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  • Neal Boortz is the funniest man on the radio!
    > Goll damn if'n she DON'T look like a shitzu!

    Any librul who punches a cop should go to jail just like that Za Za Gabore lady did!
    > Jail? Gitmo!
    > Heh. I liked the tina turner description best
    > I'm tellin' ya, they should just up and take away her birthday. The nerve of her!
    > I t'ink she looks more like mein Buckveat lawn ornament, jah.
    > http://www.watiti.com

    Join me and my circle of friends at http://www.watiti.com,
    an online social networking community that connects
    people from all over the world.

    Meet new people, share photos, create or attend
    events, post free classifieds, send free e-cards,
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    See you around! Bring all your friends too!

    > Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

    I have a **freedom for who: what are we in iraq for?** site/blog. It pretty much covers various topics & issues with of course opinions

    Come and check it out if you get time
  • RoP Takes To The Courts
    > Jah, dey vill haff to proof der exshitences of der Muhammad in der Luteran courts of Denmark, an old ally of der Fuhr-- I mean, der Preshident!
    > Them people just don't give up, do they? Damn stubbern thangs, they is.
  • Michelle Is Worried About Brown People
    > The nerve of them Brownies, we stole that land fare and square! Next thing you know those eskymos will want all that territory we bought from the Russkies back, and with all our oil under it!
    > I like thet new word she done made up, "pro-illegal." I'm gone use it to make my blogster sound more classy yawl.

    Oh and them brownies all need to be tossed in jail, or maybe hired to clean my trailer.
    > Whut in heyl's half-acre do these lawbreaker-backers(...hmm..hey,just a durn minute.These is Brokebackers,right?)I thought so.Well,whatever.When they goin'stop?
    We goin' have our own little Palestinians right here.Laws on our side but emo--shun's all on theirs.It just feeeels raht to bend over for LaRaza donnit?
    > Mein tried to click on der link to Frau Malkin's eggsellent blog, but mein firevall preeeeeeeeeeevants me from viewing dere. Vot does zhe zay? Does zhe advocate wholesale genocide? A final sulooshun, iff you vill? Or does zhe take ze covard's vay out mit her "internment comps"?
    > Michelle is one of the good brownies. If only others would learn from her, they could become honorary white people.
    > Ven deed ve give dat mudblood Malkin "vite peepuls" shtatus? She's merely our lackey, nudding more...
    > Shhhhhhhhhhhh Karl

    Nobody is supposed to know that shes not white!
  • WMDs Were There All Along!
    > Betty Cho,

    Saddam vuz most shcertainly not channeling Nostradamus! He had dose veapons, you bet you shveet titties on dat! jah!
    > Spider hole! I just love saying that ...
    > You sure have a ton of web pages...

    > Hey I would bet my shveet titties there Carl. When your right, any bet is a sure thang.
  • We love you, Ben. Do not go gently!
    > Ben went down like a Liberal in Amsterdam, what is happening to our dear Constervative youth?
    > It seems to me that I have read something like that written by Spiro Agnew.
    > Is there anything worse than a judeocommunist...besides, possibly, airline food?

    I mean, what's the deal with airline food?
    > I can easily look past his being a plagiarizer, but not his desire to be a martyr.
    > He's a plagiarizer; so what? It's not like he is a thief or liar or misled his friends. He's a true principled man in the true right-wing mold. God bless his little heart for his courage and hard work.
    > http://www.wpherald.com/storyview.php?StoryID=20060313-092637-9290r
    > Oh that's so sad. That poor Ben. Why all them judeofascists got to hate America so damm much? It really makes Betty Jo Angry.
    > Poor Ben...I t'ink DerSpeigel might haff ein position open for him, jah.
    > Mebbe iff he had copied "Mein Kampf" like he should haff, he vould not be in dis posishun!
    > Ben! The words fail me. Double Plus, can I copy from you? Oh, I know, girlfriend, I never need to ask.

    BTW kids, that reminds me, "S-P-I-R-O A-G-N-E-W" makes the best hangman clue ever! Don't say you got it from me!
  • Peace queers have concert
    > Herr McVite, doest dis mean you tink Frau Sheenie-han hast und robotic nederland?
    > Lookit them peacenick tree humpin mofos thinkin they all that. Man that chaps my hide. I bet they all smell like patchooli too.

    You'd a had to pay me a lot of money to sit in a crowd with them mofos.

    Lord God Jesus help us!
    > Oh, Cindy is a lesbo all right, and I have the proof.
    > I hear Susan and Cindy are dating.

    I'd be happy for the couple, if they were hotter and did the nasty on a video available for $29.99 or less.
    > We NOW have evidence that Cin-Sue is an item. So,just ignore the trolling freeps here.But,seriously,kudos and thanx for the p.w.
    > jeez...
    more lameness from the anti-W group...

