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  • Keeping Der Senate White
    > Kerry is French, but you can't have everything.
    > French is der new black?
    > John Kerry isn't French. He's Irish. If he were French, he would have a pencil thin moustache and a beret. Don't you guys know anything about Frenchmen?
    > Actually, mein fraulein, mein has never dated ein French man. Or vomun.
    > I thought Arabs were black too. Now I'm gone hafta rethink my entire list of prejewdisses. Dammit yawl.
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    Join me and my circle of friends at http://www.watiti.com, an online social networking community that connects people from all over the world.

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    an online social networking community that connects
    people from all over the world.

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  • Man with two brains writes anti-terror book
    > Mein doesn't know, Herr McVite...hees last name sounds suspicious, und being a member of ASSES?

    Mein just isn't sure...
    > I just popped in to wish all of you guys a Happy Halloween. Now hand over the candy treats and no one gets hurt. I have my broom here and I know how to use it. Brooms aren't just for flying any more.
    > Sounds like he's had lots of hands-on experience - just like Brownie!
    > Why, I think Kathleen Turner is hot now. She got a lot more to love, and her voice is sorta mannish. Ain't that "hot"? It seems to me it would be yawl.
  • America's most Aryan couple break up
    > She probably realized he was French
    > Actually, we've got some leftover frozen Strom Thurmond spunk planned for her. Then, we clone 'em!
    > Awww, yawl, this makes me so sad. I thought this was one hollywood couple that would make it. It must be the dems fault.
  • Nothing To See Here - Keep Moving!
    > Don't ask, don't tell--for the whole government. Genius.
    > Why don't we merely distribute der entire budget surplus to us loyal faithful party members, Herr Karl?
    > I hereby propose that whenever at a sporting event, crowds be instructed to chant the following:






    I think it just makes sense.
    > Hey alls I know is the dems ain't fiskally responsible. That's what they said on Fox News and who am I to argue.
  • Mein Vote Won't Count!!!!
    > Forsaken you? I've got the polls! I've got the numbers! Victory in November!!! 9/11! Terrorists! 9/11! Vote! Save your lives! Democrats will kill you in your beds, and turn the country over to the Taliban! GAAAAHHH!!!!
    > This is a tragedy of the highest (New World) order! I mean, if we are to turn over control of our elections to a foreign nation, shouldn't it at least be a more democratically (little "d") leaning one...such as Saudi Arabia?
    > Mein wants to rendition Diebold to Syria, eef we lose dis selections
  • This is hilarious!
    > Mein has ein Clinton joke:

    Wenn ist das Nunstruck git und Slotermeyer? Ja!...
    Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!

    Ho Ho Ho Ho! Dot ist funnay, mein don't care who zu are!
    > Even worse - Clinton is responsible for Iraq attacking us - he's the reason we're at war!
    > Stay the course!
  • What's A Little Waterboarding Between Friends?
    > Mein used to like to zurf der waters off Argentina, so mein doesn't zee why zis is such ein beeg issue for der Muslimofascistpinkofags. Zo dey get a little wet? Serves dem right for opposing our Fuh-- mein mean, our President.
    > Hey, the information they get by waterboarding is important!!! Without the waterboarding, who knows if we'd have found out about the connection between Saddam and al Qaeda?
    > So, what? The ACLU doesn't want us to bathe these stinky terrorists now?

    > Richie,
    The ACLU probably doesn't even want us to beat them up with wooden boards with nails in them anymore, much less bathe them. I guess the ACLU doesn't want these terrorists to get any attention at all. Just let them rot in a corner, I guess.
  • Friday Music Blogging
    > I got that one beat.

    Clicken Sie hier, bitte
    > Oh, dot's ein gut vun, Anonymouse...Mein will shteal...mein mean, use it, next time...
  • Democrat October Surprise
    > Losing Congressman Kolbe to retirement and/or the Boy Scout leadership council will be a severe blow to my beloved GOP. I mean, no longer will most of us be able to say "I have a gay aquaintance!"
    > Herr McVite,

    You hast misidentified der Congressmensch! He ist ein Demoncrat! Yust like Foley!
  • This dude is down with Technology, yo!
    > Herr Mc....errrrrr....Vite! Und pipples say mein talks funny!
    > Those FristCasts are riveting!
    > I played the Fristcast on my mp3 player and now I can't get it to stop blinking 12:00.
  • Now DIS Ad Should Work!
    > Me and Ken Mehlman have no control over these ads ... mere fraternity pranks!
    > Jungle drums? Did you hear the crack pipes and basketballs?
  • Stay the Course? Perish the Thought!
    > Sounds more like we're doin' der mambo!
    > And another thing, we are NOT going to set ARTIFICIAL TIMELINES!
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  • Mein Kind Of Candidate!
    > RMK must be "tied up." Usually, he would have said, "Who's the dyke?" by now.

    I hope his meeting with Jeff Gannon went well.
    > As a Kompassionate Khristian Konservative, I find this kind of low-brow campaigning beneath contempt!

    Why can't candidates for office follow future NY Senator John Spencer's high-road "my opponent is as ugly as the south end of a north-moving red-assed babboon" tactic?
    > She looks sort of Austrian ...
  • What Has Become Of Germany!?
    > Have you ever thought about that german armed forces are somewhat ridiculous compared to US army? Besides that the Amercians give a rats ass about what a the German commander says...

