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Friday, June 23, 2006

Al Queda Alive and Well in the United States

All those naive moonbats should be trembling in their boots at the news that Al Queda was planning on blowing up another very tall building, the Sears Tower in Chicago. But since there is no elevated terror alert, they must be thinking it's just a bunch of kids like them playing at being jihadists

WASHINGTON - A group of young men seized in a Miami warehouse have been charged in a federal indictment with conspiring with al-Qaida to "levy war against the United States" by committing acts of violence including blowing up Chicago's Sears Tower.

Of course the conspirators were Muslims.

Residents said FBI agents spent several hours in the neighborhood showing photos of the suspects and seeking information. They said the men had lived in the area for about a year.

Benjamin Williams, 17, said the group sometimes had young children with them. At times, he added, the men "would cover their faces. Sometimes they would wear things on their heads, like turbans."

But the managers of the Sears Tower must be moonbats because they aren't even concerned. Workers went to work in the building today as if something only very minor had happened

Managers of the Sears Tower, the nation's tallest building, said in a statement they speak regularly with the FBI and local law enforcement about terror threats and that Thursday "was no exception."...

"Law enforcement continues to tell us that they have never found evidence of a credible terrorism threat against Sears Tower that has gone beyond criminal discussions," the statement said.

In Chicago early Friday, people headed to work in the Sears Tower knew about the potential threat but didn't plan to change their routines.

They must be living in some sort of moonbat dream world. It's only a matter of time before the vast caches of explosives the Miami jihadists have squirreled away are found. The huge quantities they have no doubt hidden in the Miami area will make Saddam's WMD's look like a handful of shells left over from the war with Iran. Then we will see some elevated terror level warnings. Probably this Fall. Sometime before the elections probably.

Update at 6/23/06 7:33 am:

Even the neighbors are hoping against hope that the group is just a 'militia' or 'cult'.

Residents living near the warehouse said the men taken into custody described themselves as Muslims and had tried to recruit young people to join their group. Tashawn Rose, 29, said they tried to recruit her younger brother and nephew for a karate class.

She said she talked to one of the men about a month ago. "They seemed brainwashed," she said. "They said they had given their lives to Allah."

These jihadists were trying to recruit vulnerable young people from the neighborhood. Do I have to connect the dots.

Update at 06/23/06 7:37 am:

As recently as a month ago, the terrorists were still eager about carrying out their evil scheme.

But on May 24, the indictment said, Batiste told the "al-Qaida representative" that he was experiencing delays "because of various problems within his organization." Batiste said he wanted to continue his mission and his relationship with al-Qaida nonetheless, the document said.
And yet nobody seems to be taking this threat seriously.

Update at 06/23/06 7:40 am:

Those crafty Islamofascists are learning that we are onto their name game. They are using a variety of types of names now, only a few of which sound Arab:

In addition to Batiste and Augustin the defendants were identified as Patrick Abraham, or "Brother Pat"; Stanley Grant Phanor, or "Brother Sunni"; Naudimar Herrera or "Brother Naudy"; Lyglenson Lemorin, also known as "Brother Levi" or Brother Levi-El"; and Rotschild Augustine, or "Brother Rot."

This is Jose Padilla all over again, I bet. Nobody thinks he's an Islamonazicommie since he doesn't have an Arabic name. But what about those Kurds in Pennsylvania the Feds arrested for being terrorists? Do you know another name for Kurd is Peshmergia. Sounds pretty Muslim to me.

Update at 06/23/06 7:42 am

The Kos Kiddies finally weigh in and don't think there is much to this threat to our national security and very way of life itself.

What else? Oh, yes. The early reports on these guys show that they were "unusual." They slept in a warehouse. They were "cultist." They wore "military style clothes" and "kept to themselves." BOOOOOOOOOO! Scary, huh? How did they support themselves? "They sold shampoo and hair grease on the street." Sounds like a pretty high tech operation, doesn't it?
It doesn't have to be high-tech to be deadly. Wonder what kind of shampoo they sold. And more importantly, did they use it themselves.

Update at 06/23/06 7:47 am:

More moonbats are saying this valient deterrence to future terror attacks on America is just a sham.

