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  • Retarded liberal intelligence agencies call President Bush a failure? Puh-leeze!
    > Mein t'inks dat dey failed to deliver dat PDB to der ranch dat said "Osama bin Laden determinined to shtrike in US" in order to embarass heem.
    > Believe Prez bush? LOL
    > Oh, come on, you can find more than three groups who think Bush is a failure!
    > As a brave preznit once said:

    bring. it. on.

    That's all say.
    There's no WAY they can get me behind my keyboard.

    Terrorist Pussies.
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    Join me and my circle of friends at http://www.watiti.com, an online social networking community that connects people from all over the world.

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    people from all over the world.

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  • Liberal Journalist says President Bush is a failure? Puh-leeze!
    > He looks like ein girly-man.
    > Funny, he stopped cashing our checks months ago. Looks like he defected to the Reality Based Community. Colin Powell too ... I sense a disturbance in the Force.
  • Islamofascist says President is a failure? Puh-leeze!
    > Dis big Muslim Q-tip doesn't shcare me! Bomb Iran! Bomb Mecca! Bomb Boston!
    > Bomb everbody who thinks Bush is a failure yawl!
  • Vas ist all dis fuss about der kinder?
    > I don't get what all the fuss is about. It's not like he wanted to *MARRY* this boy.
  • Mein Ist T'inking It's Time To Bomb Finland
    > Ignore the woman. We've got hand. Bombing her first is just giving her the attention she's looking for. Of course the make-up sex could be worth it.
    > She is correct to not feel left out. After all, he ignores everyone, whether they are in the same room or not.
    > Time for an extraordinary rendition - we're sending her to Uzbekistan for a little "retraining."
  • It's Torture Time!
    > Ve should shtart making a list of der undesirables...we can shtart mit der Islamists und Democrats, und den move onto der Jews.
    > Carl - I'm making a list and checking it twice! So far it's Hillary, Arianna, and George Soros if we can catch him in the U.S. Oh, and that traitor Arlen Specter and those other RINOs that voted for habeus corpus. How quaint!
    > Al Frenken! Don't forget Al!
    > YAY! We win agin! We get to torture the bejeezits out of terrists!

    If them mofo Libruals had their pansy way, we'd be coddlin' 'em, just like Hastert says.
    > I think we ought to torture Bill Clinton for going bee-zerk on Fox News and saying bad things about Our President. They ought to waterboard his ass good.
    > Jah, Betty Cho, dey could torture heem by making Monica suck on Bush's cigar vile he vatched!
  • Good For Dem!
    > Does Pataki need some help with extraordinary rendition for this guy? We stand ready!
    > Nein, dis is Bloomberg's problem. Let dat liberal feex it!
    > Was that an islamofascistpinkocommie type of priest yawl? Who else would do that? I'm glad has ass got a ticket!
    > This is a "Christian" minister?

    Hmm. Whatever happened to "Render unto Caesar..." ?
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    Mein ist t'inking dat he vuz robbing der patients in der hospitable...
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  • Mein Ist OUTRAGED!
    > Well, at least this gives them the opportunity to program more Wagner.
    > Jah, but dey are programming Italian operas in its place!
    > I ain't never seen a opera yawl, but I sure woulda gone to that one now that I hear it had severed heads in it. THat's what I call entertainment. I can see why yawl's pants are all up in a bunch Carl!
  • Islamobrazilians attack spacewoman with spear
    > This is what happens when you hire illegal aliens to keep your parks litter-free. Why bother training them when there's hundreds more where she came from?
    > Jah, dat ees clearly ein semen stain on her jeans...
    > Ooh that there looks painful yawl.

    So, can that spear be used to kill possums too?
    > Betty Cho, det shpear can be used in zo many vays...
  • Bush Wins One!
    > This sentencing is so stupid. The free market has punished this poor multimillionaire enough.

    He'll probably never fly first class again.

    At least not for the next four years.

    Stupid activist judges and runaway juries.
    > I sure feel sorry for this here man. Now he won't be able to buy his nice wife big furs and rolls roices.

    Man that makes Betty Jo sad.
  • Vot Ist Wrong Mit Dis?
    > It worked so well for Baghdad Toyota ... they gave away a Koran and an IED with every Corolla.
    > The warranty is three minutes or 36 pounds of explosives.
    > Ha ha! That is the funniest thing what I've seen in a long time, Carl.

    Do the cars blow up as you drive away? Haw!
    > Mein t'inks dey chust break down, Betty Cho...
  • Bill Clinton Goes Bee-zerk on Fox News!
    > Dey ought to take der Sex-President, und shtring heem up by der balls! Imagine, criticizing der Fuhr-- mein mean, der President because Osama hasn't been caught yet! Vot did he do, besides shtop sixteen terror plots in eight years? Ve get dat many in ein DAY now dat Bush is President!
    > Somebody photoshopped Clinton's face. Typical dishonesty. Right wingers are so sick and so, so sad.
    > I don't think for a minute that Bush put Typoid in OBLs coffee. I think this is an important lapse in your reporting. I think he put the Typoid in his iced tea, sweetened tea at that. Who are you trying to kid?
    > That photo makes him look like my ex-husband!
    > Bill couldn't find the tallest man in Afghanistan, but he wanted to. He feels our pain...that's the important thing.
    > Okay, you guys may not know this but I'm pretty sure it was because of Bill Clinton that the Titanic sank. And he may have been the one to tell the serpent to talk Eve into tasting the apple too.
    > That Clinton. Is there anything he didn't cause? Of course not.


    And anonymous is right. The same couldn't be said for the current administration. They've alreay caught OBL/UBL. They just don't wanna brag and make Clinton look bad.

    That's all.
    > Jah, anonymouse....he lobbed a few missiles at der tallest man in Afghanistan und missed!

    It takes ein REAL PRESIDENT to lob millions of missiles und miss! Und dat's vy we support Bush!
    > Pursey, I don't think it was ice tea really. I here tell that Osama like his Turkish coffee. But who knows. Betty Jo don't know EVERYTHING just a lot of things.

    And Maezeppa, no one photoshopped nuthin! If you don't like the look of sheer hatred and meaness on Clinton's face, you just go look on another blogspot, missy!
  • President George Bush killed Bin Laden!
    > Amen, Betty Jo. And, if there's one thing I know for sure, it's that we can trust the foreign intelligence on this one. Just like on WMDs in Iraq. I know we're gonna find 'em yet.
    > I'm so glad Osama is dead and we have won the War on Terror! Tickertape parades for everyone!!
    > Just watch the liberal scum try to take this victory away from us too. They'll start claiming Clinton really killed Bin Laden! Just watch.
    > He died of ein typhoid?

    Couldn't he chust shtick ein suppository in his ahss?
    > I don't do political humor well, but you folks sure do :)
    > Now it can be told - we sent him a typhoid-laced cigar.
    > I still think he got typhoid put in his coffee yawl even though now theres lots of naysayers.

    Betty Jo don't post lies yawl!
  • Mein Ist Lining Up!
    > Oh Carl, you musta been waitin your entire life to see that. I think I'm gone cry, I'm so tetched.
    > Now that is something I'd like to see, having read Mein Kampf and the like.
    > Betty Cho, mein vuz busy all veekend mit mein leetle soldier, but mein is so heppy!
  • Mein Only Pays $10!
    > Hell, what a gyp. As you know, I only charge .50 cents myself, Carl. I'm glad the judge gave em what-for!
    > You know what they say, you get what you pay for... if you're lucky.
    > This is ridiculous. What is wrong with these foreign countries? CAn't they do anything right?
    > *rummaging thru couch cushions*

    Mein found two bucks, Betty Cho!
  • "Scientists" makin up new stories with new bones
    > Right on, Betty Jo!
    > Betty Cho,

    Dose dinosaurs died ven dey missed Noah's Ark! Vy do scientists mees dat leetle fect ven dey talk about vy dey died off???
    > These scientist fools will be uncovered for what they is: LIARS. All they have to do is read the Intelligent Design report and they'll see the REAL true truth.
    -Betty Jo

    I agree, Betty Jo obviously God took his giant finger and produced Adam and Steve...er Eve.

    These goofy "scientists" believe that a series of millions of successively beneficial random mutations are responsible for taking some blue-green algae and producing the amazing genius of Albert Einstein or the inimitable wisdom of Michael Moore or the sublime beauty of Rosie O'Donnell.

    Almost all random mutations decrease an organism's chance of survival whereas each random mutation in succession would necessarily need to increase the organism's chance of survival in order for evolution to occur, but hey, according to these "scientists" all it takes is a little time. What bunk.

    Have we ever observed once species mutating into another? Not just fruit flies developing red eyes or dogs developing pointy ears, but say goats becoming giraffes? No we have not. Although we have observed Jim Jeffords evolving from a Republican into an independent, it's still not quite the same.

    I agree: they is liars indeed.
    > These goofy "scientists" believe that a series of millions of successively beneficial random mutations are responsible for taking some blue-green algae and producing the amazing genius of Albert Einstein or the inimitable wisdom of Michael Moore or the sublime beauty of Rosie O'Donnell.

    In your case, Herr Fawn, dey might haff ein point.
    > That's right Carl. But I think Noah wouldn't let them dinosaurs on his ark 'cause they'd chew up all the little critters.

    What's freedom fan talkin about yawl?
    > Ew. I can't believe someone brought the vile Rosie O'Donnell into the discussion. Well, I'm going to have nightmares now.

    I've long been leery of these fake "Darwinesque" theories scientists like to toss about. All the history we need to know is provided in the bible. If these loonies would just accept that, the world would be a better place.
  • Today's Commemmoration
    > Them Korean folks put up a movie of a elephant talkin up on youtube. I ain't kiddin. But since it talks Korean, it ain't really all THAT impressive.
    > Jah, Korean ees so easy to shpeak, even a monkey can shpeak eet!

    Wong hong wang tang...vot ees zo hard about dat?
    > Wong hong tang dong, wang woo?

    Ha ha!
    > Deed zu squint your eyes, Betty Cho, like mein gut freund, Alphonse D'Amato does ven he imitates Judge Ito?
  • Der Plans Ist Coming Together!
    > How Freudian can that be? Does this mean my kid doesn't have to do her research paper on Jerusalem?
    > Miss Cellanious, I think that's what it means, yawl. What's a kid botherin about Jews for anyhow? What kinda school would make a kid do that there?

    Sounds like a school fulla mofo Librual Islamofashistpinkos. Better watch out missy.
  • Army Takes Over Bangkok!
    > I thought Bangkok was a strange name for a city, until the tsunami hit Phuket.
    > I'm very worried about Bangkok. I am scheduled to entertain there in the very near future, one of my very special specials. Perhaps I need a bodyguard?
    > Jah, MissC, dey use big dongles in Phuket...

    Miss Lola, mein is stinkin' dat you need ein large bodyguard eef you are to play on Bangkok...
    > I know this has something to do with the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey. These things don't just happen.
    > Outofcontext, you made me burst out laughing.

    Are any blond ladies missing from Bangkok?

