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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Traitors Destroy the Israeli Defense Forces

Just like in the United States, certain people just can't help being terrorist sympathizing traitors to their country:

Hundreds of Israelis protested outside Olmert's home, denouncing the government as war criminals and demanding an end to the Gaza invasion. "We call for our government to stop targeting Palestinian civilians -- the targeting of civilians is a war crime -- and start negotiating with the elected Palestinian leaders, not to arrest them," said Yishai Menuhin, a spokesman for the peace group Yesh Gvul.
Their protests were so effective that even the IDF has admitted their efforts in Gaza aren't working:

Reuters reported that IDF soldiers have pulled out of the northern Gaza towns of Beit Lahia and Beit Hanun, the Erez industrial zone as well as three former Israeli settlements.

Israel had seized the area earlier this week, creating what amounted to a buffer zone to try to make it harder for Hamas militants to fire rockets into Ashkelon, and other population centers near the Gaza Strip.

Rocket fire has not stopped, however.
Obviously, whenever a nation tries to fight guerillas with conventional military tactics, it is those treasonous protestors back home that always make them ineffective. All protestors should be rounded up and shot.
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Comments on "Traitors Destroy the Israeli Defense Forces"


Anonymous Hermann G. said ... (Monday, July 10, 2006 8:54:00 AM) : 

Do those traitors have any standards at all? They should feel bad for making those poor soldiers lose like that!


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