By now, you've probably heard that the FBI (pictured at left, in jungle camogear for inner-city Miami raids-- Stop laughing!) has "foiled" an "Al Qaida- like" terror plot in Miami's Liberty City area. The FBI stormed an empty warehouse and found...Nothing.No bombs. But the FBI says they're terrorists, and the FBI is run by honorable men.No bomb-making equipment. But the FBI says they're terrorists, and the FBI is run by honorable men.No links to Al Qaida. But the FBI says they're terrorists, and the FBI is run by honorable men.According to reports, the group in question is called The Seas Of David. Weird name for a Muslim terror group? Uh, yeah. But the FBI says they're terrorists, and the FBI is run by honorable men.
This particular lunatic even mocks the cammo fatigues our brave law enforcement officers wore on the raid because she is insane. I think they look nice.

Update at 06/23/06 8:02 am:
Well it didn't take long for the tinfoil hat brigade to show up:

OK, so throw me in the group who is skeptical about the terraists. I mean, a "plot" to blow up the Sears tower could mean just about anything. Odds are these guys were bad, but mostly harmless, and didn't have much capability. Remember the Canadian terraists who were supposedly going to chop off the Prime Minister's head? Yeah.

But then I gots me to thinking. Why the Sears Tower? Yeah, it's a big tall building, but these guys in Miami are dead set on blowing that up? You'd think they had some bigger plans, like the White House, or the Capitol, or maybe the Empire State Building or that old saw, the Golden Gate bridge, you know, easily recognizeable landmarks in the financial or political hubs of our country, or the most recognizable bridge in the country (if not the world). Then I remembered Michael Chertoff, and I did a little reading.

...Turns out that Chicago was one of only a few cities that received a boost in Homeland Security Protection money. And guess what other city is on that list? Yep. Miami. So, while there's this big ol' uproar about the lack of protection for New York and DC, we suddenly find seven Muslims living in a Miami warehouse who are dead set on blowing up a big building in Chicago? Hmm

Hmmmm indeed. Maybe the islamoterrorists in Miami really were going to blow up a big building in Chicago. Maybe they were going to put the explosives in shampoo bottles. Or anthrax. Maybe they were going to put anthrax in shampoo bottles in Chicago outside the Sears Tower. So there.

Update at 06/23/06 8:04 am

Corrected the times on the updates.

Update at 06/23/06 8:17 am

Who exactly is this 'Anonymous' who mentioned an attack on the Sears Tower on June 7th?

Several recent articles discuss the likelihood for staged terror attacks to soon occur, as a pretext for attacking Iran. The upcoming World Cup and Sears Tower are mentioned as possible targets. Larry Silverstein, confessed WTC-7 demolisher, is reportedly now involved with the management of the Sears Tower.

Could it be that Anonymous knows more than he/she/it is telling us?

Update at 06/23/06 9:39 am

Tom Ridge weighs in:

"For every (Osama) bin Laden, there's a bin Laden wannabe. And for every al-Qaida, there's a like organization," Ridge said Wednesday in Pittsburgh.

It's good to know that there is only one bin Laden wannabe and only one al-Qaida wannabe out there. Now, its obvious that all we have to do is find them and then the War on Terror will be over.

Update at 06/23/06 9:45 am:

Are the Miami 7 in Gitmo yet?
Make ein comment?

Comments on "Al Queda Alive and Well in the United States"


Blogger Left of Center said ... (Friday, June 23, 2006 10:52:00 AM) : 

I saw an interview with one of the members of the miami group that wasnt arrested. The guy should be in a home for the mentaly handicapped. These guys dont seem capable of making a spaghetti dinner let alone a bomb of any kind. I find the new intrusions by our government into our finances more interesting.


Blogger Sporty said ... (Friday, June 23, 2006 11:03:00 AM) : 

Are you crazy? Nothing is more important than catching actual Islamofascists! Tracking the money is just the way our government is doing it.

For example, how did the 9-11 terrorists buy their plane tickets? With money! And what did the Miami 7 ask for?


You see?