    And this was probably the worst parody on the German accent I've ever read.
    > Besides that the Amercians give a rats ass about what a the German commander says...
    I suspect this was written by an Austrian (they are so jealous of real Germans) and translated using babelfish or some other translation program.
    By the way, I love it when Carl says Betty Cho.
    > Anonymouse,

    Mein ist vorking on shpeaking der Anglish better und loosing mein Cherman aksent...ist dat a problem for your Muslimofascisthippiepinkofaggot ahss?
  • I know what I'm getting all of you for Christmas!
    > Why is zat man zo angry?
    > He's still upset that his evil cunning plan to go to Vietnam and get wounded so that one day he could be preisdent didn't pan out.
    > Dot vuz clever planning on his part....NOT!
    > I love it when he makes those man faces ...
  • Nothing to see here
    > Berlin should be in jail for "The Metro" alone, although the statute of limitations must be longer in Germany.
    > Mein hast der hots for dat Terri Nunn, tho...
  • Saturday Kitler Bloggink
    > That cat looks just like Hitler!


    Down to the pants!
  • Der Plan Ist Vorking!
  • We are winning! America is safer! Iraqis are free!
    > Yay! I hope this ain't another false alarm like back in July. Just sayin'. There's only so much dissapointment Betty Jo can take afore she gits ugly.
    > Oh, Betty Jo, we don't love you for your face.
    > Saw the NYT reporter John Burns on Charlie Rose earlier. He's just back in Iraq after two months off and he says it's on the very edge. He said he hasn't talked to a single Iraqi since his return who has any hope at all. All this because a stupid man had a dumb idea.
    > Victory is yust around der corner!
    > Shpeak for zu self, Herr McVite...mein t'inks Betty Cho's face ist yust fine!
  • He Said "Tet"....He he...he he....
    > That ain't "tit" Carl, it's "Tet." Even I knows that ain't cussin'. When you gone stop being all obcessed with wimmin's body parts? Probly no time soon, huh?
    > And dis bodders you how, mein liebschen?
  • Some day our heroes will be exonerated
    > They're already hard headed, isn't this a tad over the top?
    > But we luff der Juden! Until we hate zem! Until we luff zem!

    Mein brain hurts!
    > Man that made get all teary-eyed yawl. What a lovely sight that is. I sure would visit wherever that is if'n they'd put up these here good heads.
  • Sam Brownback puts brakes on fag-hag judge
    > Herr McVite,

    But...but...ve know Shporty!

    Wait...where ist he?
    > "Brownback!" Man that guy oughta change that there name, Geez Louise that's purty funny, yawl. Still, I don't like that there librual mofo judge messin up things. Why cain't she just hate the gays like the rest of us good God-Fearing Americans?
    > ..and just think about what the fags are doing to THE SOIL!!1!
  • We stand with Dick Mountjoy!
    > Brownback doesn't sound too bad with that ticket, either.

    Sounds at least as good as Bush, Dick, and Colin.
    > Woodcock!

    > Mein vonders about you zometimes, Herr McVite...
  • Dis Is Ein Problem
    > ghod...how many more can we take?

    And the breeding goes on...and on...'Be fruitful, and multiply'...what idiocy.

    -John Manyjars
    > Plis to say hallo to mein freund, John Bigbooty...
    > Bigboo-TAY!
  • Let Dem Do It Someplaze Else!
  • Friday Muzak Bloggink
    > "Pussian," lol.


    Jack-Booted EULA
    > Made my little soldier stand at attention!
    > I love these teeny bopper bubblegum tunes!

    I just can't get enough angsty ballads about about boys, crushes, dating and Hitler salutes.
    > I'm just glad to see one of them has a baby already. Long live the master race! Right, John Gibson?
    > Jesus Christ, watching and hearing that was torture of some form. WTF?
    > Oh my. I've read so much aboput these girls, but no one ever mentioned that they can't carry a tune. You'd think that would be important information.
    > Dey don't need to carry ein tune, MissZ, so long as dey carry der babies...
    > Oh my God that sucked.
  • We Must Bomb Der Animal Kingdom!!!!!
    > Lesbian giraffes? Just how does that work, anyway?
    > Dey do ein lot of necking.
    > As long as the gay animals don't try to get married, they can still decorate my summer home.
    > That there cain't be right. Else why would I have to get degayed? Damn. Does this mean I'm gone hafta bring my dog in to be degayed too? She acts like a big ol dyke sometimes, yawl.
    > Vot does your dog do, Betty Cho? Und do you haff pictures?
  • Mein Gott, Arnold!
    > He should get an Osccar for that bit of acting ...
    > I am so angry at Arnold fer putting down Our President. What is he, some sort of mofo librual, with them big mussels and fat haid?

    Man that chaps my hyde yawl. And in my state too. Damn.
  • Always Mit Der Jesus Imitations
    > I saw let her rot in jail. I never did like them asians, 'cept for that cute little Michelle Malkin a course.
  • I'd rather die than talk to a terrorist!
    > If we dont learn Arabic it makes the terrorists jobs harder cos theyll all have to learn American.