    On a side note, I'm glad I found this site.

    At least here I can find like-minded REAL Americans...

    Back in the day, the Free Republic/Redstate sites were good...but now they are being inflitrated by weaklings. They are turning into loser liberals...

    Stupid pussies....
    > ...said the stupid pussy,loser liberal.
    > Endora Stevens said...

    ...said the stupid pussy,loser liberal.

    hey enWhora..

    Go back to Kos where you belong...and get back to secretly jerking off to pictures of Hillary Clinton's penis.

    You fake Conservatives are stinking this fine place up...
    > I had Susan Sarandon's number when she made love to that she-male in Rocky Horror Picture Show. Not that I ever saw that piece of trash. I read about it at Christian Spotlight on Entertainment. That way, I don't have to taint my beautiful mind.
    > Look! FREE BEER
    > Double plus,

    Jah, und dat vewmun, vat vuz her name, Tammy Curry?

    She looked great in dose hosen, but she needed to shave. She must haff bin East Cherman.
    > http://www.watiti.com

    Join me and my circle of friends at http://www.watiti.com,
    an online social networking community that connects
    people from all over the world.

    Meet new people, share photos, create or attend
    events, post free classifieds, send free e-cards,
    listen music, read blogs, upload videos, be part of a
    club, chat rooms, forum and much more!

    See you around! Bring all your friends too!

  • Preachers We Like
    > Damn. What did yawl take off the weekend to git all hungover for St. Patricks Day or somethin. So did I but I'm still hanging out up in here waiting for someone else to post. Damn.
    > Surely,by 'RoP',you don't mean Religion of Peace?!
    Phwew!Now,Religion of Persecution would apply,so that has surely got to be what you are referring to.
    > "In satire,we often find the purest truth"
    Well,hyahhh!Ah'll be damned if as soon as Ah'm giitin' crittercized for never bendin' my mind from one rigid plan,that Ah bend a little and give 'em a rough outline for pullin' out da boys even though Ah know it ain't proper war strategy but they crittercize me for bendin' my mind from one rigid plan. They just don' make no since.
    > Mein is vundering about der Davboz. Allis talk 'bout "pullink out", "bendink over", and boys....
    > Have you ever noticed how much Franklin looks like his father? And how much Richard Roberts looks like Oral Roberts? And how much Robert A. Schuller looks like his father?

    There is something JOYOUSLY POWERFUL about the semen of GODLY men such as these, that when they are having procreative sex within the bonds of their marriage, their righteous DNA simply overwhelms that of their wives such that their children are almost like clones, except that cloning is evil, like stem cell research.

    It makes sense - woman is simply a vessel for carrying the offspring of the man anyway.

    PRAISE BE TO JESUS always and forever. (Do I have to ask Jesus' forgiveness for sometimes fantasizing that I could be the vessel for Robert A. Schuller's children/Robert Schuller's grandchildren? YES I DO!)
    > That Rev. Fred Phelps preaches a powerful, godly sermon.
    > Mr.Phelps,your powerful,godly semen will self destruct in 60 seconds.
  • How DARE she?
    > She'll burn in hell with the Dixie Chicks...
    > Sorry B J,
    yet you know where your place is!!!
    BUTT your post is a perfect example of why women should never leave the home/compound/bible trailer!!
    This is also why right-winger tough guys only trust men for important things like honor, tradition, hairitage and warrioring!
    Can you imagine what this women would be like if she were a foxhole?
    Remember this troops...
    There are no Atheists in her foxhole!!
    Just ask Nic...!
    Rememebr what we all fought for!!!
    Remember the Alamo-ney!

    God Bless the L G Fers!!

    Men Fighting Against The Women
    > Philbert, you done fell outa yore camper onta yore head agin, ain't you? But thanks for blessin us to the Lord and all. I sure like readin 'bout them young Republican hunter types. I never kilt me a wild hog. I'd surely like to kill me a wild hog!
    > Betty Cho,

    She probably turned der Fuhr--errrr, Preshident down in order to save face for him...she could not halp herself and offered to give him eine jobben der blow...
    > I hope he aint' fallin for the blow job cause that will get the President impeached. You know how Americans frown upon sex!
    > Did any of you see that Porn-Fest called "The Dukes of Hazzard"? No, not the TV show, which was a wholesome celebration of southern culture. I mean that smut-fest of a movie. As far as I'm concerned, that little Jessica Slutson should stay as far away from President Bush as possible.
  • Who Knew?
    > Even der few Juden servicemenchen dat ve allow to hold positions of autority in order to keep der Israelis qviet?
    > Holocaust....blah blah blah holocaust....
    blah blah blah blah blah blah holocaust.
    blah blah blah blah blah blah holocaust.
    Yadda yadda yadda Holocaust blah blah blah.
    > Hey, wait a minute, aren't we all unelected Jew haters?
    > Herr McWhite,

    Only unofficially...
    > I don't know what yawl are talkin about. But I sure am mad anyways.
    > So what's wrong with that?

