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  • Breaking: The General Gets Racy
    > Shporty,

    Zu needs to take ein cold zhower. Dachau hast ein free vun at der moment.
    > Is that an invitation, Carl?
    > Mein ist NOT gay!
    > I don't mind that, Carl!
    > Shporty, mein is t'inking you're trying to shay someding here...
    > What?
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  • Israel - 534 Terrorists - 52
    > Well, I thought it was funny...
    > Komen on, Israel! Only 90 more und mein vin der toaster!
    > Sporty,

    My guess is that lopsided nature of the 'game' made people lose interest. Otherwise, the commentary was spot on but then again, what do I know? I am just a stupid guy with an Arabic-sounding name.
    > Thanks, Imad.

    Even if you are a disturbed moonbat mental patient!
  • All Gott's Creetures Luff Us
    > Damn those llama killing terrorists.

    Bet you could feed an Army with a couple o' them buggers on a spit!
    > Carl,

    Thank you for connecting two the many dots in the International Islamonazifascist Conspiracy! It is truly horrifying to know that 3 innocent llamas died for Israel.

    We should all take a moment of silence to honor those brave animals!
  • Israel - 519 Terrorists - 51
    > Mein had 12-1 odds! Hurry up Israel!
    > Women and children? An hour in the penalty box.
    > One hour equals 30 seconds in IDF time.
    > Well I dont like the look of that scoreboard. do you think you guys could do an interview with Ehud Goebbels?
    you guys r0ck
  • The Newest Threat to Our Military:
    > Shporty, det's some might fine investigimating you did for dis piece.

    Tell me, how in-depth ver you?
    > See, community theater is bad, but it's nothing compared to the damage to the civilization inflicted by, say, Andrew Lloyd Webber.
    > Carl,

    What ever do you mean?

    And Karl,

    What exactly is wrong with ALW?!
    > Shporty, mein just vanted to know how far under der covers you went to dig dis shtory up!
  • Shporty Hast Hees Pelotas...
    > Carl,

    What does this have to do with Jai Alai?

    Plus, I am NOT gay!
    > Mein vas makink no comments about der gai alai, Shporty...
    > The hood would be an improvement.
    > Now you are against me, Karl?! After all I've done for the cause?!
    > Shporty! Det comment vuz directed at mein!
    > O.K.! O.K.! But what do black gay Jewish Klansmen do, anyway?

    Burn Stars of David on white Christians' lawns?!
    > Nein, zir, dey are allus mit der aself-hatred und self-flagellayshun...
  • More Whining Out of Lebanon
    > Shporty, obviously, der Lesbianese vorker is t'inking about how barbecued bebe tastes mit der ketchup, vere der American vorker is t'inking about safing hees life.
    > That's a good point, Carl. Also, the American worker is wearing a different kind of jacket and helmet!
    > That American worker is probably a feal good ol' boy. I'll bet he even has a tattoo of the Confederate flag.
    > Please - our terrorists are freedom fighters! Their terrorists are terrorists! Snap out of it people!
    > I feel conflicted. On the one hand, I agree that the baby being white and looking at a different angle in the second picture is very significant. On the other hand, I'm tired of the Jews starting all the wars. Are you guys jews?
    > Nein Mel, ve are not Choose...
    > Welcome Mel!

    Remember, it isn't anti-Semitism if a white guy says it!
  • Breaking: New York Times Even More Treasonous Than It Was Before!
    > Der Lamont zound Franch, like der Freedom Fawn. Must be gay.
    > Carl,

    He does look a little gay. But I am NOT gay.
    > I'll agree Sporty - he looks gayer than you. But just a smidge.
    > Mein is tinking Lamont looks a LOT gayer den Shporty.
    > I am NOT gay!
    > Nein, Shporty, you'rrrrrrrre nein gay....
    > Thank you, Carl!
  • Zome Gut News!
    > Normally I don't even like to think about Dubya being impeached. But I have to admit that these reasons are unassailable!

    It's good to know he's safe.
    > Jah, mein had der shame feelink Shporty.
  • Islamofascists slip extra booze to Jesus's best friend!
    > and of course the Islamohippiefascist "pimp media" merely reports this horrible atrocity against such a god fearing and extremely lucid non-wanker, without any concern for the aid and comfort they give to Our Enemies.

    (I mean, Our Republican Jesus liked a bit o' the grape at times, right?)

    frankly, I'm disgusted. let's pray for Mel and his nine hundred children.
    > Is there no depth to which these Islamofascists won't sink to destroy our very way of life? I don't think so.

    For example, right now I have insomnia. I'm sure it's the Islamonazicommiefascists behind that, too!
    > I have insomnia, too. I knew I shouldn't have taken a drink of your banana daquiri, Sporty.
    > Richie,

    Rufies make you sleepy, not wide awake!

    Anyway, the Gibson plot is worse than we think: According to Mel himself on the scene it was the Jews:
    Arrested on suspicion of DUI in Malibu, Gibson did not go gently into the squad car. Less than overcome with contrition, he conducted his own browbeating interrogation of the arresting officers.

    "Once inside the car, a source directly connected with the case says Gibson began banging himself against the seat. The report says Gibson told the deputy, 'You mother f****r. I'm going to f*** you.' The report also says 'Gibson almost continually [sic] threatened me saying he 'owns Malibu' and will spend all of his money to 'get even' with me.

    "The report says Gibson then launched into a barrage of anti-Semitic statements: 'F*****g Jews... The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.' Gibson then asked the deputy, 'Are you a Jew?'"

    This via way of James Wolcott, who always seems to get to these things first, the dirty Islamocoward!
    > Are ve zure of dat NewsMex headline? Eet zounds more like Gibson vuz holding Schiavo's head. Mebbe he vuz helping Michael Schiavo put der poison in her veins?

    Ve haff to help dis fine example of our philosophies! He vants to elimininate der dying veak people, und he's against der Choos. He is vun of us!

    Mein mean, dat he's, ummmmm, he's ein icon und dat alone zhould get us manning der barricades.
    > Deed he not call zome cop "sugar teets"?

    Betty Cho, ven did you shtart vorking for der man????
    > Mel needs a rest - we're sending him to an undisclosed location for a few years.
    > And now we found out that Mel was going to piss on the floor of his cell, too.

    Those Jewish Islamofascists sure messed him up! And now they have made him apologize. Shame.

    We still love you, Mel!
    > Well, I sure hope Mel spends all his money to get even. That's exactly what a real Christian would do. Like how GW Bush is putting the US in debt to get even with Saddam (the leader of al-Qaeda). Jesus has lots of money. He will reimburse America and Mel.

    God Bless mother f***ing America!
    > Actually, they got me because I was practicing my the commands of my religion. For that, I will be persecuted. Or prosecuted, rather.
    > We still love you, Mel!

    I am NOT gay!
    > Mel,

    Dere ist not vun of us who hast not partaken of ein beet too much of der Lord's Blood ritual now und den. Ve shupport you!
  • Will Defeatists At Home Defeat Us?
    > Why does 52% of America hate America?

    And don't worry about Armitage - we've planted a tracking device.
    > O.K. How about Pollack, Karl? He sounds as if he's a defeatist, also.
    > Who you callin a Pollack? Ain't that un-PC? Now, if you was calling someone a arab terrist that'd be a differnt story altoogether.
    > So, are we going to bomb California and New England?
    > Richie,

    Just let me know if you do so I can evacuate on some Carnival Cruise ship!
    > Mein tinking ve zhould draft der 52% into der Wermacht, und let dem zee first hand vot der troops are facing! All dose bombs, und dose terrorismists attacks und dose hours und days of playing canasta und watching TV, drinking der Iraqi beer!

    Mein gott! Der Iraqi beers!!!! IRAQI beers!

    Vy do dey hate us zo?!?!?!
  • They Have First Class Accomodations And All They Do Is Whine
    > Looks like a Carnival Cruise to me!
    > Could have been worse, they could have been water-boarded all the way.

    There's always one person who can find some little something wrong.
    > Great idea PoP! I'm going to implement for all our reditions - now we'll do them on ships with waterboarding 24/7. Or maybe just an old fashioned keel haul.
    > Whiners indeed. I woulda given my gorgoeus hairdo to be on a cruise in July. But no. These spoilt people who shouldn't a been in the middle east in the first place now is all crying whah because they had to leave. What REAL american goes to a vacation in Lebanon? They's probly all terrists anyhow yawl.
    > Tventy hours of gambling und booze und cruising der Meditarreanean?

    Vot a bunch of poosees!
    > I'll never see that man again! Er... I mean read! I'll never read that man again!
    > Something on your mind Sporty?
    > Karl,

    I am NOT gay!
    > I can't tell from the photo - give me a call at my private number, and we'll meet to discuss this. You know - the old same place.
    > Man. What is that guy crazy. I ask you? Why does he say one thing, then another thing, that criticizes the first thing? Ain't that sorta hippocritical? Aw yawl... maybe he's just senile. He look pretty old.
    > Karl,

    I'm there! I love that old place!
    > Don't choo guys mean der old Same place? Eet's around beck. Here's the key.

    Betty Cho, mein t'inking BooHoo ist gettink senile. Ve should put heem in zome zort of camp to izolate heem from der pipples. Zomzing mit zhowers.
  • Breaking: Now We Will Win In Iraq!
    > We've even found them a couple of Hummers, and most of the armor is intact!
    > Cool! You are the greatest, Karl! Now, can we also bomb the hell out of those semen-encrusted fakers at LGF2?
    > I thought we was supposed to win back on June 14th. In a post it said that. So now this time you better not be joking yawl. I'm gittin tired of waiting! Let's win already yawl!
    > Betty Cho, dis promise ve veel keep!

    Und der next time ve must make dis promise, ve veel keep dat vun too.
  • Mein Kine Pitcher!
    > Yikes! Calm down, Carl, and put down the gun. I was only joking about banning you, man!

    > Hey woo! Thet there scairt me yawl!!
    > Aw, Betty Cho, mein didn't mean to shcare you!

    Now come over here und zit by mein und let mein wraps mein arms around you...haff you lost veight dear? I can almost reach mein fingers togesser...
    > Hey Carl!

    What about me? I was scared too, you know!
    > OK, Shporty...mein hast two arms...
    > Thank you, Carl!
  • Maniacal Moonbat Madwoman Terrorizes Innocent Texas Town... Again!
    > I'm surprised that Honorable and Christian defender of all things good M(r)s. Andrew Coulter hasn't come out and called this exactly what it is:

    blantant ejoyment of her son's death for personal gain.

    > Vy doesnt zhe chust go avay! Move to zome remote Texas town novhere near annating, maybe like Vaco or somevere round dere!
    > cindy is looking a little pudgy. Proly needs to go on a diet or fast or something.
    > Yeah how that moonbat git so chunky on a hunger strike yawl? I think somethin's fishy. Like yesterday I was out shoppin at the mall and some girl in a t shirt with flowers and water all over it asks do I want to help save the envierment from global warming? I hadda spit on her and march away. Damn I hate sneaky mofo libruals. Just don't get me started yawl. Maybe I'll cruze down to Crawford and beat that Mamma Moonbat upside her dumb librual mofo haid!
    > A lib wit a sense of humor. Cool. I knew there hadta be one somewhere, yawl.
    > Vy dose dis Chew, Freedom Fawn, hate us zo? Calling us leeberals....Shporty, ve must liqvida...mein mean, ban heem.
    > Carl,

    Unlike that imposter, Charles Johnson, we always warn before we ban. So, Freedom Fan, consider yourself warned!

    Betty Jo comes from a long line of pure bloodlines and is the most patriotic anti-terrorist I know.

    And you look kind of Islamofascist, dude, with that beard, robe and staff and all. Who do you think you are -- Moses?

    You better watch it!
    > Mein ist t'inking Freedom Fawn ist ein Cindy Cheehan operatiff, coming in here to steer up ze sheets...det Sheehan, she's a grief hoar, jah? Mein hast never zeen zomeone make zo much money off zomeone's deat'!
    > Betty Jo comes from a long line of pure bloodlines...

    I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds really creepy... especially when interspersed with carl's German dialect.

    Hey you folks want a free discussion here about as much as Brad. Winter Patriot just banned me for making his goofy Diebold myth look utterly foolish.

    Coincidentally, your first amendment hero glenn greenwald just zapped all the user comments in the course of installing haloscan. The old sock puppet master is the biggest joke on the internet.

    So why doncha quit the charade and ban me already? Then when carl comes back to Lydia Cornell's site, we can fairly point out what flaming hypocrites "yawl" are.

