lesbian...
    > Karl, Karl, Karl - do you not read?

    "[T]here is a psychological immorality at the root of homosexuality" because "it involves psychological flaws, corruptions, errors, or unfortunate premises".
    > I'd bang her. Right after she explained why slavery was such a great idea.
    > ah richie, you know "The act of a master taking shameful, contemptuous possession of her was the kind of rapture she had wanted."
    > Like I keep sayin, bomb everbody who just won't listen to our leaders!
    > Please, more pictures of hot babes like this one!!
    > wow! even the president has been quoted as saying he "doesn't want to kick the gays"--so are you guys with the pres, or against him? I'm confused!
    > Ayn Rand rules!

    Wouldn't it be cool if fuckin' Hillary and Ayn stripped to the waste fuckin' and wrastled each other? Fuckin' Ayn would kick some serious Islamo-Lesbo-School lunch program loving-Commie Hillary ass!
    > I'd bang her...
    > Agi, you'd do fuckin' DiFi ...
    > You is all a bunch of hornies. Now stop it, y'all. It ain't nice!
    > no one wants to kick them gays (less'n one of 'em makes a pass at me) but marriage is a holy sacrament between a man and a woman, not men and men or men and coon hounds. we love the sinner and hate the sin like good Christians. -jenny jolene hatfield
    > Bullshit. I love the sin! I just feel guilty for it for a while, and then I gotta go trhough my ex-gay program again. Lucky for me, there are plenty of pastors who are there to "pastor" the gay right out of me. Usually with their mouths or hands.
    > Aww, c'mon Richie. You ain't got a lick o' gay in yuh. I just knows it. quit foolin' a girl. Yawls ruinin my fantasies, mister.
    > A Rand is one of the most wonderful thinkers of all the times. His, I mean her, philosophy of "Selfishness" and "Greed" and running to the mountains to escape the evils of modern city life which included the horrible ideas of helping others is what we modern sportsmen are all about. His, I mean her, manly John Galt ran with his buddies up to the hills to live a life free of govt control, without regulations, without charity and most importantly without compassion. Nothing I can think of is closer to the idea of killing animals for sporting fun than A's philosophy of selfishness.
    He, I mean she, was also a fetishizer (German) of sadistic rape as the symbol of the correct relationship of man over woman and man over earth.
    He, I mean she, developed her whole idea of a real man's savage power, beauty and hotness after his, I mean her fascination with a psychopathic, rapist, child murderer and big game hunter named William Hickman.

    God Bless Ye A Rand.

    Selfishly Yours,

    > Philbert, do you think Ayn mighta been a guy w/a costume on hisself? You sure got me thinkin.
    > betty jo: of course i ain't gay! I just get confused a lot.
  • Liberal PC police strike again
    > Gay? He does kind of have that Brokedick Mountain look, don't he?
    > They can have my favorite "Support the Troops: Nuke Hillary" T-shirt--but they'll have to pry it off my cold dead body!!!
    > I can't believe those policemens apologized and backed down. What message does that give to the terrorists that are waiting at the border for a message to come in an kill us all? To come and git us, that's what. Them police have no guts, is what I'm thinking.

    And that Democratic guy needs to keep his woman in line, alright. And T shirts what don't support the President should be outlawed, along with cussin in public.
    > You're exactly right, Betty Jo. The only way to properly support the troops is to worship the president.
    > Betty Jo, I have a bone to pick with you. You said they should have been shot for not wearing Amish pantsuits. You are wrong. That is not what submissive women in the 21st century are required to wear. First of all,our dear leaders prefer skirts. The color of the skirt and jacket ensemble must be one that is commonly seen in dyed Easter eggs. The jacket must be trimmed in something flouncey. Thank you for listening.
    > Aw, crap, lady! Pastels is out! Amish is back in. Complete with buckles and such. I myself am gonna invest in a new line of chastity belts. You watch, skirt lady, they's gonna be BIG on the market next yere. We don't need no birthcontrol abortion when we got chastity belts controlling it all for us women.
    > I have long suspected that there is a liberal bias in law enforcement and this just proves it!!! What part of Stalinism is so hard for those Village People cops to understand?????
  • Hillary Clinton is a communist whore
    > I done seen her roll her eyes at the SOTU. How dare she. She prolly has pinkos in her basement.

    Just sayin...
    > Lookee, it's a blue dress jus like that one Monica Lewdsky wore when she hooverized Klinton in White House. Maybe she's checking it for stains.

    Maybe Cindy Sheehan can lend her a tee-shirt.
    > And she killed Vince Foster with her own hands.
    > Goddamn right. Did you know that Bill had to rape her to get her pregnant with Chelsea? It's all true, man. I read it online somehwhere. I swear to God.
    > Who's the dyke?
    > RMK: You seem to be obsessed with damn technology.
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  • That's It!
    > And none of that Walt Kelly socialist shit either.
    > This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    > Only Family Circus, a nice, tame, honest cartoon if ever there was one. I myself ONLY read Family Circus, so as not to be corrupted bye the awful cartoons people claim are "multicultural" when they realy just want to make you a liberal moonbat. Don't trust Kathy, because she really is a feminazi. I am sure of it. She questions her man too much.
    > And that liberal "Doonesbury" crap...enough! They should call it "Moonsbury."

