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  • Friday afternoon fried egg and beans
    > Mein cholesterol tells me not to eat dis crap.

    But "cholesterol" ist for zissies! Secons, pliz!
    > Has anyone ever actually eaten this? What happened after they did?
    > It's a traditional British meal, so they probably started talking funny and walking around like they had a stick up their ass.

    Then they didn't want to fight Islamofascism.
    > Yum that look real tasty, yawl.
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  • Benefits of the War in Iraq
    > Dude! I'd love to have robot legs!
    > McWhite, you should go see a recruiter ... he'll fix you right up!
    > Well, I would, but I got this cyst on my ass and all....
    > Dose are kewl legs! God must have been vary yenerous to giff heem such cool t'ings! Vy aren't more of our soldiers giffen dese legs? T'ink about how much faster dey could cut and run to beat up Iraqi vimmin!
    > President bunnypants never misses an opportunity for a good photo. Wonder is he asked the soldier if he wanted to race?
    > That sure is a nice foot what that guy got in Iraq. I hope he thanked the Good Lord and President George Bush for giving it to him.
  • Breaking: LGF2 Copies LGF
    > Those assholes have been copying us for months.

    > Sue the bastards!
    > Ahhhhhh, der bleetz...Dat vuz cool.
    > Could it just be great minds...?

    LOL :)
    > Sue them is right yawl. We cain't have stupid copy sites like theres stealin our quality stuff.
  • Lib Media Bias Strikes Again
  • Defeat at the Hands of Terrorists
    > I smell a new signing statement just over the horizon. What really scares me are little girls. How many of them out there running free? Who said only males can be terrorist?
    > Pissed Off Patricia,

    You sound like one of those feminazis. Don't make me ban you!
    > Vy does dat look like Yack Abramoff in der last picture?
    > Carl,

    You are wrong. Jack is Jewish and a supporter of Israel, so he is a good-looking man. The Islamofascist in the last photo is defending terrorism so is not.

    It's obvious.
    > Is that terrorist with the cakes fat and wearing a dress?

    Gay terror agenda!
    > Herr McVite,

    I t'ink you are right, as oosual...dat must be from der Nat'an Lane sect.
    > Herr Yonson,

    Der Juden? Abramoff is der Juden?????

    Mein dosen't know vot to shay....
    > Carl,

    We support Israel against the Islamocomiestalinists, don't we?

    Don't worry, once the Global War on Terror is won, we'll go back to hating the Jews.
  • Israeli Defense Forces Give Death Cult Children a Place to Play
    > Wha, dose are de best monkey bars dese eyes haff seen in ein long taim!
    > Cant really see anything, the picture is too dark. Is it because there?s no electricity?

    Anyway its safer for Palestinian kids to play outside their houses - if they play at home they might get run over by an IDF bulldozer.
    > Hooray for Israel!

    But not the Jews.
  • Keeping Up the Pressure II
    > Exactly! Brown people are the scourge of the earth and if one of them or a small group of them does something bad, all of them should be punished.

    It doesn't matter if the browns are Mexicans or Islamowhatchamacallits. They are all evil and deserve everything they get.
    > Megadittoes, Hermann!

    By der vay, der meeting last night...did mein miss annat'ink?
    > Jawohl, Carl! But this is not the time nor place to talk. Meet me at midnight at the usual place.

    Tell no one!
    > Mein lips are shealed. Please pass along mein regards to Ron Vibbentrop...
  • Keeping Up the Pressure
    > It's whats known in Israeli diplomatic circles as a 'proportionate response'

    - The life of Israeli occupation soldiers are worth the lives of 100 Palestinian civilians and their children.
    > Der Juden und der Muslims should fight it out mit der nukes, und den Christ vill return from der dead to take us good Christians to heaven, leaving der heedens to shtruggle in hell.
    > Carl,

    Sounds like a plan!
  • Lib Media Suppresses News of Saddam's WMD Heroic Congressman
    > Vot doest it metter dat der veapons are tventy years old? He had dem! Ve know because ve shold dem to heem! Dats all der Times has to know. Ve vere right, und ve vun!
    > Hey,

    What is it with girls fighting?


  • He Would Have Been A Hero
    > He vuz searching for der WMDs from unnerneath Iraq, und had to tunnel dere.

    Mein ist shruprised his name vuz not "Hogan"...
  • Wednesday Afternoon Ocean
    > Mmmmmmmmmmm, me und Shporty vere dere last nicht...
    > Yes, Carl! The Shell logo will always remind me of our love!
  • A Potent New Jihadist Weapon
    > It's an act of asymmetric graffiti.
    > Dis must be vun of dose "Richard Gere-Buddhism" type of terror attacks vere der terrorists prays to Allah to destory der Fuh-- Mein mean, der president....
    > Jesus Christ that's scary yawl. What if'n this here terrist got away with blowing up President Bush with some nitro. Then the stinkin hippie libruals would move in and take over.
    > Betty Cho, der Fuhr--mein mean, der President, cannot be harmed by mere nitro! He ist ein ubermensch, und dat means he ist der immoral!

    Now don't vorry your pretty leetle heads about dis...
    > Hell, I didn't even know a boat full of bananas could blow up and kill someone thousands of miles away. Wow, this is newsy.
  • Another Solo Jihadist Strikes
    > Guns don't kill pipple.

    Muslims does.
    > I'll say. And now they's working in OUR Safeways and Krogers and Traders Joe's?? Man this is bad news yawl. They need to put all the Muslims on a boat & send them back to they own country to blow each other up instead of good law abiding Christian Americans.
    > Jah, zend zem back to Muslimveel vere dey berlong!
  • U.S. Does Too Support the National Guard
    > Mein t'inking dis is der right shtep in der right erection: der government should be setting der example for all der businesses vorldvide on how to be der good master...employer, mein means...
    > The U.S. does support the soldiers. They give them evil Iraqis to shoot at, don't they? What more fun could anyone get in life realy.
  • Bush Thrills Visiting Movie Star
    > Looks like they both got the "yellow tie" memo.
    > Vuzn't he der cripple in "Fuhrer's Rump"?

    Mein mean, "Forrest Gump"?
    > Why is that actor fella sneering? Is he trying to make sure nobody come close to the President? that's pretty nice of him to act like a guard doggie, keepin dangerous folks like paparatsy away from President Bush. Most actors are too fancy to do stuff like that there.
  • A New Plan for Victory in Iraq
    > Der Fuhr-- Mein mean, Der President hast nossing in his mind?
    > Oh we'll win that there war. George Bush our President appointed by God hisself is gonna see to that yawl. We don't need to worry about nothing cause God tells him how to beat the living hell out of them Iraqi insargents and win this war on terrer.
  • Dominance on the Cancha
    > I heard that all jai alai games are fixed, even the recreational games.
    > gordo, strap on your cesta and say that to me on the cancha!
    > Huh? What's this about? Sounds like a ferrin language. I hope it ain't!
    > Get a room, you three. Shporty, Mein ist shurprised at you, posting porno on der family blog!
    > Hey! Richie posted yak's balls! And it isn't porn just because I beat the pants off them!
    > Tell it to der Juden, Shporty...mein is making notes to zend dis to der NSA...yak's balls are not der porno because der yakking balls are vut real Amerikkkan men should ascribe to!
  • Monday Morning Outfall Pipe
    > Vot? It merely looks like der vasser ist flowink to der river!
    > Carl,

    Yes. Isn't it beautiful? Full of sewagey goodness!
    > Hey what I tell yawl about puttin up pics of my property? I don't want everbody in the world comin after my gorgeous plot of land to steal it. Thet is one nice pipe ain't she yawl?
    > Effryvun likes to look at Betty Cho's plots...
  • Head Moonbat Goes Beserk
  • United Nations Want Our Guns; Won't Discipline Iran
    > But more important, will they also be burning our flag? Will they make us let gay people get married? Holy shit, now that's front page problems!

    If you just go to the grocery store and go to church at least once a day, you shouldn't probably need a very large gun.

    Can you still buy good cannons?
    > Dey can haff mein guns ven dey pry demo from mein cold dead cock.
    > I don't know if this shows that the NRA leadership has been co-opted by the gun manufacturers (who profit from the illicit arms trade), or if this shows that the NRA leadership has been co-opted by the Black Helicopter crowd. Probably a bit of both.
    > They ain't gettin my glock OR my AK47. They just ain't.
    > Betty Cho, vut about your pair of 44s?
  • Terrorist Route Discovered
    > Der damned alleygaters are vary dangerous! Dey ought to be viped out, as dey seem to be more and more a t'reat to Amurikkka!
    > I saw a pitcher of an Alligator ringing someone's doorbell the other day, right there in South Carolina yawl. If'n that ain't terrist behavior, I don't know what is.
  • Terrorists Move North from Florida
    > Damn Alligaytors...dey ruined a gut beer party...
  • Forks and Coxum Cartoon Defaced
    > I don't get it. Why is everbody riding on the back of that poor soldier, whose only trying to get up the stairs to kill a terrist?
  • Still Another Islamofascist Threat
  • Saturday Night Slum
    > So why do we have a homelessness problem in this country? Why can't they just build shanties just like this outstanding example of pulling yourself up by the bootstraps?

    They must all be lazy.
    > Mein miss mein Faderland...
    > Finally a pitcher what ain't of my property! Thank you very much. I was getting worried. Why don't that look like a nice place for other people to live!
  • Filly-peenos go soft on crime
    > We need to kick Philippines off the US. Wasn't that where that homo AIDS movie was set?
    > I agree! Why are they such lunatics there?
    > Well now everbody who wants to commit a crime's gonna move there. They sure weren't smart about changing that there law. Dummies is what they is.
  • Friday Afternoon Beach
    > You said dis vuz our Friday afternoon beetch!!!!! Vy is dere not a vommun mit her legs shpread vide apart und her schvartze gaping into der camera?!?!?!?
    > Carl,

    This is a serious political site. You can go anywhere on the internet for porn, but where else are you going to get insightful analysis?
    > I have stock in the companies that make the drugs that will cure their skin cancer. What a wonderful picture!
    > Wait a minute. I see a lot of rainbow towels and umbrellas. Is this some sort of queer beach?

    Damn, now I gotta go get degayed again.
    > Shporty shaid "anal-isis" heh heh, heh heh...
    > I think you's right there Richie. What we doin' showing a Gay Beach up in here?
  • Al Queda Alive and Well in the United States
    > I saw an interview with one of the members of the miami group that wasnt arrested. The guy should be in a home for the mentaly handicapped. These guys dont seem capable of making a spaghetti dinner let alone a bomb of any kind. I find the new intrusions by our government into our finances more interesting.
    > Are you crazy? Nothing is more important than catching actual Islamofascists! Tracking the money is just the way our government is doing it.

    For example, how did the 9-11 terrorists buy their plane tickets? With money! And what did the Miami 7 ask for?


    You see?
    > Vere dese "terroreests" not home-grown (i.e. leeberals who vere angry dat dere haff been no more attacks on Amerikkkan shoil since 9/11, to embarass der Fuhr-- I mean, der President)???
    > Exactly. It's obvious that the moment those kids converted to islam that they became Islamofascists. You see?

    And I just realized that left of center used the word "our finances" when describing the terrorism fighting targets of our government.

    That means left of center is an islamofascist, also. So, it should be the Miami 8. Right?
    > I heard these guys were Branch Davidians, in which case I fully support them against this government intrusion into their lives. If, on the other hand, they are Muslims, then they deserve to be beaten about the heads and necks with broken bottles
    > One of them Little Green Fascists done wroted:

    "They must be living in some sort of moonbat dream world. It's only a matter of time before the vast caches of explosives the Miami jihadists have squirreled away are found. The huge quantities they have no doubt hidden in the Miami area will make Saddam's WMD's look like a handful of shells left over from the war with Iran. Then we will see some elevated terror level warnings. Probably this Fall. Sometime before the elections probably."