    On the other hand, carl proly won't be back. I doubt he likes getting his clock cleaned regularly by Conservatives in an open discussion. You folks inevitably lose every time; that's why almost all lib sites are nothing more than echo chambers.
    > Freedom Fan,

    Maybe you'll catch on after a little while. Whether you do or not, it'll be fun to watch. Already, I've laughed and laughed!

    And as for Glenn and his rabid sock-puppet army taking over the internets, it's old news, dude.

    Also, we know all about Carl. Isn't he frisky?

    Try again.
    > freedom fan, you're kidding, right? You do know this is a wickedly satirical blog, don't you? You do? Oh. Never mind.
    > This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  • Ein Shmart Ragpicker
    > Carl,

    I think the word you were looking for is 'raghead' not ragpicker. Otherwise, I just want to note that now music has been taken over by the Islamofascist terrorists.

    When will this carnage stop?
    > You make Bomb-ade??
    > all we are saying is give bombs a chance.

    sounds like freedom on the march to me.

    wonderful, wonderful.

    and bad taste? those buses were probably laden with explosive devices intended to derail Democracy and it's Weapons of Peace.

    > Mein deedn't vant our fain blog to be miztaken for dat poor imeetashun, Lil Gay Footballs, zo mein used der poleetically correct term...
    > Bombsade...yuckyuckyuck, mein Fuhr--mein mean mein gut freund!
  • Breaking: Islamofascists Infiltrate Scottish Government
    > Mein bettink he looks cuten in hees keelt!
    > You see, Carl. You're gay. And an Islamolover to boot.

    Watch it or I will delete all your comments and ban you!
    > Mein not gay! Mein like der Shpartan wrestling and evat'ing!
  • Now, how am I supposed to feel about this?
    > How many times do I have to explain this simple concept. If the Jews are fighting the Islamoterroristnazis, then they are good.

    If they are not fighting the Islamonazicommiefascists, then they are bad.

    This case is confusing since this organization's charter says it supports the survival of Israel, but it sounds like they were more or less funding different Jewish social programs. So, they are bad since they weren't sending bombs to Israel or blowing up mosques or anything.

    Plus, the shooter was a Pakistani, so is one of our allies. Got it?
    > Oh, and your beer is falling over.
    > Out of curiosity, how do we know that he is a Pakistani? All the news websites I have scoured over the internet say he is a U.S. citizen, nothing more.

    Do we really want to blame one of our allies when we need their help to bomb Iran?
    > Zo der manm doink de shooting vuz ein ally of der Axis, but de pipples being zhot vere Choose who are alzo allies of der Axis, so...mein brain hurts!
    > Who cares as long as he's not the one that has to sign the check for the jets we're selling them.
    > Imad,

    Early reports indicated the shooter was a Pakistani. If he isn't, then we hate him also for being an Islamofascist terrorist.
    > Mebbe dot's vy he vast een Seattle, mein Reichsminister...he vuz getting his boeing-boeing on?
    > Now my haid hurts. Thanks a lots, yawls.
  • Let's Bomb Iran!
    > Vy dost dat zound like der teem from der Hogan's Heroes?

    Dat shows vuz ein docoomentary, by der vay, but eet vuz edited und photoshoppt to make der Chermans look shtoopid!

    For ein sample, Schultz never said "Mein sees Nossing!". He said "Mein sees ein shtoopid homozexual American captain making babies mit der shtoopid Australian engineer!"
    > Aw, I dint know that President Bush was starring in a movie. That there's really sweet, yawl.
  • Breaking: U.N. Observers Were Total Wimps
    > Oh! Jah! Ve veel shtop keeling our enamies chust because four leetle fairies in light blue helmets are chust a few miles in der opposite direciton! Zhure!
  • Friday Night Tire Fire
    > quite a stirring sight. makes me feel proud to be alive in a world with a clear vision of its own future.

    *wipes away a patriotic tear*
    > Well said, Chris! Well said.
    > Sporty's gay for Chris!
    > Fred,

    I keep telling you. I am NOT gay.

    Plus, it looks like there is something wrong with his wrist.
    > Mein gettink der franks!
    > it's a war wound from my days with the 101st keyboard kommandos. gotta fight the islamohippiefascists over here, etc. and praise jesus, and so forth.

    and I find sporty imposing in a purely heterosexual, christian way.
    > Herr Cuntingham, you veel feet in chust fine!
    > Imposing. I like that word.

    Fred, I'm NOT into fisting.

    And Chris, So sorry to hear about your war wound. Our casualties have been heavy. Especially lately. So, welcome. If there is anything I can do for you, just ask.
    > *crisp salute*

    good to know where one stands...

    thanks good patriots.
    > That sure is a purty fire. Makes me wanna roast some weenies!
    > Betty Cho, mein brought mein. Vant zome?
  • Ann Coulter Defends Israel!
    > Actually it's a bit north of 42nd, but they should be able to take off the top 10 stories, no problem!
    > Karl,

    I am always amazed by your tactical knowledge. I'm also becoming increasingly amazed by our Ann's ability to weave completely unrelated subjects together without even taking a breath.

    Who else could relate Gore's gayness with U.N. observers being killed? Amazing.
    > Jah, Herr Reichminster....a heet on 42 Shtreet vould only take oud der playground, vere de leettle brown kids run around, tiring zemzelves oud zo ddey can't rob a benk...
    > Mein t'inking Goddess Ann hast ein Chewish boyfriend dis veek, prolly names Sadie.

    Once she zucks all hees blood out, und devours der corpse, she'll be back talking about gay Preshidents und faggy Vice Presidents...
    > Suck out the blood?! I thought she just swallowed them whole.
    > He needs der looobreecashun first...
    > I think Ann is some sort of genious, don't yawl? And she's so damn purty too.
  • Terrorists use weather machines to attack Americans!
    > Global warming = terrorist plot. If it exists, of course, which is doesn't.
    > It's mother-fucking snakes on a mother-fucking plane.
    > Cahn you hear me now, beeyatch? Vy vas zhe callink Pakistan anyvay?
  • Zee? Dey Hatink Us!
    > If this dude is letting his semen sit around long enough to get crusty, he's doing something wrong. It involves either bathing or necrophilia.
    > Mein hast sheen hees blow up rubber doll. Eet's nacrophiladelphia...
    > Fox is all we watch, and LGF is the only blog we read.
    > As far as I'm concerned, we should just ignore those imitationist LGF2'ers until they just go away.
    > You know, the more I think about those LGF2'ers with their poor hygiene and their necrophilia, I just more and more mad.
    > Karl,

    I think we should bomb LGF2. Can you get that set up?
    > Karl? Are you even listening, Karl? We have to bomb LGF2 back to the Stone Age, Karl.
    > Hees, oud buying more planes. May mein take a message?
    > Carl,

    I was talking to Karl!
    > I think they meant us, Carl. Because them imitaters at Little Green Footballs is so stupid. There parody ain't even good. Their probly all mofo librual greasy hairt berkinstocky wearing thangs up in they're.

    Yeah. I say bomb 'em. Lettin crusty semen sit around ain't friendly.
  • Terrorismists Take Over Val-Mart!
    > Fucking Germans.

    No, wait.

    Fucking unions!
    > Don't those Germans know everyday low prices when they see them?
    > I guess they don't Karl. That's just sad yawl.
  • Maniacal Moonbat Fruitcakes Deface The Net
    > Eet zhows dat ve und Israel are better shots, vich means ve are vinninng der var!!!!!
    > Sporty - linking to those websites doesn't help things. We have to keep this going! Once Israel runs out of bombs, who do you think they'll buy from? Pooty Poot? I think not!
    > Karl,

    You can audit me all you want, but I am still going to tell the truth about the fruitcake nutty moonbatty moonbat lunatics!
    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
    > Nice idea with this site its better than most of the rubbish I come across.
    > Keep up the good work. thnx!
  • At Last! Bush Finally Admits it's All Iran's Fault
    > Bomb Tehran! Bomb Tehran! Bomb Tehran! Bomb Tehran!

    Evveybuddy! Zing!
    > Hallo? Ist dis ting on?
    > Carl,

    The lyrics are "Bomb, bomb, bomb, Let's bomb Iran, etc."
    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
    > I like it! Good job. Go on.
    > Interesting site. Useful information. Bookmarked.
  • Al Qaeda Ist Evaywhere!
    > This is an outrage! Where do terrorists hide their suicide belts? Under their clothes!

    This anti-terror officer was just doing his duty. Those Islamofascistcommienazinuts have gone too far this time.
    > British are dumb.
    > Sporty, I'll bet you wouldn't look up their skirts, unless you were hoping to see some little green footBALLS!

    Hahaha! LOL! ROFL!
    > Fred,

    I am NOT gay!
    > Vy ist der former vide receiver for der Oakland Gayders making fun of footsballs?
    > Carl,

    Maybe he is gay
    > What's knickers? Don't they mean "knockers"? Anyways, I woulda busted his ass up good for lookin at my knickers OR my knockers.
    > Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.
  • What is the matter with these people?
    > Exactly - I'm sure the Israelis haven't taken out any fire stations or water works. Those are precision bombs - and I should know, because I sold 'em!
    > Vy ist dat vun guy piszzing on hees friend?
    > The more I think about it, the more I wonder why they didn't have any fire extinguishers handy.

    I keep one in my car and my kitchen. What is the matter with these people that they don't have any fire extinguishers at all?
    > Mein keeps vun in mein pocket.
    > Actually, Carl, I've seen your fire extinguisher and I don't think it would be able to put out much of a fire...

    Unless, of course, it was the fire of desire!
    > Sporty, are you talking about Carl's weiner?



    > Fred,

    I am NOT gay!
    > Frad!

    He ist talkink about mein fire extinguisher!

    Eet ist shmall because eet must feet in mein pocket!
    > youthink its easy trying to drive those pumpers thru the street?

    and once they get there what are they going to hook up to ? you see any water mains going?

    They need to make sure there arent any delayed explosions , or worse they could be beating a flaming gas leak.

    But my bet is somebodies Kibbes caught on fire and they are trying to save lunch..
    > I am sorry, but you have the facts of this story - and the picture - completely wrong. There are reports, being confirmed right now, that terrorists kept the fire fighters at bay with gunfire. Evil at its' worst
    > Very best site. Keep working. Will return in the near future.
  • Terrorismists Sleep Hero Ein Mickey!
    > Testosterone is illegal? What does that mean, no more male athletes?
    > Mizz Cellania,

    Vot dees means ist no more der sexen mit der vanton vimmin before der racink!
    > I thought guys were supposed to have testosterone ...
    > Jah, exsept der bike riders
    > Oh you ignorant fools! It's the level of testosterone which is suspicious. Of course, the fact that he might very well be taking cortisone-type arthritis medication might have something to do with it.

    Although I wouldn't be surprised at all if it was the Islamofascists. They just can't stand to see non-arabs win anything.

    Why haven't we bombed Iran yet?

    Testosterone hast lavals?

    Chust like der Terror T'reat? So dis IS a terrorismist plot!
    > Carl,

    I am NOT gay!
    > Very best site. Keep working. Will return in the near future.
  • Terrorismists Shtrike Again!
    > "Con Edeeson"....sounds Arabic ...

    More Stalinist ...
    > I am sick and tired of the Islamofascists ruining our country... or is that illegal aliens?

    Them too! I'm sick of these other people ruining our way of life. Why haven't we bombed Syria yet?
    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
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  • Now, this is music!
    > She ist vun boooteeful fraulein! Can mein haff her phone number, jah?
    > 1-800-HOT-BOYS
    > Eins-acht-null-null-...

    > I would NOT hit it.
    > This is the kind of degenerative we would deport in the good old days.

    > Interesting site. Useful information. Bookmarked.
  • Terrorists use boob hypnosis to win hearts and minds
    > Ist dere some writing betveen der "B" und der "T"?
    > I'd hit it.
    > I'd hit it.

    With what, RMK? Ken Mehlman's weiner?

    Ha ha ha! LOL!! ROFL!!!

    BTW, those footballs are straining to get out of that Herzbollah's shirt!

    I wonder if they're little and green!

    > Those aren't real. They're C4.
    > Those aren't real. They're C4.

    OK, so maybe you should hit it first ... just to make sure.
    > Who ist dis "Blogenfreude"?

    He musd be ein infeeltraitor!
    > What's Dr. Strangelove doin up in here?

    Why you all wanna hit a nice, smiling young Lesbianese? That ain't too friendly. Men ain't supposed to punch women no matter what side they on. Got it boys? Lay off that there big busted woman!
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  • Recipe For Vorld Dominayshun!
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  • Global Warming You Can Use!
    > No, look close. Behind those gates is hell. Those are the gates of hell, silly.