    Have you noticed that they've made Prince Valiant look a little fruity too.
    > How come John Effing Wayne never got his own comic strip?

    The Duke would educate in the proper conduct of a true righteous Merican life.

    And he'd kick the snot out of Bill The Cat.
    > I prefer Gil Thorpe myself. But not in a gay way. Like a viking.
    > It just get fruitier and more gayish, that Doonesberry.
    > Walt Disney was really the best ...
    > What is this "mainstream media" of which you speak? Is that like the MSM, but with words instead of letters.

    If Howard Dean is way out of the mainstream, then how come we call the liberal media "mainstream"? Does that mean we should be agreeing with Howard Dean?

    I'm just saying.

    BTW, Hillary is a lesbian vegan Muslim-lover.
    > Fuck Howard Dean ...
  • Uppity Iranians think they deserve "The Bomb"
    > Let them use oil ... they shouldn't even have nuclur energy. Fuck 'em. What do they need electricity for anyway? Rice cookers. Fuck 'em.
    > But, Ahmadinejad hates the Jews, shouldn't we ally ourselves with him, like mio Benito caro did with Adolf?
    > I don't know why we don't just bomb them for questioning us and saying insults. Isn't that what AMerican stands for? We don't put up with that crap. Screw that jerk!
    > Did you hear that sumbitch said that the Holocaust was a myth? Now, I don't believe it happened, either, but I'll be damned if some sand dweller is gonna deny it.
    > Oh, Richie. You are so bright and truthful. This is why I love you.
    > You guys are so right. Just nuke the bastards so we can get rid of this nuisance.
  • People Who Deserve A Fertilizer Bomb Up Their Ass
    > The man's head ain't obviously screwed on right, literally speaking. He is obviously a moonbat.
    > The patient in the cartoon looks like mio Benito caro!
    > He wuz obviusly home-skooled at Cindy Sheehan's...har-har!
    > I hope that fucker's phone has already been constitutionally tapped by the NSA. That fucker.
    > Yeah, that fucker, I say it too. Go Bush!
    > I think that IRanian president deserves a fertilizer bomb up his ass.
  • SOTU: Better Zan Sex
    > But the French published the Muhammad cartoons ... how fucked up is that?
    > Dear Eva:

    I'm lerning German in my homeschool. It's hard. You guys killed my grandpa but my Dad said it was some guy named Franklin D. Roosenfeld's fault.
    > Oh, don't get me started on the french. We aren't calling them freedom fries for nuthin. I also have decided to make freedom toast for my kids and bake freedom bread, so's they don't even know french is a word.
    > This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    > Eva baby,

    When it comes to promoting our right-hanging values, fighting for a strong state, selling nationalism as the patriotic experience, forwarding the Godly robust agenda of patriarchy or utilizing fear to advance our traditional values we cherish so passionately....who needs sex? Who?
    Nothing is as sensual anyway as a patriotic rally or a march for liberty through a tree lined street in a rural american town! Nothing is even closely as erotic as a Toby Keith prayer gathering or a weekend church group coyote hunting trip. When you have all of these simple things which our Lord Father gives to us from the love of his heart of hearts, who needs that naughty, dirty, filthy, deplorable, anxiety filled activity ANYWAY! Only whores, I tell YOU! Bad women! Evil Gay Hollywood AGENDERS!

    Ok..anyway...uhm......here are some links for your alls new site...These places will help our people stay pure and more strongerer!





    God Bless Ye.

    Sports-manly yours,

    > Who's the fat fuck?
    > LOL! Thanks for the laughs.
    > Don't make fun of Philbert! HE is manly and likes to hunt. What more would you want as a commenter on our fine blog!

    I think he's sexy, sort of like Elvis in the 70's.
    > Betty Jo,

    I appreciate the compliments. I
    believe however that you might have misunderstood Reichsminister karl's comments as a put down.
    He was actually being polite and honorable to me in his greetings. The expression is actually an old Germanic rural term pronounced with the Bavarian tongueing as "Vat Fuch". It is a description of affection towards a people of a small tiny village where there has been much hospitality and lessons taught to the younger visitors or travelers. It actually means "What Folk" or also "What a Man Of The rural community!!"

    Betty Jo,
    One more thing I'm in my late thirties not my seventies and I do not understand why you mention Elvis and me in the same sentence. I'm confused at those comments just as you were confused at Mr Karls compliments of my German rural maleness.

    Sports-manly yours,

    > Even France is to good for zee vile Democrats, did your zee Frau Hillary's cheshire cat grin ven Dear Leader was explaining the Terrorist Survailance program to zee Dumkophfs?!