Blogger Carl said ... (Friday, June 23, 2006 11:45:00 AM) : 

Vere dese "terroreests" not home-grown (i.e. leeberals who vere angry dat dere haff been no more attacks on Amerikkkan shoil since 9/11, to embarass der Fuhr-- I mean, der President)???


Blogger Sporty said ... (Friday, June 23, 2006 1:03:00 PM) : 

Exactly. It's obvious that the moment those kids converted to islam that they became Islamofascists. You see?

And I just realized that left of center used the word "our finances" when describing the terrorism fighting targets of our government.

That means left of center is an islamofascist, also. So, it should be the Miami 8. Right?


Blogger Richie McWhite said ... (Friday, June 23, 2006 1:37:00 PM) : 

I heard these guys were Branch Davidians, in which case I fully support them against this government intrusion into their lives. If, on the other hand, they are Muslims, then they deserve to be beaten about the heads and necks with broken bottles


Blogger Salmonella5000 said ... (Friday, June 23, 2006 9:12:00 PM) : 

One of them Little Green Fascists done wroted:

"They must be living in some sort of moonbat dream world. It's only a matter of time before the vast caches of explosives the Miami jihadists have squirreled away are found. The huge quantities they have no doubt hidden in the Miami area will make Saddam's WMD's look like a handful of shells left over from the war with Iran. Then we will see some elevated terror level warnings. Probably this Fall. Sometime before the elections probably."

* * *

Citizen, I agree with you something powerful! Those Miami terrorists may not have the wharwithall capacity-wise to make spaghetti but they found manuals in the "bunker" (that's what they called it on Fox News today) that probably teach you how to make a bomb out of macaronie and cheese! Believe me, technology has changed vastly since Clinton left office. You mention how the terrorists don't have Isalmic names anymore? It's true! This was secret but now we know that al Qaeda tried to recruit some technicians from the labs at Kraft Foods North America last month, becasue those technis know how to make explosives from everyday stuff like powdered cheese and islamic vinegar!

I know, I know, maybe we should wait a couple minutes before we start putting the ni**er notches on our six-shooters be-cau--se:

There is roughly half a million (!) African Americans crammed into Liberty City and we just don't know what kind of a powderkeg we are looking at down there with all that poverty and dead-endingness, thanks to liberal social welfare and taxation, the ACLU, the alliGAYtors, porous borders and the MSM.

Remember this fact, too:

"In 1980, the infamous Liberty City Riots broke out after an unpopular verdict in a 1979 case of white-on-black police brutality. The acquittal of five white police officers that beat a black motorist to death sparked the violence. By the time the rioting ceased the following morning, over 850 people had been arrested and 18 people lost their lives, including eight whites and ten blacks." -Wikopoedia

Our law enforcement better tread lightly around this and so should we since we don't want the whole African American popluation of America turning into insurgents with their boots on the ground in Hometown USA.

I wonder if Charlie Manson was right about the coming of Helter Skelter? An eerie similarity? Well, isnt' it?

But carry a big stick like President Reagan said.


Blogger Sporty said ... (Sunday, June 25, 2006 7:39:00 AM) : 

Great! Now we have to worry about riots, too. Those islamofascists won't rest until each one of us is dead or tortured.

I say we just nuke Liberty City and clean out the whole hornet's nest.


Blogger Carl said ... (Sunday, June 25, 2006 2:06:00 PM) : 

Salmonella, are dey shaying dat der Iraqi WMDs vere in Miami der whole time?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Sunday, June 25, 2006 4:30:00 PM) : 

If we had nuked Liberty City instead of arresting those terrarists, then we would have gotten all the terrarists and we would all be safe.


Blogger Betty Jo Goering said ... (Monday, June 26, 2006 4:10:00 PM) : 

Man instead of denying this was a real terrist group, them moonbat mofo libruals should be thanking Our Lord and President George W. Bush for saving they greasy-haired patchooli wearing asses. But they won't. No, they'll just say that these guys wasn't Al Kida to begin with. See that's how Moonbats is, yawl.

Now the mofo librual tree huggers is also saying that the President hisself set this up to cover that there banking spying story (which is perfectly legal yawl). Shame on the moonbats!


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