    * * *

    Citizen, I agree with you something powerful! Those Miami terrorists may not have the wharwithall capacity-wise to make spaghetti but they found manuals in the "bunker" (that's what they called it on Fox News today) that probably teach you how to make a bomb out of macaronie and cheese! Believe me, technology has changed vastly since Clinton left office. You mention how the terrorists don't have Isalmic names anymore? It's true! This was secret but now we know that al Qaeda tried to recruit some technicians from the labs at Kraft Foods North America last month, becasue those technis know how to make explosives from everyday stuff like powdered cheese and islamic vinegar!

    I know, I know, maybe we should wait a couple minutes before we start putting the ni**er notches on our six-shooters be-cau--se:

    There is roughly half a million (!) African Americans crammed into Liberty City and we just don't know what kind of a powderkeg we are looking at down there with all that poverty and dead-endingness, thanks to liberal social welfare and taxation, the ACLU, the alliGAYtors, porous borders and the MSM.

    Remember this fact, too:

    "In 1980, the infamous Liberty City Riots broke out after an unpopular verdict in a 1979 case of white-on-black police brutality. The acquittal of five white police officers that beat a black motorist to death sparked the violence. By the time the rioting ceased the following morning, over 850 people had been arrested and 18 people lost their lives, including eight whites and ten blacks." -Wikopoedia

    Our law enforcement better tread lightly around this and so should we since we don't want the whole African American popluation of America turning into insurgents with their boots on the ground in Hometown USA.

    I wonder if Charlie Manson was right about the coming of Helter Skelter? An eerie similarity? Well, isnt' it?

    But carry a big stick like President Reagan said.
    > Great! Now we have to worry about riots, too. Those islamofascists won't rest until each one of us is dead or tortured.

    I say we just nuke Liberty City and clean out the whole hornet's nest.
    > Salmonella, are dey shaying dat der Iraqi WMDs vere in Miami der whole time?
    > If we had nuked Liberty City instead of arresting those terrarists, then we would have gotten all the terrarists and we would all be safe.
    > Man instead of denying this was a real terrist group, them moonbat mofo libruals should be thanking Our Lord and President George W. Bush for saving they greasy-haired patchooli wearing asses. But they won't. No, they'll just say that these guys wasn't Al Kida to begin with. See that's how Moonbats is, yawl.

    Now the mofo librual tree huggers is also saying that the President hisself set this up to cover that there banking spying story (which is perfectly legal yawl). Shame on the moonbats!
  • Gotta have faith!
    > good job.

    i want to believe.

    please save us Al.

    > They're in Syria ... we'll show you right after the midterms ....
    > Haw haw haw....Rumshfeld looks like he's grabbing Betty Cho's massive boobies...
    > Rick Santorum looks like Rosie O'Donnel in that retarded girl movie. But, he's still a fine Christian man, even if he does let his kids play with baby corpses.
    > I believe!
  • It's time to rethink our support of W
    > It's in the Globe, so it must be true. But we have to remain loyal to our deer Leader!

    That's a puzzler, that one.
    > I can't believe someone tried to kill Scott Peterson!
    > There's a secret photo of the president and Condi's love child here.
    > I vant to know vy Laura valked out on der Fuhr-- I mean, der President! Does she turned leeberal, jah? She should shtand by her herr, dat uppity leetle beach!
    > yawl, I bet this is just some photoshopped thing by a mofo librual. i just seen Laura with her hubby President George on the tv together so this is a pack of lies yawl.
  • Get out yer tin foil hats
    > Mein t'ink people who believe dat der Fuhr-- mein mean, President flew dose planes into der Towers are kookoo! He's shtill alive, istn't he???
    > Man them moonbats is stoopid. Can you imagine not believing our goverment or what it says happened on 9/11? Ha ha! Unthinkable.
  • Wednesday Afternoon Toxic Waste Site
    > Mein gott, mein bathtub drains ish shtopped up again?
    > How's come you guys like to post pitchers of my neiberhood all the time? That there ain't Toxic Waste! It's the stream what I go fishin in.
    > I think I see the Virgin Mary!
    > Betty Jo,

    We just think where you live is really beautiful and just the way it should be... and would be if those pesky environmental controls were gotten rid of.

    In a way, you are on the frontier...
  • The Jihadi Army of One
    > Dis must be der shtart of a major terrorist offensiff in Amurikkka!
    > Uh huh. Fakin like you's crazy to get out of a terrist act. That's just cowardly, yawl.
    > There's no such thing as crazy. Period. There's only good and evil. Says so in Leviticus.
  • Devious Iraqis Whine About Convictions
    > Vere ist der confershcated money goink to? Ist it goink to mein pocket? Nein!

    Probably some lieberal dat ist shtealing dis money und funding Air Amurikkka radio, jah?
    > Wait a minute. Kurds are Muslims? I thought they were Christians. I thought that's why we liked them and felt so bad when we let Saddam Hussein kill so many of them.

    Well, screw that.
    > Or for hot tubs, Carl.

    Oh, wait. Those were Iraq reconstruction funds. Never mind.
    > Mmmmmmmm, hot tubs...Mein vuz married to one, jah. She vusnt mush to look at, but ven ve fuc-- Mein mean, made luff, she vould jiggle der bed for hours, rocking mein to shleep
  • Mission accomplished - Tokyo style!
    > Und Nintendos for der orphans. I t'ink Nintendo vuz vorried about going bankrupt mit all der Nintendos dey needed dere.

    But ve VON!
    > See like I been tellin everbody, we done kilt Zarqawi and his retarded brother, and now the war's gone end. Should be done within the week, I would figger.
    > Dat Espellah looks like der tvin brosser of Trent Reznor...
    > Good thing we interned all the Japs during the last war -- they are just cutting and running away from this one.

    Cowards. Not like me. I'm fighting the culture wars so don't make me enlist.

    I've gotta get a game.
    > You tell 'em, Sporty! We don't have to fight, because we support the troops!
  • Stupid Democrats STILL Got No Agenda
    > Democrats want to pander to illegal immigrants and the corporations that want to hire them, even though neither can vote.
    > Betty Cho! Mein gott, I got a voody readink dis by you! I agree vun hunnert pershent mit you! Ditto, megadettoes! It ist shilly to pay taxes for free shtuff!
    > By der vay, of courshe der Dems haff no agenda...dey are neider real mens or real vimmins...
    > Free sewage? Usually I get that from liberal blogs.
    > Dems is just libruals and libruals are garbage yawl. Glad you agree, Carl. And thanks for getting a "voody." I hope that's something good. I don't speak Austrian so well.
    > I am so glad that espella was able to take time from looking at his blog stats to actually write a post. Thanks for the link, BJ.

    These Dems. I call 'em DEMONcrats! HAR HAR!
    > Dat ist vary clever, Herr McVite!
    > I calls them "Demo-CANT's"

    Har har!

    Yeah, it is pretty diffacult to pull Espella away from staring at his stats. Whenever he don't think they are high enough he makes his logos bigger.
    > This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    > Jah, Betty Cho! Mein know dat mein like shtaring at your shtats...makes mein logo beegger....
    > Ick! Will you two just get a room!
  • Sunday Morning Green Zone
    > Damn, but that looks a lot like my front yard.
    > I'm sure it does, Betty Jo.

    Remember, though, this zone is where our President was visiting a mere few days ago. Therefore, it is hallowed ground. I defy ANY liberal scum to insult it. Just look at it - what a terrifying place. And yet, George W. Bush had enough bravery to visit it.

    We should bow down to the courage of the man.
    > Looks pretty peaceful to me. You must have a nice yard, Betty Jo!
    > Dis reminds me, Betty Cho, mein left mein Camino in der garage...
    > Yeah, lots of folks tell me I oughter clean up my yard but I like it just like it is. If I took the old cars away then what would I use to trap possums and raccoons in yawl? I ask ya.
    > I thought the Green Zone was safe! Do these terrorists have no sense of rules and fair play?
  • Saturday Night Yak Sack
    > Be careful - among the documents we recovered from Zarqawi were plans for suicider yak sack bombers.
    > Ew. I don't much like the look of that yak's junk. Why yawl put that up in here? Yuck.
    > Whoa. That's some balls, alright. I knew Betty Jo would have something to say. Ha ha!
    > Mein ist begger!
    > My brother's over in Iraq. He told me every night that have to inspect a dozen yak sacks for IEDs.
  • Don't these al Qaidas know we done blow'd up Zarqawi?
    > I am just soooo tired of the out-of-the-mainstream media highlighting every Iraqi who cuts himself shaving. I mean, should we abandon the War on Terror and instead invest limited resources in the War on Razor Burn?
    > I hear you, Rex.

    Apparently, all the suicide bombers over there in Baghdad haven't heard that:

    A. We killed Zarqawi
    B. We have turned the corner; and
    C. There's a "security crackdown."

    I'm sure once all that stuff gets on al Jazeera, the shooting and cutting and bombing and such will stop.
    > All those Iraqi troops ... we're expanding the Green Zone in Baghdad by about six or seven sqaure feet a day!
    > What babies. I got bloodied worser than that last time I shaved. He don't know nothin' about razor burn lemme tell yawl.

    Pitchers like that of wussy iraqees just really burn my hide. Makes me wanna toss hot coffee in his face so's he knows what REAL pain is like.
    > I'm totally sick of these babies' whining as well. The rate of murder has skyrocketed right here at home, but does the liberal media report it? NO. They only report the little scratches and bruises the Iraqis get, while our murder rate soars higher than ever.

  • Moonbats lying about our man Ann. I mean, "lady."
    > We're sending tactical teams to Barnes & Nobles far and wide ... her book will sell out ... or else!
    > Poor Ann, mein vould like to comfort her, but mein is afeared dat she ist not really ein lady...
    > carl:

    ann is sweetly pretty.

    pretty enough to be in a john waters film.
    > I get so angry when folks beat up on Ann. I love that woman. She's my inspiration and she sure is sexy in them little cocktail dresses what she wears on the Today show and what all.

    I say libruals stop bugging Ann! Get your own pretty blond to be a spokeperson for yawl! Stop being jealous! That's what I think.
    > Rude pundit is rude, indeed. How anyone can insult this educated woman of unquestionable integrity is beyond me. Anyone who criticizes Ms. Coulter, in my opinion, should be considered a traitor, and sent off to Guantanamo Bay. That's what should happen when a Patriot's reputation is slighted.

    Carl, she's a woman, through and through. Otherwise, I would not fantasize about her at night.
  • Conjoined Twins

    Jah, nudding like good Aryan engineering. It ist zo nice to see der fine examples of vomunhood, like dese und Betty Cho und Patrissha!

    Oh. Und Shporty! Und Mal! Hope mein din't forget anyvun!
    > By der vay, dey look as do dey are in der persistent munchitative shtate...ve zhud let zem be.
    > Soccer sucks.

    How can you zay dat about ein shport vere der Faderl-- I mean, Chermany ist holding der vorld shampionsheeps!?
    > Them Swedish types is obcessed with porn yawl so I'm not surprised they got borned this here way. It's because there country is full of porn. I just know that's why yawl. But ain't they cute?

    Thanks for the compliment Carl. Ain't you sweet today?
    > Those are the types of twins I'd like to meet! But only if they are Christians. I doubt they are, being free-thinking Swedes and all.
  • Friday morning stir fry
    > Vy do you never zhow pickchers of gut food like mein shtrrrrrrrrrrrrrrudel or mein braunshvieger?
    > Carl, keep your schnitzel in your pants.
    > Mein schnitzel vould be in mein pents eef you didn't zhow der photos of der Aryan cheecks keesink!
    > That there sure looks tasty. I don't think it looks like poop yawl. Usually poop don't have them vegetibles sittin near it.
  • Pow! Take that moonbats!
    > Dats gud shtuff!
    > Knock and announce? That's for sissies!
    > Where do I go to deposit all the rest of my constitutional rights? I think I have a couple left and I thought I would save them the trouble of coming after them.
    > Patricia,

    Put the rest of your rights in an envelope and send them to:

    National Headquarters
    Spawn of Satan House Office Building
    666 Pennsylvania Avenue
    Washington, DC 20666
    Attn: Karl or Ken
    > Or you could yust leve dem in der local Reichsbanc....
    > That their sure is brilliant. I like the swear words with the pitchers expecially. It makes them look real tuff!