    Jah volte, mein herr! Ve veel keeck dose shtinky bears out of der country, chust like Shteven Colbert hast assed us too!
    > Ice belongs in my drink and bears belong in the zoo, where suckers pay good money to see them safely penned in where they belong
    We should take advantage of global warming. Manifest Destiny.
    > Absolutely. Besides Peggy Noonan is telling us the the weather being warmer is a good thing.

    Lower heating bills in the winter!
    > Mein hast not needed heat in der Berchtesgar--mein mean, de zummer houze...in ten years!
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  • Israel has the right to kill anyone she wants
    > More Finns vere keeled by der Israelis in dees vun atteck dan Finnish Chews vere during our entire Reich!

    Dis is vorking out perfectly! Ve get reed of der Arabs first, und den de vorld turns eets knives on der Juden!
    > Easy Carl - we need those AIPAC types on our side until the Rapture? ... then things will change.
    > WE need to protect ourselves, too!
    > Very pretty design! Keep up the good work. Thanks.
    > I like it! Good job. Go on.
  • Crazy Moonbat Muslims!
    > I'd hit it.
    > Mein too!
    > Hit it with what, RMK? Jeff Gannon's weiner?
    > Hit it with what, RMK? Jeff Gannon's weiner?

    Not exactly ...
    > Comink from der vide receiver, dot's ein funny yoke!
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    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
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  • Blog Lets Lebanese Armed Forces Weigh In On Lebanese Situation
    > My God! I can see most of her leg! Stone her! Stone her!

    The Old Testament commands it!
    > Oops, after you stone her, pick up the stones and stone me. I accidentally used the Lord's name in vain in my previous comment. Sorry, Lord. I accept your smiting.
    > Well, crap, now you're gonna have to stone me again for posting comments on the wrong post.

    Damn. I need to make sure I own stone industry mutual funds.
    > Our mobile stoning truck is on its way to your house ... stay put!
    > Evaybuddy must get shtoned!
    > Are there any football sized stones in that truck? Little Green Football sized stones? Ha ha! ROFL! LOL!
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  • We must all pray for Arlen Specter ... to die!
    > He'll cave in - he always does!
    > Mein t'ink der libral media misqvoted heem. Mein t'ink he meant he vill marry Sue Bush...
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  • Terrorismists Attack Olympian!
    > First alligator terrorists and now shark terrorists in Florida?! I think we should just bomb the whole state!
    > Bomb the whole state? How do you think we got into power in the first place? Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
    > Whenever my sister almost has her arm bitten off, I think it's cool, too.
    > Ve can't bomb Florida, Shporty? Vot veel ve do mit all der toxic wastes dat ve send down dere every year, like mein parents und grandparents?

    Not all off os can afford to sends our families to Buenos Aires!
    > Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.
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  • Terrorist Trash Cans in St. Louis
    > Dem damned Arabs, dey are using der mind-control now?

    Ve must invade Iraq! Again!
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    > Interesting website with a lot of resources and detailed explanations.
  • Alan Dershowitz Gets it Wrong Again
    > but the former is far more innocent than the latter.

    By implication, a 2-year-old is still guilty of something.

    "Heil Dershowitz, mein Führer!"
    > Dey are Arabs. Ve should not discriminate. After all, det two year old vill grow up raising Katyushka rockets een heest garten, jah?
    > Din't that guy defend that crazy Santa Klaus Von Bulow?
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    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
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  • Breaking: Condi Has Fixed It
    > Out flag is bigger than their flag ...
    > I vant to know eef Condi made her kiss dem trew der grannnie panties or eff she made heem peel dem off mit hees teef?
    > Yep, Condi got it all straightened out. Except from what I hear, they didn't think what she said was what they wanted to hear. Guess she'll have to call Rove and find out what to do next.
    > Guess she'll have to call Rove and find out what to do next.

    I'm not taking her calls.
    > I have heard that she is piloted by an incompetent French.
    > But Patricia,

    They shook hands! That means it's all better!

    Say.... We should send Condi to Iraq again.. and again... and again until that mess is fixed and those Islamonazifascistcommies leave our boys alone.
    > So, which one didn't get the home loan? The black one or the Arab one?
    > Herr McVite,

    Count fingers. Vich ever vun is missink zome, dat's who losed.
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  • Terrormisists Blowink Up New York!!!!
    > Carl,

    How awful for you. The toll terrorism is taking on everyday Americans is something too terrible to behold. We have to do something before more innocent manhole covers lose their lives!
    > That reminds me - increase Montana's terror funding percentage.
    > Karl,

    Good thinking! We wouldn't want that to happen to Billings.
    > Good thinking!

    It's the only kind I do.
    > Very pretty design! Keep up the good work. Thanks.
    > Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.
  • Cherman Ship Sunk In Terrorism Atteck!
    > Carl,

    Did the New York Times have something to do with this?!
    > Jah, mein betting dey publizhed der vereaboutz of der Andrea Doria as eet crossed der Lantic!
    > Sweden is on List #3. We have to finish 1 and 2 first. Relax ...
    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
    > Hmm I love the idea behind this website, very unique.
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  • Chermany Invades France!
    > It's worse than you think, Carl. He was riding for the Swiss team!
    > This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    > But he sure LOOKS German ...
    > Jah, riding for der Shwiss team...vot undercover vork!
    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
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  • Getting in Good With Fox News
    > Congradulations, Shporty! Eet ist gut to see Fox News shtop being part of der LEEBRAL media und moving in our direction.

    Und how tolerant of dem to let you blog dere!
    > Who's the bald ugly guy?
    > I t'ought dat vuz Shporty?
    > Watch it, Carl. I have hair. Plus, at least I'm not a cat!
    > Vy do you hate mein poossy, Shporty?
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    > I like it! Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing this wonderful site with us.
    > Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.
  • So, what?
    > Exactly! These Islamofascist nut jobs are an immense danger to our very way of life.

    Maybe we should invade Egypt now, too.
    > Why fuck around? Let the nukes fall where they may.
    > Der masrhmallowy leebrals must haff let heem out!
    > We got the idea from an episode of Bewitched
    > RMK! You're not supposed to let the liberals know that we draw our foreign policy based on TV Land!
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    > Really amazing! Useful information. All the best.
    > Hmm I love the idea behind this website, very unique.
  • Traitorous Sailor Dirties a Legendary President's Name
    > On board der Reagan, shilly!
    > That filthy sailor is still on board and defiling our favorite President?! How can such a thing be possible?!
    > Jah, mein Fuhr...mein mean, mein freund...he ist shtill shtopping on der poopdick of der Reagan.
    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
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  • Breaking: Hezbollah Has Dirty Bombs and Intends to Use Them
    > Vot are you talkink aboud? Mein has "dirty bombs" alla time ven mein is out at der bar mit Hermann und Betty Cho! You take some yin, und you take der leavings in der olive jar und you meex ein dirty marti--

    Oh. Nebbermin den...
    > I'm impressed with your site, very nice graphics!
    > Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.
  • No Such Thing As Global Warming
    > Shtupeed liberals haff some shtupid ideas about global varmink.
    > Carl,

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. You should be quite proud.
    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
    > Very best site. Keep working. Will return in the near future.
    > This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.
  • Britian Absolutely Agrees with Us About Lebanon and Terrorism
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    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
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  • Demented Islamofascists Blow Selves Up to Take Advantage of Innocent Americans
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  • Proof that Israel is Only Killing Terrorists in Lebanon
    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
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  • Half-Baked Moonbat Head Cases Living in the Past
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  • Old Europeans Trying to End the Fun Before Condi Gets There
    > Old Europe France & Germany and President Jimmy Carter imposed the Frankestine monoster ayatollah Khomeini over Iran by engineering the overthrow of Pahlevi monarchy.
    (1) Condoleezza Rice would give birth to morally-right Protestant WASP led Petro-pax Americana, which the enemies of USA and Hilary Campaign managers would consider a Monster, because it would erode the Kissinger-Albright religious right conservative conspiracy.
    (2) It is OK for Israel to act like a Trojan Horse to tempt Iran come out openly to fight Israel and USA so that Iran could meet the fate of Iraq.
    (3) Israel does not have the fighting capability to finish off
    Arabs in Lebanon as Israel is small power. However, Israel must not become a sacrificial lamb in the conspiracy hatched by Kissinger-Albright duo to support hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign.
    (4) Condi is in the Conflagration because 2006 is the right time for the start of the "World War Three" as any delay would only empower Islamic nuclear bomb to cause Christian-Islamic armageddon.
    (5) Condi Rice represents the political interests of the people of USA and has no hidden religious or ethnic or foreign agenda.
    (6) Chinese and ASEAN Asians have learnt to respect Black woman Condi Rice, who would not sell US interests in exchange for Chinese campaign donations.
    (1) The geopolitical perspective of "Third World War" of black woman secretary Condoleezza Rice or that her predecessor Colin Powel is fundamentally different from that of Secretaries Kissinger, Brzezinski and Albright. Bush Administrations defined its foreign policy goals in terms of strengthening America?s Energy Security and control over OPEC oil and gas reserves. Bush Administration is not concerned about promoting the religious interests of Papacy, Judeo Christianity, Judaism and Wahhabi Islam. The religious interests of Reformed Christianity take precedence over interests of Papacy, Judeo-Christianity and Judaism in the US State Department.
    (2) In the "World War Three" United States shall help Israel only when Israel is a willing instrument for the promotion of the national interests of the WASP-led USA. The national interests of USA takes precedence ofer that of Israel, as Israel is just 60 year old nation and UAE, Qatar and Bahrain are just 35 year old nations. It is OK if Israel wants to expand Petro-War to include Lebanon as a Trojan Horse to tempt Iran make a mistake so that President Bush may directly invade, occupy and colonize Iranian Oil as it did in Iraq. However if Israel is embarking upon starting the Lebanon War to weaken black woman Secretary Condoleezza Rice and to sabotage Yankee war-plans on Iran, as a part of the Kissinger-Albright conspiracy to protect theocracy in Iran, which was created by president Carter, than United States should not mind throwing Israel baby to wolves. Israel must learn that Isreal was established by British secret services to control Islamic oil resources.
    (3) In the "World War Three" the Republican Neocons seeks to promote the national interests of Petro-Pax-American Empire and are no longer mouthpiece of Israel. The Catholic religious right conservative conspiracy, Judeo-Christianity and White House Arabists that profited by OPEC have joined forces with Kissinger-Brzezinski duo to sabotage Yankee resolve to bring Theocratic Iran under the control of White House, as it unraveled the President Jimmy Carter?s conspiracy that installed Ayatollah Khomeini in Tehran. The conquest and occupation of oil-rich Iran is in the national interest of the United States. Israel, Lebanon and Syria do not have oil and gas and are important only so long as they help or hinder the Yankee conquest of Iran and control of OPEC oil gas reserves. The creation of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel and Pakistan at the behest of the secret services of Britain and USA served the sole purpose for USA-UK control over Arabian oil resources, and it continued to this date.
    (4) Kissinger-Albright doctrine harms Yankee petro-interests in the "Third World War." The Kissinger-Albright duo alarmed by the brilliance of Dr. Rice conspiring to undermine the foreign policy of second Bush Administration by stage-managing the Israeli wild card, simply to protect Iranian theocracy that president Carter created in partnership of France and Germany and undermined American influence over Iran as Shah of Iran was a American puppet. Secretary Rice should undertake counter measures to the conspiracy currently hatched by Kissinger, Albright, France and Germany. Remember the publication of the Prophet cartoons at the time of earliar Bush admonishing of Iran. The Israeli attacks on Lebanon and publication of Prophet?s cartoon could be plots of the pro-Iran lobby and Kissinger-Albright duo and Hillary Clinton?s campaign.
    (5) Black woman Secretary Dr. Condoleezza Rice is the best Secretary of State had during last 4 decades and she is a better geopolitician and diplomat than former secretaries, namely, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Madeleine Albright. Dr. Rice is competent to lead USA and win the World War Three. The United States should fight the "World War Three" now in 2006 or 2007 before Iran developed nuclear weapons. Any delay in the start of the World War Three woulc harm the national and geopolitical interests of USA, Britain, India, China, European Union and Japan.
    (6) The World War Three has started just as former Speaker professor of History Newt Gingrich declared. The purpose of the World War Three is to control and occupy the oil and gas reserves of Middle Eastern OPEC oil and gas resources before rival great powers preempts the move. The World War Three is not a war among great powers. The World War Three is a war waged by world powers to invade, conquer and colonize OPEC nations. The interests of Israel matter only so long as it helps promote the Yankee petro interests and nothing more. The sole purpose of Republican Neocons is to promote the interests of Petro-Pax Americana and Secretary Rice is hegemon promoting Petro-Neocon interest of the USA. Hindu India supports the Protestant United States dreams of Petro-Pax-Americana, Crusades of Democracy, Export of Democratic Utopia and rise of Imperial America. God bless Imperial America in Aquarius Age. The Allied Coalition led by Allied Powers United States, Britain and India would win the World War Three, which is not a war among world powers but a war to control, occupy and colonize OPEC oil and gas reserves. President Bush and secretary Rice team as the Agency of History shall lead the United States to the pinnacle of glory and power in alliance with India and Britain. Brown Hindu India fully supports Secretary Rice and protestant president Bush.
    Diplomat Kalki Gaur
    Blog URLs Http://360.yahoo.com/diplomacyofcivilizations
    > This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.
    > Hi! Just want to say what a nice site. Bye, see you soon.
  • Unbalanced Lib Media Goes Berserk
    > Mein ist betting dat der US never vanted der Yaps to see eet comink...
    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
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  • U.N. Guilty of War Crimes
    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
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  • It's Just Us Against the World, Baby... At Least We Have the Dog
    > Dot communisd bastard at Shimply Left Bahind!