    What kind of deal is that? No shots fired? Come on, you gotta fire shots to have a real news story.
    > Them Thai people ain't good for nothin 'cept making good noodles yawl. And curries. Why is this news? It ain't about America!
  • How To Keel Liberals
    > Man, that guy had a bad trip!
    > I think the white version of that would be to tell the police that God turned the goat into your brother... or is it turned your brother into the goat.

    Now I'm all confused.
    > Great. Now every defense attorney in the country will be floating the "goat defense!"

    If there's one thing I hate more than Nigerian axe murderers, it's trial lawyers!
    > How come when I hack up a possum it just stays a possum? Why cain't it end up some mofo librual or a nice pork?

    Life ain't fair yawl.
  • Islamofascists hide bomb in man's head
    > Euuuwww.
    > cindy sheehan and I just adore jesse jackson...doesn't everyone?
    > Thanks for the non-sequitir, Freedom Fan. Once again, you win the argument!
    > Islamofascistterrorismists are Toons? And zo ees Fawnboy?
    > If Islamonazifascisthippiepinkocommies can hide bombs in heads, that means we'll all have to be decapitated at airports!

    That'll suck. But if it's for national security, I'm all for it!
    > Damn Sporty, you make an excellent point. Should that be the case, we really won't need out hair gel. Those waiting to meet passangers on arriving planes are gonna be in for a great big surprise, huh?
    > Thanks for the non-sequitir, Freedom Fan. Once again, you win the argument!
    -Richie McWhite.


    Um...what was the argument again?
    > Hot-air Fan,

    Only you know for certain, apparently. All the rest of us are in agreement about Islamofascism and airport security!
    > That there was scary yawl. I'm gone have nightmares.
    > Only you know for certain, apparently. All the rest of us are in agreement about Islamofascism and airport security!

    Right, me too sporty. Isn't this airport security stuff a ridiculous waste of our precious time?

    It is all just a cynical technique by the eevil nazi, Bush-Hitler, to scare the American people and manipultate them into voting for neocon repugs.

    There is no terrorist threat...it's a lie.
    -michael moore, noble liberal
    > Right, me too sporty. Isn't this airport security stuff a ridiculous waste of our precious time?

    Jah, und eet vould all go away eef you shtopped flying....den de rest of us vouldn't haff to shtand in lines anymore.

    Vy does you hate America zo?
  • Defenders of Our Freedoms Defend Georgia Town!
    > OOOO thank God the freedom haters were removed!
    > Now DAT is how you do eet!
    > Question: does anyone profit (as in make money) if articles like the one linked to in the post succeed with what they're intended to do?

    Question for advanced students: if those who make those profits then donate to politicians who help them make more profits, what do we call that?
    > Anonymous,

    Someone's making money off of LGF?! Tell me how!!!
    > Mr. Anonymous,

    Well done, my fine young fellow! You have the lessons of the Reich learned well!

    We also the intent of articles and people attacked, also. If someone wrote or said something we didn't like, we would simply say their intent was to overthrow the government and would deal with them accordingly.

    You also have on the supposed intent of the artice focussed instead of it's content. Very good, my lad! Very good!
    > Man that sure is what I'd like to do to the mofo libruals yawl. Just have our goverment come on in and yank they lazy, tree-huggin asses out they homes and toss 'em in Gitmo so they can shmooz with their Islamofascistcommiepinko friends. Yep. That's what I wish yawl. That and shoot the immigrents on sight.
  • Der Pope Ducks!
    > Maybe the Pope wishes Islam had an unblemished history of violence, torture, bigotry and political interference like the Catholic Church.
    > boo-f******-hoo
    > How dare the Pope suggest that Islam is violent! Everyone knows that Islam is the Religion of Peace for Allah's sake!

    The Pope claimed that spreading faith through violence is unreasonable, adding, "Violence is incompatible with the nature of God and the nature of the soul." WTF? Hasn't he ever heard of Allah's requirement that every Muslim go jihad to honor him?

    Doesn't the Pope realize that worldwide death and mayhem now will occur, directly as a result of this outrageous "insult to Islam"?

    What's next...drawing vicious cartoons insulting the gentle and wise Muhammad (PBUH), huh?
    > To be honest, he really didn't apologize for SAYING those things. He was sorry that Muslims took offense. I'm sorry for that, too, but that doesn't make me responsible or apologetic.
    > Freedom Fan,

    Just to set the record straight, jihad means 'struggle' in a wider connotation but then again, how would you know such a thing? You are too busy committing jihad of your own against innocent Uruk Hai. Shame on you!!!
    > Fan, It's lucky for us that the world's 2 Billion
    muzzies completely misunderstand the meaning of Jihad. Librul experts like yourself are endangering us all and shouldn?t share such insight publicly!

    By exhibiting your awareness and depth of knowledge of historical Islam, you're only helping the MusLib terroristas! You should stop at once.

    Or you love terrorists.
    > Just to set the record straight, jihad means 'struggle'

    My apologies; somehow I had this insane idea that "jihad" had something to do with violence. Obviously, "jihad" means to struggle for peace.

    Allah Akbar!
    > Imad said...
    Freedom Fan,

    Just to set the record straight, jihad means 'struggle'

    You mean like Fawn does every Friday nicht in der basement of der men's sex club he frequents, dat moonbat homozexual liberal?
    > Carl, I'm shocked! A gentleman does not kiss and tell.
    > Who ever said you vuz ein gentleman, Fawn?
    > Who's fawn?
    > Dot liberal, der French Fawn...de guy mit der vite berd und long shtick dat he's grabbink mit bot' his hands for better grip.
  • Friday Kitler Bloggink
    > Unser Leader looks worried in that photo. I hope he all right is.
    > Where are the cats that look like Mussolini?
    > You mean like this, Richie?
    > Strong foreheads like that turn me on ...
    > Where are the horses that look like Ann Coulter?
    > You mean like this, anonymous?
    > Betty Cho! Velcome beck!
    > Y'all are crackin me UP!
    > Vell, SueWoo, ve wouldn't want your crack up to be.
    > Thanks yawl. Sometimes I can joke with the rest of you, when it ain't over my head that is.
    > And thanks Carl. I got real lazy for awhile there.
    > Dot's hokay, Betty Cho...did dey change your meds again?
  • Bonkers Moonbat MusComSimp 'Journalist' Endangers National Security
    > Dey filmed an oil refinermery????

    Are dey nuts?!?!?!? Don't dey know how much does Arab Muslims want to steal our oil because they don't have any for demselves?????
    > No wonder gas prices are so high. The employees of the refinery could not get to work and do their jobs because the location was secret. At least Palast solved that oil crisis problem. Give the guy a little credit.
    > He shure looks like a terrist to me. All he needs is one of them towel things on his head and there you have it.
  • Islamodefeatists trick Republicans in Ohio into endorsing DemocRAT
    > One would zink dat dey vould vote for Nig-- Blackwell, or be prepared to die bold.
    > To win, Blackwell will have to die bolder than ever. wink, wink, nudge, nudge

    hack, hack, hack
    > To coin ein phrase, ehhhh, Herr McVite?
    > We don't "wash our lawn" in Ohio. We sweep it with a broom and dust pan. And $5 is too much, it spoils them. Moran.
    > We'll move some operatives to OH for a few weeks ... THEN we'll see who endorses this fine candidate!
    > I wish Jesus Christ would give me one of them guns. Mine's broke, dammit.

    I git what your saying Richie. That there sure is funny.
    > Confused passerby with dumb question. How can there be an Islamofascist conspiracy ? I've yet to find one !
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  • Mein Vishes He Vould See God...
    > See? God is on our side.


    Suck it MusLibs.
    > I hope I never awake in the middle of a movement.
    > I heard Michelle Malkin was so excited about this that she locked herself in an internment camp.
    > I'm still waiting for a first awakening of common sense.
    > How moving.
    > It's about time the Third Reic-- er awakening come around. I been waiting for a long time. I hope it ain't gone interfere in the Rapture. I cain't wait for the Rapture 'cause being sucked up into a cloud sounds like a lot of fun. Also watchin mofo libruals burn alive is pretty entertaining I'm thinking.
    > Viva la revolucion!
    > Dis had better not be ein up-and-coming trend!
    > MAN that's some defient women folks. Ha ha! I tried that on my man oncet but he just up and left and took up with someone else.
    > Lysistrata strikes again!
  • Can I have more than one wife?
    > Errr...dey cut und ran zo fast, dey took der cartoon mit dem!
    > dammit, stoopid anti-hotlinking islamofascists.
    > Jah, dey are an insidious bunch, using deir Foxfire, vich as ve all know vuz ein Russian aircraft, und derefore highly shuspect.
    > What's that little red X mean? I'm confused, yawl.
  • Revenge Killings Confirm Irwin's Islamofascist Ties
    > But isn't eet usually der Islamofascists who do der revenge killings, Shporty?
    > Exactly! The enemies of the rays are our enemies, Carl!
    > Mein is zo confoosed...
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  • U.S. Grateful to Sponsor of State-Sponsored Terror for Stopping Non-State-Sponsored Terror Attack
    > Dis vuz ein case of free market competition. Der shtate-shponsored terrorismists did not vant der non-shtate-shponsored terrorismists to horn in on deir turf.
    > Excellent insight, Carl!

    I never even thought to apply economics to the situation, but that is obviously the case!
    > Say what you want, but I still say Pakistan is our biggest ally in the war on terror.

    They're closing in on bin Laden. I know it!
    > Herr McVite, und if dey do not, ve vill nuke dem, too!
    > We need to make a law against state-sponsored terrist attacks, yawl. What if my senator wants to blow up my trailer? That just ain't friendly, yawl.
  • Secret Prisons? So What?
    > Mein vonders if der Poles served tea und Zyklon to deir guests like ve did to dem?
    > I think just waterboarding and electric shocks this time, Carl!

    I know it's hard, but torture... er... tough interrogation techniques have changed since your day...
    > Vaterboardink?

    Vot kind of poosy interromigation is dat? Ve could just let dem waterboard off der North Shore of Oahu on dem beeg waves! Or waterboard behind one of our yachts in the Bosporous!
    > If we don't torture the hell outa them terrists, they just gone go out and do more terrors. Why should that be secret? I think folks is a little too sensitive these days.

    I say fry 'em and waterboard the bejesus out of 'em yawl.
  • Associated Press Gets It Right!
    > I knew the Islamofascists were racists. I blame Bill Clinton.
    > Well, we haff to distinguish hourselves from der brownies...
    > We have to bomb Iran and Syria now!
  • Bush Pleads for Unity in 9/11 Speech; Creates Disunity
    > You're right about Mickey Mouse. The sequel to the ABC movie is now available, called The Path to Mickey.
    > Annette Funicello asks:

    "Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me..."
    > That eevil fascist nazi George Bush is not fooling me. He and Karl Rove destroyed the WTC and all those innocent countrymen, just so he could garner popular support to go snuff poor brown people in the Middle East and steal their oil for Halliburton.

    Bush now admits that the gentle sunni saddam had nothing to do with the 911 attack. Saddam was never a member of the sunni al-Qaeda terrorist group and as everyone knows, all Islamic terrorists are members of al-Qaeda (duh!).

    If only we had allowed saddam, the kind and just ruler, to continue to govern the utopia of Iraq, the world would be a better place today.