    Then we can just arrest anyone with an accent.
    > Once again, anonymous solves the riddle. Of course!
    > Vot? Und loose all our cabdrivers???
    > Uhhh, Anon, if we are interrogating terrorists, is it a good idea to enroll them in English classes first and make them pass an English proficiency test before we ask them any questions? Is this why Bush had to pass all those torture laws, so he could enroll terrorists in those Hooked on Phonics classes without being accused of violating the Geneva Conventions. How clever!
    > Who wants ta speak Arabic anyways? That would nearly make you a terrist yerself. That's why no one wants to speak it yawl.
  • We support Russell Pearce!
    > Mein back ist always wet when Shporty und mein engage in our weekly zession of naked Shpartan wrestling, now mit spatulas!
  • Proof Dat Bush Ist Der Greatest President
    > HA! A slight resemblance at most ... what else you got?
    > I don't much like ferrin stuff. I cain't understand no spanish yawl. Where is the subtitles? Hell I don't like them neither. Where's the voice over yawl?
  • Der War On Christmas!
    > I saw "The Dead Pool." This stuff really happens!
    > Sri-Lankan's should look for traditional Christmas gifts that couldn't be put to any other kind of use... Peep into this amazing Christmas Blog to check out some really cool stuffs
    > Sean

    Vot vuz dot, some sort of liberal subversive site???
  • Boo hoo, poor planet
    > Mein vants ketchup on mine.
    > What's the big deal? The Rapture is coming! Have one for the road!
    > Rush is always right yawl. And Karl's right. Even if the world is ending, we got the Rapture to look forward to. I'm gone drink a shot to that, yawl.
  • Friday Kitler Bloggink
    > That cat on the top looks just like Hitler! It's amazing!
    > 9/11!
    > Is this site for real?
    > Awesome video. If WWII had've been decided on a dance-off, Hitler may have won the war and recovered some national pride.
    > kirk,

    it's "real" in that it "exists."

    long live the GCCCR.
    > Chris: Oh good, because I've been duped before. I was commenting on Free Republic for close to a year before I realized that it was all satire and they were laughing at me for not "getting it." I hate the dirty tricks liberals pull on hard working Christian men. Moreover, I just plain hate liberals with all my Christian soul.
    > Oh, Kirk, you are so manly, I want to bear all your children!
    > Lola: I get this type of response a lot. Unfortunately for you, I am a married man. Unhappily married, yes, but the Lord didn't make this world for our happiness. Indeed, the suffering my whore of a wife has caused me may very well catapult me to elite status in Heaven and no matter how much she begs for a divorce we will stay married forever.
    > Herr Cummingham,

    Danke for dat video! Mein hast longed to see der Fuhrer shweating to der oldies.


    Mein heart ist now broken. Und here I vas goink to meet you in ein old club down in old Shoho...
    > Hey din't you already blog about Kitler? That's cheatin, yawl.
  • Brooks nails vagina loving hypocrite liberals!
    > Jah, mein herr McVite! Mein often enyoys a little liver mit mein fava beans und Chianti, but dose lilly-livered liberals (dis ist vy mein only eats der Amish children's livers) vould make ein geshtinken about mein diet!
    > Well according to Robert Knight of the Concerned Women of America's Famly and Values Institute, remember that "the vagina can take a lot of punishment."

    mojo sends
    > Van,

    Mein knows dat mein first vife vent out of her vay to prove dat mit der boys at der bike club...
  • Dis Is Great News!
    > Ah, the freedom-loving redaction! Is there nothing it can't do?
    > 9/11!
  • Traitors Everywhere! Mayday! Mayday!
    > Why doesn?t Senator Foley use bookmarks?
    > Bookmarks? BOOKMARKS? As far as I know, he just bends the pages over!
    > Kirk Fordham...zounds like ein made up name, Herr Fuhr...mein mean, mein freund. Must be ein shtage name for a homerzexual liberal...
    > Scraping sound? RMK, are you having an abortion?
    > I still can't believe an upstanding citizen like Foley would do such a thing.

    He must have thought he was talking to a teenage girl.
    > 9/11!
    > Clinton!
    > Al Gore invented the Internets!
  • Hooray For Der President!
    > We didn't want to leave him behind.
  • Damned Yipsies!
  • It Ist Building!
  • The Alcohol Made Him Do it Yawl
    > Der pages wuz prolly Demoncrats too, jah, Betty Cho, mein agrees mit you.

    By der vay, mein ist sorry for text massaging your daughter inshtead of you. Mein hope you didn't take offense...und I didn't realize she had D cups!
    > Betty Jo,

    Not just alkihol, but the church made him do it... and it might even have been an iman!!!!!
    > Foley is a Democrat - didn't you see the story on Fox?
    > Jah, mein Fuhr...mein fruend. I zaw dat he svitched partees chust before resigning, jah?
  • We Needed Better PR
    > This October Surprise surprised me.
    > Karl,

    Mein ist shocked! Mein t'ought you pulled it out in order to make pipple shtop talking about dat Voodvard book!
  • No Child Left Behind
    > Jah, nudding to zee here, move along...move along...look! A terrorismist!
    > Jah, ve should blame der pages, mit der luscious floppy breastses und deir little thongs dat dey flash at men of power...
    > Page, Intern - what's the diff?
    > Blame the democrats! How? Uh, they had to have done SOMETHING, right?
    > MissC,

    It's nice to see dat you are seeink der light...
  • Great Americans Smeared!
    > Malkin's head was much smaller then, no? Clear evidence that she is currently using steroids to gain a mental edge. May account for the bulging eye anger as well.
    > Mein recalls dere vuz dis whole flapdoodle about her getting der plasteeque surgery. Mebbe she got more head den?
    > Keep moving - nothing to see here. 9/11!
    > Even Matt Drudge says all Foley wanted was a little lovin'. Why did them boys have to be so cruel?

Buy Ribbon Magnets! Whatever you do, don't sign up for the military yourself! That demoralizes the troops! Let them know you really care by covering your massive SUV in ribbon magnets! Plus, be sure to buy the ones that come from Communist China. Don't let the Leftist Unions win!

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Keeping Der Senate White

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Republican U.S. Senate nominee Bob Corker has pulled ahead of Harold Ford Jr. in one of the races that could determine whether the Democratic Party takes control of the Senate, according to a CNN poll released Tuesday.

