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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Jah, When WE Say Eet, Eet's Racist!

In an interview with the New York Observer published on the day he announced his candidacy, Biden made personal comments about Obama that critics said could be seen as racially insensitive.

Biden, 64, and a six-term senator, is the eighth Democrat to enter the presidential race, and often registers in the low single digits in polls behind Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Obama and 2004 vice presidential nominee John Edwards.

"I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy," Biden said in the Observer. "I mean, that's a storybook, man."
Jah, und some of mein best friends ist negroes...

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Damn Them To Der Teufel!

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Democratic campaign promise to boost the federal minimum wage for the first time in a decade moved closer to completion on Tuesday when U.S. Senate Republicans lifted a roadblock against it.

Full Senate approval is now possible because Democrats agreed to Republican demands to include tax cuts for small businesses to help cover the cost of raising the minimum wage over two years to $7.25 per hour from $5.15 per hour.
Now who weel mein find to sew up der jackboots cheap? Now mein weel haff to pay some Mexican to cross der Kaleefornia border to come und clean mein pool!

Monday, January 29, 2007

The Terrorismists Win One More

PHILADELPHIA, Jan 29 (Reuters Life!) - Kentucky Derby-winning racehorse Barbaro was put to death on Monday after failing to recover from a shattered hind leg suffered in the Preakness Stakes last May, the Philadelphia Daily News reported.[...]

The horse developed a deep abscess in his foot last week and underwent surgery on Saturday at the New Bolton Center, Richardson said in a statement.
See dat? Abscess? Dat's ein Arabic word, it means infection! He vuz injected mit der bioterrorismist veapon und kilt!

We must bomb Iran! Now!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Decider is Back! And, enter The Implementor!

The Swamp - Chicago Tribune - Blogs.

"One of the things that I've found in Congress is that most people recognize that failure would be a disaster for the United States, and in that I'm the decision-maker, I had to come up with a way forward that precluded disaster," President Bush said. "In other words, I had to think about what's likely to work. And so I worked with our military and I worked with Secretary Gates to come up with a plan that is likely to succeed. And the implementor of that plan is going to be General Petraeus."
Thank goodness The Decider has come back out of the Decide-o-Cave! Now, the war will surely be won (again)!

And this new sidekick, The Implementor, is intriguing! I wonder if he's a blunt Implementor....

To the Decide-o-Poles!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday Kitler Blogging

Today, der bag uff Cheweez, tomorrow, ZE VORLD!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mean ol' liberal Wolf Blitzer attacks Vice President Cheney

How dare this ultraleftwing son of bitch Wolf Blitzer attack Vice President Cheney and bring up his dyke daughter? I mean, how goddamn liberal is that?

The people in Dick Cheney's party never mention gays. Never!

Who the hell is this "Focus on the Family?" Sounds like a goddamn Communist front to me. Probably headed up by Cindy Sheehan and a bunch of ACLU lawyers who want to take the Ten Commandments tattoo off my ass!

I mean, if there's anything we've learned from the past 50 years of GOP politics, it's that the Republicans LOVE the gays. They are gay loving, open-minded Nobel Peace Prize winners. Everyone knows that! Everyone!

It is simply outrageous that someone would ever mention some anti-gay rhetoric to a Republican politician. This Focus on the Family commie pinko 527 bullshit group ought to be investigated by the FBI until they can't afford to pay for their liberal tie-dye t-shirts and Grateful Dead albums.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Obama went to a madrassa! He's a closet Muslim!


We are doomed! Doomed!

I was scared of him when he was just black! Now, he's a radical Shiite cleric!



He denied it! It must be true!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Throw Der Book At Him!

CANBERRA, Jan 22 (Reuters Life!) - An airline passenger barred from a flight for wearing a T-shirt labeling President Bush a terrorist has threatened legal action against Australia's flag carrier Qantas.

Allen Jasson, 55, an Australian IT expert who lives in Britain, was stopped from boarding a London-bound Qantas flight at Melbourne Airport last Friday for wearing what the airline said was an offensive T-shirt.

Airline staff said the T-shirt of Bush with the tagline "World's number 1 terrorist" could have upset other passengers and demanded it be changed for another.

But Jasson, who had earlier traveled on a Qantas domestic flight wearing the Bush T-shirt, said his right to freedom of speech had been infringed by Qantas.
Mein Gott, what has become of American dese days! Some asshole can get on ein flight vearing ein T-shirt dot says Bush ist ein terorisimist!?!?!?!?!?!?

Dis guy should be sent to Guantanamo instead of walking der streets of...where ist Melbourne, anyway? Floreeda?

Makese zense. Ignorant bunch of pipples down dere...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hugo First!

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Sunday called the U.S. secretary of state "my little beetch girl" and told Washington to "go to hell" after it questioned his plan to seek special powers to legislate by decree.

Chavez, a Cuba ally re-elected by a landslide in December, this month launched a campaign to consolidate power by nationalizing key industries, seeking expanded executive powers and pushing for unlimited presidential re-election.

A State Department spokesman on Friday described Chavez's proposal to allow presidents to rule by decree as "a bit odd" in a democracy.
At least we take care of our little brown people, und feed der hungry, clothe der homeless und shelter the nekkid!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mein Gott, She Is HOTT!