    Remember, as michael moore has told us there is no terrorist threat...it's a lie. Stop war and racism! No blood for oil! War is not the answer! What's the question again?

    Anyway, I have found some great deals on roosting chicken hats. I plan to wear one today to honor that great liberal American,ward churchill, and his magnificent tribute honoring the victims of that little 911 dust up.
    > Fan,

    Quite blowing your hot air at us, you deranged moonbat lunatic! The rest of us patriotic Americans are commemorating this day of national tragedy by enlisting in the military to fight that evil Saddam Hussein, and here you are calling him 'gentle'! What is the matter with you?!
    > Sporty,

    You forgot the real mastermind behind them all, the Evil Burt.
    > Hello?! Fan, you still dont get it.

    911 was BAD and Saddam is BAD. What more of a link do you need?

    > Damn! I forgot evil Burt!! Thanks for the reminder Imad!
    > Ve must bomb Iran, Syria und Mr. Hooper's shtore.
    > Ain't Mr. Hooper dead Carl?

    Yawl better not critisize the President, whatever he says is right, no matter how many times he changes his sotry. He's got a lot of demanding folks to please, and so he has to fudge a bit. That's his job, as told to him by God. So don't be questionin yawl!
    > Betty Cho,

    Jah, dey vant you to t'ink he's dead, but as Shporty says, how do ve know?
    > Thanks Carl, now my haid hurts some. You done confused me agin!
  • On the Fifth Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks
    > Mein called mein broker und put down some money on Raytheon, Halliburton und some Carlyle hedge fund investments, vich afforded mein der early retirement in Argentina dat mein has been living for fifty years now...
    > Congratulations on your impeccable hindsight! Is there a word for a prophet of the past?

    May God bless you, indeed.
    > I thought about them people and had a good cry yawl.

    Then I decided I should go under cover dressed as Whitney Houston and seduce that there Mr. Bin Laden, then turn him in and get a few millions of dollars and become famous. But since President Bush said he don't care about finding Bin Laden no more, maybe I'd only get thousands for my trouble I was thinkin bout that when I fell asleep holdin a fifth of Sothern Comfert in my lap.
  • Remember: We are Safer, But Still Not Safe! It's all Iraq's Fault!
    > God bless Condi Rice for making us all more.....safe-esque!
    > Ve must bomb Iran. Und Syria. Und Boston.
    > Hm, Rex, vould dat be "safetiness"? Like in "truthiness"?
    > Carl, my Deutsch is a little rusty, but I think the correct phrase is, "ein bissen safe!"
    > Mein sprechen zie English, Rex!
    > I get nervous watchin them mofo librual bedheads congrigate on the corner yawl. They say they tree-huggers but who knows? I'm tired of Berkenstock prints on my lawn.

    Gotdam mofo Terrist Libruals!
  • Egyptian Accused of Terrorism Given Celebrity Status
    > That WAS during a time of patriotism?!? Well, "Mr. Fairy," in MY America, we don't talk about patriotism in the past tense!

    God, just reading this treason makes me want to frame an Egyptian!
    > His name is "He's Gay, See"?

    Dat right dere is suspicious enough. Sounds made up to mein!
  • Bonkers Moonbat Blogofascists Want to Censor Notable Docudrama
    > I have not heard that ABC was thinking of pulling the project. Your report of this may be defamatory, they have a reputation to uphold.
    > Pursey,

    There are any number of news reports out there they ABC is considering bowing to the irrational pressure of deranged moonbat lunatics such as yourself. Plus, my close personal friend, Harvey Keitel, told me.
    > Ah, Herr Keitel...mein recalls dat film vere he mashturbated for der cheeck in der car...
  • Ann Coulter was Right: 9/11 Widows Plan Huge Celebration of Husband's Deaths!
    > Dis ees disgusting, dat dey invited der whole vorld to deir pity party, und den are going to show deir tits.

    Well, maybe not der last bit...
    > Great. Now the hippies have even ruined Playboy. Is there no end to their America-hating?
    > Rex,

    > Mein vould like to see der boobies of Kristen Breitweiser...mebbe ve can re-edumacate her?
  • Dick Cheney Welcomed to Boston!
    > Mein ist surprised der Dick didn't shtop in at der Red Sox game, seeing as dey have both been plummeting in der shtandings...
    > Tipper Gore says:

    " hey ramblin' boy, why don't you settle down
    Boston ain't your kind of town
    There ain't no gold and there ain't nobody like me
    I'm the number one fan of the man from Tennessee"
    > But Tipper,

    What about Al?! I mean I wouldn't mind if you left him for me, but wouldn't that reveal that you have been a reich-winger mole all these years?!
    > Tipper Gore says:

    "Sorry, but I thought you were gay."
    > Tipper!

    I am NOT gay!
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  • Friday Cat Bloggink
    > I have a bulldog that I swear is the image of Winston Churchill.

    Its a funny coincidence really, because hes always leaving little cigars all over the garden.
    > Charming, Carl!

    Simply charming!
    > Hurry, Herr Carl....eliminate the pussy before it's too late.

    His mezmorizing theatrics appear way too serious and may be taken seriously by weaker minds.
    > Awww, aint' that cute, another Kitler!
  • Dis Man Has Thirteen Wives
  • Vot Does Shporty Keep In Dat "Panic Room," Anyvays?
    > Ha. Ha. Ha. Carl.

    I guess I'll have to come clean and let people know I have photographic evidence of your...

    Well, we'll leave that for another time, shall we?

    Just be on notice that if you want a flame war, you could get one with me... or you could go commenting over at the Gates of Vienna. I'm sure the Baron will oblige.

    We must fight our enemies, not each other!

    I Bid You Stand, Men of the West!
    > I forbid you both from fighting with anyone but moonbats ... we must remain unified and on message. Say it with me: "Democrats caused 9/11! - do you want more !!??"
    > I cant joke about this one....the guy's a goof....period!

    Someone should inject Drano into this useless, meat filled carcasse's heart and spare society the bill from keeping him in jail.

    LOL....now that would be funny!
    > mein vuz chust asking!
  • How Ve Should Handle Der Media
    > "Assad," huh? If his name wasn't so funny-sounding, I'd nominate him for a Presidential Medal of Freedom!
    > Rex! Carl!

    I think those two are actually an Islamofascist and an illegal Mexican! Why they are attacking their allies is a complete mystery, but we must not neglect the names of the perps!

    Over and out!
    > Fox News? That is just too funny!
  • Bush Admits to Secret CIA Prisons; Europeans Whine About It...
    > Well you know, you just can't have to much torturing and killing if you are a fucking true American.

    We are beyond rules these days. We are god's own little torture and killing machine.
    > Absolutely, Patricia!

    At last you have come around! Welcome!
    > Mein ist zo embarassed dat a Cherman is at der forefront of dis protest.
    > Once we've figured out they're terrorists, why do they need rights? Tribunals are quick and painless!
    > Ach yes, the German today is far too reasonable.
    > If they only have fourteen prisoners why did they need so many secret prisons? I thought prisons were overcrowded yet we're paying for luxury accomodations all around the globe? Did they think of maybe using a hostel to save us a little dough? Only the best for the terrorists, I guess. Eurpope, of all places!
  • Iraqis Take Over Their Military: Our Boys Are Coming Home!
  • Where Is My Peace Dividend?
    > Shporty, your peace dividend was shpent on mein lederhosen! Und dont you dare complain about it, you gailai player!
    > I got yer peace dividend RIGHT HERE!!!
  • Mein Ist So CONFOOSED!!!!
    > They're just giving him sanctuary over there so we don't have to give him sanctuary over here!
    > Osama who?

    C'mon, it's not as if they'll hit us again ... we're keeping them busy in Iraq!
    > Mein needs ein hug...
  • Mentally Unstable Moonbat Islamofascists Go Crazy!
    > Like mein said last month, ve must shtart training more ninja chipmunks to defend us.

    Und bomb Iran!
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  • Reuters Fakes More Photographs!
    > Are you nuts, Shporty?

    Dat pitcher of Shirtoff is real! He ist ein archangel, even right down to his name, Michael!!!!!
    > Are you nuts, Carl?!

    Even archangels don't have tentacles coming out of their heads!!
    > Dose are his balls?
    > Bush is passing gas and he thinks it will literally lift him off the ground. He has to hold his arms out like that for a safe landing. He's not stupid, you know?
  • More Lying Hate From Kos
    > Congratulations, Anonymous!

    Yours is the first all-caps comments on LGF! You should uncloak and claim your prize.
    > Not quite up to the level of a Darwin Award, but pretty impressive!
  • "White House: U.S. Safer But Not Yet Safe"
    > Bomb Iran! Bomb Pakistan! Bomb Indonesia! Bomb Boston!

    Dat ought to rid ze world of Muslims!
    > Ummmmm.... Carl,

    You know I live in Boston, so you should have written, 'Bomb Boston after Sporty evacuates!'

    > Safer than what? Baghdad? Jeez.
    > Sporty,

    I thought you already had a panic-room/bomb-shelter in the basement of the basement of your mom's house.
    > Imad,

    Do I really have to explain to you that I would run out of Cheetohs before it would be safe to come out of my super-ultra deluxe panic room.

    Not to mention that my mom would probably insist on sharing it with me since I've only started paying her for it.

    Much easier to evacuate, don't you think? Plus, that way I can rescue my stuffed animals , too.
    > Sporty - I will share some top-secret research we've done with you. LGF, Jeff Goldstein, and the folks over at Redstate wanted to know how long they could reasonably keep Cheetos in their own safe rooms. We did some testing and discovered that the expiration date on the bag has nothing to do with the date when Cheetos actually go bad. In fact, they never really go bad - the flavor peaks after about 13 months, then declines, but they'll never kill you. Mountain Dew has similar properties. Especially the red stuff.
    > Thank you, Karl! It's always so gratifying to know you are looking out for me as you nuke my hometown!
    > Shporty?

    You live in dat islamofascisthomotown???

    Bet you are ein "Red" Sox fan, too!
    > Carl,

    Not since game 6 of the 1986 World Series! I'll tell you the story sometime, but crutches were involved!
  • 'Gates of Venice Vienna' Is a Fraud!
    > I read that interaction with some interest, Sporty.

    I had no idea that Baron Von Rightwinger was a pretend paranoid neocon tool. Shocker!

    I am one of the unique 7 vistors today. Will be back often.
  • Happy Labor Day!
    > you hippie moonbats should be glad there even is a Halliburton and a Deputy Leader Dick; without them, we'd have no jobs at all.

    because we'd be dead.

    god bless capitalism!

    death to minimum wage laws! and islamofascisthippienazis who try to make good god fearing CEO's waste money when they can get perfectly good children to build their stuff...
    > Freedom Fan,

    Is that you with the wrong gravatar?
    > I am insulted.

    you think I'm a member of that moonbat's insane cult?

    I love America and hate liberals already.

    maybe my previous comment was a bit stilted. I was drunk. I swear.

    in the future I promise more accurate observations in keeping with the GCCCR.
    > Thank you, Chris!

    So... What're ya drinking?
    > French wine.
    > not really.

