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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Deir Yob Fightink Terrorismists Ist Done, Jah?

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (Reuters) - Brazil's air force and navy will transport more than 100 penguins to Antarctica next month after the flightless birds were stranded on Rio de Janeiro beaches.

Penguins arrive from the Antarctic Circle on ice floes that melt in the vicinity of Brazil's shore and the birds wash up on Rio beaches every winter. Typically many of the birds are sent to local zoos.

A plane carrying equipment for an Antarctic naval base will take the penguins to Brazil's southernmost region next month, an air force spokesman said Monday. They will continue their journey on a naval ship, which will release them into the ocean in their Antarctic habitat.
Or mebbe not...Rare mother-of-pearl coloured clouds caused by extreme weather conditions are seen above Australia's meteorological base known as Mawson Station in Antarctica in this July 25, 2006 picture. Known as nacreous clouds, the formations can only form in temperatures lower than minus 80 degrees Celcius (minus 112 Fahrenheit). Dot "Farenheit" ist der female of der species...
SYDNEY (Reuters) - Rare, mother-of-pearl colored clouds caused by extreme weather conditions above Antarctica are a possible indication of global warming, Australian scientists said on Tuesday.

Known as nacreous clouds, the spectacular formations showing delicate wisps of colors were photographed in the sky over an Australian meteorological base at Mawson Station on July 25.
Der terrorismists ist vinning, und der pengvuins ist goink home to fight dem dere! Hooray, Pengvuins!
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Comments on "Deir Yob Fightink Terrorismists Ist Done, Jah?"


Blogger Reichsminister Karl said ... (Tuesday, August 01, 2006 12:55:00 PM) : 

Carl - obviously you've forgotten. Take two of the purple ones in the morning, and three of the small white ones in the evening.


Blogger Carl said ... (Tuesday, August 01, 2006 12:57:00 PM) : 

Terrorismists AREN'T PURPLE! Or vite!


Blogger Sporty said ... (Tuesday, August 01, 2006 2:34:00 PM) : 


I have to say I agree with Karl on this one. Although the clouds are pretty, aren't they?


Blogger Carl said ... (Tuesday, August 01, 2006 3:55:00 PM) : 

Dot's cuz you took all ldere terrorismists und now Karl doesn't belief me!

Vy do zu hate me so, Shporty? Aren't you American?


Blogger Sporty said ... (Tuesday, August 01, 2006 4:33:00 PM) : 

I'm not the one with a German accent, Carl!


Blogger Carl said ... (Wednesday, August 02, 2006 8:40:00 AM) : 

Honky eef you shpeak English...



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