    He reeped off mein logo! Mein veel choke hees cheecken!!!!
    > Sigh! Yes it sure is romantic! Just us, Brittin and Israel. Like 3 on a date. Cozy, yawl.
    > Great site lots of usefull infomation here.
    > Hey what a great site keep up the work its excellent.
  • Colombia Breeding Killer Terrorists
    > That photo reminds me of a movie ... hmmm - can't place it.
    > Dat photo shcares me. Makes me tink of sex!

    Mit der voomun!
    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
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  • Rely on Israeli Media to Tell the Truth
    > Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.
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  • George W. Bush has a German Pilot
    > Jah, det Cherman engineering und precision clokcvork timing MOST meanink a Cherman pilot.
    > And you thought that box on his back during the debate was just to feed him lines! You have no idea ...
    > Well, Karl, we do now!
    > Very pretty site! Keep working. thnx!
    > Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.
  • Breaking: Terrorist Attack in New York City
    > Stage Deli terrorists are the likely culprits - we're questioning a guy named Izzy as I write this.
    > Are they in Gitmo now, Karl? I want to know so I can sleep tonight. And I thought there was no such thing as a Jewish Terrorist, Karl.
    > Potatoes are ein AMERICAN invention! Dat's right, VE made zem from scratch!
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  • Raving Moonbat Lunatic Protestors Whine About Free Speech Rights
    > The arrests were legitimate - they were going to throw pies at us.
    > It is about time that the Congress pass the long-awaited, much-anticipated and very-beloved 'Zeroth Amendment' (you end up with zero when you take away one) to curb all freedoms to critisize the freedoms we have.

    You cannot have your pie and eat it too!!
    > I replaced 'cake' with 'pie' considering America's fascination with pies.
    > Imad,

    Are you one of those unglued moonbat raving lunatic fans of Fafblog, by any chance?
    > Fafblog has popped up on our radar - why do you think they're reduced to posting once a month?
    > Sporty,

    In all sincerity, I had never heard of Fafblog before, but now that you have edified its fans with all these 'fine' words, I shall try my utmost best to never cross into the Fafblog's territories.

    Only a true patriot like you would help another wannabe patriot.

    > Good work, Karl! Those three were getting under my skin.

    Imad, 'Pie' is the innocent-sounding codeword by which Fafblogians know one another. Make sure you never write it again!
    > Next t'ing you know, de liberals vill been wanting to arrest Ann Coulter for vearing her pie on der face...
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  • Adorable Dogs Vot Look Like Moosolini
    > Carl,

    That dog looks far too anxious to be a good stand-in for Il Duce.
    > That's one of those quiver 'n piss dogs, isn't it?
    > You're right, Karl. 'Quiver and piss' is a good description of Il Duce, so the dog is a good likeness!

    I guess your superior insight is what has made you the one in charge.
    > Nein! Il Duce knew vich side of his sauerkraut der butter vuz on, so he vuz ein shtrong man, chust like det dog! mein seen "Men In Black"! Mein hast heard dem talkink!
    > Some called mio caro Benito the Mad Dog. He was not pazzo though. Shame on you for comparing Il Duce to that pathetic excuse for un cane!
    > its ok, but you can't beat cats that look like hitler.
    > Hmm I love the idea behind this website, very unique.
    > Great site lots of usefull infomation here.
  • Der Solooshun Ist Simple, Frau!
    > But Carl,

    It is your ex-wife who is still working while you stay home and watch the soaps... Oh.
    > Shush, zu!
    > Ja, Kinder-Küche-Kirche is the best policy! Or is it Küche-Kirche-Kinder? Ach! An old man forgets.
    > Zo long as you got der drei K's mein freund...
    > Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.
    > Very pretty design! Keep up the good work. Thanks.
  • Eetaly Under Attack!
    > Carl,

    You forgot Iran! We need to bomb Iran now to stop terrorism.
    > Jah, drop der Mt Etna of all bombs on Iran...
    > We are developing a new line of Volcano-Buster bombs - should be ready shortly and available at a Halliburton near you!
    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
    > Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.
    > I like it! Good job. Go on.
  • Adorable Cats That Look Like Hitler
    > Mein ADOLF! How deed he get heest pitcher posted here????

    Und der cat ist cute, too...
    > Why isn't there a website for cats which look like Mussolini?
    > Bet it's a helluva' mauser!
    > We have a fan! I posted a comment on the Martini guy's website about how cute Hitler is and Chris Miller replied:


    I went to the Little Green Fascist website and it looks like they are pro Israel, pro Jew and Pro Zionist. By saying that they think Hitler is cute are you also implying that Auschwitz was a Zionist conspiracy?

    I don?t believe the people who run the site are pro hitler.

    Comment by Chris Miller ? July 23, 2006 @ 2:04 pm

    I let Chris know that of course our site is pro-Hitler. He is our logo for Christ's sake!
    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
    > Keep up the good work. thnx!
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  • Zaturday Morning Urban Renewal
    > Right. Before they just had boring old bridges and power plants. Now, the possibilities are endless, obviously.
    > Looks like the plans we've drawn up for Lebanon!
    > Dey could inshtall ein terraced garden und grow Cassaba melons now....
    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
    > Great site lots of usefull infomation here.
    > Hey what a great site keep up the work its excellent.
  • Islamo-Nazi calls for Holy War against ...
    > 0/~ Ve are de viiiiiiiite, ve are de rulerrrrrrrs 0/~
    > How come none of those peoples combed their hairs?
    > Richie,

    It is a problem for us. Normally, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, but the Ethiopians are brown in addition to being skinny. (And maybe they are just skinny from playing jai alai all the time. Did you think of that, Richie?)

    So, it could be a case of the enemy of my enemy is my enemy. We'll have to wait and see what Bill and Shaun have to say...
    > Only shkinny pipple get der pilodnial cestas, Shporty?
    > Carl,

    Ha. Ha. Very. Funny.

    And I keep telling you I am NOT gay.
    > Here are some links that I believe will be interested
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  • Ve'll Be Dere For Ein Vile....
    > She looks a bit like Dukakis in that helmet ...
    > I thought maybe a sock puppet from that lawyer-dude's sock puppet army had hopped on her head.

    Plus, why is she hanging out with that anti-Mutant Senator from the original X-Men movie?
    > Richie,

    You know I'm afraid of sock-puppets. Why did you write that?
    > This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.
    > Interesting site. Useful information. Bookmarked.
  • Insane Moonbat Lunatic Leader has Vicious Sockpuppet Army
    > Mein vill fetch der Holy Hindrocket of Antioch!
    > I'll get the bassett hounds ...
    > I'll order some mint jelly.
    > I like it! Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing this wonderful site with us.
    > Looks nice! Awesome content. Good job guys.

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Monday, July 31, 2006

Breaking: The General Gets Racy

Caution: Links may not be safe for work.

That stalwart bastion of decency, Jesus' General, shocked his loyal readers today yesterday with a graphic photo of female mammaries, including a nipple. The raging controversy hasn't been equalled since the infamous BabyTalk Magazine cover which some called 'gross'.

Some of the General's readers think they may never recover and at least one is considering a lawsuit. The General was unavailable for comment.

Israel - 534 Terrorists - 52

And we're back! I'm your host Al Johson and I'm here with Bud Jefferson!

Today in their most fiercely fought inning since 1996, Israel continued its 48 hour cease-fire by striking deep into the heart of Lebanon in the Bekka Valley and also just over the border. They also bombed the hell out a popular crossing between Syria and Lebanon to keep the riff-raff out, as they say. It's just been one decisive defensive move after another today! Bud?

Thanks, Al! Meanwhile, all The Terrorists are able to do, it seems, is hang white flags on their cars and flee the country like rats from a sinking ship. About 200 Terrorists - most of them old - but still dangerous - fled Bint Jbail. Two of them died while fleeing that town... And we are having our first reports of death by starvation, Al! Yes, one of the old Bint Jbailians... or whatever you call them... died of malnutrition! Starvation is yet another defensive tool used to great advantage by the Israelis, I must say! Al?

Thanks Bud! And of course those meddling 'umpires' are at it again, Bud. The so-called United Nations took advantage of the cease-fire to send convoys of trucks loaded with food and so-called humanitarian supplies to towns in Lebanon which have been unreachable since the game began. These 'umpires' are so eager to tip the scales in favor of The Terrorists that they have been finding ways around bombed-out roads and across rivers where bridges were cut by the Israelis in defense of their homeland.

For example, they were so hot to get trucks across the Litani River to get to Marjayoun, the umpires built a ramp of stones by hand. Now that is what I call interference, Bud! And they call it 'a race against time', as if that makes it all right. Bud?

Absolutely, Al! And now, folks, you're in for a treat. We've got Art down on the field with the IDF Commander who called those first daring airstrikes yesterday during the start of 48 hour 'cease-fire'. Art? Are you there?

I'm here, Bud! And with me is Commander Ari Shev, whose brilliant and unexpected move in calling two airstrikes during an apparent cease-fire is the talk of both dugouts right now. Commander, what made you think of such a brilliant move?

Well, Art, some kids with a rocket launcher attacked two of our tanks, so I called in one airstrike for that. We missed the kids, but we did hit a house nearby, so that went well. As for the second, someone had heard a rumor that the defense minister for Hezbollah was in a convoy heading out from Tyre. So I called the second airstrike for that. Oopsie! It turns out it was really some Lebanese army personnel. Sorry 'bout that, Lebanon!

Commander, that makes me wonder how you cope when it turns out you've made a mistake. Do you meditate? Smoke? Drink? How do you cope?

...Mistakes? I don't understand the question, Art. We don't make mistakes....

Ah ha ha! That's a good one, Commander! I know you're a busy man, so I'll let you go. Do you have anything you want to add for our viewers at home?

...We dont' make mistakes and if you say that again, I'll call down an airstrike on you!!

Ah ha ha! Thank you for your stunning insights, Commander! And back to the booth! Take it away, Al and Bud!

Thank you, Art! We'll be right back after these messages!

All Gott's Creetures Luff Us

Gott ist on OUR zide!
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - It may have one of the world's mightiest militaries, but Israel has turned to imported beasts of burden to help troops wage a 20-day-old offensive against Hizbollah guerrillas in Lebanon.

Israeli newspapers carried pictures of South American llamas accompanying commandos out of southern Lebanon, their saddlebags full of fighting gear.

Yedioth Ahronoth daily quoted a senior Israeli military commander as saying the white-furred pack animals could carry up to 60 pounds each over rough terrain, were quiet and required feeding only once every two days.
But der Mohairmeds ist fightink beck!
LOOKINGGLASS -- Three llamas were killed early Friday evening by a grass fire that also destroyed a hot tub and an above-ground swimming pool at a ranch.

The fire burned about 8 acres of land in the 300 block of Cinbar Drive, located north off Lookingglass Road. Crews from the Douglas Forest Protective Association, the Lookingglass and Winston-Dillard fire departments and Douglas County Fire District No. 2 responded to the blaze about 5:45 p.m.

One llama died shortly after the fire was contained while the other two animals were put down by a veterinarian.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.
"Under investeegayshun"...dot's code for "Terrorismists!!!!!!!!"

Israel - 519 Terrorists - 51

Well folks, it's been an exciting game so far here at Israeli-Lebanese Border Ball Park with this latest entry in the long-running rivalry between the Championship Israeli Defense Forces and their bitter rivals, The Terrorists. We are between innings, so have time for a recap. I'm Al Johson and I'm here with Bud Jefferson.