    What the hell is Patricia goin' on about? Maybe I should mail the RNC too. i got some suggestions about how this nation should be run yawl.
    > The splendidness of this video brings a tear to my eye. Thank you and good work.
  • Thursday morning Thor and Thanos
    > Mein know ven mein needs to get shome shtuff, mein puts on mein Thor coshtume und valk der shtreets. I get all sorts of broads vanting to suck on my hammer...funny t'ing ist...dey only vant der anal zex und dey never have big teets...
    > Are those men or big women? I might think about doing them if I just knew.
    Don't ya hate it when you can't tell? Dammit.
    > Chris, the Bible says it ain't gay as long as you don't actually see their balls.
    > Jah, Herr McVite! Often mein ish out in mein Thor coshtume, and mein says "I am mighty Thor und you cannot see mein balls!" I am not gay!
    > I think them's big ladies.
    > The front one looks like a huge Helga but the back one might be a man.

    That's my guess, anyway.
  • Ann Coulter Eats
    > I know this isn't true, because it doesn't involve purging.
    > Hey, as long as you don't abort the baby. After it's born, it's totally cool to swallow it whole.
    > did she top it off with a couple of puppies and a kitten?
    > Seaberg ist ein Chooish name, ist ett not?
    > Should you really be criticizing this patriot?
    > The thing is, if it really happened, none of us would really be surprised.

    And I'm sure Jay Leno would have her on with some lily-livered liberal to take the unpatriotic "anti-cannibalism" position. ;-)
    > Who's criticizing? I like my white women anorexic.

    And, with adams apples.
    > Haw! She done ate a baby right there in front of everbody? Now that's class, yawl.
    > I'm glad she finally ate, and that there is one less liberal scum child on this earth, but I hope it didn't make her fat. I like the anorexics as well. But they have to have big breasts to complete the "look."
  • Wednesday Night Superfund Site
    > Isn't that just lovely?
    > Der building in der background reminds me of der camps...
    > That big crane thing makes me wanna start diggin up earth. It's lovely indeed.
  • Vote Woodcock!
    > Mein vould be afraid to pull Voodcock's lever seence he might shower his love on me...
    > Man that name sure is nasty. I don't know if I can vote for a man with a nasty cussword for a last name. Don't Jesus frown on that sort of thing? If this guy was a true Christian, he'd a changed his name by now. Maybe to something like woodpole or something.
    > I find his name quite masculine and charismatic, Betty Jo. Maybe your "de-gaying" didn't really take?
    > Come on, Betty Jo. Don't be afraid of the Woodcock. Respect the Woodcock!
    > Great bow tie ... our idea!
    > Great bow tie ... our idea!

    RMK: I know how you love tying ribbons around the Woodcock.
    > Betty Cho, vot cursevord ist der lest name of Voodcock? In Cherman it translates to "Holzener Hans"...und dis is somezing dirty, Voodcock holzener hans???
    > Anyone else thinking what I'm thinking? Boehner/Woodcock in '08!
    > Oh you boys is incorrijible.
    > Oh you boys is incorrijible.
  • Eight Held Without Charges
    > Eight US soldiers vould trump 8 million brown people towelheads!
    > Well of course them Gitmo a-holes is guilty. Our President said they was. Who cares about them? I hope they all off theyselves.

    Now these here Marines should be let go. Ain't it there job to shoot up Iraqi's? Why are Iraqi's expectin PAY for being shot at as we force freedom on them? Talk about some greedy mofos.
    > What does Malkin mean when she says "our men." She's not really American, is she? I mean, she's not white.
    > Herr McVite,

    Perhaps she means der men she serviced der night before.

    I mean, der men in der services.
    > I think we should just drop an a-bomb on Gitmo and be done with it. It's not as if there would be any repercussions, right?
  • Wednesday Afternoon Sea Lion
  • Britian Attacks!
    > Ve zhould send der T'urd Army in to annihilate der London...
    > Them British is all gay. You can tell by the way they walk. The men are pansies and the women are moonbat mamas and also gay.

    That's probly why there so mad at John Bolton. Or it's because they drink too much ale.
    > What? The British like the UN? What the hell has the UN ever done for Angland?

    I wish that everyone in Britain would get sick on their thick and pasty beer.

    And I hope all their whore women get pregnant with donkeys!

    And I hope all their men turn gay at the World Cup!

    Der Cup games are en CHermany!!!!

    How dare you eemply dat der "gay disease" kin be caught in der Faderland!
  • Stupid tree hugger
    > Vy vuz she zo interested in "wall nuts"...she's more der type to eat der "chin nuts"...
    > I wonder if she tried to kung fu those cops with the chainsaws.
    > Mein bets she fashioned dat branch into der Terrible Nunchucks of Godly Vengeance...
    > Ha! This here happened in my city. If I woulda knowed earlier, I woulda gone down there myself and given Darril Hanna a face full of hot cawfee. She ain't no better than the mofo moonbat libruals what are always hanging outside the Trader's Joe trying to sign me up to the ACLU.

    I think this one was funny though. A moonbat gettin knocked out of a tree! Man, I sure celebrated last night. I laughed my own ass to sleep!
    > What a scream. Liberals make such asses of themselves, don't they? Darryl Hannah is hot, but not when she's wedged in a tree! I really wish I could have been there to hurl taunts in their general direction. Oh well.
    > Pinwheel, how are your stie stats? Checked them in the last five minutes? Are the moonbats still spying on you?
    > Liberal scum spend all their time spying on me, Richie. You'd think they had nothing else whatsoever to do. They lie about their stats as well. They claim they are higher than mine. What lies. What utter lies. See, all liberal scum lie like a rug. Moonbats are delusional. That's all I can say. I've been handling my persecution well, but who knows how long I can hold up.

    Thanks for your concern, Richie.
  • Tuesday Afternoon Masturbating Judge Story
    > If he had been appointed by Prez Clinton, he wouldn't have needed the pump, just a dumbshit chick with a giant mouth.

    I looked at the picture of the guy. Was he doing it when the photo was made?
    > dumbshit chick with a giant mouth,

    Patricia, have you met my mom?
    > Vot did choo expect from a men who vears a dress to vork???
    > Richie McWhite said...
    dumbshit chick with a giant mouth,

    Patricia, have you met my mom?

    Who hesn't?
    > If real men don't use pumps does that mean real women don't use vibrators? I have both. So there!
    > chris said...
    If real men don't use pumps does that mean real women don't use vibrators? I have both. So there!

    Vich makes you....vot, exactly?
    > I think maybe Chris is actually Bill O'Reilly. Thanks for stopping by, Bill.
    > How'd you know? Dammit.
    Call me billy goat.
    > Call me billy goat.

    Only if you buy me a falafel.
    > That's one strange guy all right. He must be a librual mofo. Them folks is just out and out weird. And they like to masterbate in public. I know, 'cause I seen a flasher once and I bet he was a librual too.
    > I agree, P.O.P. Looks like he's doing it right there in the picture!

    This gives me ideas... hmmm.... maybe merely blogging at work isn't fulfilling enough...
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    > Watiti.com
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    an online social networking community that connects
    people from all over the world.

    Meet new people, share photos, create or attend
    events, post free classifieds, send free e-cards,
    listen music, read blogs, upload videos, be part of a
    club, chat rooms, forum and much more!

    See you around! Bring all your friends too!

  • Monday Night Morgue Date Site
    > And I stole the idea from Charles. You will note, however, that people rarely appear in Charles' photographs...

    But hey, his site is just a cheap imitation of ours, so what the heck!
    > And I stole the idea from Charles. You will note, however, that people rarely appear in Charles' photographs...

    But hey, his site is just a cheap imitation of ours, so what the heck!
    > Mein vishes mein could take dat mesk off her face und shee vat she's got hidden undda dere...
    > is site is just a cheap imitation of ours

    You're right. That Charles is such a biter.
    > WTF?
    And I mean that in a friendly sort of way.
    > Patricia, don't you watch Grey's Anatomy? This is hot!
    > I's confused. Oh well.
  • Aha! Hamas Killed That Kid's Family!
    > Ve don't need no Stinkers in Amurikkka! Ve need Dewars! Und Soda!
    > ginger ale bitte

    > Chinger Hale?

    Oh, darn...she just left mit a full mou'd...
    > Well, Ethel says the Israeli Army says it, so it must be true!
  • And this is why we need to shut down AmTrak
    > Herr McWhite...ve don't vant you on der train, only dose ve take to der camps...
    > Who needs a train when we've all got armored Suburbans?
    > Can we please make sure that we all get one of those zeppelin hotels? Or, at least a tax cut large enough to cover the cost of one?
    > No wonder Amtrak is always running late with all their trains crashing in Israel!
    > The Sunami also got a train in Indinisha. I seen it on TV. That's why I aint' never getting on a train. I agree with Karl. I'd rather drive my own pickup truck somewheres.
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    Share your files quickly, securely, and easily. Dead-Yahoo provides free web space for your documents, pictures, music and movies. We host the Internet!
  • Sunday Afternoon Ocean
    > Oh that looks so calm and peaceful, yawl. Thanks for this nice spiritural post!
    > You know, I read somewhere that fish and other water creatures actually like rusty old barrels as a habitat better than clean water.

    I know it sounds weird, but why would the Rusty Barrel Freedom Institute for America lie to me?
    > Ist dat vere mein left mein viagra?
    > No, Carl,

    You left that on Betty Jo's nightstand!
    > Betty Cho promished she vouldn't tell...
    > So. What I suspected is true. Betty Jo has - let us say - been around the block, has she?

    Why am I not surprised?
    > Pinwheel Eye said...
    So. What I suspected is true. Betty Jo has - let us say - been around the block, has she?

    Why am I not surprised?

    You got der rash ass vell?
  • Cynical Palestinian Girl Manipulates Media
    > Shporty,

    Mein t'ink it ist because der older man in der second photo has his udder hand down her pents.
    > Exactly, Carl.

    In addition to being jihadists and terrorists, every Palestinian is also a child molestor. Every. Single. One.

    Even the children.
    > Oh that is really disgusting. That "girl" looks a bit, shall we say, masculine as well. Ugh. Well. Now I'm put off my dinner. Thanks.
    > And they all worship the devil.
  • Moonbats Whine About Gitmo Suicides
    > Dey hung demselves? Eef annat'ing, ve Naz--errrr, Republicans should be upset for taking der fun out of eet!
    > suiciders ... nice to have the cells open up.
    > Good riddance to bad rubbish. I hope the rest of those "innocent-until-proven-guilty" use their example.
    > They are now in heaven with Allah. They got 72 virgins each and a huge pot of gold presented at Vatican style ceremonies with banquet where they sat at the head table.