    I hate the French.

    long live America for Americans!
  • Mein Type of Congressmun!!!!
    > I'm impressed that this patriotic American will be marking the anniversary of 9/11 by patriotically raising money to fuel the democratic process and fight the war on terror by getting re-elected.

    Plus, you know, settlements to your mistress are pricey - especially when you strangle them!
    > Ah. This reminds me of a sign I in a market last January saw . As I recall, it read:

    'In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, this store will be open regular business hours'

    So. In honor of 911, this politician will be raising money. It is an honor, no?
  • Breaking: Steve Irwin Killed By Stingray
    > Crikey, Steve Irwin went the way all of us proly would like to go. Glamorously slain by a lover with a dagger to the heart.

    Anyway it sure beats choking on a ham sandwich or sleeping with Loreena Bobbitt.

    Which reminds me: What is the difference between Loreena Bobbitt and a weather forecaster? When Loreena Bobbitt says there will be four inches on the ground in the morning, you had better believe it.
    > Nein, Shporty, everyvun knows dat der shting ray is der terrorismeest! Mein leeberal impostor, dis Actor212, hast posted ein article about poor Mr. Irvin, a fine conservative who vuz into harassing und sexually abusing wildlife as God intended man to do!

    So eef Actor212 t'inks Irwin vuz a creep, dat means der shting rays must be terrorismists, since Actor212 is a terorrismist sympathising moonbat leebral!
    > Thank God for the self-written obituary. I keep a number of these on file for those I consider likely to die a) relatively soon, and, b) in a predictable manner (next up, Lindsay Lohan...naked, in a Vegas hotel room...bank it!)

    Admittedly, I had to copy and paste "stingray" where some variation of "croc" had been in Irwin's obit, but in my defense "celebrity death poolism" is hardly an exact science.
    > Carl,

    Of course I'm NOT wrong! The valiant anti-Islamofascist, anti-environmentalist ray used it's ninja fighting techniques to stab Irwin in the chest. Irwin was merely pretending to harass wildlife as he raised tons of money to preserve it -- that deception is a sure sign of extremism!

    The stingray being a patriot is the only rational explanation.

    And Fan,

    Ummmmmmm... what are you saying? That the cause of Irwin's death is an urban myth like Mamma Cass's? Or due to having his penis severed by his wife? And really you ought to update your plaigiarized jokes - The Bobbit thing happened in the pre-Islamofascist days of 1993.

    (And it wasn't even 4 inches.) Try again.
    > Fawn vishes he vuz der ham sandveech dat Cass choked on! As it ees, he cannot choike der ant.
    > Ah! That's it! Thanks, Carl! I never can understand that unhinged moonbat lunatic - but who can understand any unhinged moonbat lunatic?

    And now what about the Bobbitt thing? Does that mean he wishes he was John Wayne Bobbit?
  • We Have A New Slogan! Well, Lots of New Slogans!
    > Why did Constantinople get the works?
    That's nobody's business but the Turks!
    > Rex, you do make a good point that perhaps the slogan should be:

    Remember Istanbul!!
    > I bid you stand, Men of the West!

    Mein is not sure dat Mae Vest did not say dis first.
  • We've Won in Iraq!
    > And just when things were getting interesting.

    Ach, these things at times cannot be helped.
    > Dere's a lot of number two in dis Al-Qaida. Ve keep seeming to find more of dem.
    > They keep bringing in branch managers, but we keep getting them. U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
    > Karl and Carl,

    With all due respect, the man said this blow is fatal. FATAL! It's over!

    USA! USA! USA!
  • Head of Peacekeeping Force Named After Spring Water
    > This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    > great, the gosh darned islamofascisthippiemoonbat brigades have managed to spam this Great Site.


    time for word verification. thank you, evil liberal america hating abortionists gamblers...
    > and telaat is gay.

    I heard it from sporty.
    > Chris,

    Oh yeah?! I am NOT gay and you are into fisting!!

    Would a gay person fix the spam problem first thing on a Sunday morning? I think not!!
    > Shporty,

    Mein t'inks der water is "Pellegrino" not "grini"...

    Cumminghand, Shporty is not gay!
  • Firefights in the Streets of El Salvador!
  • Excellent News Out of Afghanistan!
    > Our entrepreneurial spirit is catchy! Catchy!
    > Haff ve been sending dose lovely tractors from Iraq to help?
  • Another Disturbed Moonbat Derangement Pops Up
    > the nerve of that there Victoria at redacted.com! I'm gone write redacted.com a real mean letter. Thanks for the heads up there Sporty.
    > Victoria can {redacted} !!!
    > Hey Greek sports lover, if hitting it big in the blogosphere doesn't gel, I've got the name of a Nigerian prince who is willing to give you two million dollars. His offer appears to be legit, but it does require some nominal earnest money on your part. Call me...
    > Wow, FF,

    That's awful nice of you... for a change! I guess that even for a insane moonbat, you can be nice from time to time...

    Hey! Wait a minute!
    > Shporty!

    Do you trust annating dis leebral candayass writes?

    Nigeria ist ein DEMOCRACY und has no princes!
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  • Liberal Islamomexicans stage coup!
    > Islamomexicans? What next? Why are all the Islamo-something-anothers always coloured? Can't we get some white Islamo-white-something-anothers to do some of the heavy lifting around here? How about some Islamo-George-ala-macacas-you-are? Or some Islamo-wished-the-peeps-were-89%-white-Bucaneers?
    I am tired of all the coloured folks getting all the credit for stirring up some Shiite. What are we whities, just some lazy asses? Really, don't we have some righteous union busting or something to do to get us a little respect? If we let this go on like this, we are going to give up our rights as angry white men and start looking like a bunch of pussies.
    > Karena,

    What are you, some deranged moonbat demento! We noble white people are busy fighting Islamonazifascisthippie- pinkocommiesnazis like you!

    Better watch yourself or I'm going to ban you, missy!
    > Oh, have a great vacation, Richie!

    I wish I could take a freedom vacation right now, but no. I have to continue to do battle with the forces which will do their best to destroy us!
    > Sporty,
    Go ahead and ban me if you're to afraid to fight me over here. I'm just saying, if you wanna beat the coloured Islamosomethinganothers you best join the Minutemen or something or you're gonna lose this struggle. It can't be won through ideology alone, it must be won in the streets of America. Like Sean Hannity said, some things are worth fighting for and DYING for, and one of those things is making sure that Fancy-Nancy doesn't win the majority leadership or she's gonna bring her Fancy San Francisco values right smack dab into middle America! Christ, I'm on your side, just trying to move you into a little action, that's all.
    > Karena!

    How dare you accuse me of inaction! I run this blog!!!!

    (well, when Richie and Reichminister Karl let me... But still!)
    > That's sure a lot of big words for one little lady, Miss Karena! You better not tangle with Sporty, he's real tough. I say we fight everbody with islamo or nazi in part of they names, how's that sound, yawl?
    > Betty Jo,

    As usual, you hit the nail right on the head! You are the best!
  • Friday Afternoon Game
    > Don't you mean Gaym?
    > Richie!

    You know it's pronounced "Hi Ah-lie", so stop implying that I'm gay.

    I am NOT gay!
    > Vot is dat on der teep of his erect arm? Eet looks like ein drop of vite fluid...
  • Islamofascist leads Coast Guard on wild goose chase!
    > Ve ought to ship him back to Boytonbeachistan vere he belonks!
    > Richie,

    Moran is Irish, not Muslim nor German. Sheesh! Do I really have to tell you everything as if you know nothing and my knowledge is vast?!

    I'm going to go get a game!
    > Sporty, you're a moran!
    > At least the flight to Gitmo will be short for him and cheap for the government.
    > Richie,

    I'm glad you are going on vacation. You seem a little tense. That attack, for example, was completely unprovoked!

    Have fun! Post photos!
    > Richie,

    See? I'm such a nice person that I fixed your HTML just so you feel better!
    > Yeah I'm glad Richie's goin on vacation too he does sound crabby yawl.

    I was gone take a vacation til I heard that the airlines won't let us ladies bring our hair gel on board so that just ruint my plans to visit Harvey, Illinois yawl.
  • Mein Ist Outraged!!!!!!
    > So...


    Love the Nazis, but support the troops!



    > Listen up,

    It's easy. The Preznint is the Decider and he decides what to say. And he has said that Nazis + Commies = Islamofascists. It's pretty simple. That means we should hate the Islamofascistnazicommiepinkohippies and bomb Iran.

    But impeach the Decider?! Never! He is our LEADER!

Buy Ribbon Magnets! Whatever you do, don't sign up for the military yourself! That demoralizes the troops! Let them know you really care by covering your massive SUV in ribbon magnets! Plus, be sure to buy the ones that come from Communist China. Don't let the Leftist Unions win!

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We are conservative higher order apes from the Rand System. We are not nerdy at all.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Retarded liberal intelligence agencies call President Bush a failure? Puh-leeze!

The National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), drawn from 16 US spy agencies, bluntly says that the Iraq war has enflamed emotions in the Muslim world, created a new generation of fanatics and, because of US atrocities and torture of prisoners, led to more radicalization in Islamic terrorism against the United States. Among other things, the NIE shows that because of the Iraqi war, the Madrid bombings of March 2004 took place, as did the London Underground bombings of July 2005.

Who are you going to believe, some liberal retard at the CIA, or President Bush? Stupid!

Liberal Journalist says President Bush is a failure? Puh-leeze!

Veteran US journalist Bob Woodward has claimed that the true extent of insurgent attacks in Iraq has been hidden by the administration.

He makes the claim in a book, State of Denial, due to be released on Monday.

Bob Woodward

Who are you going to believe?  President Bush, or some liberal Islamojournalist?  Stupid!

Islamofascist says President is a failure? Puh-leeze!

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Al-Qaeda brands Bush 'a failure'
Al-Qaeda's number two has called US President George W Bush a "liar" who is losing his war against the network.

Ayman al-Zawahri, shown on a video aired by al-Jazeera on 17 June 2005In a video published on the Internet, Ayman al-Zawahiri called Mr Bush a "lying failure" and said al-Qaeda was stronger than ever.

The message follows a video issued for the anniversary of 9/11, in which Zawahiri said Western forces were doomed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yeah, right. You gonna believe some terrorist instead of President Bush? Stupid!

Vas ist all dis fuss about der kinder?

So zis Representative Foley made small talk mit one of his interns about his lederhosen! Since ven ist it a crime to chat mit your employees? Herr Foley zounds to me like someone mit the desire to help unt young soldier grow strong for zee cause.

Herr Foley ist unt true patriot who grasps what his soldiers need.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Mein Ist T'inking It's Time To Bomb Finland

President Tarja Halonen says that it is a mistake for the US administration to try to redefine Common Article 3 of the Geneva Convention banning cruel and degrading treatment of prisoners. She feels that in the war against terror, it is important not to become like those who do ignore international treaties.

"Non-democracy and violations of human rights are a contagious disease."

"I believe that results that have been achieved should not be broken. We must see the risks to security from a different angle", Halonen said in an interview with Helsingin Sanomat during the UN General Assembly.

Halonen noted that relations between Finland and the United States are in good shape. She said that there is no reason to worry over the fact that she has not been invited to the White House, or that US President George W. Bush has not visited Finland.