    > Exactly ... what Suggs said.
    > Laugh while you can, Shakespeare. You'll be in a camp soon enough.
  • Why Do The Capitol Police Hate America?
    > Mama moonbat got it good. Well, she deserved a booting for not dressing up for something important like a State of The Union's speech. She"s really as bad as the lady that weared the shirt that said "f*ck" on it on the plane that time. And she got it good too. Damn moonbats!! Why are they so dang stoopid?
  • Now We Gotta' Buy French Crap
    > I won't be happy until I see the oui oui Fenchies in black face. Only then will we know that they are seriously committed to the same Ideals as everyday Team America GOP*
    > I wonder what the Paris Business Review says about this. I know that the French are still reeling from the economic depression they plunged into following the Bill O'Reilly boycott.
    > I'm not supposed to forgive the French becuase my Dad siad they're surrender monkeys and they dont' talk in English.
  • Yeah!
    > Ovarian cancer, I heard ... tough luck.
    > The lord smote her for being too damn liberal. She should have lived at least another 10 years. What more proof do you need?
    > I did my book report on her and she didn't say she hated the Islamofascists ever in her life. i don't know how she could still be an American.

Buy Ribbon Magnets! Whatever you do, don't sign up for the military yourself! That demoralizes the troops! Let them know you really care by covering your massive SUV in ribbon magnets! Plus, be sure to buy the ones that come from Communist China. Don't let the Leftist Unions win!

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We are conservative higher order apes from the Rand System. We are not nerdy at all.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

America is 66% idiot

"Nowhere to go but up!"

Bush approval rating at 34%

I am proud to be in the smart 34%! And by "smart," I mean I am proud to have the ability to ignore all empirical evidence of failure and focus on the fact that we haven't been attacked since 9/11 and we have liberated the beautiful people of Iraq, who I hope to God stay there and don't move in next door or go to school with my kids. My kids shouldn't have to learn Farsi or sanscrit or whatever the fuck it is they speak over there.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Fine With Us ...

Hamas Signs Contract To Run Amtrak.
Well, as long as Bush tells us they're helping us win the War on Terror.

Us grrls have to stick together

It has recently come to my attention that some Internet jokester, "Bachem Macuno", has been dissing my home girl, Ann Coulter, with "his" anonymous blog, "I had carnal relations with Ann Coulter in the Greek Manner, aggressively." (Not the real title, but there are children reading this post!)

I happen to know Ann very well, and I know she does not take it "in the Greek manner." Quite the contrary. That woman has a collection of strap-ons you would not believe, and she knows how to use them. We once did a threesome with George Stephanopolous --

Oh, yes. I'm forgetting the children.

But "Mr. Macuno" presented me with a problem. How could I defend Ann's honor if I couldn't even find this fellow? Figuring he would be a repeat offender, I began frequenting Farmer's Market, looking for young men who matched his profile. Before the week's end, I found him, a scraggly fellow wearing a purple beret and a holey Che Guevara tee shirt. He had a stack of books in front of him: Maureen Dowd's Are Men Necessary?, Richard Clarke's Against all Enemies, and the clincher, Jon Stewart's America the Book.

Oh, yeah. This was my guy.

I'll not stoop to "Mr. Macuno's" level by giving you the gory details of our encounter. Let's just say I'm still cleaning him off my fist.


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Little More Than Their Bumper Stickers

Ha ha ha. Even the ultraliberal BBC has figured out that the Democrat party is toast.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Budget Traitor Bruce Bartlett

Bush basher Bruce Barlett was on today's Leonard Lopate show (on WNYC in New York) whining about getting fired from a think tank. Not only did he take his gripes to the LLL (I mean, NPR?), he now complains because he's suddenly realized that during his first 4 years, Bush racked up $20 trillion in debt. Of course he did! How are we going to drown government in a bathtub if we don't bankrupt it first?

And no one should buy Bartlett's book:
Imposter: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Another Religion of Peace

Hindu Group Wants Artist's Hands Chopped Off.
Don't Hindus all act like Gandhi and stuff?

Guns Don't Kill People, Pictures of People With Guns Kill People

What a load of crap.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Lapsed Neoconservative

Traitor Francis Fukuyama renounces democracy building. At least he's still working on Scooter's defense fund.

Jewish conspiracy overruns Oylmpics

Now, I don't know how many of you watched the figure skating last night, which is completely normal for a non-gay red-blooded American man like me, but I was appalled about how the Jewish-run conspiracy to control the world has finally set its sights on figure skating by propelling some skinny Jewish girl into first place over dozens of obviously better Aryan skaters.

She even used Jewish music in her show, and them dumb audience members clapped along, probably under Jew mind-control.

What bothers me most is that this "Sasha" "Cohen" is skating for America. Now, if she were skating for Israel, she'd have my full support, because Israel is our strongest ally and I will blindly support anything Israel does, even if it doesn't make any sense because I am an anti-Semite! Stop trying to figure me out, liberal!

At least she ain't no lesbian

Gay marriage is an abomination, but 62-year-old moms are part of God's plan. It's in the Bible!

In this handout photo, Janise Wulf, who is 62-years-old, holds her four-day-old baby boy, Adam, in Mercy Medical Center Redding's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Redding, Calif., Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2006. She is one of the oldest women in the world to successfully bear a child. The newborn is her 12th child. She is also a grandmother of 20 and great-grandmother of three.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Daily Kos is Wrong and We are Right

You would think the morally superior Kos would be able to get one right sometime.