So, the recap: The Terrorists struck an early blow early in the inning with their raid on a military outpost near the Ballpark, killing 10 and capturing 2, then getting clean away. As usual, they claimed the action was in retaliation for something the IDF had done sometime before... Bud, what was the exact action that was in response to?... Bud?... Well, no matter. Israel responded in their next move by shelling the hell out of Lebanon - including Beirut. They took a new approach to the shelling. Do you want to talk about that, Bud?

Thanks, Al! Well, as you may know, The Terrorists are mainly popular with the poor people of Lebanon. The richer people don't even follow ball - most of them are international soccer fans. (as if soccer has the excitement and nuance of this game!) Anyway, the IDF always knew that, so they tended to focus on the slums of Lebanese cities which needed to be cleared for urban renewal, anyway -- well, slums and refugee camps -- but in this inning, the IDF focused on richer neighborhoods in Beirut, hoping, I guess, to score more points. And score them they have! Right now, IDF is far ahead in points, with at least 519 confirmed kills...

But it looked like the IDF was in trouble after they bombed a couple of houses in Quana and killed what appeared to be dozens of children. It looked like The Terrorists might have scored a public relations upset with that one, but the IDF explained it all away by saying The Terrorists had been in those houses earlier that day! And besides, we know even the women and children over there are Terrorists. Right Al? Al? ...Wait, what's happening now, Al? I thought we were on a 48 hour break!?

You're right, Bud, we thought we had a couple of days to sum up the game so far, but the IDF has just fooled everybody with two new air strikes. How smart! Promise a cease-fire and then launch a surprise attack! In all my years of commentating, I've never seen anything like it! Isn't it exciting, Bud?

Right you are, Al! It reminds me of that old schoolyard chant, 'Fooled Ya! Fooled Ya! Your Momma Shoulda Schooled Ya'!! And their mothers should have schooled them! How stupid are those Lebanese and Terrorists and people who thought they had a break for 'negotiations'? That'll teach 'em!

Now, Bud, we aren't supposed to root for any one team, even though on one side we have long-oppressed people who can do no wrong and on the other side we have outright savages!

You're right, Al, I apologize to all our listeners out there who may have taken offense to my comments. And now, this just in: Israel's score is now 523, with The Terrorists still only having 51 confirmed kills...

The Newest Threat to Our Military:

Jon Swift has notified us of a new danger within the ranks of our very own military -- community theater actors! He tells us the terrifying story of Bleu Copas, a soldier who was accused in an anonymous email of being gay, a strict no-no in this man's army. In following up on the accusations, army investigators asked Copas if he acted in community theater, and his positive response was all they needed to boot him out of the service for good.

It turns out that while he was serving in the military, unbeknownst to his superiors, Bleu Copas (whose name sounds like a stage name, which should have been a clue) had acted in three community theater musical productions: 'Ragtime', 'Children of Eden', and 'Beauty and the Beast'. And apparently he has not reformed his theatrical ways since being drummed out of the military as he has just been cast as the male lead in a production of 'Bye, Bye Birdie'. I don't know how many of you have seen a community theater production, but I can tell you from horrifying first-hand experience that community theater is not very good at all. The thought of one of our fighting men tromping around onstage with a bunch of amateur actors in front of slapped together plywood scenery singing wretched show tunes is just too horrible to imagine. I don't know how many other soldiers are currently involved in community theater but I think the Pentagon needs to launch a full-scale investigation immediately. If it turns out that there is a cabal of thespians in the military recruiting other soldiers to perform in sad little theaters across the country, it needs to be nipped in the bud as soon as possible for the safety of our country.

Agreed. Which is why is was extra-horrifying to read in the treasonous newspaper of record, the New York Times, about a theater program in Maine which teaches storytelling and acting to wounded soldiers as a way to assist in their rehabilitation. So, on one hand, we are kicking them out of the military if they are actors and on the other hand we are 'helping' them by teaching them acting? This sounds like a commie moonbat plot!
And once we realize the program is a plot, we are not surprised to learn that the originator of the program is a Catholic monk.

The idea for the program came from Brother Rick Curry, a Jesuit who founded the workshop 19 years ago to provide what he simply calls 'options' for disabled theater artists. About 3,000 disabled students have participated in acting, music, dance and writing classes since 1977, said Brother Curry, 63, but the program had never before specifically sought out veterans. Last July, however, he met an Iraq war veteran whose leg had been amputated above the knee. Brother Curry, who often wears a clerical collar, recalled that the veteran "pulled me aside and said: 'Brother, I don't know where I am. I'm more scared than I was in Iraq.'"

As if that is going to happen. As if one of our brave, wounded veterans is going to have any doubts at all even if they have left body parts behind in Iraq.

Brother Curry wondered if theater might help the soldier find his way. "I thought that a writing program would work," he explained. "They all have a story to tell, and telling a story theatrically gives you a voice that you can share. It emboldens you."

He speaks from experience. He was born without a right hand and forearm. When he was 6, his father enrolled him in an acting class near their home in Philadelphia to help him eliminate a stutter. Brother Curry said he experienced 'the transformative power of the arts.' He recalls the class as 'a watershed in his life,' saying acting inspired him with confidence.

Once we realize the depths to which the obviously deranged moonbat crackpots have sunk, we should be concerned about what they are going to do to our brave wounded veterans!

The staff members had their reservations as well. "I was concerned at first," said Jerome McGill, an alumnus of the acting program who now serves as a resident playwright and mentor. "I thought these guys have kind of a macho sensibility." But the program's communal lifestyle and rigorous morning-to-evening schedule helped the two groups quickly integrate. "I realized after the first day that they really did fit in," Mr. McGill said.

So, the deranged moonbat lunatics are forcing our brave soldiers to live communally as if they were just abject communists. And they are forcing them to follow a rigorous daily schedule. What other indignities are they imposing on these brave young men?

Mr. Conforti's work is supported by that staple of creative writing workshops everywhere: peer criticism. Faculty and students take meals together. Trading ideas and stories throughout the day, the veterans describe the program as a "full-immersion" experience.

Isn't 'full immersion' considered torture now? And the brave soldiers have to tolerate the additional torture of constant and unrelenting criticism -- at breakfast, lunch and dinner!
And what is the ultimate nefarious goal of the disturbed moonbat head cases?

Mr. McGill said the work's impact would go beyond the individuals who create it. "We're going to have a whole new population of people with disabilities helping to create a body of dramatic literature about disability," he said. "It's going to enrich the literature we create."

Sounds like a plan for world domination to me!

Cross posted to Roger Ailes' Joint.

Shporty Hast Hees Pelotas...

Mein hast found ein new gruppen to yoin:

Sunday, July 30, 2006

More Whining Out of Lebanon

The Lebanese Red Cross reported that up to 34 children young Islamoterrorists were killed early this morning by an Israeli airstrike. News outlets across the globe are carrying this photo of an aid worker carrying the body of one of them as if we are supposed to care or something.

Are they expecting us to remember this photo from the Oklahoma City Bombing?

But the second photo is completely different. First of all, the child and aid worker in it are white. Second, the aid worker is facing in a different direction. And third, Timothy McVeigh was an insane madman working alone, not a sovereign nation trying to defend itself against terrorists by killing all the terrorists. It doesn't matter if the terrorists are young, they are a threat to our way of life and must be exterminated.

Besides, they should have evacuated last week and taken their chances with getting bombed while on the road. What is the matter with these people?

Breaking: New York Times Even More Treasonous Than It Was Before!

First the New York Times publicized plans for D-Day before D-Day, then it betrayed the location of Anne Frank, then it publicized the atomic bomb to Japan before Hiroshima. But none of these acts of treason are as bad as what they did today...

The New York Times endorsed Ned Lamont, a notoriously beserk fruitcake moonbat lib, over Jewish Joe Lieberman, who has been a force for patriotism and the Dubya Agenda in the Senate. For some deranged reason, they seem to think that a Democratic Senator should act in opposition to the ruling party from time to time, even if he is from Connecticut:

There is no use having a senator famous for getting along with Republicans if he never challenges them on issues of profound importance.

If Mr. Lieberman had once stood up and taken the lead in saying that there were some places a president had no right to take his country even during a time of war, neither he nor this page would be where we are today. But by suggesting that there is no principled space for that kind of opposition, he has forfeited his role as a conscience of his party, and has forfeited our support.

Some call it TREASON!

Zome Gut News!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Islamofascists slip extra booze to Jesus's best friend!

Drunk-driving Gibson says sorry
Hollywood actor and director Mel Gibson has said he is "ashamed" of the actions that led to his arrest for drunk-driving early on Friday morning. The Oscar-winner, 50, was stopped while driving at speed along the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California. He failed a breath test, was charged with drink-driving and freed on bail. On Saturday, Gibson said he had battled alcoholism all his adult life and was sorry for his "horrific relapse" and for any "unbecoming behaviour".

It sucks when a good Christian man is just trying to have a diet soda when an agent of al Qaeda comes up and pours a whole bottle of Jack Daniels into it. And half a bottle of Wild Turkey!

Shameful! Shameful!

This Christ-fearing man was framed.

Probably because of what he said about Terri Schiavo.  Damn New York Times al Qaeda Jesus killers!

Either that, or it was this guy:


Will Defeatists At Home Defeat Us?

But... but... but... We're winning in Iraq!

NEW YORK An analysis released today by Frank Newport, director of The Gallup Poll, shows that current public wishes for U.S. policy in the Iraq war eerily echo attitudes about the Vietnam war in 1970.

The most recent Gallup poll this month found that 52% of adult Americans want to see all U.S. troops out of Iraq within a year, with 19% advocating immediate withdrawal. In the summer of 1970, Gallup found that 48% wanted a pullout within a year, with 23% embracing the 'immediate' option. Just 7% want to send more troops now, vs. 10% then.

At present, 56% call the decision to invade Iraq a 'mistake,' with 41% disagreeing. Again this echoes the view of the Vietnam war in 1970, when that exact same number, 56%, in May 1970 called it a mistake in a Gallup poll.

So, of course, we must defeat the defeatists at home by sending more troops to Iraq to win the war!

The US administration has quietly reversed its goal from whittling down troop numbers in Iraq before the mid-term congressional elections in November.

A Pentagon spokesman on Friday confirmed that US troop levels in Iraq rose to 132,000 during the past week - the highest since late May - from 127,000 at the start of the week. The spokesman said troop numbers often fluctuated and "there might be temporary spikes during periods of troop rotation"...

Richard Armitage, who was US deputy secretary of state until January 2005, said: "The US has almost totally reversed the troop situation from two months ago. The danger is that this is too little and too late and that the US will turn into a bystander in an Iraqi civil war it does not have sufficient resources to prevent."

...Kenneth Pollack, a former US National Security Council official, said: "The numbers should probably be roughly double what they are. We are seeing the right plan but completely inadequate resources to make it work."

Sounds like we should start defeating the defeatists with Armitage. Who knows where he lives? Does he have any kids? Where does he shop?

UPDATE at 07/29/06 5:53 pm:
Reichminister Karl has Armitage all taken care of, so who knows where Pollack lives? Does he have kids? Where does he shop?

They Have First Class Accomodations And All They Do Is Whine

Were these Islamofascistnazis grateful for their evacuation from Beirut? No.

20 hours on a fucking ferry boat
it fucking sucks
it's so bad
i will show you pictures when i get to kuwait
you will think i was on an african refugee boat
they're so unorganized
those who aren't going to canada, have to wait for the rest of the people to go to the airport to pick up luggage
then we have to find our way to Istanbul
i hate canada
the embassy lied to us and told us the ride is only 8 hours, when there are mothers with their children on the ship, it was horrible. 20 hours. Can you imagine? Wait till you see pictures of children sleeping near trash


Can you believe it? First Buckley, now this! Richard Viguerie got all boo-hoo-hoo on NPR ("National Pretentious Radio") and then in a Raw Story interview - he's joined the cut-and-run crowd. I mean ... what did he expect? He's always been one of us - it's not as if he didn't know exactly what was going on!

He is officially out of my Palm Pilot AND my cell phone. Traitor!

Breaking: Now We Will Win In Iraq!

BAGHDAD, Iraq - The U.S. command confirmed Saturday that it will move about 3,700 troops to Baghdad to try to quell violence in the capital.

The 172nd Stryker Brigade, which had been due to leave Iraq after a year's assignment, will be sent from northern Iraq to the capital, Gen. George W. Casey Jr., the top U.S. commander in Iraq, said.