"Everything that Bush does with regard to me is evaluated in a negative light. I have taken part in the democracy panel here at Bush's invitation, for instance."

"I feel that he treats me quite properly. There is nothing strange going on here", Halonen said in her room at the Millennium UN Plaza hotel, which has a view to UN Headquarters. "There is no point in turning something that is not a problem into a problem."
You see? Der dimvit doesn't even get it. Der Fuhre-- mein mean President ignores her, und dis idiot t'inks it's a good t'ing!

Ve must bomb Helsinki zo she gets der point!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

It's Torture Time!

This is just fantastic! We're just a Senate vote away from being able to arrest anybody we want!

Harry Reid
- your waterboard awaits! Now we just have to decide whether to send you to Poland or Uzbekistan.

Good For Dem!

NEW YORK (AP) -- The city is showing no mercy to a priest who got a $115 ticket for parking in an ambulance zone while ministering to an ailing hospital patient.

Two months after ticketing the Rev. Cletus Forson of St. Andrew the Apostle Church in Brooklyn, the city has thrown out his appeal.

"It's just a disappointment," said Forson, who got hit with the ticket July 26 outside Maimonides Medical Center. "I was attending someone who was in a debilitated state who needed attention."

Though Appeals Board Judges Irwin Strum and Diane Pine wrote they "accept" Forson was filling a "religious obligation," they ruled he still broke the law by parking in an ambulance zone.
Vot if dis had been an Islamofascisthippiecommiepinkofag mit a car bomb?

Der city is absolutely right to ticket cars dat park in ambubulance zones!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


BERLIN (Reuters) - German politicians condemned on Tuesday a decision by a Berlin opera house to cancel performances of Mozart's "Idomeneo" over concerns they could enrage Muslims and pose a security risk.

The Deutsche Oper in west Berlin announced on Monday that it was replacing four performances of "Idomeneo" scheduled for November with "The Marriage of Figaro" and "La Traviata."

The decision was taken after Berlin security officials warned that putting on the opera as planned would present an "incalculable security risk" for the establishment.

In the production, directed by Hans Neuenfels, King Idomeneo is shown staggering on stage next to the severed heads of Buddha, Jesus, Poseidon and the Prophet Mohammad, which sit on chairs.
Hast der Muslims world zo inteemeedated der West dat a few talking heads can ban an entire opera???? Mein luffs mein opera, mit der Valkyries und der shwords und der Frodo und Samwise mit der Ring, dose cute little fellows...but mein digresses.

We must bomb Iran for der sanctitty of our OPERA HOUSES!

Islamobrazilians attack spacewoman with spear

Yahoo! News Photo

Is there nothing that these Islamo-(insert-thing-here)s won't do to destroy our freedom and the freedom of our allies? We stand with Brazil and her right to defend herself, and that's why we need to bomb Iran.

If the Islamobrazilians didn't do this, there's only one other explanation: Bill Clinton's penis has maimed another innocent woman.

Bush Wins One!

HOUSTON (Reuters) - Andrew Fastow, whose financial wizardry was exposed as fakery and theft in the Enron Corp. collapse, was sentenced to six years in prison Tuesday -- four years less than provided in his 2004 plea agreement.
HA! Dis Enron Corporporation vuz der leading campaign financial for der Fuhr--mein mean, der President's selection campaign in 2000.

Dis sentence represents a 40% savings for der company's chief financial officer, und is indicative of how well der Bush tax cuts have helped der common men in America!

God save Goehring...George...Bush!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Vot Ist Wrong Mit Dis?

CINCINNATI (Reuters) - A car commercial proclaiming a jihad on the U.S. auto market and offering "Fatwa Fridays" with free swords for the kids is offensive and should not be aired, Muslim leaders said on Sunday.

The radio advertisement for the Dennis Mitsubishi car dealership in Columbus, Ohio, has "a whole jihad theme," said Adnan Mirza, director of the Columbus office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

"They are planning on launching a jihad on the automotive market and their representatives would be wearing burqas ... ," Mirza said. "They mentioned the pope in there and also about giving rubber swords out to the kiddies -- really just reprehensible-type comments."
Mein t'inks dis is ein gut idea! Dis vay, der pipple shtop being zo scared of terrorismists, because as ve all know, all dey vant is our money und to run t'ings, und to make lots more shekels! Dis vay, ve defeat terrorismists by showing de vorld vat dey are really all about!

Bill Clinton Goes Bee-zerk on Fox News!

Ha ha! Yawl, Bill Clinton made a big old fool outta hisself right there on Fox News Sunday. Chris Wallace ast him "why ain't you do more to protect our country against terrists like Osama Bin Laden?" And Clinton exploded yawl!!

He said Chris Wallace was a smirker and yelled at him some, and said it's OUR PRESIDENT BUSH who cain't get Osama. Ain't that treasonous talk right there?

It sure is a good thing that we got a reliable News source like Fox News to tell us about these things. Bush done just kilt Osama by putting a Typhoid in his coffee, and now Bill Clinton says President Bush is soft on terror? Whose he trying to kid? Not Betty Jo, I hope. I see right through that sorts a crap yawl.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

President George Bush killed Bin Laden!

That's right all you nay-sayers out there. Our fearless leader, George Bush the President, got and killed Bin Laden just like he said he would. Some wimpy french folk is sayin it might not be true but I know in my heart it is. As you can see from the photo that of course ain't been doctored up at all.

And just see here, yawl:

Time magazine separately posted an article on its website citing an unidentified Saudi source, who claimed bin Laden was stricken with a water-borne disease and may already be dead.

They say that Bin Laden died of a Typhoid. Now, how would that happen just for no reason? I bet what happened is see President Bush had the CIA go find him in a cave and put Typhoid in his coffee. That's right, yawl. Betty Jo done figured it out. So now everyone should stop this nonsense about not supporting our President. I can't wait to go down to the Trader Joe's and tell them mofo librual kids who's always pushin ACLU flyers on folks. They won't know what hit 'em. Stupid hippies.

Mein Ist Lining Up!

Sept. 21 - A collection of paintings and sketches attributed to Adolf Hitler is to go on sale in the United Kingdom on Tuesday September 26.

Twenty one pictures in all, watercolours and pencil sketches are to go under the hammer at Jefferys Auctioneers situated in the Cornish village of Lostwithiel.

The auction house has only attributed the artwork to Hitler and have not said definitively that the watercolours and sketches are genuinely his.

Der Video Ist Here

Mein Only Pays $10!

HELSINKI (Reuters) - A fee of 25,500 euros ($32,000) is way too much for a woman to charge a man for fondling her bosom, a Finnish district court ruled.

The court jailed a couple in their twenties for more than a year for charging a 74-year-old who suffers from dementia a total of 25,500 euros to enjoy the woman's breasts on 10 occasions.

"Based on general life experience alone, it is indisputably clear that a 25,500 euro charge is disproportionate to the compensation in question," Judge Hasse Hakki, who heard the case, told Reuters Friday.
Helga down on Bienstrasse only charges mein $10. Vot der hell is dis vomun trying to do? Cause inflation?

Friday, September 22, 2006

"Scientists" makin up new stories with new bones

What's up with them people in Utah, yawl? I think it's the new place where mofo librual scientists hide and make old "dinosore" plaster of paris bones so they can mess with our minds.

Hey, lookit, scientists. The world is only 6,000 years old like it says in the Holy Bible and you can even ask President Bush about it, and he'll tell you so, because he was appointed by God, and you have to know these things to become President. It's blasfemy to even question it. So quit making little dinosore "bones" in your little labs underground and spreading 'em around just to dig up later! No one is interested in your stupid games. Us religious folks ain't so stupid that we cain't see right through it, yawl.

These are the guys who claim the world is BILLIONS of years old! That sure makes Betty Jo laugh her fool ass off. Nothing is that old. It's higher than we can count, so it obviously cain't be the true truth.

Don't worry. These scientist fools will be uncovered for what they is: LIARS. All they have to do is read the Intelligent Design report and they'll see the REAL true truth.

Today's Commemmoration

Animal Rights For Der Republicans!

Today is Elephant Appreciation Day.

MissC, who always has such marvelous links does up der elephant in grand style.

Me....Mein is chust going to go beat up some Liberals to commemorate this day.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Der Plans Ist Coming Together!

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Something always gets lost in translation, but usually not an entire city.

"Jerusalem. There is no such city!" the Jerusalem municipality said in the English-language version of a sightseeing brochure it had published originally in Hebrew.

The correct translation: "Jerusalem. There is no city like it!"

Carrying a photograph of the brochure, Israel's Maariv newspaper said Wednesday tens of thousands of flyers had been distributed before city hall realized its mistake.
Even der Jews agree!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Army Takes Over Bangkok!

BANGKOK (Reuters) - The Thai army took control of Bangkok on Tuesday without a shot being fired and announced a commission to reform the constitution, despite the prime minister's declaration of a state of emergency from New York.

A government spokesman with Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra at the United Nations said the coup could not succeed and "we're in control".
Nussing to add...mein just vanted to see "Bangkok" in big letters...

Monday, September 18, 2006

How To Keel Liberals

LAGOS, Nigeria - A Nigerian murder suspect accused of killing his brother with an axe told police investigators he actually attacked a goat, which was only later magically transformed into his sibling's corpse, officials said Thursday.

The man, whose name wasn't released, offered police his explanation after his arrest on Tuesday in the death of his brother the previous day at Isseluku village in southern Nigeria.

"He said that the goats were on his farm and he tried to chase them away. When one wouldn't move, he attacked it with an axe. He said it then turned into his brother," Police Commissioner Udom Ekpoudom told the Associated Press.
Works for Islamofascist terrorismists und your ex-wives too!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Islamofascists hide bomb in man's head


Yahoo! News Photos

They blew his  eyes out!

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Defenders of Our Freedoms Defend Georgia Town!

In a previous story, we showed you the tragic cost of illegal immigration: not knowing who is living in the trailer next door in your small town in Georgia.

Now the residents of another small Georgian town know exactly what happens when illegal immigrant raids are successfully completed. The residents now have their streets, businesses and trailers back. God Bless America!

Last month, the federal government reported that Georgia had the fastest-growing illegal immigrant population in the country. The number more than doubled from an estimated 220,000 in 2000 to 470,000 last year. This year, state lawmakers passed some of the nation's toughest measures targeting illegal immigrants, and Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue last week vowed a statewide crackdown on document fraud.

Other than the Crider plant, there isn't much in Stillmore. Four small stores, a coin laundry and a Baptist church share downtown with City Hall, the fire department and a post office. "We're poor but proud," Mayor Marilyn Slater said, as if that is the town motto.

The 2000 Census put Stillmore's population at 730, but Slater said uncounted immigrants probably made it more than 1,000. Not anymore, with so many homes abandoned and the streets practically empty.

"This reminds me of what I read about Nazi Germany, the Gestapo coming in and yanking people up," Slater said.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Marc Raimondi would not discuss details of the raids. "We can't lose sight of the fact that these people were here illegally," Raimondi said.

Der Pope Ducks!