Monday, February 20, 2006

How Can They Function

Insane lieberals are saying there may be more to the cartoon riots by those peaceful muslims than meets the eye. Look at how far they will stoop to make sense of the savagery.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

World on fire

This map shows all of the places in the world where the Islamofascists are going nuts over some infantile cartoons.

Or maybe the map shows the places where I've gotten me some fabulous rim jobs. Men with beards tickling my soft puckery bits . . . I'm telling you, it sends me. It really does.

Either way, these guys set my world on fire.

-- Mal!

And the Winners Are ...

Winners in the Infidel Bloggers Alliance Cartoon contest ... click above.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday Evening Tire Fire

A Peaceful Evening in Red State America

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Proof that Hamas is Gay

The Free Republic?

Reichsminister Karl's posting privileges have been revoked over at the "Free" Republic.

Ve vil haf our rewenge.

WMDs After All

So it's true - they moved the WMD. Hoekstra says so. Time to invade Syria.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

When will this madness stop

I'm so sick of that stupid fag cowboy film where they aren't even cowboys but sheep herders or something. And now Willie Nelson (my willie) has written a song about gay cowboys.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. Feb 15, 2006 (AP)? Country music outlaw Willie Nelson sang "Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys" and "My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys" more than 25 years ago. He released a very different sort of cowboy anthem this Valentine's Day.
"Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly (Fond of Each Other)" may be the first gay cowboy song by a major recording artist. But it was written long before this year's Oscar-nominated "Brokeback Mountain" made gay cowboys a hot topic.
Available exclusively through iTunes, the song features choppy Tex-Mex style guitar runs and Nelson's deadpan delivery of lines like, "What did you think all them saddles and boots was about?" and "Inside every cowboy there's a lady who'd love to slip out."
The song, which debuted Tuesday on Howard Stern's satellite radio show, was written by Texas-born singer-songwriter Ned Sublette in 1981. Sublette said he wrote it during the "Urban Cowboy" craze and always imagined Nelson singing it.
Someone passed a copy of the song to Nelson back in the late 1980s and, according to Nelson's record label, Lost Highway, he recorded it last year at his Pedernales studio in Texas.
Nelson has appeared in several Western movies and sings "He Was a Friend of Mine" on the "Brokeback Mountain" soundtrack.

Islamofascists Threaten Malkin

Poor Michelle - those Islamofascists are threatening to take her website down.

Liberal Media Attacks Coulter Again

Here we go again. So what if Ann voted in the wrong precinct? So what if it's a felony? It's Florida! Lighten up.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Chivalry is dead

I waited all day for you men to come to my defense. But, did you?


Glenn Greenwald savaged me yesterday:

And in that regard, people like Malathion Merkin, John Hinderaker, Jonah Goldberg and Hugh Hewitt are not conservatives. They are authoritarian cultists. Their allegiance is not to any principles of government but to strong authority through a single leader.

. . . and not one of you rushed to defend my honor.

True, I have bigger balls than any of you, and I know how to use them. But, still. Sometimes a girl likes to feel protected.


Monday, February 13, 2006

Talking Points for Responding to Cheney Hunting Accident

1. Remember. No one died.
2. Of course it is Whittington's fault. It is proper procedure to tap the hunter on the back before you sneak up on him.
3. At least he didn't kill someone like Ted Kennedy did.

And, if all else fails, just scream "CHAPPAQUIDDICK" at the top of your lungs and run out of the room.

Plame Flame

Who Gives a Crap What Plame Was Working On?

NPR ("National Pretentious Radio") said this morning that some liberal hack blog would reveal what Valerie Plame had been working on at the CIA and why her alleged outing by Cheney and Libby made a difference. Guess what? She was working on Iran nuclear intelligence. Probably was screwing it up - that's why they ousted her. How could a liberal be trusted to build a case for war against Iran? Here's the story.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

So, I've been thinkin'

Since the president/emperor/savior blessed us with the super secret knowledge that he had single-handedly wiretapped and tortured a terrorist plot involving "southeast Asians" in Los Angeles right out of existence, something occurred to me. We need to reopen the internment camps.

Anyone whose eyes aren't 110% round, need to be interned and reeducated. The bad news is that such an internment would include some of our greatest thinkers, like Michelle Malkin, but even Michelle supports the idea (click the headline). She is one patriotic hottie, who does not look odd in any way whatsoever.

The good news is that Tiger Woods will be interned, which will give some white golfers a chance to win at golf again. Don't worry, we'll get Vijay Singh, too. Tear those greens up, John Daly!

I know this might seem rash, but can we really take chances in this post September 11 world? If there's even a small chance that an Asian person might be a terrorist, or even just a non-terrorist Muslim, we have to keep an eye on them. The best way to do that is to put them in camps. After all, I don't want cameras looking into my windows!

Now that I think about it, a lot of blacks are Muslims, too. I think for this program to be effective, we should really include the blacks, too.

Damn, wasn't that Jose Padilla one of them Latinos? Throw them in the camps, too.

Of course we're going to intern the Middle Eastern Muslims, too. That goes without saying. I guess I should have said it, but I thought it was implied, plus I don't know what shape their eyes are.