The survey of 541 likely voters found Corker favored by 52 percent, compared with 44 percent for Ford. The poll was conducted Thursday through Sunday by Opinion Research Corp. The margin of sampling error was plus or minus 4 percentage points.
Right now, dere are no black men in der Senate. Or black women. We should lock de doors now, zo dat ve keep it pure.

Dere is dat Barack Osama, but Arabs count as white.

Man with two brains writes anti-terror book

Dr. James Afshar graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Law Enforcement. He then earned a Masters Degrees in Public Administration and continued his graduate studies focusing on work environment safety policy and criminal justice. In 2005, he completed his post graduate studies and received a Doctorate in Engineering Management/Facilities Protection Management. Dr. Afshar is a nationally Certified Protection Professional (CPP), a designation earned after successfully passing a comprehensive examination in security management conducted by the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS International) for security professionals worldwide. Dr. Afshar is also an active member of ASIS.

I just hope this guy banged Kathleen Turner while she was still hot.

Monday, October 30, 2006

America's most Aryan couple break up

Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillippe split
"We are saddened to announce that Reese and Ryan have decided to formally separate," publicist Nanci Ryder said in a statement issued Monday on behalf of the couple.

Damn you, Hollywood.

Of course, this may free up Reese Witherspoon's ample uterus to carry the seed of Hitler.

Fingers crossed!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Nothing To See Here - Keep Moving!

Well, I suppose it could be worse - Predatorgate, Iraq, and the GWOT are burying this on the back pages:
What [the political classes] don't talk about is a dirty little secret everyone in Washington knows, or at least should. The vast majority of economists and budget analysts agree: The ship of state is on a disastrous course, and will founder on the reefs of economic disaster if nothing is done to correct it.
There's a good reason politicians don't like to talk about the nation's long-term fiscal prospects. The subject is short on political theatrics and long on complicated economics, scary graphs and very big numbers. It reveals serious problems and offers no easy solutions. Anybody who wanted to deal with it seriously would have to talk about raising taxes and cutting benefits, nasty nostrums that might doom any candidate who prescribed them.
We Republicans can take pride in having bankrupted the government - we can't drown it in a bathtub, but we can shut it down! Well, everything but Defense and whatever bits of the goverment are still under Republican control after November 7th. Say it with me - 9/11!

Mein Vote Won't Count!!!!

Chust like Little Green Fascists has dat make-believe, wanna-be blog, Little Green Poosballs, mein has ein doppelganger who lives off mein fame und fortune by taking mein name.

Now, occasionally, mein comes across ein story on dat blog dat makes mein laugh, but today, he made mein cry!
U.S. probes Chavez link to voting machine firm: NYT

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. government is probing whether a takeover last year of a leading U.S. voting machine maker by a software company with links to Venezuela gave President Hugo Chavez's leftist government control over its operations, the New York Times reported on Saturday.

The Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States, a multi-agency panel that approves or rejects foreign takeovers, is conducting a formal inquiry into Smartmatic Corp. and its subsidiary Sequoia Voting Systems, which is based in Oakland, Calif, the Times reported in its online edition.

Smartmatic and the Venezuelan government officials have strongly denied that Chavez -- a longtime foe of the Bush administration -- has any role in Smartmatic, the Times said.
Vot are we, Democrats, dat ve'll let our voting process be taken over by someone so dedicated to ze downfall of der Rei...mein mean, der Republican rule?????

Karl! Karl! Why hast dou forsaken us????

Friday, October 27, 2006

This is hilarious!

This stuff is hilarious!  I mean, I thought that maybe nearly six years after the man left office, people might think it was somehow sad, unfunny, or stupid to keep making the same jokes about him that people were making in 1997, but goddammit, I was wrong!

And, just look how popular the site is:

Site Meter

Almost 3,600 visitors!  Damn, that's nearly the same amount of people who downloaded the last iFrist podcast!

Har har har!

What's A Little Waterboarding Between Friends?

So what's a little dunk in the water? Can you believe the liberal media are all over our hard-working Dear Vice President because he wants to use fraternity pranks to gently question suspected terrorists? Unbelievable.

Thankfully, Fox New correspondent and White House Press Secretary Tony Snow explained clearly and succinctly what the Veep meant. Watch it:

Friday Music Blogging

Rappink Hitler

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Democrat October Surprise

Look at this fine Congressman! Again, the Democrats have struck, and this time their target is Jim Kolbe (R-AZ), one of the most upstanding members of the House that there is. And, predictably, the Defeatocrats have Foleyed this noble politician. So what if he's probably a kid toucher? We've got a majority to maintain!

Image: PBase

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This dude is down with Technology, yo!

Frist is off the goddamned hizzy, yo!  He be breakin' down supply side economics all over tha place, yo!

I heard the Bill Frist podcast actually healed Terri Schiavo, even though she was dead, booooyyyyeeee!!!!!

Now DIS Ad Should Work!

This morning about 6:45 I'm getting ready for work and have the radio tuned to the local mega talk station. The hosts are talking about the heat that the Corker/RNC ads are picking up, but are pretty neutral on them themselves, suggesting that the ruckus--and the suggestions of racism--are overblown. They're going through some callers, when one says, "That's nothing. Have you heard the jungle drums on the radio ad?"...

So they play it, and, sure enough, the caller's right. Soaring music underneath the copy when discussing Corker's merits, jungle-like drumming when cutting to Ford's demerits. The hosts were stone-silent when it finished, until one whistled, and said, "Damn." They both agreed that the drumming--and the intent--was obvious.
Dis ad ought to get out our base in Tennessee! Mein can yust see der seas of white hoods now!