    Was that 72 virgins or a 72 year old virgin? Anyhow, beats hell out of prision as long as she's not too bossy.
    > Hi pinwheel. Looked at your home page. Thought you might enjoy this one, http://www.hoax-buster.org
  • They're At It Again: First Pigs, Now Bananas.
    > I am fairly shocked that people such as this aren't treated as traitors to our great country and summarily executed. This is disgusting. Please turn them in, Sporty. The Cyber Police take care of situations like this. You can probably find information on them from Bill O'Reilly's site. He has used police to attack traitorous callers on his show. I'd advise you to do the same.
    > Only der inferiors are obsessed with der exhaust pipe. Just ask Herr Santorum!
  • Idiot Brits
    > How long until we realize that there is nothing more important than destroying islamofascism. NOTHING.
    > or to a U.S. port of entry. Tuesday would be much larger. Each couldnt tell where it came from. Upholding a 2004 ordinance in the city roster.
    > Man you got that right, Richie. Alls you gotta do is read there names to know they's terrists. Duh! I always thought them brits was a bit sissified anyways. I guess that's why they keep getting there city blowed up at.
  • It Figures: Betrayal: Yearly Gathering of Moonbats Covered By C-Span
    > Dat Greek Orzodox Choo, Cheorge Soros, funds der CSpan, not der Reich, I mean, gobernment!
    > I'll bet tickets sold as well as his book, which means not well. HAR HAR!
    > it's all because of the dat lib-rall media. All dem old, rich, white guys are freakin' hippie-ass liberals! Everytime i turn around i seen another millionaire wearin' sandals and smokin' pot.

    damn hippies!
    > This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    > Oh boy. If I had a chance to be at that moonbat convention, their would be hell to pay yawl. I think I'd bring me a baseball bat & take it to a few stupid mofo librual heads. I'm sure they all just standing around in there tinfoil hats saying stupid paranoyed things. Man I hate me some moonbats. I bet the whole place smells of insense and patchoolie.
    > Dis convanshun vuz near you, Betty Cho...vy did you not go and keeck some oss???
  • Finally, Nazi technology makes a comeback
    > I think I can speak for the entire state of New Jersey and their vast array of radio towers that they eagerly await its' maiden voyage.
    > Let me sneak my mother's credit card out of her wallet then book me a room!
    > And it looks like it's been "up-armored" too. Do you think there will be snacks?
    > This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    > Jah, dis ist gut. Von Zeppellin must be looking down from pure-vite Heaven und cryink...
    > Just like our American wal-mart, you couldn't get me in the thing at gun point.
    > We're installing cameras on them ... we've got Cindy Sheehan pinpointed!
    > pissed off patricia said...
    Just like our American wal-mart, you couldn't get me in the thing at gun point.

    Jah, und you said der shame t'ing about mein trailer, but look vot happened...
    > Carl! Now you been hittin on Pissed Off Patrisha! Don't that beat all. I guess I ain't woman enough for ya, is that it? Damn, yawl. I think Carl is a German cad!
    > Betty Cho,

    You ver gone z'long dat mein t'ought you vere pregnant again...
    > Do you all think there will be gambling on this behemoth?

    If so, I am privately for it, and openly against it! Just like abortion!
  • Thursday Afternoon Illegal Sewage Sludge Lagoon
    > Ah, der Love Canal...how mein fondly remember how Betty Cho und mein valked handed in flipper along der banks, und made love under der eight foot high gress...
    > Sporty, that shit's crazy.
    > Crazy like a fox you mean, Richie?
    > Hey thet there's my swimmin hole! What they doin' polluting it with a camera? I coulda gotten shocked or electricied!
  • Zarqawi dead
    > Jah! Time to call all der troops home und patrol our borders! Ve're done! Ve vun der var on terror...
    > Hurrah! I hope we killed a lot of his family including those islamofascist toddlers. I am so relieved we won the war. Ticker tape parades for everyone now.
    > We're planning a Medal of Freedom for me ... I told the Preznit to hold off killing this guy until we needed to ...
    > We're planning a Medal of Freedom for me ... I told the Preznit to hold off killing this guy until we needed to take the focus off something else ...
    > Reichsminister, vot do ve need to dishtract der people from now dat und baby for Brangelina von't vork?
    > Ya, and the thing in Somalia, carl...that must not get beyond the pages of that Liberal rag the New York times!
    > Hey, Fred. You leave Somalia alone. They have pirates there, and pirate is just another word for entrepreneur.

    If the GOP is going to retain control forever, we must tap into the African Muslim Pirate Warlord demographic. It's simple math!
    > I just can't get over how peaceful things will be now!
    > I sure got out the Southern Comfert the second I read about that. YAY! Now all the violence is gone stop and all the soldiers are coming home. This week probly, right?
  • It WAS All An Islamofascist Plot
    > The bastards!
    > And that my dear is the very reason I have all my ducks taped. All I need now is some plastic sheeting and one more American flag.
    > Damn those Islamofascists.
    > Cunt you claim dat der terrorists shtole your mom's credit cards und dat's how dis room appeared?
  • Prussian Blue to stay with white Christian mom, not liberal freakshow (yet somehow white) dad
    > Mein Gott in Himmel! Vot ist wrong wit dat fadder???? Hast he lost his mind????
    > This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    > Thanks for posting over at Electric Monkey Pants, Mr. McWhitie-white.

    Glad to hear that racism and stupidity is alive and well in the American heartland. I can only hope that some sort of teenage rebellion is in store for these kids. But once they get a taste for (relative) fame and fortune, will they ever want to go back to being nobodies, whether they believe their racist ideology or not? It's sad, but these girls might be performing as Prussian Blue for a long time.
    > It's sad, but these girls might be performing as Prussian Blue for a long time.

    Und dat's a bad t'ing...how, precisely?
    > I don't follow him either, Carl. I think he might be an Islamofascist spy. Sporty, can you trace his IP?
    > I'll get right on it, Richie!
    > Will Lynx stalk, kill and eat Lamb at some point?
    > Awww, them girls is so cute. There songs just capture what I feel in my heart yawl. When they sing about Jesus' Love, I get so full of Christ I need to run down the block and kick a homeless to calm down.
  • Monday Night Manta Ray Attack
    > Dey look Jewish....
    > They look tasty!
    > They are actually cow-nosed rays which decimate shellfish beds. But think about it: Islamofascists don't eat shellfish, so we know that these rays are anti-Islamofascist!

    And can't you just hear 'The Ride of the Valkyries' playing?
    > Are they guarding our ports?
    > Dey still look Chooish to mein...
    > Sporty, please don't defile this sacred place with "science."
    > Richie,

    What's the problem with science if it is service of defeating the islamofascists-of-the-sea?
  • Eco-terrorists steal government monkey
    > Man that just burns me up. Who cares about some monkey anyway? It looks sorta tasty.
    > Hell yeah!

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Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday afternoon fried egg and beans

Benefits of the War in Iraq

This soldier would probably have never met our President if he hadn't had his legs blown off. Look how happy he is to be jogging with the Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy.

Breaking: LGF2 Copies LGF

LGF has only been around since January or so, so imagine how surprised we were when Charles Johnson of little green footballs (LGF2) copied our media bias posting of this morning:

Disgusting AFP Story of the Day

Agence France Presse uses Nazi terminology to describe Israel's air attacks against Hamas targets: Israeli jets blitz Gaza, Hamas vows it won't be crushed.

GAZA CITY (AFP) - Israeli fighter jets blitzed Gaza overnight, setting the interior ministry ablaze and striking militant targets in the latest assault aimed at securing the release of a captured soldier...

07:38 AM PDT

The time stamp clearly shows that Charles had plenty of time to read and digest my posting about media bias below and compose his version. Sure, he highlights the word "blitzed" instead of the word "pounded", but the idea is exactly the same.

Since imitation is considered the highest form of flattery, we are honored to have Charles' copy us on his upstart website. Thank you, Charles!

Lib Media Bias Strikes Again

From the headline on down, this AP article is full of inflammatory language which makes it seem almost as if the Israeli Defense Forces are staging an outright invasion of Gaza. When will this horrible lib bias be corrected?

Israeli planes pound Gaza targets
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Israel destroyed the office of the Palestinian interior minister in a series of airstrikes Friday, increasing the pressure on the Hamas government to release a kidnapped soldier a day after it delayed a broad ground offensive into the Gaza Strip.

Notice the inflammatory language. Words such as "pound", "destroyed" and "offensive" make it sound like the Israelis are using high explosives and bombs. These vivid words completely overshadow the point that the Israelis are just implementing a search-and-rescue operation.

Meanwhile, Israel's air force struck more than 30 targets in Gaza over 24 hours, hitting roads, bridges and power plants. The army also fired hundreds of artillery shells in the offensive to force Hamas-linked militants to release Cpl. Gilad Shalit, 19. He was captured Sunday when Gaza militants tunneled under the border, attacking an Israeli outpost and killing two other soldiers.

"Struck" and "hitting" - it's obvious the lib press is using these kinds of words to exaggerate the Israelis actions. Plus there is yet another use of the word "offensive". The bias is evident when you see that the most inflammatory word they use for the Islamocommiefeminazis is "tunneled" and "killing".

On of the most obvious signs of lib bias is that statements from the terrorists are printed as if they are not lying. As long as the lib media pretends that the two sides have equal weight, we will never learn the truth. The lib press printed this quote just to make it sound like this whole action is due to something other than the kidnapping of Shalit:

"The quicker this is done the better it will be. If the soldier will be returned and the Qassam fire will be halted we will also return our soldiers to their bases," Peretz was quoted as saying in the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot on Friday. He was referring to rockets militants have fired at Israel from Gaza.

Finally, this biased statement makes it sound as if the Israelis are having sex with Gaza instead of being on a search-and-rescue mission. Why would someone write a statement like that unless they were trying to make someone look inadequate?

Israeli ground troops have entered southern Gaza but have not yet penetrated the north.

We will never know the real truth until the lib media is taken care of. They should just report the facts and leave the propaganda efforts real information dissemination up to governments!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Defeat at the Hands of Terrorists

This raghead, Salim Ahmed Hamdan*, looks friendly with his pastries** and his smile, but he is the evil mastermind behind our most recent defeat at the hand of terrorists. It's sickening.

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that
President Bush overstepped his authority in ordering military war crimes trials for Guantanamo Bay detainees, saying in a strong rebuke that the trials were illegal under U.S. and international law...The court declared 5-3 that the trials for 10 foreign terror suspects violate U.S. military law and the Geneva conventions.
But our plucky President knows he can't just let those psychopathic childkillers go free. It's obvious that all we have between us and absolute chaos is one strong and smart Leader.
Bush said there might still be a way to work with Congress to sanction military tribunals for detainees and the American people should know the ruling "won't cause killers to be put out on the street." ...White House counselor Dan Bartlett said the administration's task now is mostly technical - trying to determine how to design military tribunals that would pass muster under the decision. Republican senators said they would cooperate.
Since this sneaky decision is based on mere technicalities such as international law and treaties, this administration is going to fight it with technicalities of its own. It's refreshing to see this strong and brave administration bounce back from other defeats this activist court has handed it.
It was a broad defeat for the government, which two years ago suffered a similar loss when the high court held the president lacked authority to seize and detain terrorism suspects and indefinitely deny them access to courts or lawyers.

But how else are we going to fight the forces of Islamofacism if we cannot detain terrorists indefinitely? Obviously, we can't just let them return to their countries and their families. Not even that 17-year old who has been in custody since he was 13. They might do something. Everybody knows we can't let that happen.

UPDATE at 06/29/06 3:52 pm

My friend Emperor Darth Vader I of the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler (a term I coined. Not the Rottweiler part, but the Anti-Idiotarian part) has this to say:

Five activist tyrants in black robes have just decided that terrorists are entitled to protections under the Geneva Conventions in spite of said Conventions specifically saying that they aren't.

In other words: It doesn't matter what laws and conventions actually say, all that matters is what unelected fascists in black robes want them to say.

The Supreme Whores are in dire need of Intervention by Lynch MobTM.

I think he has a good point. We should form a lynch mob and go to Washington to storm the Supreme Court building. But we'll have to be smart to outwit the security measures those black-robed Islamonazicommies have in place. The lynching ropes will be o.k. - they won't set off any metal-detector alarms. But we'll need a source of light when it gets dark and flashlights will set off the metal detectors.