I think the easiest way to run this program is if we build the camps around Indian casinos. That way, the Indians (the ones we conquered, not the Gandhi ones, because they're in the camps) who don't work in the casino could be guards at the camps. Apart from red-blooded whites, the American Indians are the only ones I trust.

Well, let's get started. I'm sure Halliburton already has the contract.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

What will they think of next?

Mommy, that scary Imam burned up all my Valentines!

From AP:

"We will not let anyone sell these cards or celebrate Valentine's Day," said Asiya Andrabi, the group's leader, as she held a burning poster in her hand. "These Western gimmicks are corrupting our kids and taking them away from their roots."

She said that the raids were carried out "not to harm anyone but to make them realize that this is against Islam's teachings."

What's next? A jihad against Easter Bunnies? A fatwa against Santa Claus?

Is no Christian holiday sacred to these Islamo-fascist madmen?


Friday, February 10, 2006

Anti-Idiotarian of the Week

Is it any wonder we love Ann? Just read:

One [cartoon] showed Muhammad turning away suicide bombers from the gates of heaven, saying "Stop, stop -- we ran out of virgins!" -- which I believe was a commentary on Muslims' predilection for violence. Another was a cartoon of Muhammad with horns, which I believe was a commentary on Muslims' predilection for violence. The third showed Muhammad with a turban in the shape of a bomb, which I believe was an expression of post-industrial ennui in a secular -- oops, no, wait: It was more of a commentary on Muslims' predilection for violence.
But apparently the Koran is like the Constitution: It's a "living document," capable of sprouting all-new provisions at will. Muslims ought to start claiming the Koran also prohibits indoor plumbing, to explain their lack of it.[...]
Making the rash assumption for purposes of discussion that Islam is a religion and not a car-burning cult, even a real religion can't go bossing around other people like this.


Click above - Bush finally goes Cato on the LLL and their precious federal forests. We're sellin' those trees to lumber companies!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

See? Torture and illegal wiretaps pay off!

For the first time, President Bush has detailed the 2002 disruption of a planned West Coast terror attack, one purportedly aimed at the tallest building on the West Coast.

Khalid Sheik Mohammed planned to have shoe bombers blast through a plane's cockpit door and fly it into Liberty Tower in Los Angeles, Bush said. "Rather than use Arab hijackers as he had on the September the 11th," he said, "Khalid Sheik Mohammed sought out men from Southeast Asia whom he believed would not arouse as much suspicion." [And he would have been right! Jackie Chan ain't no Muslim! --RM]

Bush cited the terrorist group "JI" (Jemaah Islamiyah) and its leader, Hambali, as being involved with the preparations for the mission. A meeting with Osama bin Laden followed, Bush said. The plans were derailed in early 2002 "when a Southeast Asian nation arrested a key al-Qaeda operative."

I bet all them liberal pansies like John McCain are twitching now! See, we (do not) torture and we (illegally) wiretap, and we stop a bunch of them kickboxing mother-effers from blowing up some library. Of course, probably a bunch a homeless and liberals in that library, so it wouldn't have been missed, plus it was in HollyWEIRD.

So, suck it, liberals. Our president broke the law and saved your precious Scarlett Johannsen! Ends justify the means, mother-effers!

I just love Glenn Beck!

CNN (aka Communist News Network) has hired Glenn Beck (maybe they're finally going to see the light?) and I just can't wait to see him on the TV. Yesterday on his radio show he was brilliant, as always. He's just soooo smart. I mean, who has these kind of thoughts? NOT your average Joe. Only a genius like Glenn. Here's a link from those pinkos over at Media Splatters, that traitor Brock's moonbat site, to download and listen. (Thanks suckers!) Here's just a few of his pearls of wisdom in case you were dumb enough to miss it:
Do you think God ever says, "I could've used that skin making somebody of value, you know? I could have used that skin in such a -- just a better way." You know? And its not -- the reason why I bring this up is: Is there a bigger waste of skin than Jimmy Carter? Ya know, I don't mean to, you know, I don't mean to look the maker in the eyes and say, "Eh, kind of a waste," but I'm asking, do you think he ever thinks, "I don't know, man, I could've used that skin someplace else." You know? Who's the bigger waste of skin, can you name a bigger -- you know, and you could immediately go to people like Kim Jong Il. OK, there's a big waste of skin, but not really, because his skin's being utilized by evil. At least evil is using that skin. Who's using the skin of Jimmy Carter? What purpose does the skin of Jimmy Carter -- it's like an empty suit walking down the street.

(Of course, I don't love Glenn as much as I love Il Duce. Besides he's married. Isn't his family cute?)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What Part of 'Pajamas Media' Don't You Understand, Durbin?

Dick Durbin doesn't know who we are! Two words, Dicky-boy: Pajamas. Media. With LGF and our vertiable Army of Truth, we are here to make sure the liberal media doesn't get all sissy on us with this "right to privacy" crap.

Durbin's ignorance of Pajamas Media proves how out of touch the liberal elite is with the real people. Real people like us, who have all the time in the world to follow smuggies like Dick Durbin every second. Of course the masses have heard of us! Who hasn't?

