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Friday, July 07, 2006

Our Troops in Iraq Ordered to Capitulate to Islamofascism

RAMADI, Iraq - U.S. troops are switching tactics in the fight against insurgents in parts of this rebellious city, replacing confrontation with courtesy in hopes of winning public trust and undercutting support for the militants... It's too early to assess the change, which is largely confined to the more affluent western areas of Ramadi...

Still, U.S. officers believe the new approach is paying off. Attacks are down enough in western Ramadi to allow Iraqi soldiers to patrol larger areas without Americans at their side.

They have been completely emasculated:

Marines based in western Ramadi now regularly knock on people's front doors instead of storming through. Instead of roaming the streets in armored Humvees, Marines took a census of the area - sitting down and listening to people's concerns and complaints.

"You'd be surprised at how many people in Ramadi are shocked when we knock and ask to come in. And in Arab culture, it makes all the difference," said 2nd Lt. Ryan Hub of Sumter, S.C., who as a teenager lived in Kuwait for two years while his Air Force officer father was stationed there [an obvious Islamonutist -- ed.].

Of course, it is the insane moonbat lib fringe which has forced our brave fighting men and women into making this change:

"If you're treating everyone like terrorists, kicking down doors and tearing through their homes, that's what you'll get - terrorists," said Cpl. Daniel Tarantino, 21, of Gainesville, Ga. [an obvious moonbat - ed.]

And plainly, the crazy deranged lib media has forced it as well:

"You've got an enemy that understands the effects of our mistakes," Hub said, referring to damage caused by U.S. forces that insurgents trumpet in propaganda. "I think part of the battle of Ramadi is the (information campaign) that insurgents are winning."

Obviously this is an insane idea since it keeps the Marines from doing what they do best:

"It's difficult for a lot of Marines to accept. It's not the Marine ethos," Hub said of the new tactics. "The history of the Marine Corps is that they're known for overwhelming firepower."

and puts them at risk:

Barela, the company commander, concedes the approach carries added risks, but says his Marines try to vigorously follow tactics that make them "hard to kill." Several Marines in the company have been wounded but none have been killed.

"We've risked a lot to put ourselves in contact with the Iraqi people," Barela said.

Note that insane lunatic lib media bias in the last sentence -- 'people' instead of 'terrorists'. It's horrifying.
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Comments on "Our Troops in Iraq Ordered to Capitulate to Islamofascism"


Anonymous Hermann G. said ... (Sunday, July 09, 2006 8:14:00 AM) : 

Exterminate them all, the brutes!


Blogger Betty Jo Goering said ... (Sunday, July 09, 2006 3:30:00 PM) : 

Oh My God yawl. They making our troops into pussies. That makes me really mad. Ain't they supposed to bust up them people 'til the people unnerstand how to live in a free Democratsy? Sweet Jesus above. How they gone learn if the soldiers ain't allowed to shove it down their throats with a gun butt?


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