Stay the Course? Perish the Thought!

We've never been stay the course - we've been fakin' left, dodgin' right, changin' tactics 'n shit. Every day, in every way, we're changin' more and more shit. Watch this and see:

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mein Kind Of Candidate!

MONTGOMERY, Ala. - Loretta Nall, the Libertarian Party's write-in candidate for governor of Alabama, is campaigning on her cleavage and hoping that voters will eventually focus on her platform.

"It started out as a joke, but it blew up into something huge," said Nall, a 32-year-old with dyed blond hair.

Her campaign is offering T-shirts and marijuana stash boxes adorned with a photo of her with a plunging neckline and the words: "More of these boobs." Below that are pictures of other candidates for governor ? including Republican incumbent Bob Riley and Democratic Lt. Gov. Lucy Baxley ? and the words: "And less of these boobs."

Her Web site has a cartoon of someone stuffing bills down the front of her low-cut top. And for $50 donation she apparently offers to show a cartoon of herself flashing her breasts.
Dot's sheep for ein lapdance! Betty Cho...are you running for governor of Kahleefohnia?

What Has Become Of Germany!?

BERLIN (Reuters) - Iran is unlikely to be able to develop a nuclear bomb before 2015, the chief of Germany's BND foreign intelligence agency said on Tuesday.

His estimate falls within the 3-10 year range of forecasts given by most international experts.

"It is difficult to give an exact estimate of the time," BND head Ernst Uhrlau told a security conference organized by the Welt am Sonntag newspaper.
Why ist der Faderland giffing aid und comfort to der enemies of democracy???? Ve must bomb Iran now to shtop dis t'reat, und mein fellow Germans are telling us, "Nein, ve haff time!"

Ve haff until November 7, or all hell will break loose!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I know what I'm getting all of you for Christmas!

Nothing to see here

BBC NEWS | Europe | Neo-Nazis rally for jailed singer
Hundreds of neo-Nazi sympathisers have demonstrated outside a jail in Berlin calling for the release of the singer of an outlawed far-right rock group.

Michael Regener was jailed more than three years ago after a court ruled that the band, Landser, was a criminal organisation spreading racial hatred.

Earlier in a newspaper interview, the Israeli ambassador to Germany said he was concerned for Jews in Germany.

Shimon Stein said he thought anti-Semitism was increasing there.

So, what's the problem?

Saturday Kitler Bloggink

Der Plan Ist Vorking!

European Muslims worry about frank new Islam debate

[...]Former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw sparked off the British debate this month by saying the full facial veils some Muslim women wear hindered integration. Some Muslim leaders called his remarks offensive and accused him of whipping up Islamophobia.

"Intolerance is growing in Europe," said Dalil Boubakeur, president of France's Muslim Council, who saw the new mood as a response to security fears and the radicalization of a small minority of Muslims who do not accept European values.

"There is a sense we are living in a different time," said Dilwar Hussain, head of policy research at the Islamic Foundation in Britain.

"With all the security concerns, people feel they can be more frank," Hussain said. "The reaction from Muslims is to recede further and further into a sense of victimhood."
You see? We haff more and more allies den we t'ought, Jah?

Friday, October 20, 2006

We are winning! America is safer! Iraqis are free!

General concedes failure in Baghdad / Bush acknowledges comparison to '68 Tet offensive in Vietnam
In a confluence of grim official assessments of the war in Iraq, President Bush acknowledged that sectarian bloodletting in Baghdad could be compared to the Viet Cong's 1968 Tet offensive in Vietnam, and one of the top U.S. generals said the American military's two-month drive to crush the spiraling violence in the Iraqi capital had failed.

Such downbeat opinions, accompanied by reports of alarmingly high American casualties and unabated violence in Iraq, indicate that U.S. officials at the highest levels are rethinking the progress the United States is making in Iraq, experts said. "What this suggests to me is that people in fairly senior levels are getting increasingly worried about what's going on," said Jeffrey White, an expert on military and security affairs at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

A U.S. soldier checks a woman with a metal detector at a ...Whew! For a while there, I thought the Jew-run liberal media was going to convice the American people that we were losing, but see, this is just like the Tet Offensive, and memory serves, we won in Vietnam!

Maj. Gen. William Caldwell: said the violence in Baghdad ...I mean, ask Henry Kissinger. We won!

So the violence has actually increased in the past two months when we announced that we were A firefighter hoses down an Iraqi army humvee in Kirkuk a...going to be cracking down. So what? We're just going to get a new plan! That's all! I get new plans all the damn time!

I mean, if we let 2,000 or 3,000 dead Americans get in the way of winning a war that we can't remember the goddamn reason for, then don't the terrorists win?

I mean, Bill O'Reilly said it best. Iran controls Iraq, and their ramping up the violence to make sure the Democrats win! Same with North Korea! I heard Kim Jong-il voted for Kerry. KERRY! The lying purple-heart Swift Boat commie liberal summummabitch!

Folks, stop being such pussies and get behind this war. We are winning. Just read the above article, but read between the lines, because that's where the Jew liberals hide the truth!

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

He Said "Tet"....He he...he he....

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush says he sees a possible parallel in the increase in violence in Iraq and the 1968 Tet offensive that prompted Americans to lose support for the Vietnam War.

But the White House on Thursday said the president had not been making the analogy that Iraq had reached a similar turning point. Instead, he was saying that insurgents were possibly increasing violence to try to influence coming U.S. elections.
Mein t'inks dere is NEIN parallelograms between Iraq mit Vietnam!