How dare he speak to us with such a smirky tone? "I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with the name of your publication." If that publication isn't The Nation or the bleeding New Yorker, then of course that French wine-swilling weirdo isn't familiar with Pajamas Media! He's no real American if he doesn't know Pajamas Media!

You watch out, Durbin. Next time, we won't just be snippy with you. We'll be extra super-duper snippy!

No Wonder They're Always Losing

Those wimp Idiotarian Democrats - they think they've got Bush suggesting painting a plane with UN colors to get Saddam to start the war, and they think they can show Bush "fixing the intelligence" to start the war. But do they go for the throat? No, they complain about the Terrorist Surveillance Program and Abramoff, both of which people either don't give a damn about or don't understand.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Boo hoo

If all these welfare queens are going to whine about Bush's budget cuts for programs that allegedly "help" their criminal children, they should have just had abortions.

As long as they're not white, and even if they are white and some crazy tree-hugging religion.

A Modest Proposal ...

Here at Little Green Fascists, we've been thinking hard. We've been thinking hard about what to do to help the Danish keep their economy afloat once the Islamofacists start boycotting and all that crap.

We've got it.

Cheetos made with Danish cheese. Our political class is known for its love of the humble Cheeto. Imagine the money the Danish could make if our favorite snack food were advertised as being full of Danish Fontina.

So hurry up. Write to Frito-Lay and tell them you want them buying Samso by the shipload.

Does this mean Henry Rollins is a commie?

Black flags block US sign in Cuba:
"Cuban President Fidel Castro has unveiled a large new monument outside the US mission in Havana.

The monument blocks the view of scrolling illuminated messages - some of them about human rights - displayed on the building by American diplomats.

It consists of 138 black flags with a white star.

Havana says it symbolises the more than 3,400 people that have died as the result of violent acts against Cuba since its 1959 revolution."

Only 3,400? Damn. Who's running this blockade? We killed that many Iraqis in Fallujah by accident!

Secretary Rumsfeld, where are you?

Monday, February 06, 2006

In Memoriam: Grandpa Munster

There's way too much attention being lavished on this Betty Friedan chick. What did she do for us? Now, take Al Lewis, our beloved Grandpa Munster. That was a man.

He worked his fingers to the bone to improve the public perception of vampires. For years, people threw garlic at vampires, stabbed them with stakes, and tried to imprison them in their homes under the guise of saying it was "for their own good."

By presenting a positive vampyric image, Al Lewis, aka Grandpa Munster, transformed society. And for that, we at Little Green Fascists praise him. Leave it to the mainstream media to disregard the great leaders.

There oughta be a law.

"Reddhed" at firedoglake writes:

SESSIONS QUESTIONING: Gosh, Mr. AG, I sure do like you. And the media has been mean. Anyone who questions what you are doing is unpatriotic. And I sure do think you are a truthful fellow ? anyone who questions your truthiness is unpatriotic. Gosh, I sure am grateful that the Preznit doesn?t have to follow the laws, because thinking about terrorists makes me almost pee my pants in terror and our Constitution can?t possibly hold a candle to how much I need to feel protected.

I ask you people: how long must we suffer the slander of our patriotic Senators by anonymous bloggers like "Redhedd"? What are you afraid of, Red? In my America, speech is protected under the First Amendment of our Constitution. Do you hate the Constitution so much that you have to blog anonymously.

Take an example from me, Red. I'll say it loud and proud: my name is Malathion Buboe-Gumma Merkin, and

oh shit, I forgto what I was going to say.

- Mal!

Poor bastard ...


Why is this necessary? Bolton Watch. Why? Why do the liberals keep screwing with this guy? All he's doing is getting the U.N. lined up so we can nuke Iran. Give me a break.

Where's the USA when our allies need them?

Relatives attack sunk ferry firm:
"Angry relatives of hundreds of passengers killed when a ferry sank in the Red Sea on Friday have attacked the offices of the ship's owners.

A mob broke into Al-Salam Maritime's offices in Safaga, Egypt, and began throwing the contents onto the street.

They destroyed furniture and attacked a fire engine before riot police used tear gas to restore order."
As a stockholder in Al-Salam Maritime, I am calling on Washington to intervene in these riots before further profits are jeopardized!

I mean, goddamn, what do these people expect? Things like boat maintenance and lifejackets cost money! Money that comes out of my goddamned pocket as a stockholder!

The great thing about capitalism is that you are free to carry around a lifejacket at all times if you wish, and a fire extinguisher, and a gun. I know I do.

These "victims" had it coming by not being prepared. Stop whining, and stop depending on the corporations that you serve for protection. This ain't commie China.

Secretary Rumsfeld, you better get on this, before these Victimo-Fascists leave Al-Salam Maritime and start attacking the Tamiflu factory.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

OK Terrific ...

Look at this ... why isn't the U.S. press using the freedoms Bush has preserved for us by invading Iraq to publish the Muhammad cartoons?

Raghead Revenge

Thought they didn't believe in Holocausts ...

Saturday, February 04, 2006


This is enough for me ...