I know, let's carry torches. They're wood, so they won't set off the metal detectors. And we can carry long-handled pitchforks and when we go through the metal detectors, we can hold them up high so the metal parts go above the metal detectors so they won't set them off.

Let's leave now. Go to your local hardware store to pick up your pitchfork and torch, then start marching to Washington D.C. If you see any other peasants patriots along the way, join up in a big mob and keep on marching.

UPDATE at 06/29/06 4:41 pm

This is what I and that Idiotarian guy are talking about:

UPDATE at 06/39/06 5:20 pm

I have just found out that Hamdan's lawyers were another raghead, Neal Katyal***, and a traitorous Navy officer. The traitor seems awfully proud of his betrayal of our most fundamental American values:
Cmdr. Charles Swift, the Navy lawyer assigned by the military to represent Mr. Hamdan, said at a televised news conference held outside the Supreme Court that the logical next step would be for Mr. Hamdan to be tried either by a traditional military court martial, as provided for under the Geneva Convention, or by a federal court.

He called today's ruling "a return to our fundamental values."

"That return marks a high-water point," Commander Swift said. "It shows that we can't be scared out of who [we] are, and that's a victory, folks..."
We'll lynch them after we get those Supreme Court justices. With our rope and torches and pitchforks.

UPDATE at 06/29/06 5:29 pm

* Of course he's guilty with a name like that.
** I think they're pastries but they could just be little bombs made to look like pastries. Or it could be that they are actually blocks of plastic explosive he is eating in order to make his body more of a terror weapon. Is there no sickeningly low level to which these Islamostalinists will not stoop?
***Another Islamofascist, obviously.

UPDATE at 06/29/06 9:25 pm

I found a photo of the terrorist sympathisers who 'defended' Islamofascist Hamdan in front of the Supreme Court. They look so happy about betraying our country and sending it into ruin.

UPDATE at 06/30/06 8:30 am

Corrected a typo above - see if you can find where. Thanks to the eagle eyes of reader Hermann G.

Israeli Defense Forces Give Death Cult Children a Place to Play

Death Cult human shields take a break from being Islamofascistcommie propaganda tools to play on their new playset. This playground was created by Israeli Defense Forces, who were just defending themselves from kidnappers by bombing restructuring roads, bridges and power stations in Gaza.

Keeping Up the Pressure II

Israeli Defense Forces defended themselves yesterday by kidnapping arresting Hamas kingpins who claim to be lawmakers and government office holders.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Israeli troops rounded up dozens of ministers and lawmakers from the Palestinians' ruling Hamas party Thursday, including the deputy prime minister, while forging ahead with a military campaign in Gaza meant to win the release of an Israeli soldier held by Hamas gunmen.

It's good to see them improve on my idea of detaining 50 officials in retaliation response to the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier:

An Israeli military official said a total of 64 Hamas officials were arrested in the early morning roundup. Of those, Palestinian officials said seven are ministers in Hamas' 23-member Cabinet and 20 others are lawmakers in the 72-seat parliament.

But note the way the matter is described in the lib press. They use the word "war" instead of "getting justice for oppressed Israelis".

Sunday's capture of the Israeli soldier, Cpl. Gilad Shalit by Hamas' military wing and two affiliated groups, and Israel's subsequent military incursion into Gaza threatened to bring the two sides to the brink of all-out war. Hamas, which took over the Palestinian Authority after winning parliamentary elections in January, has resisted international pressure to renounce violence and recognize Israel's right to exist.

Of course the Death Cult insists it was trying to work things out. They've lied for so long they don't even know how to tell the truth. But it is too little too late:

ZA CITY, Gaza Strip - The rival Hamas and Fatah movements agreed on a plan implicitly recognizing Israel, a top Palestinian official said Tuesday after weeks of acrimonious negotiations aiming to lift crippling international aid sanctions.

Imagine if the kidnapped soldier was American and he/she/it was taken to Mexico by the militant jihadists who kidnapped him/her/it. I am certain we would send tanks into Mexico, bomb suspected weapon-making factories, seize members of the Mexican government and execute them if the kidnapped soldier wasn't released. It would the just thing to do.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Keeping Up the Pressure

GAZA Israel sent troops into southern Gaza and its planes attacked three bridges and a power station early this morning in an effort to prevent militants from moving a wounded Israeli soldier they abducted on Sunday, Israeli Army officials said.

Israeli forces appeared to be stepping up the pressure on the Palestinians. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that Israel would not hesitate to use "extreme steps" in its effort to rescue the soldier, Cpl. Gilad Shalit, 19.

I think Israel should invade 50 villages in exchange for the kidnapping. And if the Death Cultists kill Shalit, then Israel should level those 50 villages in exchange. That's how you keep up the pressure all right.

Lib Media Suppresses News of Saddam's WMD Heroic Congressman

A retired "federal" agent, Dave Gaubatz, knows of at least four "sites" in Iraq where WMDs are and "even" enlisted the "support" of two US legislators, Curt Weldon and Pete Hoekstra, in examing the sites to recover "the" weapons. Then a reporter from a Washington D.C. newspaper, the Washington Times, called Weldon's "office". All of a sudden, Weldon was "reluctant" to go on the mission to Iraq and didn't "participate" in Rick Santorum's "press conference" about "finding WMDs" stockpiled near the Iran "border". Hoekstra did, "though".

That lib reporter must not "have" gotten to him that much.

If Saddam Hussein had WMD, and because the four sites were not searched and now Osama Bin Laden and his followers may now have it, we must all be concerned that we may experience another major terrorist attack. If WMD is still or even if there is a very small chance (as Duelfer stated) we need to search the sites for our children's safety. Below is a photo of me with an Iraqi child at the Children's Hospital in Nasiriyah, Iraq. U.S. Military personnel in Iraq are fighting for a cause. The safety of all children throughout the world.

There is also a series of photos on his site which proves the link between Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, 9-11 and Gaubatz himself. Oh.

UPDATE at 06/28/06 4:58 pm
I have just learned that the lib "journalist" was just a tool used by Gaubatz to prevent Weldon from being a hero. Perhaps the link between Gaubatz and 9-11 should be investigated further. Perhaps there is kerning involved.

Gaubatz said the tenor of comments made at a May 4 meeting upset him.

"It was treated as an election issue that would get votes," he said. "I've never been involved in politics, so it was a very big eye-opener to me."

Plus, Gaubatz had safety concerns.

"To me, it was a big safety issue for them [Weldon and Hoekstra] to be going to an isolated area of Iraq. They are a target, and the people going out with them would be a target."

After the meeting, he said, he called a reporter at the Washington Times and alerted her of the plan. In turn, he said, she called Weldon's office to get confirmation. That inquiry, Gaubatz said, scuttled the project.

He Would Have Been A Hero

If this brave man had found Saddam's WMDs, then he would have been a big hero.

A homeowner digging for gold in his front yard said he got "carried away" and ended up with a 60-foot-deep hole, authorities said.

Henry Mora, 63, began digging two weeks ago after his gold detector picked up a signal near his front patio.

"I figured, well, maybe there's something down there - you would logically conclude, right? So I started digging," the semiretired musician said Wednesday.

Mora said he only intended to go down 3 or 4 feet, but he started finding gold dust in the dirt and the detector kept hinting that he was getting closer.

"It was still beeping, and that just gave me the idea to keep digging," he said. "I think it's a normal human reaction, especially when you think there might be gold down there."

A neighbor who saw the mound of dirt growing on Mora's lawn became concerned and called authorities Tuesday. Fire officials responding to the home found two men inside the unreinforced hole, using a bucket and rope to remove dirt. Mora had hired the two men to help him.

"We told him, 'You're done,'" Montclair fire Capt. Rich Baldwin said. "It's amazing no one got killed."

Authorities fenced off Mora's property and ordered him to hire an engineer to safely pack the dirt back into the ground.

Mora acknowledged his search for buried treasure was getting "totally out of hand." Yet when asked whether he regrets starting the dig, Mora was conflicted.

"In a way yes, and in a way no," Mora said, "because I think there's still gold down there."

Wednesday Afternoon Ocean

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Potent New Jihadist Weapon

Now they are defacing property as a way to terrorize us. You may think graffiti is not a powerful terrorist weapon, but look what it did today:

PORT HUENEME - Port Hueneme in Ventura County was closed off several hours Monday afternoon while authorities investigated a possible terrorist threat on a cargo ship, authorities said.

The closure came just before noon after a dockworker discovered a possible threat written in the cargo hold of a ship carrying bananas from Guatemala, said Will Berg, the port's marketing director.

There was some discrepancy in the exact phrasing of the message.

Berg said it read: ''This nitro is for you Mr. George W. Bush and your Jewish cronies.''

Federal authorities said it was written in English and read: ''Nitro + glycerin my gift for G. W. Bush and his Jewish gang.''

The message, scrawled in marker on a metal pillar within the ship, was being investigated by federal authorities, including the FBI and Secret Service, as well as local officials.

FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said agents were at the scene. No nitroglycerine or other explosives were found during a thorough search by bomb personnel, she said.

Divers were called in to inspect surrounding waters.

Casualties were light, but there were casualties:

Mag Flores, business agent for the local chapter of the longshoremen's union, said the incident could slow trade.

''It upsets everybody,'' Flores said. ''What kind of person would do that?''

Another Solo Jihadist Strikes

Michael Julius Ford did not drink. He did not smoke. He did not have conflicts with people.
He did not run with gangs. He wasn't moody. He never was known to carry weapons.
What isn't known is why the 22-year-old walked into work on Sunday at the Safeway distribution center and started shooting at his co-workers with a long- barreled handgun and setting fires inside the building.
"I never would have expected Michael," said his uncle, Roy Ford. "I'm trying to understand what happened and what went wrong. It's a puzzle that needs to be put together."

...Ford's younger sister Khali told 9News her brother was upset because people were making fun of his religion at work.
"I don't know what happened to him yesterday. It was like everything changed," Khali said. "He told me that Allah was going to make a choice and it was going to be good and told me people at his job was making fun of his religion and he didn't respect that."

U.S. Does Too Support the National Guard

For those insane moonbats out there who think the U.S. doesn't support the troops because they don't have the body armor and Humvee armor and clean water and provisions and minor things like that:

U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao will recognize the federal government as a model employer after a campaign that achieved a unique distinction - all cabinet secretaries and the heads of all 80 federal agencies signing Statements of Support for their employees who are members of the National Guard and Reserves.

Now that they are getting an award from themselves for it, it's should be obvious to everyone, even the lunatic left out there, that the U.S. does too support our troops.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Bush Thrills Visiting Movie Star

A New Plan for Victory in Iraq

"But I'm certainly not going to announce in advance anything that he may have in mind for the president or that he may be recommending," [Tony] Snow said. "Just don't do that in a time of war."

Dominance on the Cancha

Had a nice long game of doubles today. Of course I played the frontcourt. As one of the few players in the world who has mastered remate from the left, I beat the pants off a pair from the national team. I ran them so ragged that they couldn't even return an easy Chic Chac at the end. So, I finished them off with a Outside Cortada and an Arrimida. Heh.

Monday Morning Outfall Pipe

Head Moonbat Goes Beserk

Moonbat hero Al Gore becomes insanely violent in this ad for his movie. These moonbats preach about peace love and understanding but they are all just a bunch of extremist hypocrites in disguise.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

United Nations Want Our Guns; Won't Discipline Iran

We all know the only way to prevent terrorism in the United States is to have a gun with us at all times in case some Japanese exchange student asks us for directions or our toddler is in the kitchen in the middle of the night. But the United Nations doesn't think that way.

They want to take away our guns. It's o.k. for Iran to be cooking up nuclear weapons so they can incinerate Israel and the world, but it's not o.k. for you to protect your home from Islamofascinazists.