For one t'ing, Iraq is ein desert but Vietnam is ein jungle!

Der liberal media ist putting words on der mouth of der Fuhr-- mein mean, der President!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Some day our heroes will be exonerated


I know it's all untrue, even if the Jew-run liberal media tells me different.

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Sam Brownback puts brakes on fag-hag judge

U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback said he "doesn't relish" stepping in the middle of a hard-fought compromise to fill three key federal judge positions in Michigan.

But the Kansas Republican and member of the Senate Judiciary Committee said his block on the nomination of Janet Neff to a seat on the U.S. District Court will continue until he gets more answers, and that communication from Neff on Friday did not answer his questions. Brownback spoke Saturday at a Republican Party rally at Kent County party headquarters, where social and moral issues were talking points.

Neff's name surfaced when an audience member thanked Brownback for looking into her attendance at a lesbian commitment ceremony in Massachusetts four years ago.

Sam Brownback is right! Attending a gay wedding ceremony automatically disqualifies you for any job anywhere. Hell, where I' m from, even knowing a gay person is grounds for termination.

How dare this woman hold herself out as a judge when she doesn't even have the sense to know that gay people are abominations?

And, what is President Bush thinking nominating some queer-loving judge? Doesn't he know what Leviticus says about lying with men as women and wombats as fruit bats? Jesus, doesn't anyone read the scripture any more?

Now, I do have to bring this up, painful as it may be: "Sam Brownback" sounds kinda like a gay name to me. How am I supposed to reconcile that? The fact that this good Christian man has a gay porn name? Icky!

We stand with Dick Mountjoy!

Dick Mountjoy for US Senate

Folks, good Christian conservative Dick Mountjoy is in a tough race against Diane Feinstein (a Jew!), a race so tough that he's in all likelihood going to lose unless instant messages from Diane Feinstein (the Jew!) propositioning young female pages are found on NewsMax and/or Drudge.

Dick Mountjoy needs our help and our money. Sure, it'll seem that you're throwing your kids' college money down a hole, but at least it'll be a conservative Christian hole!

Plus, if we can get Mountjoy in the Senate, I could easily see a Mountjoy-Woodcock presidential ticket in '08!










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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dis Is Ein Problem

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States now has a population of more than 300 million people, the U.S. Census Bureau said on Tuesday, although it will not designate the person who broke the historic barrier.
Ve mjust find a solution, a final solution, to zo many Americans breathing mein free air!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Let Dem Do It Someplaze Else!

DES MOINES, Iowa (Reuters) - Former President Bill Clinton told Iowa's Democratic Party faithful on Saturday that the actions of "an extreme sliver" of the Republican Party have backfired and "profoundly divided" the country.

"We've got a big responsibility. Forget about 2008. Forget about the politics. Just go out and find somebody and look them dead in the eye and say 'You know, this is not right'...This is America," Clinton said. "We can do better and this year, it's a job that Democrats have to do alone."
Mein ist all for letting dem go feex some udder country...any zuggestions?

Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday Muzak Bloggink

Mit der Pussian Blue, jah? Mein vishes mein daughters vould turn out like dese nice girls.

Mein vishes mein next wives would turn out like dese girls....

Thursday, October 12, 2006

We Must Bomb Der Animal Kingdom!!!!!

OSLO (Reuters) - The birds and the bees may be gay, according to the world's first museum exhibition about homosexuality among animals.

With documentation of gay or lesbian behavior among giraffes, penguins, parrots, beetles, whales and dozens of other creatures, the Oslo Natural History Museum concludes human homosexuality cannot be viewed as "unnatural."

"We may have opinions on a lot of things, but one thing is clear -- homosexuality is found throughout the animal kingdom, it is not against nature," an exhibit statement said.
Mein gott! Even der Mother Nature ist unnatural! Ve musat bomb Iran, Syria, Boston UND der aminal kingdom, und NOW before der liberals take back der Congress und try to make mein marry Shporty!

Mein Gott, Arnold!

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger distanced himself from President George W. Bush on national television on Wednesday, saying he was as far from his fellow Republican as he was from winning an Academy Award during his film career.

"To link me to George Bush is like linking me to an Oscar," the former bodybuilder and Hollywood action star joked during an appearance on NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." "That's ridiculous."
Obviously, Herr Schwarzenegger ist trying to distance heemself from der liberal cut-and-spend policies of Herr Fuhr...mein mean, der President

Always Mit Der Jesus Imitations

Damned Asians, always trying to come up mit der cheap knock offs of good old American products!
HANOI (Reuters) - A death-row inmate held in solitary confinement in Vietnam for almost a year is pregnant and is seeking a pardon to give birth, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

The Lao Dong (Labour) newspaper quoted a police doctor as saying tests in September confirmed that convicted heroin trafficker Nguyen Thi Oanh, 39, was then 11 weeks pregnant.
Mein bets dis Jesus will be transistorized, too, und get reception from Kuala Lumpur.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I'd rather die than talk to a terrorist!

FBI Agents Still Lacking Arabic Skills - washingtonpost.com
Five years after Arab terrorists attacked the United States, only 33 FBI agents have even a limited proficiency in Arabic, and none of them work in the sections of the bureau that coordinate investigations of international terrorism, according to new FBI statistics.
Stupid Dan EggHEADen of the Washington Poop doesn't get it. The reason that nobody in the FBI speaks Arabic is because we don't talk to terrorists! Duh!

Hasn't our success with North Korea taught the lefty moonbat WashingJew Post anything?