Pope Benedict XVI said Sunday that he was "deeply sorry" about the angry reaction to his recent remarks about Islam, which he said came from a text that didn't reflect his personal opinion.

"These (words) were in fact a quotation from a Medieval text which do not in any way express my personal thought," Benedict told pilgrims at his summer palace outside Rome.

The pope sparked the controversy when, in a speech Tuesday to university professors during a pilgrimage to his native Germany, he cited the words of a Byzantine emperor who characterized some of the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, Islam's founder, as "evil and inhuman."
Vy did he apologize??? He shpoke der truth und dat vas ein good t'ing dat dose ragheads know dat ve haff our eyes on dem alla time! Und der Pope should know from religions dat torture und slaughter! He's der Pope for Crissake!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Kitler Bloggink

Der boys from Brazil must haff had leftovers....

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bonkers Moonbat MusComSimp 'Journalist' Endangers National Security

Greg Palast, self-proclaimed 'journalist' and author of such insane moonbat idiotic books as "Armed Madhouse" and "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy", was questioned by DHS officials this week. He and his producer, Matt Pascarella, were facing terrorism charges for "unauthorized filming of a 'critical national security structure'", seen here on Google Earth. In short, the two were filming at a lovely camp for 73,000 Hurricane Katrina survivors in Louisiana and tried to make it look bad - like the camp was situated in a toxic, inhospitable spot. So, they filmed the Exxon refinery right next door without asking permission.

The two have weakly argued that they showed their press passes to the Exxon guards at the gate, but that hardly counts as asking for permission to show our rich target environment to Islamofascists the world over!

The worst part of the incident is that Palast jokes about the whole incident here and here. It's an outrage that he thinks our nation's security is a laughing matter... and then he pitches his book, "Armed Madhouse: Who's Afraid of Osama Wolf?".

Are there no depths to which the deranged moonbat lunatic hordes will not sink in their attempts to destroy America?

Islamodefeatists trick Republicans in Ohio into endorsing DemocRAT

The Chief Source: Blackwell Shows No Ohio Republican Endorsements
run awayIf you go to Ken Blackwell's "Endorsements" page, you will see that not one individual Republican is listed. To repeat, not one Republican is listed from the entire State of Ohio. Zero. Zilch. Nada. How toxic a candidate do you have to be to not list any endorsements by elected officials of your own party in your own state? Yesterday, Ted Strickland launched a site "Republicans for Strickland." It features a growing list of Republicans from around the state who publicly support Strickland over Blackwell. Blackwell's website issued a response, which incorporated a Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon. Nothing captivates the internet generation like a reference to a cartoon from the 1960's.
I am shocked -- shocked, I say! -- that the GOP faithful in Ohio are not lining up behind this bedrock conservative anti-gay-agenda, fundamentalist Evangelical Christian man. What are they thinking? Don't they know that it was Mr. Blackwell's voter suppression and voting machine tampering incessant prayer that delivered Ohio to President Bush in 2004?

Plus, it's not like the Republican governor that Ohio has now has done a bad job.  I mean, he's not a convicted criminal or anything.  That would be ludicrous!  Only Democrats are criminals.

http://www.jewfro.org/images/jesus_gun.jpgOhio Republicans, you better get your acts together and start endorsing Mr. Blackwell, who has been trailing by double digits since he won the primary, or you're just gonna end up with a Democrat who will try to give jobs and healthcare to poor people.  POOR PEOPLE! 

Can you imagine if those people ever got healthy enough and had enough money to live in moderate comfort?  Who the hell would wash my lawn for five bucks?  Immigrants?  Oh no.  You're not gonna take me down that road.

Vote for Blackwell, or Jesus will kill you.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mein Vishes He Vould See God...

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President George W. Bush believes the United States has embarked on the latest great religious awakening of its history.

Bush, who counts on religious conservatives as a key base of political support, was quoted as saying on Tuesday that the United States appeared to be undergoing a cultural change on the scale of that seen in the 1950s and '60s.

"There was a pretty stark change in the culture of the '50s and the '60s. I mean, boom. But I think something is happening here," Bush said at a roundtable with conservative columnists. His words were reported by the National Review magazine.

"I'm not giving you a definitive statement -- it seems like to me there's a Third Awakening with a cultural change," Bush said.
Mein often wonders about der movements der President has. Are dey firm movements, or perhaps he is a leetle loose. De fibre of der mensch tells me dat he probably firmly moves, but one imagines dat he is a bit nervous und irritable ven t'ings piles up on him, so maybe he needs a hand in getting his movements together, jah?


BOGOTA, Colombia (Reuters) - They are calling it the "crossed legs" strike.

Fretting over crime and violence, girlfriends and wives of gang members in the Colombian city of Pereira have called a ban on sex to persuade their menfolk to give up the gun.

After meeting with the mayor's office to discuss a disarmament program, a group of women decided to deny their partners their conjugal rights and recorded a song for local radio to urge others to follow their example.

"We met with the wives and girlfriends of gang members and they were worried some were not handing over their guns and that is where they came up with the idea of a vigil or a sex strike," mayor's office representative Julio Cesar Gomez said.

Can I have more than one wife?

Editorial Cartoon by Drew Sheneman, Newark Star Ledger on Rumsfeld Says Fascism a Threat

I can't believe how much you people are cutting and running!  61%?  How can only 39% of the American populace be smart?


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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Revenge Killings Confirm Irwin's Islamofascist Ties

We've had some disagreement on this blog about whether Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin was a deranged moonbat Islamofascist tree-hugger or a patriot. Recent events have shown that I was right in calling that demented Aussie tree-hugger a terrorist and lauded the stingray which killed him as a patriot:

Dead stingrays with their tails cut off have been found in Australia, sparking concern that fans of naturalist Steve Irwin may be avenging his death.

Mr Irwin, a TV personality known as the "Crocodile Hunter", was killed while diving in Queensland when a stingray's barb stabbed him in the chest.

Since then, 10 stingrays have been found mutilated on Queensland beaches.

Everybody knows that revenge killings are a certain sign that Islamonazifascists are operational.

U.S. Grateful to Sponsor of State-Sponsored Terror for Stopping Non-State-Sponsored Terror Attack

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice thanked Syria's security forces [for foiling an attack on the U.S. Embassy in Damascus] and expressed condolences over the death of the guard.

"I do think that the Syrians reacted to this attack in a way that helped to secure our people and we very much appreciate that," she said...

White House spokesman Tony Snow said the US was "grateful for the assistance the Syrians provided in going after the attackers".

Secret Prisons? So What?

Matt Lauer gave our President a hard time about trivial things such as secret prisons and torture techniques the other day. But even senior officials in Europe admit we are treating our prisoners right:

Other senior figures in the Council of Europe, who plan to intensify their nvestigations into allegations that Romania and Poland played host to many of the prisoners, also criticised the US. Rene van der Linden, president of the Council of Europe's parliamentary assembly, said: "Our work has helped to flush out the dirty nature of this secret war which, we learn at last, has been carried out completely beyond any legal framework."

See? Poland and Romania are just being hosts. Those prisoners snatched off the battlefield are having a heck of a time at those party prisons.

Associated Press Gets It Right!

The U.S. Embassy in Damascus was attacked today. This description was in AP's coverage of the event:

The attackers apparently did not breach the high walls surrounding the embassy's white compound in the city's diplomatic neighborhood.

Bush Pleads for Unity in 9/11 Speech; Creates Disunity

In a prime-time speech broadcast on Monday's anniversary of the terror attacks, the president described a brutal enemy still determined to kill Americans, perhaps with weapons of mass destruction if they get the chance...

"I am often asked why we are in Iraq when Saddam Hussein was not responsible for the 9/11 attacks," Bush said. "The answer is that the regime of Saddam Hussein was a clear threat."

What a disappointment. The President asked us to be united, but lied about the causes of 9/11. Everybody knows that Saddam Hussein ordered his henchmen, Mohammed Atta, Mickey Mouse, Osama Bin Laden, Groucho Marx, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and other al-Qaeda associates to load weapons of mass destruction onto those jets to fly them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a rural area of Pennsylvania.

Even the President of the United States doesn't know that?!

UPDATE at 09/12/06 01:45:58

I forgot that evil Bert was also on the plane. Loyal commentater Imad reminded me. Thanks, Imad! Sorry for what I said about your name being all Islamofascist and stuff...

Monday, September 11, 2006

On the Fifth Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks

I have spent the entire morning in silent commemoration of those killed and injured when Saddam Hussein ordered his minions onto those jets to destroy our way of life and bring the extremist fight to our shores.

I remember the horror of that morning because it was well before I had purchased my panic room. And, at that time, I was not sure that I would have been secure from an airliner crash in my mother's basement. It just goes to show how much we have learned in the past 5 years about staying safe.

Where were you on that fateful morning? What did you think? Let us know in comments.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Remember: We are Safer, But Still Not Safe! It's all Iraq's Fault!

Rice: U.S. not entirely safe from attack


WASHINGTON - The United States is safer now than it was before the Sept. 11 attacks, but must not relent in fighting terrorism in Iraq and elsewhere, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Sunday.

"I think it's clear that we are safe - safer - but not really yet safe," Rice said.

Of course not! Not while there are any Muslims still drawing breath anywhere on the planet!

Egyptian Accused of Terrorism Given Celebrity Status

In the days after 9/11, patriotic New York City hotel security guard Ronald Ferry turned in an aviation radio to authorities. The radio could have been used to guide the 9/11 hijackers, so authorities were very interested in it. Ferry told them it belonged to Egyptian student Abdallah Higazy.

Higazy spent a month in prison and now claims he issued a false confession after an FBI agent threatened his family. As if our 'tough' interrogation methods would ever include lying to a suspect!

Finally, an airline pilot who had been staying in that same hotel turned up and asked for his aviation radio back. Ferry retracted his accusation and so, the U.S. released Higazy. It was a simple error and besides, Higazy had confessed! So, now Higazy is suing the U.S. for $20 million and has become a celebrity of sorts in New York:

Now married and teaching computer courses, Higazy still blames Ferry for "fooling the government." But he also has fond memories of New Yorkers who, after recognizing him from news accounts, greeted him with kind words after he was freed.

"Aren't you the Egyptian man?" he recalled some saying. "We're sorry."

Higazy got justice, so why does he want money?

Ferry, who pleaded guilty on Feb. 27, 2002, to lying to the FBI about the radio, served his sentence of weekends in jail for six months, then faded back into obscurity. His motives remain murky as well.

"That was during a time of patriotism," he said at his sentencing, "and I'm very, very sorry for that mistake."
Remember, it's not lying if you lie for love of your country! Besides, the kid looks guilty. He's wearing a turtleneck.

Bonkers Moonbat Blogofascists Want to Censor Notable Docudrama

As any patriotic television without a political agenda would want to, ABC created a docudrama about the events of 9/11 to commemorate our national tragedy. As usual, they distributed 900 advance copies to 900 of its closest friends, including me, for advanced review. The story was compelling: Everything was Clinton's fault because he received a blow job in the Oval Office and disgraced the office of the Presidency forever. I gave it four thumbs up!