    Everyone knows the Jews killed Christ...hating the Jew comes naturally to True Christians(tm).
    For once, the EU is leading the way instead of depending on the US to save their lousy asses like we did in WW1 and WWII.

    I like the idea of un-elected officials too. Sounds like something we need to do more of over here in the US. Fuhrer King Bush should appoint some un-elected officials over here, some real men like on Hannidate, so we can remove what little power those pussy liberals have with their "elections" (the ones we will steal anyway).
    > This is a way for you to profess your secret degenerate desires and leanings without owning them.I can smell you frrrom vun kilometerrr avay.
    > Holocaust...blah,blah,..denial,..blah,blah,blah,..denial,...denial,..blah,blah,blah,.......denial,..blah,..denial.
    > Wow,Jewhaters in the guise of mocking jewhaters
  • Just Amazing ...
    > Herr Reichminister,

    Dat ist UP und evidance dat Herr Fuhr--President ist on der rebound und vill annex der Sudetenland shortly...
    > Censure? For what? Everyone who counts knows he is doing the right thing.
    > Those Cowards.
    > Well, I jus read thet theirs a new pole showin Our President at 33%. So thet means lots of folks out their is real stupid. I just dont unnerstand why peoples got to go against the Lord's wishes, yawl. What, that means 73% of peoples gone go to hell and they dont even care a whit? That just crazy yawl. Don't yawl think thets crazy?
    > And I still dont unnerstand what words they gone censor the President from sayin.
    > Betty Cho,

    Ve are yust thenkfal zat one zird of dis country ist on our side. Eet vuz more den Heetlar had ven he annexed der Sudetenland!
    > Yeh. I guess I kin take some comfirt in that Carl.
    > "In satire,we often find the purest truth"
    Well,hyahhh!Ah'll be damned if as soon as Ah'm giitin' crittercized for never bendin' my mind from one rigid plan,that Ah bend a little and give 'em a rough outline for pullin' out da boys even though Ah know it ain't proper war strategy but they crittercize me for bendin' my mind from one rigid plan. They just don' make no since.
    > The current poll swing lays bare millions and millions stupid people,and millions who are so intellectually dishonest that they will change their minds and own NONE of what they stood for prior,and a couple REAL stupid ones who pretend to be who they hate so they can express their subconcious desires,neuroses,and assrtd.mental disorders,without owning them in the least bit!
  • It takes a hero to cut and run
    > Jah, Herr McWhite! Mein copay of zer strategery hast all t'ousand pages, und et clearly shtates "mitdrawal by November 2006"!

    Vot ist wrong mit dese peoples!?!?!?!
    > This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    > Alls I know is thet President Bush makes his dicisions based up on what the Lord God hisself done told him. Sometimes, the Lord changes his goddammn mind! It's his peroggative! So, it aint' President Bush whose cuttin and runnin. It's the Lord. But if'n the Lord wants ta do it, then it's the right thing to do. See?
    > Richie, it's time you came in for a little chat.
    > Dat ist correct, Betty Cho. You are a vise voman.
    > "In satire,we often find the purest truth"
    Well,hyahhh!Ah'll be damned if as soon as Ah'm giitin' crittercized for never bendin' my mind from one rigid plan,that Ah bend a little and give 'em a rough outline for pullin' out da boys even though Ah know it ain't proper war strategy but they crittercize me for bendin' my mind from one rigid plan. They just don' make no since.
  • Traitor Hon. Leonie Brinkema May Not Let Us Kill Moussaoui
    > I thought we got rid of all the legislating-from-the-bench jurists in the Great Rendition of 2005!

    Someone over at Justice is asleep at the wire-tapping switch on this one. This is what happens when you put a Mexican in charge.
    > Brinkema?

    Jah. Dat zounds like some shtoopid Nederlander. Ve zhould haff viped zem all out ven ve had der chance!
    > Why is this judge is trying to reinstate rights that were sacrificed in the war on terror?
    > Can someone explain to me exactly what in the holy hell is wrong with "witness coaching?" I mean, every goddamned college basketball team has a coach, and you don't hear no liberal judges complaining about that!
    > "vitness coashing"...dis ist to ensure a fair trial, dat der vitness did not forget vut he vas told to shay! Vy ist dis wrong???
    > I guess we gone hafta form a posse to go lynch this a-hole ourselves. Judges ain't nuthin, no one lissens to 'em any more. Even on Fox News they say it's OK to kill judges.