They'll be all rested and refreshed when they get to Baghdad, so this transfer means we will definitely win the war, now! And Casey agrees with me:

"This will place our most experienced unit with our most mobile and agile systems in support of our main effort," Casey said. "With the rest of the elements of the plan, this gives us a potentially decisive capability to affect security in Baghdad."

The statement followed President Bush's decision this week to bolster American forces in Baghdad to try to stem the tide of Sunni-Shiite violence - now seen as a greater threat to Iraq than the Sunni-led insurgency.
I just can't wait until we win the war and that sweet Iraqi crude starts flowing again. I'm going to buy me a Hummer when that happens!

Cross-posted to Fox-TV's Roger Ailes' blog.

Mein Kine Pitcher!

Maniacal Moonbat Madwoman Terrorizes Innocent Texas Town... Again!

Apparently, there are no depths to which daft moonbat maniac Cindy Sheehan will not stoop in her relentless efforts to terrorize a blameless Texas town. This time, she has purchased land near Crawford, home of President Bush, in order to have a legal location for herself and her minions to 'protest' the war in Iraq.

"I wish she'd stay away. Crawford's a Republican town, and she's a dumb Democrat," Westerfield, a lifelong Crawford resident, said Friday while sitting on a bench outside a gas station on Main Street.
But he won't be able to just peacefully sit on a bench on a workday if that crazed moonbat has anything to say about it. That may be his work for all we know, and she and her lunatic minions will probably keep him from it if they had their way.

We all know her son was killed, so she should just get over it already. She and her raving moonbat neurotic army have created unbearable traffic and drastic inconvenience for the exemplary citizens of this charming town. She should just move to Iraq if she loves those Islamoterrorists so much. Can't they just arrest this pest and take her to Gitmo?

Ein Shmart Ragpicker

Ven Life giffs you lemons, you make lemonade, und ven Life giffs you bombs...
LONDON (Reuters) - A Lebanese musician has recorded a unique duet with the Israeli Air Force by recording on the balcony of his Beirut apartment during a bombing raid.

In his sound art piece, trumpeter Marzen Kerbaj intermingles his music with the sounds of bombardment.

Explaining how he put together his unique composition, Kerbaj told BBC Radio: "I was maybe three kilometres (two miles) away. I could see them explode and hear them but somehow I was safe.

"It is freaking for the nerves but I quickly understood that if I play music while it is happening, it is much better than just hearing it happening. Somehow my brain shifts and I focus totally on the music."

Asked if he thought his composition was in questionable taste, he said: "Throwing bombs on buses with kids escaping from their villages is in much more horrible taste."

He said the recording was a way of making people listen to what Beirut was facing. "It's not like on CNN. It is not a Hollywood movie, it is really happening."
Zee? All Israel ist doink is helping to make der modern moosic! Now der rest of der vorld should get off deir becks!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Breaking: Islamofascists Infiltrate Scottish Government

Islamofascistnazicommieists have infiltrated the highest level of the Scottish government, according to a BBC article published today tomorrow heck, I don't know how to figure out the time difference. These terrorists are trying to get Britian to stop cooperating with the U.S. about bombs being sent to the brave people of Israel:

A senior Scottish Labour MP said the prime minister must stop defying public opinion over the crisis in Lebanon.

Mohammed Sarwar, who is chair of the Scottish Affairs Committee at Westminster, said he was "really disappointed" in the government for refusing to call for a ceasefire.

Now, how am I supposed to feel about this?

One dead, 5 hurt in Seattle Jewish center shooting | US News | Reuters.com
A woman was killed and five other women were wounded on Friday when a gunman opened fire at a Jewish organization in downtown Seattle that last weekend organized a rally in support of Israel.

A Seattle police spokesman said the gunman, who was thought to be acting alone, had been taken into custody but that authorities were "taking every precaution" in searching for explosives and additional suspects.

Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle Vice President Amy Wasser-Simpson told the Seattle Times in a story on its Web site that a man got through security at the building and shouted, "I'm a Muslim American; I'm angry at Israel," then began shooting.

Am I supposed to support Israel or hate Jews?

RMK, what pills do you take so your brain won't thnk about this conundrum? It seems to happen a lot.

Let's Bomb Iran!

Since Reichminister Carl needed some help with the lyrics of this infectious new song...

Breaking: U.N. Observers Were Total Wimps

Phillyburbs.com reported today Wednesday that the U.N. Observers in that observation post in South Lebanon which was shelled on Tuesday had called the Israeli military to ask them to stop shelling near the post:

JERUSALEM - U.N. observers in Lebanon telephoned the Israeli military 10 times in six hours to ask it to stop shelling near their position before an attack
killed four observers and sparked international anger with Israel, U.N. officials said Wednesday. The U.N. observation post near Khiam came under close Israeli fire 21 times Tuesday - including 12 hits within 100 yards and five direct hits from 1:20 p.m. until the peacekeepers' post was destroyed at 7:30 p.m., Jane Lute, assistant secretary-general for peacekeeping, told the U.N. Security Council in New York.

Why didn't those wimpy observer fire back? And why were they expecting? That Israel stop shelling all together?

Once it became clear those pleas were being ignored, the force's commander sought the involvement of top officials in New York, a senior U.N. official in New York said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the investigation of the incident was not yet complete. U.N. Deputy Secretary-General Mark Malloch Brown and Lute herself then made several calls to Israel's U.N. mission
"reiterating these protests and calling for an abatement of the shelling," Lute

But Israel has already said they regretted the incident and it wasn't deliberate at all. Who are you going to believe? Some international organization or the brave and glorious government of Israel?

Friday Night Tire Fire

Ann Coulter Defends Israel!

Ann Coulter took time out from casting aspersions on the sexual orientation of Clinton and Gore to cast her vote in support of Israel blowing up that United Nations observation post last Tuesday:

Further, Coulter remarked that when "most Americans" heard that an Israeli airstrike had hit a United Nations observer post in south Lebanon on July 25, killing four U.N. observers, they hoped to hear similar news about "the installation on 42nd Street" -- presumably a reference to the U.N. headquarters in New York City.
We knew she would come around.

Terrorists use weather machines to attack Americans!

The terrorists are back, and they are using heat and lightning to kill our people!

We gotta get these muthafuckin' terrorists out of our muthafuckin' weather!

Cali(phate) gets the heat!

The death toll from California's record-breaking heat wave reached 132 on Friday, the first day in nearly two weeks that temperatures were expected to stay below 100 degrees across most of the state.

Aryan baby-maker gets the shock!

A pregnant woman was taken to a hospital after being shocked by lightning in Middletown on Wednesday night.

Emergency crews said Britney Dishman was on the phone at a home in the 7900 block of Keays Road when lightning struck nearby.

"I'm thinking, 'What is going on?'" Dishman said.

Michelle Banks was there when the current traveled through the phone line, knocking Dishman to the ground.

"She just dropped the phone and was on the floor," Banks said.

"The next thing I know, the lights were out, and I started shaking," said Dishman. "It was going through my ear."

Her ear, folks! Her ear! What's next? Snakes on a plane?

Zee? Dey Hatink Us!

"The Israeli leadership elite is starting to sound like the semen-crusted violence addicts at Little Green Footballs."
You zee!? You zee!? Dey hatink us zo much, dey haff to ettack our imitationors! Dey are not minnink enough to take uz on, facial first!

Terrorismists Take Over Val-Mart!

Wal-Mart says it has agreed to sell its 85 stores in Germany to Metro A-G, based in Duesseldorf, Germany. The move effectively ends Wal-Mart's efforts to crack the German market. Those efforts have been underway for nearly ten years.

Neither company provided details on the deal. Wal-Mart does say the German economic situation makes it difficult for the American giant to achieve the "size and results" it's been seeking. Metro says it will see what it calls a "positive financial effect" from the transaction.

Wal-Mart employs 11,000 people at its stores in Germany. The deal remains subject to approval by authorities.
Vere vill der pipples go to buy inexpensive toilet paper? Or der handguns? Dis is ein dark day in der Faderland!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Maniacal Moonbat Fruitcakes Deface The Net

A couple of half-cocked moonbat idiots 'created' some websites which are supposed to prove something by showing us that Israel has killed more Lebanese than Hezbollah has killed Israelis (here) and that Americans have killed more Iraqis than Iraqis have killed Americans (here).

Seriously, what exactly does that show? It's just more filth from frenzied moonbat head cases who have nothing better to do that foam at the mouth and obsessively post their totally and completely uninformed opinions about the world in a website. It's sickening.

At Last! Bush Finally Admits it's All Iran's Fault

Bush made these keenly insightful comments about the attacks on Israel today (and is it me, or is he looking particularly statesman-like lately?):

"Hezbollah attacked Israel. I know Hezbollah is connected to Iran," Bush said
tersely at the end of Oval Office meetings with Romanian President Traian
Basescu. "Now is the time for the world to confront this danger."
So, when are we going to bomb Iran, George? Our way of life is under attack. Let's end terror now!

Al Qaeda Ist Evaywhere!


By Jeff Edwards
A DETECTIVE was arrested for allegedly filming up women's skirts with a hidden camera.

The married anti-terrorist officer told police he was working undercover to video al-Qaeda suspects. But back at the station they found his camera had close-ups of bottoms and knickers.

He was nabbed by a plain-clothes team watching out for perverts and paedophiles in Trafalgar Square, Central London, on Tuesday. A police source claimed the man, a Scotland Yard surveillance expert with more than 20 years' experience, had the camera hidden in a sports bag. He added: "The officer used surveillance techniques for his own perverted hobby - taking pictures up women's skirts.

"It was one of the year's hottest days and Trafalgar Square was packed with young women in skimpy clothes. When officers moved in, he told them he was a cop on an anti-terror operation.

"But the pictures were not of terrorist suspects planning a bombing, they were of knickers."

The officer was arrested on suspicion of causing a public nuisance. He has been suspended.

What is the matter with these people?

Lebanese men tried to beat out a fire using blankets and their shirts after a bomb hit a residental area in Beirut. Why don't they have the fire department come and put out the fire with water? You know. Red trucks, sirens, lights, hoses, big guys in raincoats, ladders.

What is the matter with these people?

Terrorismists Sleep Hero Ein Mickey!

LONDON (AP) - Tour de France champion Floyd Landis tested positive for high levels of testosterone during the race, his Phonak team said Thursday on its website.

The statement came a day after the UCI, cycling's world governing body, said an unidentified rider had failed a drug test during the Tour.

And the statement came just four days after Landis stood on the victory podium on the Champs-Elysees, succeeding seven-time winner Lance Armstrong as an American winner in Paris.

The Swiss-based Phonak team said it was notified by the UCI on Wednesday that Landis' sample showed "an unusual level of testosterone/epitestosterone" when he was tested after stage 17 of the race last Thursday.

Landis made a remarkable comeback in that Alpine stage, racing far ahead of the field for a solo win that moved him from 11th to third in the overall standings. He regained the leader's yellow jersey two days later.
Der Semites must haff done zees! Ve must invade Iran for inyecting our assleets mit der illegal substances vile dey shleep!

Terrorismists Shtrike Again!

July 27, 2006, 6:18 AM EDT

Thousands of Staten Island residents were without power for several hours Wednesday night -- not a day after electricity returned to a large swath of northwest Queens following a sweltering nine-day, politically charged power outage.

Con Edison officials said that three above-ground feeder cables collapsed onto the street at 4:15 p.m., knocking out electricity to about 60,000 people.
Dees "Con Edeeson"....sounds Arabic to mein, jah?

Now, this is music!

If the Germans know anything, it's war and fantastic music. Thank you, Klaus. R.I.P.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Terrorists use boob hypnosis to win hearts and minds

Yahoo! News Photo

Support ... for Israel ... faltering....

Must ... get to ... Fox News!...

Recipe For Vorld Dominayshun!

Global Warming You Can Use!

Isn't this wonderful! Glacier National Park with no glaciers. Yellowstone with no grizzly bears. Polar bears eating each other. A lot of constituents in Alaska have called because those pesky things keep knocking over their dumpsters, so of course we had to oppose the Kyoto Treaty.

Once these national treasures are flattened ... well, two words: GATED COMMUNITIES. Think about it.

The Reichsminister

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Israel has the right to kill anyone she wants

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Israeli bomb kills UN observers
Four United Nations peacekeepers have been killed in an Israeli air strike on an observation post in south Lebanon.

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said he was "shocked" at the "apparently deliberate targeting" of the post. Israel has expressed "deep regret".

Obviously the Kofi Annan loyalists were terrorists. Otherwise, God-guided Israeli bombs would not have killed them. Besides, Israel has a right to defend herself.