British Mooslims ... Nuke 'em.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Frenchmen are known for their whines

You want the truth? You can't handle the truth.

Glenn Greenwald (is that French?) whines:

Before the Capitol Police acknowledged yesterday that there was no legal basis for removing, let alone arresting, Cindy Sheehan -- to the contrary, they admitted that they "screwed up" because "Sheehan didn't violate any rules or laws" -- numerous Bush followers in the blogosphere were celebrating Sheehan's detention on the ground that she broke the law. Many of them were calling for all sorts of punishments to be imposed on Rep. Lynn Woolsey, who invited Sheehan to the speech and therefore aided and abetted her "illegal" behavior.

As we now know (and as should have been at least instinctively apparent to anyone with an understanding of America's most basic political values), Sheehan broke no laws or rules of any kind. Thus, all of those bloggers who were so frantically running around accusing her of law-breaking and violating the rules, and therefore defending her removal and arrest, were simply wrong.

Mr. Greenwald goes on to whine about the lack of self-correction among our friends in the Bush-appreciative blogosphere.

Mr. Greenwald doesn't get it. He never usually does.

Mr. Greenwald, I don't know what country you live in, but President Bush is the law in my America. If our President felt threatened by Ms. Sheehan's offensive and inflammatory tee-shirt, he had every right -- no, he had the obligation -- to protect himself, thereby protecting us.

That, Mr. Greenwald, is the truth. Can you handle it?


Amen, Mr. President. Amen.

Did you see what our brave Christian leader said today?

"See, part of my foreign policy is this: I believe that there is an Almighty and I believe that the Almighty's gift to everybody on the face of the Earth, regardless of where they live, regardless of their religion, is freedom. And I believe deep in everybody's soul is the deep desire to live in freedom. And I believe that this country, if it were to retreat, would miss an pportunity to help others realize their dream. And I also know that history has proven that free societies yield the peace that we all want."

That's goddamn right, brother. Why don't we just cut the bullshit and have the pope crown this great man emperor of the Holy American Empire? Jesus has already come back, folks, and it's in the body of a great Texan!

I'll take the president one step further. I think Jesus's love feels a lot like a daisy cutter missile slicing through your children and wife!

Freedom feels a lot like the tumors you get from depleted uranium. I believe that, deep in my soul. The Almighty told me that, and I got a huge boner and I wanted to kill something.

I also firmly believe that Christian soldiers want to die in service of our lord/president. That's why they don't want or need body armor, so all you atheist armor lovers can just shut the hell up.

Freedom is killing, and killing is God. And, George W. Bush is our Saint of Killers.

Abortionists, lissen up!

Lissen up. I don't know why it took lil' ol' me's brain to figger this out, when all the liberal folks can't seem to. I know how to solve this abortion problem issue. OK? Alls we need is chastity belts. Now, if every woman wears a chastity belt, no one's gonna get raped and so there ain't no need for abortion. And if there ain't no rapes or no abortions, the liberals can shut there yap about all this baby killing and they can stop killing babies and maybe put there attention on lissening up to the President, like there supposed to anyway.

There also wont be any underage hanky-panky, not on my watch. No sir. You see, every womans got to wear one of these for society to act right for a damn change. AND only a woman's man would have a key, so that there wouldn't be any adulteration or fornicatin? outside the marriage.

Why do I gotta think of everything? Sweet Lord, how I wish the government would just lissen up to me for once.

Lookit this Garbage!

Some damn commie librul got a holt of my email and lookit the trash what they done sent me! How dare that boy say whites ain't supremior? I mean, my pastor done showed me in the good book where it says we are. I think ole uppity Charlie is gettin too big for his britches and needs to be took out behind the woodpile. Don't you?

But . . . he says it like it's a bad thing!

What's Rumsfeld on about?

"I mean, we've got Chavez in Venezuela with a lot of oil money," Rumsfeld added. "He's a person who was elected legally ? just as Adolf Hitler was elected legally ? and then consolidated power and now is, of course, working closely with Fidel Castro and Mr. Morales and others."

I mean, if you were loopy enough to believe that Bush and his people stole the 2000 and 2004 elections to control all three arms of the government, then that would make them as bad as Chavez!

Whoa. It's scary stepping into a liberal mindset. I gotta go read some Kathy Lopez over at NRO now to get myself grounded again.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Islamo-Jew Judges still making war on Christmas

From Bob Loblaw's Law Blog

Skoros v. City of New York, 04-1229 (2nd Cir, Feb. 2, 2006)

"The holidays may be over, but the litigation over holiday displays continues. Here, the plaintiff challenges New York City?s holiday display policy for its public
school. The policy allows display of a Menorah, representing the Jewish celebration of Chanukah, and a star and crescent, representing the Islamic holy
month of Ramadan. However, the policy does not allow the display of a creche or nativity scene for the Christian holiday of Christmas.

A divided Second Circuit affirms the district court?s judgment in favor of the defendants. In an 81-page opinion, the majority holds that New York?s choice of displays is constitutional because it furthers the secular goal of promoting respect for diverse cultural traditions. The Court notes that this decision does not address
whether it would be improper to include a creche or nativity scene, only that it
is not unconstitutional to exclude such displays."