Fortunately, the NRA is onto their plot which will come to fruition on July 4th. Those wimpy diplomats have already received hundreds of thousands of letters about the gun ban and all they can say in response is, 'It's not true'.
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Americans mistakenly worried the
United Nations is plotting to take away their guns on July 4 -- U.S. Independence Day -- are flooding the world body with angry letters and postcards, the chairman of a U.N. conference on the illegal small arms trade said on Wednesday.

"That is a total misconception as far as we are concerned," Kariyawasam told reporters ahead of the two-week meeting opening on Monday.

For one, July 4 is a holiday at U.N. headquarters and the world body's staff will be watching a fireworks display from the U.N. lawn rather than attending any meetings, he said.

For another, the U.N. conference will look only at illegal arms and "does not in any way address legal possession," a matter left to national governments to regulate rather than the United Nations, he added.

But the NRA knows that is the kind of stuff that dissembling terrocommies would say, so they will not give up. That'll show those envoys just how smart and attentive Americans really are.

Terrorist Route Discovered

COLLIER COUNTY: Alligator Alley's toll booth plaza monitors traffic moving in and out of Southwest Florida and Miami. Experts say it is one of the only places to examine suspicious behavior.

In September of 2002, Alligator Alley was shut down and three suspected terrorists were detained for 17 hours.

"Thankfully, that wasn't linked to terrorism, but we were prepared to do so, and we responded well with that incident," said Larry Long with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

The men were heading to Miami and they were identified by a worker at an Alligator Alley toll plaza. The FDLE realizes that a real terrorist moving throughout Florida could use Alligator Alley as a gateway as well.

"We hope that it never happens, but we have to be prepared that it might," said Long.
They just need to add 'being an alligator' to their suspcious behavior list.

Terrorists Move North from Florida

LINDENHURST, N.Y. - Police in a Long Island village nabbed an unusual suspect today - with a long tail, powerful jaws, sharp teeth and a family rap sheet that stretches back millions of years.

The alligator was sitting on a Lindenhurst man's front lawn when he went out to get his paper this morning. At the sight of the homeowner, the gator ran to hide in the hedges. Suffolk County police officers used a dog-catching noose to collar the animal.

Regular readers will remember that gator terrorists have been quite busy in Florida. Now they are on the move. Obviously, this is the ultimate in home-grown terrorism.

Forks and Coxum Cartoon Defaced

This used to be a great editorial cartoon which showed how lunatic moonbats and islamofascnazicommies were hurting our brave soldiers, but now it just kind of shows something else.

Hat tip to totmoron67

Still Another Islamofascist Threat

This morning, from a cave somewhere in Pakistan, Taliban Minister of Migration, Mohammed Omar, warned the United States that if military action against Iraq continues, Taliban authorities will cut off America's supply of convenience store managers.

And if this action does not yield sufficient results, cab drivers will be next, followed by Dell customer service reps.

It's getting ugly, folks.

hat tip to loyal reader Rick.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saturday Night Slum

Filly-peenos go soft on crime

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Philippines stops death penalty
Manila jail inmatePhilippines President Gloria Arroyo has signed a law abolishing the death penalty just two weeks after Congress passed the legislation. As a result the sentences of the 1,200 inmates on death row will be now be commuted to life imprisonment.

This is probably some kind of al Qaeda plot. Way to go, Phillipines.


Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday Afternoon Beach

Al Queda Alive and Well in the United States

All those naive moonbats should be trembling in their boots at the news that Al Queda was planning on blowing up another very tall building, the Sears Tower in Chicago. But since there is no elevated terror alert, they must be thinking it's just a bunch of kids like them playing at being jihadists

WASHINGTON - A group of young men seized in a Miami warehouse have been charged in a federal indictment with conspiring with al-Qaida to "levy war against the United States" by committing acts of violence including blowing up Chicago's Sears Tower.

Of course the conspirators were Muslims.

Residents said FBI agents spent several hours in the neighborhood showing photos of the suspects and seeking information. They said the men had lived in the area for about a year.

Benjamin Williams, 17, said the group sometimes had young children with them. At times, he added, the men "would cover their faces. Sometimes they would wear things on their heads, like turbans."

But the managers of the Sears Tower must be moonbats because they aren't even concerned. Workers went to work in the building today as if something only very minor had happened

Managers of the Sears Tower, the nation's tallest building, said in a statement they speak regularly with the FBI and local law enforcement about terror threats and that Thursday "was no exception."...

"Law enforcement continues to tell us that they have never found evidence of a credible terrorism threat against Sears Tower that has gone beyond criminal discussions," the statement said.

In Chicago early Friday, people headed to work in the Sears Tower knew about the potential threat but didn't plan to change their routines.

They must be living in some sort of moonbat dream world. It's only a matter of time before the vast caches of explosives the Miami jihadists have squirreled away are found. The huge quantities they have no doubt hidden in the Miami area will make Saddam's WMD's look like a handful of shells left over from the war with Iran. Then we will see some elevated terror level warnings. Probably this Fall. Sometime before the elections probably.

Update at 6/23/06 7:33 am:

Even the neighbors are hoping against hope that the group is just a 'militia' or 'cult'.

Residents living near the warehouse said the men taken into custody described themselves as Muslims and had tried to recruit young people to join their group. Tashawn Rose, 29, said they tried to recruit her younger brother and nephew for a karate class.

She said she talked to one of the men about a month ago. "They seemed brainwashed," she said. "They said they had given their lives to Allah."

These jihadists were trying to recruit vulnerable young people from the neighborhood. Do I have to connect the dots.

Update at 06/23/06 7:37 am:

As recently as a month ago, the terrorists were still eager about carrying out their evil scheme.

But on May 24, the indictment said, Batiste told the "al-Qaida representative" that he was experiencing delays "because of various problems within his organization." Batiste said he wanted to continue his mission and his relationship with al-Qaida nonetheless, the document said.
And yet nobody seems to be taking this threat seriously.

Update at 06/23/06 7:40 am:

Those crafty Islamofascists are learning that we are onto their name game. They are using a variety of types of names now, only a few of which sound Arab:

In addition to Batiste and Augustin the defendants were identified as Patrick Abraham, or "Brother Pat"; Stanley Grant Phanor, or "Brother Sunni"; Naudimar Herrera or "Brother Naudy"; Lyglenson Lemorin, also known as "Brother Levi" or Brother Levi-El"; and Rotschild Augustine, or "Brother Rot."

This is Jose Padilla all over again, I bet. Nobody thinks he's an Islamonazicommie since he doesn't have an Arabic name. But what about those Kurds in Pennsylvania the Feds arrested for being terrorists? Do you know another name for Kurd is Peshmergia. Sounds pretty Muslim to me.

Update at 06/23/06 7:42 am

The Kos Kiddies finally weigh in and don't think there is much to this threat to our national security and very way of life itself.

What else? Oh, yes. The early reports on these guys show that they were "unusual." They slept in a warehouse. They were "cultist." They wore "military style clothes" and "kept to themselves." BOOOOOOOOOO! Scary, huh? How did they support themselves? "They sold shampoo and hair grease on the street." Sounds like a pretty high tech operation, doesn't it?
It doesn't have to be high-tech to be deadly. Wonder what kind of shampoo they sold. And more importantly, did they use it themselves.

Update at 06/23/06 7:47 am:

More moonbats are saying this valient deterrence to future terror attacks on America is just a sham.

By now, you've probably heard that the FBI (pictured at left, in jungle camogear for inner-city Miami raids-- Stop laughing!) has "foiled" an "Al Qaida- like" terror plot in Miami's Liberty City area. The FBI stormed an empty warehouse and found...Nothing.No bombs. But the FBI says they're terrorists, and the FBI is run by honorable men.No bomb-making equipment. But the FBI says they're terrorists, and the FBI is run by honorable men.No links to Al Qaida. But the FBI says they're terrorists, and the FBI is run by honorable men.According to reports, the group in question is called The Seas Of David. Weird name for a Muslim terror group? Uh, yeah. But the FBI says they're terrorists, and the FBI is run by honorable men.
This particular lunatic even mocks the cammo fatigues our brave law enforcement officers wore on the raid because she is insane. I think they look nice.

Update at 06/23/06 8:02 am:
Well it didn't take long for the tinfoil hat brigade to show up:

OK, so throw me in the group who is skeptical about the terraists. I mean, a "plot" to blow up the Sears tower could mean just about anything. Odds are these guys were bad, but mostly harmless, and didn't have much capability. Remember the Canadian terraists who were supposedly going to chop off the Prime Minister's head? Yeah.

But then I gots me to thinking. Why the Sears Tower? Yeah, it's a big tall building, but these guys in Miami are dead set on blowing that up? You'd think they had some bigger plans, like the White House, or the Capitol, or maybe the Empire State Building or that old saw, the Golden Gate bridge, you know, easily recognizeable landmarks in the financial or political hubs of our country, or the most recognizable bridge in the country (if not the world). Then I remembered Michael Chertoff, and I did a little reading.

...Turns out that Chicago was one of only a few cities that received a boost in Homeland Security Protection money. And guess what other city is on that list? Yep. Miami. So, while there's this big ol' uproar about the lack of protection for New York and DC, we suddenly find seven Muslims living in a Miami warehouse who are dead set on blowing up a big building in Chicago? Hmm

Hmmmm indeed. Maybe the islamoterrorists in Miami really were going to blow up a big building in Chicago. Maybe they were going to put the explosives in shampoo bottles. Or anthrax. Maybe they were going to put anthrax in shampoo bottles in Chicago outside the Sears Tower. So there.

Update at 06/23/06 8:04 am

Corrected the times on the updates.

Update at 06/23/06 8:17 am

Who exactly is this 'Anonymous' who mentioned an attack on the Sears Tower on June 7th?

Several recent articles discuss the likelihood for staged terror attacks to soon occur, as a pretext for attacking Iran. The upcoming World Cup and Sears Tower are mentioned as possible targets. Larry Silverstein, confessed WTC-7 demolisher, is reportedly now involved with the management of the Sears Tower.

Could it be that Anonymous knows more than he/she/it is telling us?

Update at 06/23/06 9:39 am

Tom Ridge weighs in:

"For every (Osama) bin Laden, there's a bin Laden wannabe. And for every al-Qaida, there's a like organization," Ridge said Wednesday in Pittsburgh.

It's good to know that there is only one bin Laden wannabe and only one al-Qaida wannabe out there. Now, its obvious that all we have to do is find them and then the War on Terror will be over.

Update at 06/23/06 9:45 am:

Are the Miami 7 in Gitmo yet?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Gotta have faith!


It's time to rethink our support of W

I'm speechless. How . . . how could he?

Respected and reliable source Wayne Madsen reports that Bush and Condi are doing the nasty. The Daily Kos mentions it, so it must be true.

I feel for the children. No, not Jenna and not-Jenna, but the wee darkie children George and Condi will surely spawn.

For shame.

-- Mal!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Get out yer tin foil hats

Part 1:

Part 2:

People who don't believe the official version of 9/11 are idiots. Even my arch-enemy Kos agrees! Get with it, moonbats, or we'll fly planes into you! Um, I mean, the terrorists will!

Wednesday Afternoon Toxic Waste Site

The Jihadi Army of One

Is there anything that can stop the religious war being waged against us? Solo jihadist Mujtaba Rabbani Jabbar shot an innocent American in a movie theater and his family prayed about it. Of course it was part of the jihad. Ignore all that stuff about mental illness and "isolated incident".
The man accused of shooting and killing a stranger in an Owings Mills movie theater was a "good guy" but suffered from mental illness, the 24-year-old suspect's family said yesterday.

"This was a great shock to our family and to those who knew my brother," Gul A. Jabbar, the sister of suspect Mujtaba Rabbani Jabbar, said in a written statement on behalf of the family. "This is a time of great grief."...