But the deranged moonbats heard about the program and started whining and tearing out their hair as they stamped their little feet. Waaaah! That scene never happened! Boo hoo hoo Madeline Albright never said that! Whiiiiine!! There is no mention that Bush sat like a deer in the headlights for 6 minutes after hearing about the attacks. Booo hooo hoo! Michael Moore is NOT fat!

Those traitors started petition drives, created whole new websites and wrote dozens of articles and blog postings about these supposed 'inaccuracies'. Then the head moonbats got involved: Sandy Berger, Madeline Albright and Bill Clinton himself crawled out from under their rocks to request that ABC correct the inaccuracies. They have resorted to all sorts of legal-ese like, "this scene is defamatory" and "my status as a public figure is no defense against your slander". The level and tone of their discourse has been sickening. And they created new websites about the topic. That must be illegal!

Under that unrelenting pressure of whining, ABC is now considering pulling the entire project. So instead of educating the public, they may just have some pulled-together program honoring those who died.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ann Coulter was Right: 9/11 Widows Plan Huge Celebration of Husband's Deaths!

Then they are all going to pose for Playboy. Those whacko moonbat widows are enjoying their husbands deaths way too much!

Dick Cheney Welcomed to Boston!

Look how happy everyone is to see Dick!

Avoided in public by the state's leading Republicans, Vice President Dick Cheney arrived in Boston yesterday and was greeted by a boisterous protest and a well-heeled GOP crowd in the Back Bay.

When Cheney's plane touched down at Logan International Airport, he was greeted by a little-known state representative from Shrewsbury and a small band of local officials.

Governor Mitt Romney and Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey were nowhere in sight, and the vice president, whose poll numbers make him among the least popular political figures in the country, was whisked away in a black limousine.

Of course, the rabid moonbat nutcases had to ruin everything:

Cheney's visit created traffic snarls, and for a few afternoon hours, Back Bay became a congested circus. Sign-waving protesters chanted into bullhorns. A massive retinue of police officers and Secret Service agents lined the streets. Afternoon traffic stood still. Flowing through it all were hundreds of Red Sox fans slowly making their way to Fenway Park.

The protests produced numerous confrontations, as guests to the fund-raiser, which cost $2,500 per person, had to walk through a gantlet of virulent anti-Cheney activists on their way to the Harvard Club in Boston, where Cheney spoke.

Friday Cat Bloggink

Het teep to Martini Republicans

Friday, September 08, 2006

Dis Man Has Thirteen Wives

King Mswati III of Swaziland
No wonder hees hair shtands on end!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Vot Does Shporty Keep In Dat "Panic Room," Anyvays?

Dis might explain vy he spends so much time in it:
VIENNA (Reuters) - Doctors warned on Thursday that Natascha Kampusch would soon have to face the trauma of eight years in captivity after the euphoria of explaining her ordeal to a mesmerized international television audience.

The 18-year-old Austrian recounted in her first interviews with local media on Wednesday the agony, hunger and despair of being locked up by Wolfgang Priklopil in a windowless cell beneath his garage in a Vienna commuter town.

Pictures of her baby blue eyes and her bright smile went around the world and journalists rushed to praise her stamina and sturdy will. "Her Fear. Her Strength. Her Plans," headlined Kurier, Austria's most popular quality newspaper, showing a profile shot of a composed Kampusch on its front page.

How Ve Should Handle Der Media

A television reporter investigating a suspected real estate scam was attacked by a woman and her husband, who punched and tackled him as a cameraman videotaped the incident.

Reporter John Mattes of Fox 6 News said he was treated for cracked ribs, bite wounds and cuts to his face after the confrontation Tuesday. The couple, identified by authorities as Assad "Sam" Suleiman, 36, and his wife, Rosa Amelia Barraza, 33, were arrested.
Ve don't like what they are reporting? Ve kick dem in der nuts!

Bush Admits to Secret CIA Prisons; Europeans Whine About It...

... Then some demented moonbat crazy person organization gloats.

STRASBOURG, France (Reuters) - European lawmakers demanded on Thursday that their governments reveal the location of secret CIA prisons after U.S. President George Bush admitted Washington held terror suspects in jails abroad.

Bush said on Wednesday the Central Intelligence Agency had interrogated dozens of suspects at undisclosed overseas locations and 14 of those held had now been sent to the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay.

A leader of Europe's chief human rights watchdog, the Council of Europe, said the revelation vindicated the exhaustive investigation the body had conducted on secret prisons and CIA flights moving suspects around Europe.

"Our work has helped to flush out the dirty nature of this secret war, which -- we learn at last -- has been carried out completely beyond any legal framework," said Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly president Rene van der Linden.

A Washington Post report last year that the CIA had run secret prisons in Europe and flown suspects to states where they could be tortured unleashed a spate of probes -- including one by the European Parliament -- prompting uncomfortable denials by European governments and evasions from Washington.

"The location of these prison camps must be made public," said German lawmaker Wolfgang Kreissl-Doerfler, a member of the European Parliament committee investigating the allegations.

"We need to know if there has been any complicity in illegal acts by governments of EU countries or states seeking EU membership," he said in a statement.

He urged EU member Poland and candidate country Romania to speak out about accusations that they hosted secret detention centers on their soil...

When will they learn that the war on Islamonazifascistpinkocommiehippieist justifies any action? After all, the rights of those terrorists don't mean anything once they're dead.

Iraqis Take Over Their Military: Our Boys Are Coming Home!

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Coalition forces handed over control of Iraq's armed forces command to the government Thursday, a move that U.S. officials have hailed as a crucial milestone on the country's difficult road to independence.


Turning over control of the country's security is vital to any eventual drawdown of U.S. forces here. After disbanding the remaining Iraqi army after the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, coalition forces have been training the new Iraqi military.


"It's the prime minister's decision how rapidly he wants to move along with assuming control," [U.S. military spokesman Maj. Gen. William ] Caldwell said. In Thursday's ceremony, the prime minister will take control of Iraq's small naval and air forces and the 8th Iraqi Army Division.

"They can move as rapidly thereafter as they want. I know, conceptually, they've talked about perhaps two divisions a month," Caldwell said.

Peace in the Mideast at last! Our boys will be coming home soon, settling into VA-funded suburbs and starting a whole 'nother baby boom free from the scourge of Islamofascism.

It will be glorious!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Where Is My Peace Dividend?

On Sunday, we reported that Al-Qaida's No. 2 man in Iraq, Hamed Jumaa Farid al-Saeedi, had been arrested and Iraqi officials were declaring that arrest a fatal blow to the insurgency in Iraq. Today, we found out that this arrest took place in June!

The U.S. military said Wednesday the arrest of al-Qaida in Iraq's second in command took place in June and was the most significant blow to the terror network since the death of al-Qaida in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Violence continued around the country, with at least 28 people dying in shootings and bombings that also wounded at least 53.

Maj. Gen. William B. Caldwell said Hamed Jumaa Farid al-Saeedi, also known as Abu Humam or Abu Rana, was captured on June 19 ? not a few days ago as the Iraqi government had initially announced.

. . . Iraq's national security adviser, Mouwafak al-Rubaie, announced al-Saeedi's arrest on Sunday, saying it had occurred a few days earlier. But Caldwell said that it was only the permission to announce the arrest that had been given a few days earlier.

It's great to realize that Iraq, and the world, have been at peace for months now. We have achieved victory over the Islamonazis in the Mideast!

But I do have to ask, with all due respect, where is my peace dividend?

Mein Ist So CONFOOSED!!!!

Osama bin Laden, America's most wanted man, will not face capture in Pakistan if he agrees to lead a 'peaceful life,' Pakistani officials tell ABC News.

The surprising announcement comes as Pakistani army officials announced they were pulling their troops out of the North Waziristan region as part of a 'peace deal' with the Taliban.

If he is in Pakistan, bin Laden "would not be taken into custody," Major General Shaukat Sultan Khan told ABC News in a telephone interview, "as long as one is being like a peaceful citizen."
So ve are not hunting bin Laden anymore, but Bush says ve must never forget September 11, but he says he ist not concerned about der whereabouts of bin Laden, but....


Mentally Unstable Moonbat Islamofascists Go Crazy!

A crazed Islamofascist moonbat lunatic suicider tried to assassinate a Finnish opera singer last month by jumping in front of the singer's bicycle. The singer manage to escape from this attack with just a broken nose. However, the death toll could have been much higher. And the lieberal moonbat media's response to this terrorist attack? Nothing.

In related news, one of the suicider's compatriots caused a power outage in Atlantic City yesterday morning. That attack also has received very little media coverage. When will this madness end? When will the MSM cover it?

UPDATE at 09/06/06 12:12:12 pm:

So, we need to bomb Iran! Today!

(Thanks Carl!)

Reuters Fakes More Photographs!

Reuters is up to its old tricks again even though we caught them faking photographs once already. Consider this evidence:

There is no way our President would play airplane like this during a major speech.

This photograph makes Michael Chertoff look strange, like an alien with stuff coming out of his head.

We demand that Reuters not only withdraw these offensive images, but that they launch a full-scale investigation of their entire editorial board and fire everybody involved with publishing these travesties. We demand they fire anybody who has even seen the photographs. Finally, we demand that anyone who has seen the photographs immediately gouge out their eyes!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More Lying Hate From Kos

Kos is revving up his rabid lamb army with the following hate-filled screed about Steve Irwin:

Not political, I know. Irwin had two small children. I'll never understand parents who put themselves in such positions of danger knowing that a misstep can leave their children without a parent.

His rabid lambs then blindly turn the comments into a discussion about how dangerous the Army is under the Bush administration. They're just like a swarm of hungry sharks devouring an Australian naturalist deranged moonbat tree-hugger. It's sickening.

"White House: U.S. Safer But Not Yet Safe"

Of course not. People are going to keep dying as long as there are Muslims left alive anywhere on the planet. Duh.

Monday, September 04, 2006

'Gates of Venice Vienna' Is a Fraud!

Just yesterday I publicized the slogan contest put on by The Gates of Vienna, a blog which claims to have been monitoring the Global War on Terror since 1683. They really seemed all right. They even cited Pamela Atlas of 'Atlas Shrugs' and we all know she is the pre-emminent proponent of all things anti-Islamonazifascistpinkocommiehippieist! Also, they have written about there being no Islamic moderates, that we are all going to die in a blaze of Islamonazifascist terror, the importance of the right genetic makeup and all the other topics we hold so dear.

Sadly, I have since been informed that the entire blog is just some unglued moonbat non compos satire site! Here is the exchange in comments which confirmed it:

Sporty said...
This is satire, right? The whole blog, right? Including that slogan contest, right?
9/03/2006 7:25 PM

Baron Bodissey said...
Sure, Sporty! You figured that one out pretty quick, didn't you?

No one in his right mind would ever say these kinds of things seriously...
9/03/2006 7:46 PM

Now you all know I'm an emminently fair person, so I gave this 'Baron Bodissey' (if that indeed is his real name and title) warning that from now on, it is no holds barred:

Sporty said...
Thanks for the clarification, Baron!

We cited your slogan contest on Little Green Fascists and just wanted to know if you were with us or against us!

It's too bad your writings are satirical. We'll have to savage you now that we know you are really an Islamo-fascist sympathizer!

Good Luck!