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We support Russell Pearce!

Mesa lawmaker issues apology for insensitive E-mail | www.azstarnet.com ®
A week after he used a term that many feel is a racial slur, state Rep. Russell Pearce is once again getting attention for being insensitive.

http://www.eastvalleytribune.com/images/photos/ar72y2c8.jpgThe Mesa Republican sent an e-mail to supporters in which he copied an article from a White separatist group and a link to that group's Web site.

Pearce tells The Arizona Republic he immediately sent two apologies to supporters after sending the e-mail. The lawmaker claims he didn't know what the group was and that he hadn't read the entire article before copying it into his e-mail.

The Republic reports the article is titled ''Who Rules America? The Alien Grip on Our News and Entertainment Media Must Be Broken.'' It criticizes the media for promoting multiculturalism and racial equality, for portraying ''any racially conscious White Person'' as a bigot and for presenting the Jewish Holocaust as fact.

These cut and run Democrats are trying to make hay over the fact that this guy sends out e-mails from white separatists? Aren't we all white separatists here? I know I sure as hell like it better when I am surrounded by white people, although it should not be implied that I cower like a scared kitten when surrounded by black men or Latinos.

I was not crying and trembling. I was deep in prayer.

Oh, and what was Mr. Pearce's big racial slurSee below:

Rep. Pearce, R-Mesa, said during an interview on ?Morning Edition? on KJZZ (91.5 FM) that he would support bringing back a controversial federal program dubbed ?Operation Wetback,? which was designed to apprehend and deport illegal Mexican immigrants in the mid-1950s.

Since when is "wetback" offensive? Geez!

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Proof Dat Bush Ist Der Greatest President

Dere's a lot of foreign Spanish writting in dis video, but der message is clear. Bush is der greatest Fuhr--President-- ever!

Der War On Christmas!

COLOMBO (Reuters) - Sri Lanka has banned imports of remote-controlled toy cars, boats and planes because of fears Tamil Tiger rebels could use them as bombs, a senior military official said Tuesday.

"You get remote-controlled planes and cars which can be operated on the road. If it gets into the wrong hands, they can bring a small toy, send it underneath a vehicle and blast it," the official said on condition of anonymity.
You zee? You zee? Der terorrismists will shtop at nussing to hurt us! we must bomb Iran eef only for der sake of TMX Elmo!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Boo hoo, poor planet

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Planet enters 'ecological debt'
Rising consumption of natural resources means that humans began "eating the planet" on 9 October, a study suggests.

Nonsense. Rush says the planet is infinite. And, I believe him, even if it makes no sense.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday Kitler Bloggink

Ve must hurry up der cloning experiments!

Brooks nails vagina loving hypocrite liberals!

The only sane columnist at the Jew York Times correctly points out that liberals LOVE "The Vagina Monologues" and it features underage fictional characters engaging in sex, but for some reason, they have a problem when Republican Mark Foley attempts to enageg in underage sex! The hypocrisy!

True Patriot, commenter Steve, delivers Brooks's knockout punch:
"Millions of people enjoyed Silence of the Lambs, and yet if a Republican were caught engaging in murder and cannibalism, you can only imagine how the hypocritical liberals would react."

You know, Brooks is absolutely right. It's just like when Laura Ingraham said that Americans approve of torture, because they also watch "24." Duh!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dis Is Great News!

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democrats must gain six seats in the Nov. 7 election to recapture U.S. Senate control, and they lead in three of the seven less than 50% of the most vulnerable Republican-held states, according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released Thursday.

Democrats lead Republican incumbents in Montana, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania. Republican incumbents lead in Virginia and Missouri, the polls found, with races in Republican-held Ohio and Tennessee deadlocked leaning heavily Republican.
Mein found dis article on Newsmex.com! Plus, ve haff Joe Lieberman, ein good Cherman, leading in Connecticut!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Traitors Everywhere! Mayday! Mayday!

This consitutes selling out the Dear Speaker in the worst way!

A senior congressional aide said Wednesday that he alerted House Speaker Dennis Hastert's office two years ago about worrisome conduct by former Rep. Mark Foley with teenage pages.

Kirk Fordham told The Associated Press that when he was told about Foley's inappropriate behavior toward pages, he had "more than one conversation with senior staff at the highest level of the House of Representatives asking them to intervene."

The conversations took place long before the e-mail scandal broke, Fordham said, and at least a year earlier than members of the House GOP leadership have acknowledged.
We'll go down fighting! Pay no attention to that man behind the closet door! This is all the Democrats fault! 9/11! Tax hikes! 9/11! Speaker Pelosi! If you vote us out, you'll all die in horrible icky ways when the terrorists attack! Listen to me! LISTEN TO ME ...!

What was that loud scraping sound!!??

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hooray For Der President!

No Child Left Behind, Indeed!


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A White House spokesperson announced President Bush is reading successfully at the sixth grade level.

"The President is absolutely thrilled at his latest achievement," said Edward Thurut. "And he wants the American people to know just how far he's progressed the past year. He's been officially tested by the D.C. school board, and the results arrived at Pennsylvania Avenue earlier this morning. The President wishes to thank all those who believed in him, especially First Lady Laura, the lovely librarian who won his heart so many years ago."
Mein is amazed!

Damned Yipsies!

CARAVAN, Calif. -- A gypsy curse has transformed conservative Supreme Court justices into liberals, leaving GOP leaders howling like werewolves.

"This is obviously a huge blow to the party, not to mention the United States of America," said North Carolina Republican Senator Kurt Krewcut, 56. "Those lifetime liberal justices could hand down decisions that'll have us living in the land of the 'freak' and the home of the 'bong.'"