    So anyhow, lets go get Moussaoui and bust him up good and hang his ass! Betty Jo's gettin angry!
  • Benedict Feingold
    > That you even write about this traitor gives aid and comfort to the enemy, why I was so dejected reading of Dear Leaders alleged missteps, I almost thought to through my lot in with such a traitor as this Shylock Feingold. Good thing the sensible words of our Dear Leader to be, Dr Frist, brought me back to my senses. You should be ashamed for even speaking of such matters!
    > Vat hast der Fuhr--Preshident zaid dat reqvires CENSORING???

    Gott in Himmel! Vot are dese liberals comink to?
    > Jah, Mein agreeink mit Fred dat der Feingold...dat says it all right zere!...ist eine traitor, jah.
    > The thought of Respected Comrade Frist being crushed by a giant foot, even in fantasy, fills me with sadness. I have to leave to light a candle in front of the altar, the little one a bit to the right of the big Bush altar, but still nice. I will reflect on stock disclosure.
    > Why they wanna censor President Bush? He don't really cuss all that much. Why cain't they just bleep out his cuss words and blur the TV when he give the finger? I knows they gotta be censoring Vice President Cheney alla time 'cause he use the f word like it's goin outa style.
    > Hi!--I'm stupid!
    ....or am I with stupid?...I forget
  • Better fascist than gay - Mussolini's granddaughter
    > Herr Ducé's granddaughter eest eine fox, jah? Mein bettink eest dat she could turn a fag shtraight in a blow zhob or two!
    > I'm sure you're right, Carl. Alessandra is proud of her looks as well as being proud of being a fascista, too. She got them from Il Duce I'm sure, because her mother was a dog.

    There are many photos of her online, but this is my favorite.

    > oops, in my excitement, my link failed. lento, clara!

    here she is
    > Awww, ain't she purty? Of course she don't wanna be no faggot. She's a girl! Well, yawl gotta admit. You would rather vote for that purty blonde lady than thet gay in drag dancin on a car or whatever.
    > Betty Cho,

    YOu zound attrected to her...undershtandable, you are bose very sexee vimmin...
    > Jah, Clara, I tink I am in luff mit her right hand....
    > Who's the dyke?
    > Hey, nothing like her stating the obvious. Take a clue, girl.
    > Now that's HOT!!!
  • Social priorities
    > Mal,

    Ve don't mind der untermenschen keeling deir baybeez! Vat ve vant es der pure Aryan baybeez, and ve all know dat der girl in qvestion vuz raped by ze basketball team, a bunch of...you knows...
    > $5 says Ol' Billy was breathing kinda heavy and uneven like when making that discription.
    > Brown people should be encouraged to abort, of course - think what would happen to the crime rate, but, wait ... my head hurts.
    > Hi,

    I am able to read and find the info I require thank to your blog. It is very well written and also very useful.

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    > Liberals hate America and never use facts or logic and kill babies and persecute Jesus and make fun of Bush and support media bias.
    > Fred seems to have the right take on everything. Can we recruit him? Can we, can we?
    > Herr Fred zeems to have ze right shtuff, but can he wear jackboots?
    > Herr Fred zeems to have ze right shtuff, but can he wear jackboots?
    > We done heard ya the first time, Carls. Geez, who knew germans could be so repeatin?

    Thet Bill Napoli sure do have a wild imagination, talkin bout rapin a virgin then sodomizin her. That just aint nice!
    > Betty Cho,

    I am zo impotent zat my vurds MUST be heard tvice! Jah!
    > I guess so Carl. Fer a minnit there, I thought you was just stutterin. Thanks for clearin that up for Betty Jo.
  • NJ High School Students Try Bush For War Crimes
    > Vat town ees dees een? Nuremberg?

    Zees untermenschen must be shtopped! Can ve not zend in der polizei to bang some...I mean, arrrrrrest dem????
    > Thet there's blasfemy, plane and simple. How dare them young 'uns. They's probably all them patchooli-wearin bedhead hairy pit tree-humpin librul kids, like the ones down at Trader Joes what i had to toss hot coffee at for tryin to sign me up with the ACLU.

    I simply cain't stand young hairy librul mofos. I cain't!
    > Hello,

    I found your blog fascinating.. I would be grateful if you could please send me some more info as soon as possible..

    fast online money make
    > While I was temporarily distracted, as any true American would be, by that last money-making ad, I must stay on message...