Mujtaba Jabbar is charged with shooting Paul Schrum, a 62-year-old medical supplies salesman from Pikesville, as Schrum watched X-Men: The Last Stand on Thursday night, according to police. About 20 minutes into the film, a gunman stood up, ordered everyone to get on the floor and fired four shots.

Afterward, police say, Jabbar placed the handgun on a counter in the lobby, told theater management he had shot someone and waited for officers to arrive. He is charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bail.

"My brother is a good guy, he hated lying, cheating and hurting anyone," Gul Jabbar, a 20-year-old college student, said in the statement. "He was also mentally ill and our family tried our best to get him the treatment, but he refused." Because doctors said he wasn't a threat to himself or anyone else, the family couldn't force him to get help, she said.

"He just wanted to handle it himself, but he couldn't," his sister said. His illness, which she believes developed in recent years, was never diagnosed...

Gul Jabbar said her parents, who did not want their names used, spoke to their son on the phone after the incident.

"He doesn't really understand what he did. I personally don't think he knows where he is and what's going on. He's very confused," his sister said.

"We know that he has been mentally suffering and it is so horribly sad that someone's life was taken by him," she wrote in the statement. "Our prayers are with Mr. Schrum's family."

Devious Iraqis Whine About Convictions

So, these Iraqis are over here working for our money and sending it all back to Iraq. Of course we are going to raid their houses, confiscate their money, threaten their families and convict them under the Patriot Act -- They are ArabsIslamofascists!

But these particular ArabsIslamonazicommies are tricky. Somehow, they have persuaded hundreds of their neighbors that they are innoncent of terrorism -- as if anyone with a name like Noroly, Rashid, Abdullah or Qambari could be innocent.

The Kurds say their American idyll darkened after the 2001 terrorist attacks. The FBI began visiting and asking questions, as it did of many Muslims across the nation. The defendants said they told investigators about their transfers and were told not to worry. No one told them that the law involving money transmission had changed, they said.

Before 2001, the section of the U.S. criminal code under which the men were charged applied to those who operated money-transmitting businesses and knew they were doing so illegally. Under the Patriot Act, operators no longer have to know they are transmitting money illegally.

Federal authorities have since targeted unlicensed money-transfer businesses, sometimes called hawalas. From late 2001 through mid-September 2005, investigations resulted in the arrests of 155 people nationwide, 142 indictments and the seizure of $25.8 million. Some immigrant groups say that their relatives' financial lifelines have been cut off in the process.

In August 2004, agents raided several Kurdish homes in Harrisonburg. In October 2005, agents arrested the four men.

Through spokesmen, the U.S. attorney for the Western District of Virginia and the FBI, which led the investigations, declined to comment. Dean Boyd, a spokesman for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, said it does not matter whether unlicensed transmitters help criminals - they are soft targets all the same...

Kakahama Askary, a Kurd who is imam at the Islamic Center of Shenandoah Valley and a professor at James Madison University, and his wife, Christi Kramer, were so rattled by the cases that they invited a few acquaintances to meet the defendants over tea. Word spread, and dozens came.

A committee formed, called Standing With Our Neighbors.

Some wrote letters to the federal prosecutor. Students at Eastern Mennonite University made a documentary about the town's Kurdish residents, which played in April to two packed showings at a downtown theater. Members of one Mennonite church have made plans to hold hands in a circle around the outside of the courthouse in Harrisonburg during the June 26 sentencing.

Ruth Stoltzfuz Jost, a lawyer who is a Mennonite, wrote an op-ed article for the town paper.

"This is one of the ways God judges us ethically - how do we treat our neighbors?" said Jost. "When we see the government trying to cut people off at the knee like this, it goes down really hard."

Eileen McGruder, a Japanese American physician, said her faith - and the legacy of her ancestors' detention in World War II internment camps while no one came to their aid - drove her to organize activities for Kurdish children at her Methodist church in Harrisonburg. To show them, she said, that "Americans do care."

Even as their fellow Kurds reel from the raids and arrests, and even as they face uncertain futures, the defendants say that message has resonated.

"We were thinking before, I have a brother here and a couple of cousins in another state," said Abdullah. "But now we see we are a big family here."

UPDATE at 06/22/06 2:19 pm
I corrected the article because the Muslims in question are Kurdish and not Arabic. As if it makes a difference.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mission accomplished - Tokyo style!

Japan ordered the withdrawal of its ground troops from Iraq on Tuesday, declaring the humanitarian mission a success and ending a groundbreaking dispatch that tested the limits of its pacifist postwar constitution.

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi said the 600 non-combat troops ? deployed in early 2004 ? had helped rebuild infrastructure in the area where they were based, and he pledged further aid to Iraqi reconstruction.

"Today we have decided to withdraw Ground Self-Defense Forces from the Samawah region in Iraq," Koizumi said in a nationally televised news conference. "The humanitarian dispatch ... has achieved its mission."

See? We are turning corners all over the damn place! Plus, it's okay that Japan's leaving, 'cause I heard all they did was send Playstations over.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Stupid Democrats STILL Got No Agenda

This here is the Democrat's new Agenda, and it's pretty lame, yawl:

1. Democrats Repeatedly Voted To "Kill" The PATRIOT Act, yawl! Which means they want terrorists to come on the hell over and kill us all. Stupid Democrats. Who will vote for you when everbody's dead?

2. Democrats Would Allow Tax Cuts To Expire, Allowing A $2.4 Trillion Tax Increase. And I hate tax increase. I don't want to pay for no public stuff like roads and parks. That all should be free, yawl. It's my rights as an American to not pay too much taxes but get all sorts of free things like schools and sewage.

3. American Families Would Be Spending At Least An Additional $950 On Gasoline Each Year. But not if they get rid of there SUV's I guess. But why should a good American have to give up his or her SUV?

4. Dem Leaders Will Not Back Away From Possibility Of Impeachment. Now this hear is stupid yawl. You can't impeech a man appointed by our dear Lord! God done TOLD President Bush he gotta invade Iraq and that he's the President. So give it up, stupid Democrat Nancy Pelosi!

5. Leader Of The "Abramoff Democrats", Sen. Harry Reid Is Marked By Ethical Problems. I think he's the only one of this party - the Abramoff Democrat (I don't put an "s" 'cause Reid is the only one) - but EspellaHumanzee told me it so it must be true.

6. Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) At Center Of A Bribery Scandal for freezin his money.

7. Rep. James Moran (D-VA) Promises His Constituents Goodies (now I sort of like this as I don't have no representative giving me nothing).

8. Dems Want To Dump Prescription Drug Program and I likes my perscription drugs yawl!

9. Democrats Would Hold Up President Bush's Judicial Nominees. Again: Stupid libruals!

10. Democrats Repeatedly Say "No" To One Million Barrels Of Oil Per Day. I say "YES!" to oil!

11. Democrats Fighting Over Leadership Positions Even Before a Election Takes Place, like a bunch of stupid kids yawl.

They ain't gone rest yawl - Not rest until every man, woman, and child in America is a Gay Devil Worshiper. It's a sad shopping list of muddled thinking and cowardly stuff yawl, 'cause they is stupid libruals who hate God and Espella told me so.

Sunday Morning Green Zone

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday Night Yak Sack

Don't these al Qaidas know we done blow'd up Zarqawi?

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Bombers defy security to hit Iraq
Injured man walks from sceneAt least 41 people have been killed and 100 injured in a string of attacks in and around the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

The targets included a minibus, markets and Iraqi security checkpoints.

The attacks came in defiance of a major security clampdown launched in Baghdad on Wednesday, which has seen thousands of extra troops on the streets.

Waaah! Look at me! I got blood on my head! Don't you assholes appreciate the freedom we done delievered to you?

Friday, June 16, 2006

Moonbats lying about our man Ann. I mean, "lady."

The Raw Story | More examples of Coulter 'borrowing liberally' for new Godless book
A blogger who - nearly a year ago - accused conservative pundit Ann Coulter of plagiarism is now making additional claims in regards to her new book which was published only a week ago, RAW STORY has found.

In a series of posts, The Rude Pundit, shows examples of "possible plagiarism" by Coulter in the book, Godless: The Church of Liberalism released last Tuesday (6/6/06) by Random House's Crown Publishing Group.

Keep it up, moonbats. Just admit that your godless and go home.

Conjoined Twins


I feel so sorry for these young women.  Joined at the lips and breasts.  Sometimes you have to wonder what God's great plan is.  Oddly, all my conservative friends disagree with me that they should be separated.

Friday morning stir fry

Looks like poop.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Pow! Take that moonbats!

The kids in my church youth group made this. I am so proud!

Thursday morning Thor and Thanos

Thor & Thanos on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I bet these guys get laid ... a lot!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ann Coulter Eats

NEW YORK - Conservative author Ann Coulter, in the midst of her new book tour for Godless: The Church of Liberalism, snatched a mother's newborn child from her arms last night and swallowed her whole.

Bonnie Seaberg, the mother of six-week old Jennifer, stood in horror as Coulter unhinged her jaw and dropped the infant straight down her gullet. "Yes, I was wearing a 'Gore in '08' button," Seaberg began, teary-eyed, "but it's a free country, isn't it? And that woman, that devil-whore-Nazi-cokehead, spotted me and my little Jenny, stopped reading in mid-sentence, ripped her from my bosom and swallowed her like a grape."

Coulter, in her defense, says, "Look, every audience member who shows up at my book tour must sign a release form. Okay? It specifically affirms that they are not a liberal, are not having liberal thoughts and are not wearing any liberal paraphernalia. Period. I?m very upfront about that. All right?"

Wednesday Night Superfund Site

Vote Woodcock!

Yahoo! News Photo

All you Fascist fans up in Maine better get to the poles polls!  Woodcock is hard on crime and rigid against immigration.  He is a little soft on gay marriage, but he's hard on most conservative issues. 

So, all you good hardcore conservatives, get out there and pull Woodcock's lever!  Pull it early and pull it often!  I can't wait until Woodcock showers Maine with his conservative values.

Eight Held Without Charges

From Michelle Malkin:
Did you know there are seven young Marines and a Navy corpsman sitting in a military brig right now in leg and wrist shackles? despite the fact that they've not been charged with any crime?

The men are in solitary confinement, locked in 8'x8' cells at San Diego's Camp Pendleton, as investigators probe an April 26 incident involving the 3rd Battalion, 5th Regiment, 1st Marine Division. They are behind bars 23 hours a day; family members can only see them through inch-thick Plexiglas. Military blabbermouths have told the press that the service members are suspected of kidnapping and shooting a man in the Iraqi town of Hamdaniya. The Iraqi man's family reportedly came forward seeking payment for his death as media hysteria set in over the separate alleged atrocity in Haditha.

These men - our men - may be innocent. They may be guilty. Charges may or may not be filed this week. But this much is certain: The media leaks and the Murtha-fication of the case are already taking a heavy toll on the troops and their families.

The 460 people being held in Gitmo without charges are beneath our notice.

Wednesday Afternoon Sea Lion

Britian Attacks!

No, not terrorism. But John Bolton.

Last week the U.N. deputy secretary general, a pro-American Briton named Mark Malloch Brown, went public with his Bolton frustrations. He pointed out that the United Nations serves many American objectives, from deploying peacekeepers to helping with Iraq?s elections. Given this cooperation, the powers that be in Washington should stick up for the United Nations rather than threatening to blow it up. They should not be passive in the face of 'unchecked U.N.-bashing and stereotyping.' The Washington Post
And then.

Facing an increasingly hostile group of law students in an Oxford seminar that had somehow gone dreadfully wrong, beads of sweat began to pop out on John Bolton?s furrowed brow. Amidst a rising chorus of taunts, jeers, hisses and outright denunciations, Bolton was swiftly surrounded by his entourage of three American security agents and whisked out the door of the seminar room at Oriel College on Friday, the 9th of June.