The curse came about after the Supreme Court ruled against a band of gypsies. The Romanian expatriates were suing the city of Caravan, Calif., for discrimination and harassment.

"I could see several of those justices looking down their noses at us in court," said Syeira Purrum, 82. "After the verdict, I stood up and said, 'Many of you have no hearts. Well tomorrow they will bleed.' "

Purrum was taken into custody by police who mistook her comments as a death threat. Her words took on a different meaning, however, when staunch conservative justices awoke the next morning as "bleeding heart" liberals.
Queeck! Ve must replace all der bench mit der staunch conservatives NOW!

Und bomb Iran.

It Ist Building!

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - House Republican leaders faced growing pressure over a congressional sex scandal on Tuesday, with Speaker Dennis Hastert rejecting calls to step down amid Republican fears about the potential fallout in November's fight for control of Congress.
Look out, it's about to blow! Mein ist t'inking dis is building und building, getting bigger by der minute until it shplatters all over der place!

The Alcohol Made Him Do it Yawl

Poor Mark Foley. All he was trying to do was find hisself a nice young friend online. Mr. Foley says he emailed them young page boys because he's an alcoholic. Now, Betty Jo likes to have a snort or two hear and their, and who doesn't.

People need to stop hounding poor Mr. Foley and instead feel sorry for him. He cain't help it that alcohol makes him gay & feel like writin' to young mens! He ain't responsible for writing to them boys since he's an alcoholic what cain't help it.

What I'm sayin is yawl: The mofo libruals is behind this. That's right. The Democrats, and I don't know exackly which one, but I think it was Bill Clinton, paid off them young snotty kids to lure poor alcoholic Mark Foley into a trap. Mr. Foley probly ain't even gay neither. I'm telling you people you gotta watch out for them mofo libruals what like to set up good Conservatives with there wiley ways.

We Needed Better PR

Hastert and other top House Republicans said over the weekend they knew of e-mail traffic between Foley and a 16-year-old boy, which was described to them as "over-friendly," but were not made aware of the explicit nature of messages sent to other pages.
"Overly friendly"....you zee? We needed better PR back in der day, so dat ven pipples was complaining about der ovens und gas chambers, ve could haff pointed out dat ve vere merely keeping cold, smelly pipples warm und fragrant!

Monday, October 02, 2006

No Child Left Behind

I am ordering you - pay no attention to the Foley scandal. Nothing to see here. Keep moving.

Seriously - the terrorists are coming for you! They'll rape your wives and daughters, then blow them to smithereens! 9/11! War on Terror! 9/11! Blue dress! The liberals are coming! They'll raise your taxes! Hillary! 9/11! 9/11!

Exactly - Drudge has the right idea - it's all the pages' fault!

Great Americans Smeared!

First, cum dis horribly lit picture of der great American advocate of concentration camps (ein subject dear to mein heart), Michelle Malkin in ein bikini, vich of course ve all knows she neffer wears, preferring to bathe in der burqa:Dis must be ein fake like der Dan Rather docooments.

Next, ve haff Representative Mark Foley, a true blue Republican who hast shtood up for little boys, trying to protect dem from e-mails und instant messages like dese:
Maf54 (7:39:32 PM): you need a massage

Maf54 signed off at 7:39:37 PM.

Maf54 signed on at 7:40:35 PM.

Xxxxxxxxx (7:40:44 PM): got kicked off?

Maf54 (7:41:24 PM): must have

Xxxxxxxxx (7:41:57 PM): ugh tomorrow i have the first day of lacrosse practice

Maf54 (7:42:27 PM): love to watch that

Maf54 (7:42:33 PM): those great legs running

Xxxxxxxxx (7:42:38 PM): haha?they arent great

Xxxxxxxxx (7:42:45 PM): thats why we have conditioning

Xxxxxxxxx (7:42:56 PM): 2 days running?.3 days lifting

Xxxxxxxxx (7:43:11 PM): every week

Xxxxxxxxx (7:43:14 PM): until the end of march

Maf54 (7:43:27 PM): well dont ruin my mental picture

Xxxxxxxxx (7:43:32 PM): oh lol?sorry

Maf54 (7:43:54 PM): nice

Maf54 (7:43:54 PM): youll be way hot then

Xxxxxxxxx (7:44:01 PM): haha?hopefully

Maf54 (7:44:22 PM): better be
Maf54 (7:46:33 PM): did any girl give you a haand job this weekend

Xxxxxxxxx (7:46:38 PM): lol no

Xxxxxxxxx (7:46:40 PM): im single right now

Xxxxxxxxx (7:46:57 PM): my last gf and i broke up a few weeks agi

Maf54 (7:47:11 PM): are you

Maf54 (7:47:11 PM): good so your getting horny

Xxxxxxxxx (7:47:29 PM): lol?a bit

Maf54 (7:48:00 PM): did you spank it this weekend yourself

Xxxxxxxxx (7:48:04 PM): no

Xxxxxxxxx (7:48:16 PM): been too tired and too busy

Maf54 (7:48:33 PM): wow?

Maf54 (7:48:34 PM): i am never to busy haha

Xxxxxxxxx (7:48:51 PM): haha

Maf54 (7:50:02 PM): or tired..helps me sleep
You zee? All der poor men vuz doing vuz trying to get some help to get to sleep, zo he could vake up refreshed and ready to tackle der pages of legislation he needed to vork on! And vot concern he shows for dis poor defensely little boy, asking about his conditioning und hees sexual needs and can he help satisfy dem!