    As a product of NJ's public schools, I can say without reservation, that they hate America. I mean, this is an institution that produced Bruce Springsteen, who, despite producing "Born in the USA," wishes he was born in Baghdad.
    > Are they sending the kids to Guantanamo or Abu Gharib?
    > Betty Cho,

    Vy vere you shoppink at der Trader Juden's?????
    > Fraulein PoP,

    Zey are shending dem to Nuvark!
    > A day that will live in infamy, ungrateful blue state
    > Terrorist symphathizers, one and all. I'll bet that there wasn't even a flag in the classroom.
    > I gots to shop at the Trader's Joe! I'm done trapped in Los Angeles dammit. Its always full of limperal mofos but if'n I don't go their, I gotta go to some ko-rean market or buy stuff from brown people stores, or Armanians.

    Whats a white girl to do. I ast ya!
    > What, no Wal-Mart Betty-Jo?
    > Betty Cho,

    Eff you are forced by shcircumshtance to shop dat shtore, den mein apologies. Pliz to make sure dat you only buy good clean Aryan produce, however.
    > Naww, Fred. Ther was gone be a new Wal-Mart down in Compton, but the coloreds din't want it, and had a big ol' protest, so now I ain't got no Wal-Mart to go to.

    I guess brown folks prefer a empty parkin lot to a Wal-Mart. There ain't no figgering out them people. They said no to low prices and was rude about it too!
  • Atlas Shrugs Interviews John Bolton
    > Jah, dat Pamela...she's a shmart interviewer for a Juden cheeck!
    > She's super woman? now I'm all confused. I thought Linda Carter was wonder woman? Awwww... I better go have me a slug of Southern Comfert.
    > Betty Cho,

    Ms. Pamela, she has eine nice rack for der non-Aryan voomun...
    > Betty Cho,

    Ms. Pamela, she has eine nice rack for der non-Aryan voomun...
    > I done herd you the first time Carl. I's an aryan woman so's maybe you need to train yer german eyes this away insted of ooglin at jewish ladies, huh?
    > Pretty Pamela is a very good friend of mine. She and I danced together at the last LGF meetup in San Francisco. We gave the male minions quite a show.

    Salivate over that subhumans.

    Heather Belitsky

    BTW...Pamela's breasts...they're fabulous and they're real!
    > I vuz addressing each of your breasts induviduallee...
    > Hey! Is that woman Heather a Lezzie? I kin send her the infomation on the Good Shephard de-gaying camp for Good Christian wommen. I went and it cured me of the gay. Jus contact me Heather if'n you want the infomation, K, sweetcheeks?

    And I did drool a little bit. Should I report that to my paster? Shit.
    > Tell you vut, Betty Cho, you come shit here on mein lap and you show me how you drooled, and I'll let you know eef you should report zis to der pastor...
    > Carl, you's gettin just a little bit outa hand up in here! I ain't gone drool on no ones lap. That's for sure. Dammit.
    > Zo you shvallow, Betty Cho, like eine gudfraulein?
  • Cindi Assécher: Making Progress
    > Condoms must be marketed for tinted people only. Although it might be cheaper to just sterilize them at birth. They could be given a special injection and told it was a preventative vaccine for bird flu. We would have to get rid of all darkie doctors first, because one of them would blab about the program. Maybe the 'hoods could just be sprayed from low-flying planes. Maybe special tvs that irradiate them. Something has to be done, dammit!
    > It's too bad that the evil libruls din't let Mr. Frist help that poor Terry Chivo. That there still burns me up.

    Condoms just kill babies like you say, Mal. This here is a very brave post, cause if'n the feminist ladies see it you are in big trouble.
    > Vere do ve donate to bring zis poor girl out of her shtup-her?
  • Bush Innocent on Katrina
    > it vuz obvious from der tape dat Herr Fuh--President could not have been avare dat der levees (a Chewish names, jah?) could be breached. Dey talked about "topping", like honey on der strrrrrrrrrrrrrudel, vich as ve all know, is perfectly harmless. Derefore, Der Fuh--President, had dessert on his mind! It is all der media's fault! and liberals! And Chews for breaching in der first place!
    > Obviously, if anyone from CBS or any affiliate was involved, the whole thing was faked, probably by jihadis.
    > I must admit, I'm troubled about Katrina. Hurricanes are an act of God, right? And George Bush is Lord, right?

    I would feel much better if Our President would let us know precisely which sins New Orleans committed to justify Katrina.
    > Yo,

    The real Little Green Footballs just issued a fatwa against my friend The Disgruntled Chemist, a progressive blogger. Check it out. They've invaded his blog and rallied up the entire uber-conservative cavalry!
    > oh of course! This means that it was liberals who were doing a bad job on Katrina and it should be the liberals who should take the blame. How about impeaching the Democrats in Congress? Why bother? Bush should bring the army in and kick them all out for failing the American people!
    > Of course he's innocient. Jesus Lord. I know our President cain't do no wrong 'cause GOD SAID SO. Also my preacher told me today in services.