Pursued by vocal recriminations from angry and frustrated American students who led the incisive questioning and the equally incisive jeering -- with taunts like, ?You should be doing a better job!? Bolton bolted. He turned sharply on his heel and took flight out the door and then fled down the mediaeval passageway and into the relative safety and calm of his bullet-proof diplomatic limousine, Bolton swiftly headed out of Oxford, rudely foregoing the well-established tradition of lingering to talk with interested members of the audience. Global Research.ca
Bolton was further attacked by The Washington Post, Global Research and, of course, Daily Kos, which printed the stories above. He was then further maligned by the million or so of Washington Post readers who read the article, the 26,000 or so people who read the Global Research article, the 1087 and 242 people who answered the poll on the Daily Kos diary and who wrote comments, respectively, and Mr. and Mrs. Wally P. Moonbat, who agreed over dinner yesterday that Bolton was a wanker and deserved to be booted out of Moonbat Central, the U.N.

I am certain that that noble man has been attacked thousands if not millions of times since then and all because of the British.

Stupid tree hugger

RTE.ie Entertainment - Police remove Darryl Hannah from tree
Police and firefighters have removed actress Darryl Hannah and several other protestors from a walnut tree in a Los Angeles community garden, which is due to be destroyed.

Police moved in to end the protest yesterday after three weeks of campaigning to save the garden.

According to reports, officers used chain saws to cut through the branches and remove the protestors.

I woulda cried a month of Sundays if'n the police had accidentally hacked up these looney tunes moonbat ecoterrorists.

No I wouldn't have.

Get over it, hippies! Your precious little "garden" must be paved over. Don't try to stand in the way of progress! People in Los Angeles need another Starbucks! There are only four on that block!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday Afternoon Masturbating Judge Story

Retired judge goes to trial on charges that he masturbated in open court
http://images.ibsys.com/2004/0907/3712020.jpgA retired Oklahoma judge once considered a "pillar" of his community will fight to regain his reputation next week against accusations that he masturbated and exposed himself on the bench while presiding over four trials. But a lawyer for 59-year-old Donald Thompson says the damage has already been done by the charges against him, which allege that he used a device known as a "penis pump" in the presence of trial witnesses, jurors and court personnel.
I got upset once when I was defending an oil company in a wrongful death trial and I looked up to see the judge playing solitaire on his computer. I won't swear to it, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't using a penis pump.

Real men don't need a penis pump!  Right ladies!

From the AP when the story broke:

Jurors and others in Judge Donald Thompson's courtroom kept hearing
a strange whooshing noise, like a bicycle pump or maybe a blood
pressure cuff. During one trial, Thompson seemed so distracted that
some jurors thought he was playing a hand-held video game or tying
fly-fishing lures
behind the bench.

The explanation,
investigators say, is even stranger than some imagined: The judge had a
habit of masturbating with a penis pump under his robe during trials.


Foster told authorities she saw Thompson use the device almost daily
during the August 2003 murder trial of Kurt Vomberg, a man accused of
shaking a toddler to death. The case ended in a hung jury. The
whooshing sound could be heard on Foster's audiotape of the trial.

This guy must be a Democrat, right?  Probably appointed by Clinton who gave him the penis pump.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday Night Morgue Date Site

I readily admit I stole this idea from Sporty.  It's fun.

Aha! Hamas Killed That Kid's Family!

Houda Ghalia's family was killed by Hamas, as demonstrated by Ethel C. Fenig in The American Drinker Thinker. See! We told you!

And this is why we need to shut down AmTrak

Train derails in Israel; 5 people dead - Yahoo! News
An aerial view of the rescue operations at the site of a derailed train near the central city of Netanya, Israel, Monday June 12, 2006. A train packed with hundreds of passengers hit a pickup truck in Netanya on Monday, causing a locomotive and three carriages to overturn, killing one person and injuring more than 60, officials said. Rescue officials said almost all of the injuries were slight. The dead person was one of five who had been trapped inside an overturned car. (AP Photo/Eli Dassa) Five people were killed and 67 injured in central Israel on Monday when a train carrying hundreds of passengers slammed into a pickup truck, causing a locomotive and three rail cars to overturn, police and rescue officials said

You people will never get me on a train. Never!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday Afternoon Ocean

Cynical Palestinian Girl Manipulates Media

It is suspicious how quickly 10 year old Houda Ghalia has become proficient in manipulating the media since her family was allegedly killed on an alleged Gaza beach allegedly by an Israeli gunboat. Just look at these photos. The first one was allegedly taken at the funeral, but only one person is dressed in black. And why would she be wearing purple if she really was mourning for her family?

Here is the second photo, taken that same day.

All of a sudden, 'Houda' is no longer crying and looks more angry than sad. The offensive top is zipped up and covered by a black jacket. Classic manipulation. Is she really mourning or is it just cynical manipulation of world media to get sympathy for the Palestinian 'cause'.

Moonbats Whine About Gitmo Suicides

Why would the moonbats be so upset that some detainees in Gitmo hung themselves. It's not like there are any innocent detainees - all of them have muslim-type name like Hamoud or Iborn. The lunatic left will try to make the case that since we are the ones 'torturing' them that we are the ones responsible for their deaths.

What insanity. Did those brave Marines down there tie those nooses for those ragheads? Did they use their dogs to scare the jihadists into putting their heads in those nooses? Did they kick the bed or stool out from under those ragheads? And why would they do something like that? Just for fun?

UPDATE at 06/11/06 6:05 pm

According to alicublog, Fox News has wisely announced it would refer henceforth to such suicides as "homicide suicides", to let viewers know that they are actually attacks on Americans.

UPDATE at 06/12/06 12:24 pm

The General has weighed in with an innovative solution to the problem and this article further develops the idea that the suicides were actually an attack on America!

UPDATE at 06/12/06 7:51 pm

This jihadist was so determined to wage asymmetrical warfare on the police... or the bridge... or the bicyclist... or the riverbed (it's hard to tell) that he let nothing stop him!

They're At It Again: First Pigs, Now Bananas.

Another radical islamic terrorist leader is threatening another journalist:
I, my wife and now my kids are examples of those home grown Muslims you're so fearful of turning violent on you, and my message to you is just treat people fairly and we as a country will make it fine though these rough waters. Treat people as inferiors and you can expect someone to put a banana in your exhaust pipe or something.
First, they threaten to poison me and my minions. Now they threaten to use a banana in an unnatural act. Our country is in grave danger as long as radicals such as these are allowed to speak freely.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Idiot Brits

BBC NEWS | UK | Two held in terror raid released
Two men arrested after a raid on a house in east London have been released without charge, Scotland Yard said.

Police questioned two brothers, one of whom was shot during the raid, on suspicion of terrorism involvement.

Mohammed Abdul Kahar, 23, and Abul Koyair, 20, both denied the allegations.

If them Islamofascists was over here in the good ol' U.S. of A., they'd already be in Gitmo, down the memory hole with menstrual blood smeared all over their Korans.

Not enough evidence? The fact that they're names Mohammad and Ahmad is all the evidence you need, you dumb bobbies!

How are we ever going to win the war on terror if the Brits keep asking for things like "evidence" before torturing and killing their batch of Islamofascists?

Blair's getting soft. Kick him out of the Coalition!

It Figures: Betrayal: Yearly Gathering of Moonbats Covered By C-Span

So, the barking mad moonbats are gathering in Vegas to congratulate themselves on being wrong so often along with loser politicians like Barbara Boxer, loser authors like Arianna Huffington and obvious ragheads like Lakshmi Chaudhry. Loser radio 'network' Air America is live streaming the debacle.

It makes me sick that C-Span is televising it. They are supposed to be a public service to the public not to moonbats.

UPDATE: 06/09/06 6:16 pm
Ever-alert commenter Carl reveals the truth: C-Span is funded by head moonbat George Soros. Do I need to connect the dots for you. Can you see now what danger our nation is in. Also, corrected the 'CNN' in the title of this post to C-Span.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Finally, Nazi technology makes a comeback


Cynical-C Blog: The Flying Luxury Hotel
Unlike its dirigible ancestors, the Aeroscraft is not lighter than air. Its 14 million cubic feet of helium hoist only two thirds of the craft's weight. The rigid and surprisingly aerodynamic body?driven by huge rearward propellers?generates enough additional lift to keep the behemoth and its 400-ton payload aloft while cruising. During takeoff and landing, six turbofan jet engines push the ship up or ease its descent.

Sign me up. Seems supremely safe. Best idea I've seen in ages. Probably uses a shitload of gas, too. Rock on!

Thursday Afternoon Illegal Sewage Sludge Lagoon

The site which was visited by RTÉ yesterday is on land owned by Mr John Hanley of Kilbegnet.

Mr Hanley was last night interviewed by Gardaí about a complaint of assault and criminal damage which has been made against him.

The RTÉ camera which was thrown into the sludge lagoon has now been recovered.

Zarqawi dead

Image of Zarqawi's body displayed at US military briefing

Problem solved.  Everything's gonna be just fine now.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It WAS All An Islamofascist Plot

Yesterday my mom came home from her trip to Vegas and got really mad at the panic room I had installed in the living room. She got more mad when she found out I had charged it to the credit cards she left with me for safe-keeping. Of course I can't return the panic room. Maybe I can sell it to Charles.

Is it obvious now that it was all an elaborate raghead plot. Do I need to say more?

UPDATE: 06/09/06 10:45 am
My mom had told me to only use her credit cards in an emergency. Doesn't this sound like an emergency?

Prussian Blue to stay with white Christian mom, not liberal freakshow (yet somehow white) dad

There was bitter custody battle in a Valley courtroom with two young white supremacists at the center of it all. The twins have gained national attention for their hate-filled concerts.

The parents of the Gaede twins have been in a bitter custody dispute. The girls' father thinks they are being poisoned by their mother, a self-professed white seperatist.


Lynxe and Lamb Gaede ? the 13-year-old twins from Fresno County ? perform at white supremacist gatherings around the country. Together, they are called "Prussian Blue" and are managed by their mother, April Gaede.


"I'm a racist ... I believe there are differences in races. Everybody's a racist. There are two kinds of people. Those who deny being racist, and then the honest folks," said April Gaede.


But Kris Lingelser says he's a changed man, and wants custody of the girls to teach them there's a better way to live, "I would hope that they could see a white separatist attitude, where whites and blacks and Mexicans and everybody needs to live in their own separate universe is not healthy."

But the judge ruled their mom, April Gaede would retain custody and could keep the girls at her new home in Montana.

Imagine the nerve of some people. Wanting to teach your daughters that whites and blacks and Mexicans shouldn't be separated. That's just crazy. Look how crazy it is in New York!

Blah blah blah. Blah blah blah.

I'm so glad Lynxe and Lamb will keep filling the air with sweet racist music. I wonder how much longer it will be before April will be looking for a man of good white stock to help the girls with their true purpose: incubators for the new white army. They're 13, so I'm guessing it will be a few months.

Until then, I'll just enjoy listening to them croon about the evil of the Jews on my iPod.

Good times. Good times.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday Night Manta Ray Attack

Eco-terrorists steal government monkey

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Orangutan 'rescued' in Phnom Penh
The rescued animal being held by wildlife activist Nick MarxWildlife activists in Phnom Penh have rescued an ailing orangutan from a government official who was taking it across the Cambodian capital in a taxi.


WildAid activist Nick Marx confirmed the ape was "extremely sick" and said the group conducted the raid because orangutans are an endangered species.

Nick Marx, huh? Tom Stalin and Harry Lenin too busy to help out, Eco-Terror-Commie?!

Save Joop? To hell with Joop! This is an affront to capitalism and private property rights, and if you all don't realize that, you don't deserve to keep your goddamned monkeys either.

When the Republicans and Libertarians form their grand coalition after the elections in November, their agenda should be about two things:

  1. Stop the queers from marrying.
  2. Stop the eco-terror-commies from stealing my goddamned monkeys!
The end!