This kinda anti-Christian propperganda from these activist judges makes me want to nail people to large T-shaped planks of wood! And, what the hell is a creche? No preacher I know ever showed me one of those!

Happy Birthday Ayn Rand!

We love you! Many of your words of wisdom continue to inspire us (though not all of them; your rejection of God is why you're probably burning in the fiery pits of hell right now. And you were completely wrongheaded when you said, "The end does not justify the means.") Here's just a smidgen of what we think you got right:

"Achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life".

"[T]here is a psychological immorality at the root of homosexuality" because "it involves psychological flaws, corruptions, errors, or unfortunate premises".

"For a woman qua woman, the essence of femininity is hero-worship -- the desire to look up to man."

"The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me."

"Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong. "

"Run for your life from any man who tells you that money is evil."

Liberal PC police strike again

Charges against Sheehan dropped:

"Capitol Police dropped a charge of unlawful conduct against antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan on Wednesday and apologized for ejecting her and a congressman'’s wife from President Bush'’s State of the Union address for wearing T-shirts with war messages."

Hey, they were in the capitol in the presence of the greatest president in world history. They should have been beaten if not shot for not wearing conservative Amish pantsuits, and showing our great leader the respect he deserves.

For his part, Bill Young said he was not necessarily satisfied.

"“My wife was humiliated,"” he told reporters. He suggested that "“sensitivity training" may be in order for Capitol Police.

Well, here we go. Another Florida Republican LIBERAL calling out the PC brigade. Sensitivity training? What, are we going to make these heroic police officers -- who risked their lives taking on two unarmed middle aged women -- sit down and sing Kumbaya and try to grow vaginas and boobs?

And, so what if your wife was humiliated? You're probably gay anyway, you gay liberal Republican gaywad. A real man enjoys it when his wife is humiliated. Keeps them in line. What's the matter? Do you wish it was you that the big sweaty policeMEN grabbed and fondled?

That's Young on the LEFT!

"“They said I was protesting,"” Mrs. Young told the St. Petersburg Times. "“I said, '‘Read my shirt, it is not a protest.'’ They said, '‘We consider that a protest.'’ I said, '‘Then you are an idiot.'"’

If my wife ever talked to a heroic man in uniform like that, she'd get the back of my hand. You better break that filly, Congressman Young! Otherwise, it's just gonna look like she's your beard, which she probably is, you gay gay gay gay man. Gay.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: People who wear t-shirts deserve whatever the hell they get. Jesus Christ never wore a t-shirt, and it was godawful hot wandering around trying to escape from Jewville.

I'm writing to the RNC today to get them to support a comprehensive ban on t-shirts, especially those made by the lefty commie Unions!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hillary Clinton is a communist whore

No link. Just felt like saying it.

That's It!

Since the mainstream media can no longer be trusted with its editorial cartoons, we at LGF propose pulling the plug on Tom Toles and all others of his ilk.

It's time to crack the whip on all of you. We are writing your editors to demand that they replace your work with reruns of Nancy.


Quit whining. You did it to yourselves.

Uppity Iranians think they deserve "The Bomb"

I think it's terrible how that Iranian leader, keeps calling America "bullies." If we were bullies, wouldn't George W. Bush be holding him down, punching him and giving him noogies? I think that's what makes a bully, plus sometimes the swirlies.

But there's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, for all to see and here, calling good American folks everywhere a "hollow superpower" and bullies. Now, I don't see any swirlies on his head, or Indian sunburns on his arms. I'd say he's using "hollow" threats. Maybe we ought to go bomb their bombs before they use one on us! That sure would teach "Mr. Uppity."

People Who Deserve A Fertilizer Bomb Up Their Ass

Link above to Michelle's - what's wrong with Tom Toles?

SOTU: Better Zan Sex

Let me tell you somezing: Zat State of der Union address vas enough to leave me sexually satisfied for anozer year. Herr President gives good speech, if you know vat I mean.

The only part I didn't like vas vhen those despicable, scheisskopf Democrats stood up and cheered at Herr President's failure to reform Social Security. Every one of zheir traitorous, liberal asses should be exiled to France, a country so vile even zheir treasonous shenanigans will go unnoticed.

The only likeable thing about Tim Kaine was his eyebrows. Zhey reminded me of meine Mutti.

Why Do The Capitol Police Hate America?

Click the link ... what assholes. Mrs. Rep. Bill Young of Florida's tee shirt said "Support the Troops Defending Our Freedom." So what if she wasn't arrested and that stupid bitch Sheehan was ... wait until Bush finds out.

Now We Gotta' Buy French Crap

The French reprinted the Muhammad cartoons. Yeah, they dissed us on Operation Enduring Freedom, but maybe this makes up for it.


American patriot Yehoshua spoke this truth about the recently deceased Coretta Scott King:

"Like the Pope, another icon, poor Mrs. King never said a word against Arab terror. The legacy of both is tarnished by this ommission."

Goddamn right. She never said nothin' bad about Hugo Chavez, either. Brasso ain't gonna remove that tarnish. It's probably why Jesus took her out.