    Why cain't them AP folks mind they own bisniss?
    > Double mal,

    New Orleans ees a den of iniqvity und et desherved to be eradticated....cleansed ethnically, from der clean lillay vite Sout'
    > Betty Jo,

    Dis preacher you shpeak of....vuz you alone mit heem? Did he ask you to touch him as he shpoke mit you? Did he take pictures?
    > Naw... Carl, he jus tol me maybe I need to go back to the degaying camp this summer 'cause I ast was it OK that I see gospel porn with women in it.
    > I vould like to zee zis porn of mich you shpeak...
    > Well, some guy on my blog done tol me about it, and he's a Revernd, so he oughta know. But I ain't acshully SEEN the porn yet. We's still workin out details.
  • The New Condi Workout Plan
    > She's still a darkie.
    > Jah, I agree mit Silkvood. And she does not have children or a husband, zo she might be, you know, one of dem...
    > Screw the coffee...I want to know the name of her dentist! A woman that fine could suck a golf ball through a fire hose...that's wedged between that come-hither gap in her front teeth!
    > Go, Condi! And don't be hurt when folks point out your jutting Adam's apple -- it gives you character, girlfriend!
    > She ain't married, eh? Hmmm.. I say she need a trip to the Good Shepard degay camp. I went and it worked fer me. Maybe then she woodint haveta work out her frustations on a bike thet goes nowheres.
    > Betty Jo,

    I t'ink she likes der seat...
    > Yeh, thet does look kinda comfy.
  • No Civil War in Iraq
    > Ach, eff Der Stuermer-- errrrm, I mean, FoxNews says dis, eet must be true! Jah!
    > I get so confused. I thought the civil war was a good thing, with an 'upside.'

    Thank goodness that LGF is here to keep things straight. Otherwise the jihadis and liberals would have already won!
    > Man, those libruls are causing so much trouble. President Bush should just have all the libruls shot. Or maybe draft them and make them fight over there. Then they'd preshiate there freedoms, huh?
    > You know, I'm beginning to think the liberals made up the whole war in Iraq, period. Hell, I think they made the country up just to kill troops and make the president look bad. Damned liberals.
    > "Civil war" is just a damned Yankee term anyway.
  • Liberals so dumb, president must wear name tag
    > Ach, vy is der Fuhr-- I mean, Prrrrrresident vearing no party identification? Does dis mean he ist aschamed of his allegiances?

    Vere is der Eisenkreuz????
    > I hope he didn't forget his lunch money.

    > Wass is dassen mitten ze brrrrrrrrrrrown people surrounding mein Fuh--President?
    > Richie, it isn't just for the dumb liberals but the dumb soldiers that want to surrender to the terrorists and withdraw from Iraq.
    > Damm that's dumb aright!!

    Ha ha!

    What morans!
    > lol nice post. Don't forget it was for Bush's reference too.
    > Skipper said...
    lol nice post. Don't forget it was for Bush's reference too.

    NEIN! Eet vuz not wreeten upside downed!
    > He is starting to wear the nice SS black. That's a good touch.

Buy Ribbon Magnets! Whatever you do, don't sign up for the military yourself! That demoralizes the troops! Let them know you really care by covering your massive SUV in ribbon magnets! Plus, be sure to buy the ones that come from Communist China. Don't let the Leftist Unions win!

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Friday, March 31, 2006

Neal Boortz is the funniest man on the radio!

Did you hear him today saying that hajji-lover Cynthia McKinney "looks like a ghetto slut" with her new hair-do? He is hilarious! He also said that McKinney's new style makes her look like "an explosion at a Brillo pad factory," like "Tina Turner peeing on an electric fence," and like "a shih tzu." I was laughing so hard I nearly spilled my grappa. I hope y'all got to hear it! By the way, I hope they throw the book at her for punching that lawman.

RoP Takes To The Courts

Danish Muslim organizations are suing the newspaper that first published the Evil Muhammad Cartoons. Wonder if this means they'll have to prove Muhammad existed?

Monday, March 27, 2006

Michelle Is Worried About Brown People

Click here - Michelle takes on those ChicanoFascists ...

WMDs Were There All Along!

Hey yawl. You can just spit in the face of mofo liburuls now. It's proved that Saddam had WMDs. Read that there article. You know that nothing got lost in any translations, and that now we have proof we were right to bomb the bejeezus out of them loser people.

Can you believe Saddam had the nerve to say this here:

"Terrorism is coming ... with the Americans," Saddam said. "With the Americans, two years ago, not a long while ago, with the English I believe, there was a campaign ... with one of them, that in the future there would be terrorism with weapons of mass destruction."

If that don't beat all. I'm glad our brave troops finally found his sorry ass in a little hole in the ground and that he's in jail. But they shoulda blowed up his ass when they had the chance.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

We love you, Ben. Do not go gently!