9/04/2006 6:38 PM

It's really too bad. I really liked some of the slogans, especially 'Danes Don't Pay Danegeld' and 'Remember Constantinople!' They really hit to the heart of the Islamonazifascistpinkocommie menace facing us all until our very way of life is compeletly destroyed.

But I really should have known that the whole '1683' thing was too good to be true. I mean, the internets weren't even invented until 1695 or so...

Happy Labor Day!

Change in median incomes by state. Click on graphic to enlarge it.

Screwy moonbat schizos are outraged today at the drop in incomes over the past year, but, they don't seem to realize we are fighting a Global War on Terror. It's global. It's a war. And it's on terror. All that costs money.

So remember, the less money in our pockets, the more money which is going to fight the Islamofascistnazists who will not rest until they destroy our very way of life itself! Go Halliburton! Go Exxon!

h/t to Kevin Drum, who is one of the notoriously flagrant Islamoterrornazihippiepinkocommieist up in arms about domestic issues as if they matter if we were all dead!

Mein Type of Congressmun!!!!

Don Sherwood ist der type of mensch to have ein mistress dat he shtrangles ven she gets all up in hees face about shplitting from his vife, but dis proves he ist no pansy candy-ass American liberal Islamopinkohippiefascist!

He ist haffing ein fundraiser on September 11th!

Mein hat ist off to dis great Amerikkkan!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Breaking: Steve Irwin Killed By Stingray

In this undated photo, environmentalist Steve Irwin feeds a human baby to an alligator.

Back in June, Richie McWhite posted a photo of a brave phalanx of anti-Islamofascist cow nose rays. Tonight we find out that Steve Irwin, known world-wide as 'The Crocodile Hunter', was killed by a ray while diving in Australia's Great Barrier Reef. We are always right!

BRISBANE, Australia - Steve Irwin, the Australian television personality and environmentalist known as the Crocodile Hunter, was killed Monday by a stingray barb during a diving expedition, Australian media reported. He was 44.

This death proves that, although Irwin often wrestled Islamofascist alligator terrorists, he actually was an demented Islamofascistpinkocommietreehugger moonbat lunatic. Rest in peace, insane treehugger!

We Have A New Slogan! Well, Lots of New Slogans!

Gates of Vienna, a blog which has been monitoring the Global War on Terror since 1683, sponsored a Global War on Terror slogan contest recently. Here are the winners:

The grand prize... goes to ZionistYoungster for: Allahu Akbar - It's The New Sieg Heil!

The Also-Rans are:
  • Second Place: 'End Terrorism - Kill Terrorists!' by Da Bear
  • Third Place: 'Remember Constantinople!' by Dan Kauffman
  • Fourth Place: 'United against Jihad' by blubi101
  • Fifth Place: 'Weakness Is Provocation' by cathyf

  • The winners will receive an all-expense trip to the boot camp of their choice since they are just that patriotic and concerned about fighting Islamofascism! A big round of applause to our newest military volunteers winners!

    Honorable Mentions include:
  • 'War or Slavery - Your Choice' by shoprat
  • 'Danes don't pay Danegeld' by Crusader Coyote
  • 'You may not be interested in the Jihad, but the Jihad is interested in you!' by phil [who doesn't seem to realize slogans should be short! -- ed.]
  • 'Islam is the only religion in which lying, stealing, and killing are virtues.' by Russet Shadows [ditto! -- ed.]
  • 'I bid you stand, Men of the West!' by SBH [because the East, South and North have been taken over by teh dhimmitude multitudes! -- ed.]

  • A special acknowledgement to ScottSA, who started the whole thing with his slogan, Let's Stop Pretending.

    And the Gates of Vienna favorite was from Jason Pappas: Send a jihadi to paradise.

    The contest was judged by ├╝ber-patriots Pamela Shrugs of 'Atlas Shrugs', Francis of 'L'Ombre de L'Olivier', and a4g of 'Point Five'. They did a great job! Our Glorious Movement will be certain to succeed with such inspiring slogans to guide us!

    Heh. 'Remember Constantinople!', indeed!

    h/t to alicublog. You know, the name Francis always makes me think of Francis the Talking Mule.

    We've Won in Iraq!

    al-Qaida will never be able to recover from this blow:

    BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraqi and coalition forces have arrested the second most senior figure in al-Qaida in Iraq, Iraq's national security adviser announced on Sunday, saying the group now suffered from a "serious leadership crisis."

    Hamed Jumaa Farid al-Saeedi, known as Abu Humam or Abu Rana, was captured north of Baghdad a few days ago "along with another group of his aides and followers," Mouwafak al-Rubaie said.

    He was the second most important al-Qaida in Iraq leader after Abu Ayyub al-Masri, who took over the group after Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed by a U.S. air strike north of Baghdad on June 7, al-Rubaie said.

    "We believe that al-Qaida in Iraq suffers from a serious leadership crisis. Our troops have dealt fatal and painful blows to this organization," the security adviser said.

    Not just fatal, but painful blows have been struck. Fatal. It's over!

    Saturday, September 02, 2006

    Head of Peacekeeping Force Named After Spring Water

    Peacekeeping forces, mainly from European countries, are starting to arrive in Lebanon. Italian marines landed today. But what hope is there for a force headed by a man named after a brand of Italian spring water? Especially since he is supposedly French.

    The commander of the force, known as Unifil, Gen Alain Pellegrini of France, says it will be stronger than the UN monitoring force that has been in Lebanon since 1978.

    "It is strengthened with stronger rules of engagement," he said. "We will have more people, more equipment. We have the possibility to use force to implement our mission."

    Gen Pellegrini said he expected 5,000 soldiers to be in place within two weeks.

    And he spells "Alan" wrong.

    Update at 09/04/06 01:23:98

    Loyal commentator and fellow blogger Carl has pointed out that the spring water is actually 'Pelligrino', not 'Pelligrini', but this UNIFIL general also spells 'Alan' wrong so my point stands. Plus, why else would he be drinking spring water in the photo?

    Firefights in the Streets of El Salvador!

    Of course the mad moonbat maniacal media hasn't paid any attention to this unrest in a country which is one of our staunchest allies. They only care about unrest in the Mideast.

    Excellent News Out of Afghanistan!

    The restored-by-us democratic nation of Afghanistan has greatly exceeded its previous record for agricultural production! This success means the newly-freed citizens of Afghanistan have set records for two out of the last three years.

    Plus, pharmaceutical companies now have more than enough raw material for essential medications and we will see prices drop. In this time of inflation, do I have to tell you that every price drop is a victory?

    Another Disturbed Moonbat Derangement Pops Up

    In addition to being a leader in the noble movement to make our once-great nation great again, I am an extremely popular person. So, when I find an email like this in my inbox, I am naturally flattered:

    I wanted to give you a heads up that your blog has a link from [redacted major news magazine] .com's web site, powered by [redacted]. To see your featured post, go to www.[redacted].com and look within the story: "[redacted]" Then, look for the [redacted] logo and click on it. You should see your post in the first two pages of results.

    [Redacted] is working with [redacted] and other publishers to get great blogs like yours in front of more people. We think this is pretty cool and a great way for people to discover blogs as well as introduce a broader, more mainstream audience to great blog content like yours. If you have any thoughts or questions, please feel free to contact me at victoria@[redacted].com.

    Keep on blogging!


    So, imagine my dismay when I clicked through the link on a major news magazine's site as instructed only to find no article from LGF! Plus, it took a long time to load!

    Mind my words, I am not someone to be trifled with. I run this blog*!! Watch out, Victoria of [redacted].com!!

    * When Richie and Reichminister Karl let me, that is.

    Friday, September 01, 2006

    Liberal Islamomexicans stage coup!

    Left-wing deputies in Mexico have taken over the stage in Congress, forcing outgoing President Vicente Fox to abandon his final annual address.
    Opposition MPs seize the stage in Congress on Friday
    Before Mr Fox arrived, the legislators, who allege fraud in recent elections, marched onto the main podium where they shouted slogans and sang songs.

    Mr Fox will deliver his speech on television from his official residence.

    The deputies back Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who says fraud denied him victory in July presidential elections.

    I just knew it was a matter of time before the "Blame Mexico First" crowd tried a stunt like this! Why do these Mexicans hate the troops and our freedom? And, why aren't they trying to sneak into our country so we can deport them. I blame Cindy Sheehan and the 9/11 widows for this.

    On a lighter note, I'm taking Mrs. McWhite and our Christian soldier progeny on vacation. We're thinking of hitting the Green Zone in Baghdad and a few of the more posh resorts in Iraqi Kurdistan.

    Of course, we'll try to get to Kabul, but the kids get spoiled when they see too much freedom. You know how kids are.

    At any rate, Mr. McWhite shan't be posting for the next few days. I'm sure Sporty will regale you with tales of jai alai and not being gay, and Carl will continue to post in a language which I can only assume is some sort of made-up Anne Heche space tongue.


    Friday Afternoon Game

    Islamofascist leads Coast Guard on wild goose chase!

    While their backs were turned, I heard Elian Gonzalez sneaked back into a America! Shameful!

    R. Alexander Acosta, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, and Rear Admiral David W. Kunkel, Commander Seventh Coast Guard District, announced today that Robert J. Moran, 45, of Boynton Beach, Florida, pled guilty in Miami to a charge of making a false distress call to the Coast Guard on June 11, 2006, in violation of Title 14, United States Code, Section 88(c)...

    According to the Indictment and statements in Court, on June 11, 2006, Moran knowingly and willfully made a series of broadcasts to the United States Coast Guard unit at Miami Beach, Florida, during which he claimed that his thirty-three feet vessel, named the "BLUE SHEEP", was taking on water and sinking near Boynton Beach Inlet. Moran claimed during the broadcast that among the nine persons on board, who allegedly took to the water in life jackets, were four children and his injured wife. During a search lasting almost two full days and covering over 1,000 square miles between Boynton Beach Inlet and St. Lucie Inlet, neither the boat nor the 'victims' were ever located. Assistance efforts also had to deal with the unsettled weather associated with the passage of Tropical Storm Alberto across the Florida peninsula during the time frame of the search. The search effort, which included private and commercial craft, Palm Beach Sheriff's Office units, and vessels and aircraft from the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission, cost the public in excess of $347,000.

    The real question is, "Where are the victims?" I'll bet this "Robert Moran" done killed 'em and filled their carcasses with anthrax. Moran.... Sporty, is that an Islamofascist name?

    Below is an actual video of Moran's distress call to the Coast Guard Florida Command Post. It's disgusting. This Islamofascistterroristfreedomhater should be hanged by the neck until such time as he is dead!

    Mein Ist Outraged!!!!!!

    Bush likens Iraq strife to WWII's
    Newsday Washington Bureau

    WASHINGTON -- President George W. Bush tried to bolster Iraq war support Thursday by comparing Islamic radicals to the Nazi foe in World War II and saying defeat in Iraq would imperil "the security of the civilized world."
    How DARE Mein Fuhr...mein mean, our President compare dis bunch of towelheaded, dress-wearink, smelly, camel-riding loosers mit der greatest army ever to walk der face of de earth!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Ve should impeach der Fuhr-- der President NOW!

    Oh....und bomb Iran.