WOO HOO! Look at dose ankles! Mein is betting she can carry a sack of hops twenty miles!

Dis is der new rage on all der beaches in Baghdad: Der Burqini!

Rrrrrrrow! Rrrrrrrrowf! Mein is t'inking all vimmin should wear dese to der beaches, especially mein fat girlfriend Helga...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

See? It's the goddamn Iraqis' fault!

White House
President's Radio Address

"Only the Iraqis can end the sectarian violence and secure their people. Their leaders understand this, and they are stepping forward to do it. But they need our help, and it is in our interests to provide that help. ... Whatever our differences on strategy and tactics, we all have a duty to ensure that our troops have what they need to succeed. ... I urge members of Congress to fulfill their responsibilities, make their views known, and to always support our men and women in harm's way."

See? I knew it was those goddamned Iraqis that fucked this war all up!

If they didn't want all this bombing and violence and shit, then why in the good goddamn did they invite us over there to blow up their shit and hang their king?

They're a bunch of goddamn ingrates if you ask me. We sure as hell didn't have to take time off from our war in Afghanistan to help those bastards out, but because we love the good baby Jesus so much, and because we love freedom and democracy and oil and all that shit, we let Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda and the Taliban go, just so we could help out the Iraqis, who we love like our own brothers and sisters, except we don't love them as much, because they don't love the good baby Jesus. They love some guy who I've been told was a child molester or some such shit. (Hey, if John Gibson says it's true, then it's fucking true.)

So, here we are, and the goddamn Democrats are acting like they're not going to let the president pay to send 21,224 more young men and women to die in combat. Hey, DUMB-ocrats, the president's rich! Remember?

If he wants to send 21,224 more troops to die, then he'll pay for it himself. Stupid bastards. What? You think the rich people who get the tax cuts won't chip in? Well, of course not, but they'll force their employees to pitch in, by paying them less! It's called capitalism, you dumb shits. Look it up in your stupid land based dictionary at your stupid free public library.

Maybe you can check out a copy of the L-Word on VHS while you're there, you bunch of gay-loving freaks.


I'm still proud to be one of the 29% who gets it right on Bush!

Friday, January 12, 2007

It's not a world war. It's a global war.

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Rice denies US 'escalating Iraq'
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (file picture)US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has denied that the US intends to escalate the war in Iraq by confronting Iranian groups operating there.

Ms Rice backed a pledge by President Bush to run search and destroy missions against groups suspected of building bombs for use within Iraq.

"That's not an escalation, that's good policy," Ms Rice told the BBC.

See? It's not escalation! It's good policy.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Someone please buy this for me

It looks awesome!

Rusty Humphries - Bomb Iraq CD - AUDIO ONLY

Rusty Humphries
takes on the terrorists with this hysterical CD of political parodies.

You've heard these tracks on the radio, including Bomb Iraq, Osama Bin Ladin, Teenager In Palestine, Pakistan, A Little Help From Yasser's Friends, Blowin' Up Saddam Is The Thing To Do, Hussein, Dead or Alive, Sneakin' Into The USA, God Bless The USA.

Man, this looks awesome. I bet they play this shit all the time on Bob and Tom!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ve Can't Do Zis Cheaper???

The officials said the cost of the [21,500] troop increase would be around $5.6 billion. An additional $1.2 billion would finance rebuilding and jobs programs with the aim of cutting down on the supply of new recruits for militias.
Dot's not too bad, only $300,000 per troops, but mein thinks ve can do eet cheaper by sending over our welfare recipients und illegal immigrants, who vould vork for minimum vage. Bet we safe at least $290,000 per troops, und could put dat into tax cuts for der wealty like mein...ve can safe even more money by zending dem to Iraq by catapultz!

Corpse + Surge = VICTORY!

Xinhua - English
A new video of Saddam Hussein's corpse has been posted on the Internet. The video, which appears to have been taken with a camera phone, shows Saddam shortly after his hanging, with a gaping neck wound.A new video of Saddam Hussein's corpse has been posted on the Internet.

The video, which appears to have been taken with a camera phone, shows Saddam shortly after his hanging, with a gaping neck wound.

Well, this video will surely quell the insurgency. Add THE SURGE to that, and this war is over, baby!

We won!



Speaker Pelosi!



Saturday, January 06, 2007

Wesley Clark hates the troops

Independent Online Edition Americas
Wesley Clark, the former Nato commander who led the 1999 war in Kosovo, is urging President George Bush not to send more troops to Iraq, saying the "surge" in forces being considered by the White House would be too little, too late and could only deepen the hole that the United States and its allies have dug themselves.

Writing exclusively in The Independent on Sunday, General Clark said the time for a military solution was long past, that US troops lack the skills and the political legitimacy to pacify the conflict-ridden regions, and that the only way forward was a political initiative encompassing the entire region.

And his name is faggy.

For Carl

Bush Space Policy by ~Latuff2 on deviantART

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Damn those Iraqis

They didn't get this out in time for my Christmas cards!


And, hey, I always love a new lynchin' chant!

Muqtada! Muqtada!!