Ben, sweet Ben, I had a hard time finishing your post at RedState, owing to the tears in my eyes. It saddens me so to see a true patriot sullied and ultimately brought down by the hyenas of the liberoislamofasciosemitic left. Fight back, Ben! We at Little Green Fascists are behind you 100%!

Ben, your words speak volumes:

"I once caught an editor at the paper inserting a line from The New Yorker (which I read) into my copy and protested. When that editor was promoted, I resigned. Before that, insertions had been routinely made in my copy, which I did not question. I did not even at that time read the publications from which I am now alleged to have lifted material. When these insertions were made, I assumed, like most disgruntled writers would, that they were unnecessary but legitimate editorial additions."

Those editors saw in you the seeds of greatness, Ben, and they knew they would have to work fast to bring you down. If ever anyone doubted the truth of a vast judaeocommunist media conspiracy, the slandering you have endured this week should open their eyes. Yes, Ben, I think it was a plot, a plot to bring you down in your finest hour. As for your closing quote,

"To my friends: thank you for your support. To my enemies: I take enormous solace in the fact that you spent this week bashing me, instead of America."

But you ARE America, sweet Ben, and the terrorist-sympathizing blahgosphere has, by trying to trash your image, only managed to play into the hands of the jihadojudaeofascists. Fight on, Ben. Keep speaking the truth. No one cares if you have to use other people's words to do it.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Peace queers have concert

Who wants to hear Susan Sarandon sing anyway? And, you know what? I bet that Cindy She-Man didn't really have a son who died. She looks awfully lesbionic to me.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Preachers We Like

Billy Graham's 'Mini Me' still thinks the RoP is a "very evil and wicked religion" ... we just love this guy!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

How DARE she?

This little missy sure got some splainin to do. Who does she think she is, snubbing Our President Bush? Yes. I ain't lyin here. President Bush invited this here little lady to a social function and she flat-out turned him down! I am reeling from the shock yawl.

She just a sexy blonde bimbo after all. Who she think she is, tellin the President she's too good to be at a social function with him? I tell ya, God's gonna be really pissed off at this hear blondy. I just wonder what she thinks she's gone say to God next time she's in church. Is she gone say she's sorry? Or is she gone just keep on actin like she's God hersself.

Well, this news was very upsetting to me so I thought I'd share it with yawl. Who knew Jessica Simpson was a stinkin mofo patchooli-wearin, tree-humpin librul? Damn.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Who Knew?

Sure enough ... all unelected EU bureaucrats are Jew haters. Figures.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Just Amazing ...

President's approval rating is 36% and they still won't attack ... won't even try to censure. No wonder they lose every time. Well, that and Diebold ...

It takes a hero to cut and run

President Bush vowed for the first time yesterday to turn over most of Iraq to newly trained Iraqi troops by the end of this year, setting a specific benchmark as he kicked off a fresh drive to reassure Americans alarmed by the recent burst of sectarian violence.

Bush, who until now has resisted concrete timelines as the Iraq war dragged on longer than he expected, outlined the target in the first of a series of speeches intended to lay out his strategy for victory.

I'm pretty sure that all along the president has been saying that we would definitely set timetables and that we would pull out of Iraq quickly. At least, that's what I remember.

This is all part of the Strategy for Victory in Iraq that came out a few months ago. Don't believe me? Read it! I dare you. Because, it's in there. It really is! And, if it's not in your copy, well, then you're copy must not be updated. It's right there on page 512: "Out by November 2006."

What do you mean your copy only has 30 pages? Did you download it from the Fox News web site? Well, there's your problem. You probably got it from those queers over at NPR who filter all the good stuff out.

Check it again. It's there.

Jean Schmidt? Who the hell is Jean Schmidt? Never heard of him.

Murtha? Who now? Sorry. I have a very important phone call to make.

Not cutting and running!


Monday, March 13, 2006

Traitor Hon. Leonie Brinkema May Not Let Us Kill Moussaoui

Just terrific - because of some minor legal screwup and an activist judge, we might not get to kill the 20th hijacker.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Benedict Feingold

Wisconsin Senator, Presidential wannabe, and big nose Russ Feingold wants to censure Our President, thus providing aid and comfort to our enemies across the globe:

In an exclusive interview on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos," Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold called on the Senate to publicly admonish President Bush for approving domestic wiretaps on American citizens without first seeking a legally required court order.

"This conduct is right in the strike zone of the concept of high crimes and misdemeanors," said Feingold, D-Wis., a three-term senator and potential presidential contender.

I have to admit, the man has balls of brass. He's admitting that his unconscionable plan constitutes "high crimes and misdemeanors," yet he still persists in this infantile attempt to help Al Qaeda! Senator Feingold, for shame.

Fortunately, Senator Frist is providing a lone voice of reason:

"Russ is just wrong, he is flat wrong, he is dead wrong," Frist said.