Just look at what all these good parrots people had to say:

  • ?We will not turn the other cheek,? said Larry Huch, a Texas pastor and one of the numerous regional directors of Christians United for Israel who spoke. ?We will stand with Israel. Israel has a right to defend itself.?

  • Bush said he was concerned about any activity that would weaken or topple the Lebanese government. ?Having said that, people need to protect themselves,? he said of Israel.

  • ``Israel has a right to defend herself," Bush said at a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. ``Every nation must defend herself against terrorist attacks and the killing of innocent life."

  • As a Jew I believe that Israel has a right to protect its citizens from the brazen attacks it has been dealt. Every day the terrorists are launching rockets into Israel from Gaza.  Posted by: Michael U at July 13, 2006 10:26 PM
  • Ms. Rice repeated Washington?s oft-spoken position that Israel has a right to defend itself.
  • U.S. Ambassador John Bolton says that Israel has a right to defend itself against Hezbollah.
  • John BOLTON on "The Factor": Well, I think what
    President Bush is doing is making a pretty clear statement that Israel
    has a right to self-defense. And when it's attacked by a terrorist,
    it's entitled to respond.
  • Pat Buchanan!  Let it be said: Israel has a right to defend herself, a right to
    counter-attack against Hezbollah and Hamas, a right to clean out bases
    from which Katyusha or Qassam rockets are being fired and a right to
    occupy land from which attacks are mounted on her people.
  • Israel has a right to defend itself, said (Tony) Snow, the White House
    spokesman. He said Bush also said Israel should try to limit damage and
    spare civilian lives.
  • REP. NICK RAHALLI supported an alternative resolution that expresses
    clearly Israel has a right to defend itself, condemns these
    hostage-takings, which I fully condemn, and says that Israel has the
    right to pursue its soldiers in a measured manner and obtain their
  • Warren Kinsella asked the leadership hopefuls about their views on the
    current Middle East situation. Canadian Liberal Party official Joe Volpe replied, "One thousand
    missiles into Israel? That is an act of war. Israel has a right to
    defend itself and a right to exist."
See?  Everyone agrees!

Crazy Moonbat Muslims!

Der sveemsuit in qvestion

Group files complaint against Miss Indonesia

JAKARTA (Reuters) - A militant Islamic group has filed a
police report against Indonesia's Miss Universe candidate
accusing her of indecency, a lawyer for the organization said

Nadine Chandrawinata's participation in the contest and
display of her body in a swimsuit there "is actually insulting
for Indonesian dignity and women," Islamic Defenders Front
(FPI) attorney Sugito told Reuters.
Now, mein ist all for dis poor shild, seeing as she ist haff-Cherman, mixed mit der lesser blood. Und mein can zee der whole "morality" issues, because mein ist after all ein fascist conservatiff, but dis basing suit has dem all tied up in knots???

Blog Lets Lebanese Armed Forces Weigh In On Lebanese Situation

This great blog lets 'Lebanese Armed Forces' express their opinions against Hezbollah about the situation in the Mideast in between bombs. One expects to see this kind of thing there:

I'm so happy Israel is bombing our cities, towns and countryside. I didn't really like how Beirut was rebuilt anyway, so these attacks restructuring events give us the chance to re-do it. And the bombing of our Army's barracks and installations are just weeding out the slow runners and bad diggers. After this is over, our armed forces are going to be stronger than ever! Besides, Hezbollah is evil.


It's remarkable that not one innocent Lebanese citizen has been injured or killed by Israel. All of the caualties, including the children, have either been of Hezbollah and/or are guilty of something. Just ask Alan Dershowitz for the exact rating of guilt! But since Hezbollah is such a danger, it's good they are finally being rooted out. Thanks, Israel!
It's a superior blog!

We must all pray for Arlen Specter ... to die!

Specter Prepping Bill to Sue Bush - Forbes.com
A powerful Republican committee chairman who has led the fight against President Bush's signing statements said Monday he would have a bill ready by the end of the week allowing Congress to sue him in federal court.

"We will submit legislation to the United States Senate which will...authorize the Congress to undertake judicial review of those signing statements with the view to having the president's acts declared unconstitutional," Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, R-Pa., said on the Senate floor. Specter's announcement came the same day that an American Bar Association task force concluded that by attaching conditions to legislation, the president has sidestepped his constitutional duty to either sign a bill, veto it, or take no action.

Bush has issued at least 750 signing statements during his presidency, reserving the right to revise, interpret or disregard laws on national security and constitutional grounds.

When will people like Arlen, the friendly yet cancer-ridden ghost, understand that when President Bush ignores a law, he's doing it to protect us? God!

Dear Jesus, please kill Arlen Specter. Make him pay. Ravage his balls with cancer and other nasty ball-infections.

In your name I pray. AMEN.

God bless America! And the Republican Party! Except Arlen Specter!

Terrorismists Attack Olympian!

Hall keeps his cool while among sharks
Lisa Dillman, Times Staff Writer // July 18, 2006

Copyright 2006 Los Angeles Times
All Rights Reserved

Sharks in the water are supposed to mean the swimming competition for Gary Hall Jr., not challengers of a life-threatening nature.

A spearfishing adventure for the Olympic swim star and his younger sister, Bebe, off the Florida Keys a few weeks ago nearly turned disastrous when they were attacked by a shark -- and survived.

"It went from being a really very scary experience to a very cool experience the second we reached safety," Hall said last weekend at the Janet Evans Invitational at USC.

He emerged unscathed, but Bebe was bitten on her upper arm by a six-foot black tip reef shark, a wound requiring 19 stitches. Hall said his 28-year-old sister has had the stitches removed and was back in the water.
Dey hate us for our feeshing!

Terrorist Trash Cans in St. Louis

A woman entering a Cardinals game was hit by a terrorist trash can which was moving as if by magic. Of course it was not an innocent trash can; it was an Islamofascistcommienazi.

This incident, which was caught on tape, definitely proves that terrorist have powers beyond the ordinary -- like the Al Queda leader who is in Egypt and Iraq at the same time!

How many more innocent baseball fans need to be terrorized until we take action? We need to bomb Syria and invade Iran now. Or vice versa.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Alan Dershowitz Gets it Wrong Again

The deranged moonbatosphere is all atwitter with Alan Dershowitz's editorial in the L.A. Times about different levels of innocence in Lebanon. These nutty moonbatty moonbats think that all Lebanese are innocent of terrorism and Alan tries to explain that sure, an infant or toddler may be innocent, but an adult may not be:

There is a vast difference - both moral and legal - between a 2-year-old who is killed by an enemy rocket and a 30-year-old civilian who has allowed his house to be used to store Katyusha rockets. Both are technically civilians, but the former is far more innocent than the latter. There is also a difference between a civilian who merely favors or even votes for a terrorist group and one who provides financial or other material support for terrorism.

But Alan gets it wrong once again. If they are Arab, they are guilty of terrorism and should be blown up. If Israel is blowing them up because they are in the wrong region of their country, they all deserve to be blown up. Finally, if they are brown-skinned, they are guilty of something and should be blown up.

This guy understands that Alan is often wrong and tells a funny story about an Arabian Prince to boot.

Breaking: Condi Has Fixed It

Condi went to Lebanon this morning last night and fixed the situation.

Rice met with Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora, who greeted her with a kiss on both cheeks. Rice told him, "Thank you for your courage and steadfastness."

Saniora told Rice he was glad to have her in Lebanon, adding that his government is looking to "put an end to the war that is being inflicted on Lebanon." The two shook hands across a conference table on which there were two flags, one Lebanese and one American. Half a dozen other diplomats sat around the table.
So, now that that's over, let's bomb Iran, invade Syria (and Egypt) and eliminate terrorism once and for all.

Terrormisists Blowink Up New York!!!!

Der vild eyed Ishlamoliberals are trying to blow up der ceety one manhole und power chord at ein time!

Cherman Ship Sunk In Terrorism Atteck!

Vy does not der Leebral media cover dis???
Robert Meurn, a professor emeritus at the academy, said most of the mistakes that led to the collision were made by the Stockholm's third officer, who misread the radar and didn't react when he heard the Andrea Doria's foghorn coming from a direction that belied his assumptions.

The Doria sank the next morning 100 miles east of Long Island and the Stockholm and five other ships carried 1,660 of the liner's passengers and crew to safety.
Mein gott! An entire sheep sunk und not ein peep out of der media in America! Some Svedish sheep, keptained by ein Chew, no doubt, rams into our pride und joy, der Andrea Doria, und you t'ink dis vuz some row boat!

Ve must invade Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, UND Shveden! NOW!

Chermany Invades France!

PARIS (AP) -- Riding with Lance Armstrong taught Floyd Landis some key principles he used to win the Tour de France: Forget pain, overcome mishap, crush self doubt, and focus only on your victory.

"I'm glad that a guy who came through our program has won," Armstrong said Sunday. "We can take a small bit of credit for helping develop Floyd."

Landis now proudly owns a yellow jersey similar to the ones Armstrong won the previous seven years.

Landis sealed the most unpredictable race in years on Sunday. Earlier in the week, he seemingly threw away victory, and then regained it within 24 hours with one of the best rides in the race's 103-year history.

"I kept fighting, never stopped believing," Landis said, shortly after he received the yellow jersey on the podium.
Der cream of der Master Race hast vun der bicycle race from der cheese-eating surrender monkeys, und brought glory home to der Faderland!

Und he's ein Mennonite, vich means dat he shupports der var mit Iraq, chust like all pipples who are "Men-at-night"!

Getting in Good With Fox News

I'm guest blogging for two weeks on Roger Ailes' blog. As you should know, Roger is the head of Fox TV and is a big green fascist (see below). By guest-blogging, I'm sure to get in good with the big man, then the sky will be the limit. Maybe I'll even get my own show!

Fox News, here I come.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

So, what?

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Iraq al-Qaeda chief jail mystery
Abu Ayyub al-MasriA prominent Cairo lawyer says the Egyptian man identified by the US as the new al-Qaeda leader in Iraq has been in jail in Egypt for seven years.

What? He can't be in jail and in Iraq at the same time? These terrorists can do anything! They're like jihadi Santa Clauses!

Traitorous Sailor Dirties a Legendary President's Name

There is no doubt that this horrible act was a deliberate act of terrorism.

SAN DIEGO -- All 4,800 crew members of the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and 1,200 family and friends will be screened for tuberculosis because an initial round of tests showed a small number of people were infected, Navy officials said.

The initial tests were conducted after a 32-year-old sailor was hospitalized two weeks ago with active tuberculosis. He had been aboard the ship when it returned to San Diego on July 6 after a six-month deployment.

Families and friends were on the ship for the last leg of its voyage, from Hawaii to San Diego.

The Navy tested 776 people who might have met the infected sailor and 34 - 4.4 percent - tested positive, Capt. Frank Chapman said.

However, none of the 34 showed symptoms of active tuberculosis and were not contagious, Chapman said. Less than 1 percent of those who test positive develop the active disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The infected sailor has been released from the San Diego Naval Medical Center but will remain in quarantine at home until he is no longer considered infectious, military officials said.
That sailor needs to be hung, drawn and quartered for forever sullying the name of one of our greatest Presidents. Does anyone know where he/she/it lives in San Diego?

Breaking: Hezbollah Has Dirty Bombs and Intends to Use Them

A7 radio reports today reported Friday that:

Aaron Klein, Jerusalem Bureau Chief for WorldNetDaily.com, reports that the British intelligence service MI6 has established that Hezbollah is poised to launch a new "rain of terror" on Israel (c"v) with rockets equipped with "dirty bomb" nose cones made of spent nuclear rods.
I hope that makes all those raving moonbat lib fruitcakes happy. A dirty bomb in Israel will contaminate the soil and make generations sick, just like all that depleted uranium in Iraq from our armor-penetrating shells.

No Such Thing As Global Warming

Al Gore would have us think that excess carbon dioxide in the air will lead to higher global temperatures, more intense storms and the death of us all.

But it turns out that gummi bears and giant snot balls are making the excess carbon dioxide sink to the bottom of the ocean. So take that, Al Gore. The problem is solved and we can go back to driving our Hummers.

Britian Absolutely Agrees with Us About Lebanon and Terrorism

"But Kim [Howells] was reflecting his concerns as he saw them and one can understand that if you've got thousands of rockets being sent one way, attacks in another, that has meant war. War can't solve the situation," the deputy prime minister [John Prescott] said.

When Blair's Downing Street office was asked if it supported all of Howells's remarks, a spokesman replied: "There's no difference between ourselves and the Foreign Office on this issue."

Demented Islamofascists Blow Selves Up to Take Advantage of Innocent Americans

Islamofascist suicide-homicide terrorism bombers in Cincinnati blew themselves up just to take advantage of the care and concern of their innocent American neighbors and friends.

Two weeks ago, firefighters watched smoke pour out of the building that is Steak Thyme restaurant. Police thought that the explosion was a hate crime intended for the Jordanian owner and his son. Now investigators say that it was all a smoke screen...

Police say that Steak Thyme owner Musa Shteiwi and his son Essa hired 22-year-old Joshua Hunter to ignite the explosion hours after they doused the restaurant in gasoline. But as father and son poured the gas, police say they likely poured it over something that triggered the explosion sending the two to the hospital with life threatening injuries.
The damage these nutty Islamofascists madmen did is incalculable:

...employees at the strip mall not only invested spiritually to their recovery, they also invested monetarily. A trust fund was set up at Fifth Third Bank to help the family out. That account has been closed and the 300 dollars collected so far will be returned to the donors.
There is no end to the carnage when Islamofascism is involved. That is why Israel is invading Lebanon and why we must bomb Iran and Syria now.

Proof that Israel is Only Killing Terrorists in Lebanon

By JOSEPH PANOSSIAN, Associated Press Writer

BEIRUT, Lebanon - A photographer working for a Lebanese magazine was killed Sunday when an Israeli missile exploded near her taxi in southern Lebanon, making her the first journalist to die in Israel's offensive, security officials said. Layal Nejib, 23, a photographer for the Lebanese magazine Al-Jaras, died after the strike on a road near the border town of Qana, the officials said on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the press.

Her driver survived, the officials said.

The fact that her driver survives shows that Israel is only targeting the terrorists and not the innocent civilians near them.

Half-Baked Moonbat Head Cases Living in the Past

By CHARLES J. HANLEY, AP Special Correspondent

In Beirut and Tel Aviv, the two American ambassadors watched the war unfold: Israel's pilots hammering Lebanon, its tanks smashing across the line, its leaders bent on neutralizing an Arab guerrilla threat to the north. That was long ago. But Samuel L. Lewis, watching today's war escalate on TV screens, hears echoes from that summer of 1982.

"I suspect what we're going to see is going to look increasingly like what happened in '82," says the retired diplomat, U.S. envoy to Israel in 1977-85.

His counterpart in Lebanon during those trying days, Robert S. Dillon, sees a clear historical parallel in Israel's intent, then and now - "the idea that you can, with force, establish a favorable situation for yourself in Lebanon. I doubt that's true."

But they are wrong. Invading Lebanon in 1982 worked out great for the Israelis.

Old Europeans Trying to End the Fun Before Condi Gets There

They aren't going to get anywhere if they keep using Nazi language like 'blitzed':

JERUSALEM (AFP) - Top diplomats from France, Germany and Britain converged on Israel on Sunday ahead of a visit by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as world powers moved to try to end the Lebanon conflict. The Europeans are trying to push the Jewish state into ending its massive blitz on Lebanon, which has killed more than 360 people in 12 days, most of them civilians, and destroyed key infrastructure.

Don't be fooled. These Old Europeans are just writing a big old global permission slip that they will force Condi to sign once she gets there so she can't have any fun disarming Hezbollah.

Unbalanced Lib Media Goes Berserk

Michelle Malkin has revealed another example of the the treasonous New York Times betraying our nation's secrets during wartime. This is yet another glaring reason that we simply cannot trust the 'newspaper of record' to keep our best interests at heart.

U.N. Guilty of War Crimes

The U.N. sprang into action about the crisis in Lebanon and condemned Israel for its invasion of corrective action toward Lebanon and Hezbollah.

BEIRUT (AFP) - UN humanitarian coordinator Jan Egeland has condemned Israel for "a violation of humanitarian law" as he toured ruins in Beirut left by devastating Israeli air raids on residential areas.

"This is destruction of block after block of mainly residential areas. I would say it seems to be an excessive use of force in an area with so many citizens," he told reporters Sunday.

Asked if this Israeli raid that destroyed the buildings was a war crime he replied: "It makes it a violation of humanitarian law."

Since there is no such statute I know of named "International Humanitarian Law", it is obvious the U.N. official doesn't know what he is talking about. And yet, he keeps talking and the unglued lib bonkers media keep printing what he says.

It isn't until the very end of the article that the real point is made:

The attacks began on July 12 after Shiite Hezbollah militiamen captured two Israeli soldiers and killed eight others in attacks on the Israel-Lebanon border.
Exactly. It is all Hezbollah's fault.

UPDATE at 07/23/06 02:25:37 pm

Egeland is the Norwegian-born U.N. official who criticized the U.S. for its 'stingy' aid to tsunami victims back in 2004. Was the tsunami guilty of violating 'International Humanitarian Law', Jan?

It's Just Us Against the World, Baby... At Least We Have the Dog

Everybody knows that a movie is most romantic when two lovers are united against seemingly insurmontable odds. The current situation in the Mid-East is no exception. As the graphic above shows, it is the United States and Israel are against the rest of the world with respect to the situation in Lebanon. Oh, and Britian is in there too.

But let's forget Britian and revel in the romance. Maybe Britian could be the star-crossed lovers' dog. Yeah, that will do it.

So, Israel and America are as united as star-crossed lovers on a Scottish moor with their dog. Isn't that romantic?

h/t to some guy named Carl at Simply Left Behind

Colombia Breeding Killer Terrorists

Consider these facts: Colombia is a neighbor of Venezuela. Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez doesn't like America all that much and has said bad things about George W. Bush. Colombia likes Chavez because he wants to make the growing of coca legal. An orchid named Boleas Celestes is growing in Colombia's Botanical Gardens in Bogota. John Aravosis, a notoriously disturbed moonbat barmy lunatic and fan of Chavez, likes orchids. Now, finish connecting the dots with this photograph of that innocent-sounding orchid:

We can safely conclude that Colombia is growing mutant terrorist orchids which John Aravosis will use to kill us all so Chavez gets his way. Any questions?

Good. We need to invade Iran and Syria now. And Lebanon too. We must end terrorism.
(AP Photo/William Fernando Martinez)

Rely on Israeli Media to Tell the Truth

We all know that the wacky lib haywire media in this country is not only wrong, but is traitorous. We can rely on Israeli media to tell us the truth about what is happening in Lebanon. Here's an example from Arutz Sheva:

(IsraelNN.com) The British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) has admitted that many of the victims of Israeli retaliation in Lebanon are terrorists and not innocent civilians. A BBC reporter said he saw Hizbullah terrorists using a private home and added, "It is difficult to quantify who is a terrorist and who is a civilian."

Because it is difficult to quantify who is a terrorist and who is a civilian, that means all civilians are terrorists. You see? That is the truth.

Besides, if those civilians didn't want the terrorists to be using their home, they would have told them so and the terrorists would have found another home to use. But they welcomed the terrorists into their home and probably baked them a cake. Of course they should be bombed.

UPDATE at 07/23/06 02:06:10

Irrational lib media reported exaggerated claims of civilian casualties during the so-called 'Battle of Jenin' in 2002 and that is what is happening now. That's another reason we should only believe in Israeli reporting.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

George W. Bush has a German Pilot

No wonder George always says the exact right thing and his policies are in full agreement with our own. Reichminister Karl must have set it up that way.

In this video, the Bush pilot himself gives a rare inside look into his job and the obstacles involved.

h/t to Mike's Blog Round-up at C&L

Breaking: Terrorist Attack in New York City

The famed Carnegie Deli, located at 854 Seventh Avenue in New York City, exploded today Wednesday and had to be evacuated. There were 7 casualties.

"Six bags of potatoes and a can of tomato sauce" were the only 'casualties' that firefighters responding to reports of an explosion at the Carnegie Deli found Thursday, a tongue-in-cheek fire official said.
Of course the non compos lib nutter media tried to make a joke out of it. But have you tried to clean tomato sauce off a wall. It's hard work.

So we must bomb Iran and invade Syria now. And have Israel invade Lebanon and kill off all those Islamofascists destroying our way of life. Now.

Why won't anyone listen to me. Why haven't we done that. I've gotta go get a game.

Raving Moonbat Lunatic Protestors Whine About Free Speech Rights

We have always known our rabid moonbat maniacs enemies to be irrational and obnoxious, but this time they have gone way over the edge:

Now, in federal courthouses from Charleston, W.Va., to Denver, federal officials and state and local authorities are being forced to defend themselves against lawsuits challenging the arrests and security policies.
So, a few people get arrested for their bad taste in tee-shirts and now they are trying to make a federal case about their 'free speech rights' being 'violated'. Boo hoo hoo. Get a life, moonbats. Those arrests were years ago. Get over it. Take a short walk off a long pier. Let me play you a lament on the world's smallest violin. Your momma wears Army boots.

Adorable Dogs Vot Look Like Moosolini

Take DAT, Shporty!

Der Solooshun Ist Simple, Frau!

Don't divorce der Herren!
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Financial advisers have long noted a fear common among their female clients -- the fear of ending up homeless, penniless, alone, and on the street.

It's a fear that stems, at least in part, from the fact that women tend to get poorer when they go through a divorce. Now, many financial advisers are stepping up to help women negotiate those waters.

"Divorced women are swelling the poverty rolls," writes Carol Ann Wilson in an article titled "How to Help Older Divorcing Women Avoid The Bag Lady Blues" in the June issue of the Journal of Financial Planning.

"Why? The courts are trying to split marital property 50-50, yet they traditionally overlook one major asset of a marriage: the husband's career."[...]

"Property is divided just once, but career assets continue to produce income regularly for years," she says.

A 50-50 split might not be fair for the woman who followed a lesser career path to raise children while her husband went full tilt, gaining seniority at work and earning benefits like health and disability insurance and vacation pay.
Zu should shtay home und make der babies und ven der hushband goes off mit some floppy-breasted tootsie, zu should shut up und take eet, eff you don't vant to go on der welfare!

Eetaly Under Attack!

Dees ist Edna Mountin. Dees ist der mountin vot brought down Pompei's great erections. Der terrorismists haff planted der bomb under Edna und shtarted her up again to deshtroy Naples.

Ve must invadae Lesbanon. Und Syria.

Adorable Cats That Look Like Hitler

Someone who drinks a lot of martinis has found a cat which looks like Hitler. And he/she/it thinks Hitler is cute, just as we do!

More Hitler cats here.

Zaturday Morning Urban Renewal

Gut zings ist heppenink in der Shtrip!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Islamo-Nazi calls for Holy War against ...

... Ethiopia? Aren't they all skinny and shit? How the hell do they have an army?

BBC NEWS | Africa | Somali Islamist orders 'holy war'
Islamist militia in SomaliaA Somali Islamist leader has ordered a "holy war" to drive out Ethiopian troops, after they entered the country to protect the weak interim government.

"I am calling on the Somali people to wage a holy war against Ethiopians in Somalia," said Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys of the Union of Islamic Courts.

I think the Ethiopians are sneaking in to steal the IslamoNazis' halal Chinese food and possibly eat their Korans. Do you think hippie liberal commie pinko Bob Geldof will hold a concert for them?

Ve'll Be Dere For Ein Vile....

Rice: Lasting peace is the goal, not a quick fix

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who will travel next week to the Middle East and Europe over the crisis in Lebanon, said a quick cease-fire "will be a false promise if it returns us to the status quo."

Speaking at the State Department on Friday, Rice said Hezbollah is the source of the problem in Lebanon and must be disarmed. "We must work urgently to create the conditions for stability and lasting peace," she said.
TRANSLAYSHUN: Ve'll shtick dis out until bose sides keel each other, den take over mit a division of Panzers Abrams tenks.

Insane Moonbat Lunatic Leader has Vicious Sockpuppet Army

Not since Kos and his army of rabid lambs, has the conservative blogosphere been under such threat as now. Glenn Greenwald, a former 'Constitutional Lawyer' who thinks he knows how we all should be governed, has been accused of posting several comments on a conservative blog under different names. This heinous practice is called sock-puppetry and Glenn is the master sock-puppeteer and a threat to us all.

There are those who equate this grave situation with the whole Kos Kid 'rabid lamb' incident in which Kos ordered his deranged moonbat crazy army to keep an issue 'starved of oxygen'. That threat to us all resulted in such turmoil in the blogosphere that even the crazed moonbat lunatical media noticed. Once.

I hereby order all our lizardoid minions to attack Glenn Greenwald, because lambs are scary:

UPDATE at 07/22/06 12:53:59 pm

Some crazed moonbats unhinged bloggers at Firedoglake are trying to make a joke of Sock-puppetgate. I order our lizardoid minions to go there and make them pay.