He went on to say, "Russ's floor motion hasn't a chance. It is no more! It has ceased to be! It has expired and gone to meet its maker! The censure is a stiff! Bereft of life, it rests in peace! If Russ hadn't sealed it in an envelope it would be pushing up the daisies! Its metabolic processes are now history! It's off the twig! It's kicked the bucket, it's shuffled off it's mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisibile!! THIS IS AN EX-MOTION!!"

Sadly, at that moment an enormous foot came out of the sky and crushed him.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Better fascist than gay - Mussolini's granddaughter

ROME (Reuters) - The granddaughter of Italy's wartime dictator Benito Mussolini has defended being a fascist by saying it was better than being a "faggot".

Mussolini, proud of her ancestral ties to "Il Duce", had been criticised by a drag queen-turned-politician about being a fascist on Italian TV talk show Porta a Porta.

"I'm proud of it," she snapped in comments due to be aired later on Thursday.

Vladimir Luxuria, (left) who hopes to be Europe's first "transgender" MP and is running with the Communist Refoundation party, then asked if Mussolini wanted to lock up homosexuals.

"Better to be a fascist than a faggot," Mussolini said, using the highly offensive Italian word "frocio", according to Porta a Porta's press office.

I agree with Alessandra and I know Il Duce would. Il Duce would take care of these culattoni if he were here.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Social priorities

South Dakota state senator Bill Napoli shows weakness, and admits some women have the right to an abortion:

A real-life description to me would be a rape victim, brutally raped, savaged. The girl was a virgin. She was religious. She planned on saving her virginity until she was married. She was brutalized and raped, sodomized as bad as you can possibly make it, and is impregnated. I mean, that girl could be so messed up, physically and psychologically, that carrying that child could very well threaten her life.

Senator Bill Napoli forgot to mention White and Christian. Why, that girl might be a devout Black Muslim, and here he is giving her the green light to murder her fetus!

We need to carefully control the right to an abortion. The only women who deserve an abortion are those good White Christian women who are willing to turn right around and picket that same abortion clinic -- better still, they should sue the doctor for malpractice!

-- Mal!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

NJ High School Students Try Bush For War Crimes

Your tax dollars at work - what a waste of time!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Atlas Shrugs Interviews John Bolton

Pam asks Bolton the tough questions ... learn what his favorite book is!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Cindi Assécher: Making Progress

Longtime readers know that I, like our President, champion a Culture of Life. Never have we Life Championers been more challenged than in the case of little Cindi Assécher.

Hers is a heartbreaking story of neglect and abuse -- first at the hands of her foster parents, and then by certain liberofascist officials who insisted she be deprived of her right to life. But those of us who care about children rallied to Cindi's cause. Who can fail to remember without teary eye or quickened pulse Senator Frist's rousing speech on the Senate floor, wherein he proclaimed after watching a four-minute videotape of Cindi,

I saw distinct and unequivocal evidence of breathing, and so I must dispute, nay, contradict Cindi's diagnosis of Persistent Dessicated State. I also saw Cindi give her nurses a "thumb's up" [see photo], something most PDS sufferers cannot do. In fact, she kept her thumb up through a long and extensive period of questioning regarding her condition, including the question, 'Do you want to live?'

After a considerable media furor, Senator Frist and his colleagues prevailed, and the feeding tube and intravenous line were replaced. Three weeks later, I'm delighted to report that Cindi Assécher can eat Cream of Wheat "with minimal dribble," according to Sandra Menteur, RN:

"It really is quite miraculous [said Nurse Menteur]. I've never seen anything quite like it. With assistance, Cindi can wave, bounce balloons, and can even tap out a few of Gene Krupa's famous drum solos."

Surely a heartwarming story for an otherwise cold, dreary Sunday morning.

Next up on the Culture of Life Battleground: the War on Condoms. How many trillions of potential humans must die before we eradicate these miniature holocausts in foil wrappers?

-- Mal!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Bush Innocent on Katrina

Figures ... Bush/Katrina videotape has connection to Rathergate so it must be a fake.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The New Condi Workout Plan

Condoleezza Rice is one patriotic woman. She has made the ultimate sacrifice - revealing her secrets to that smokin' hot bod of hers.

Now, if only she would tell us how she gets the coffee she makes for the prez just right.

No Civil War in Iraq

It's official - Fox News says the liberal media made up the Iraqi civil war. So true.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Liberals so dumb, president must wear name tag

I mean, come on, dummies!

Plus, look how much the troops are enjoying their presidential prostate exams! I think I just might be willing to go jump on an IED if the president would stick his digits up my bum, not that there's anything gay about that. I finished my Exodus program. I am not gay anymore. It was totally a choice.